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Industrial Styling: 20 Retro Ways to Spruce Up Your Space

Industrial Styling: 20 Retro Ways to Spruce Up Your Space

If you’re thinking about incorporating industrial styling into your home décor, keep reading to get inspired with 20 of our favorite examples of industrial interior design!

We’ll show you why we love each idea.

What Is Industrial Styling?

The interior design style has become one of the most popular styles of the last two decades.

There is a good reason for this. Industrial styling brings warmth and comfort to expansive open spaces while sticking to a masculine and minimalistic design.

The Style With a History

Old factory with big metal doors and a metal staircase in a dimly lit room for a piece on industrial styling ideas


At the turn of the 20th century, the American Industrial Revolution was ending. Factories and warehouses stood empty.

Population issues in urban centers like New York City prompted these buildings to be converted into housing units, and the style was born out of creativity.

In the 1980s, there was a significant focus on reclaimed objects and environmental impact. The topic took over every field, even interior design.

Once the go-to for artists and hippies living in available spaces, industrial styling is now popular with the wealthy. Industrial lofts were in.

You might be a history buff, an environmentalist, or just a fan of exposed brick and leather. Now that you know the history, keep reading to find out how to pull off the industrial interior design in any space!

20 Industrial Interior Design Ideas

We’ll go over different areas you might find in a home, like living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and more.

Then, check out our top tips on how you can add industrial touches to your living space.

Feature Factory Elements

Industrial interior design styling with the homeowner Featuring Factory Elements


When you think of industrial styling, you might think of open floor plans and exposed fixtures common in repurposed factories and warehouses.

To achieve the look, showcase pipes and ductwork instead of covering them up. Paint them white or black to feature them more prominently. Rather than filling a space, allow spaces to remain a little empty.

Go for Function

Industrial styling idea titled Go for Function with a loft-style home making good use of white cabinets, metals, and natural wooden flooring and shelves


Industrial styling works wonderfully with kitchens that use durable surface materials. This interior design style is all about featuring the beauty of function, so go all the way in this area of the home.

A unique feature is the clean lines of the island, made with unfinished wood and weathered metal.

Industrial Styling in Non-Industrial Spaces

A home office featuring Industrial Styling in Non-Industrial Spaces

Introduce industrial styling elements to your home office, even if you don’t live in a loft. Go with metal floor lamps and chairs.

You can add warmth with natural wood elements while keeping the color palette neutral.

In addition, furniture should be no-frills with simple lines. Add a little color with plants, but keep containers on theme with wood, metal, or concrete materials.

Mix Your Metals

Industrial styling idea that mixes a natural wood table with metal chairs and a metal table leg made out of metal pipe


Our next industrial styling example shows how to add texture by mixing metals in your dining room or office. Install steel sheet plate flooring and pick chairs made of distressed metal.

Legs for tables and shelves can be made from metal piping. The painted metal watering used as a flower vase is an excellent example of using recycled items in industrial design.

Add Different Style Elements

Industrial style interior design in a loft-style home with natural wood floors, concrete walls, and metal accents with a wood burning stove across from the bed


When it comes to industrial styling, you can add features from other interior design styles, but be conservative about it.

This open loft bedroom has a very industrial feel with the use of neutral colors and raw materials.

You will also notice the modern platform bed, the ultramodern fireplace, and the traditional seating that give the space a more eclectic feel. These different style elements make the space stand out.

Statement Lighting

Industrial styled kitchen with natural brick walls, cement flooring, and light wood tables with white doors and chairs and stainless appliances

Franck Boston/Shutterstock

Our next inspiration is a prime example of how a few industrial-style light fixtures can make a significant impact. This kitchen has almost no details besides brick, concrete, and wood.

However, stainless steel pendant lights beautifully reinforce the industrial interior design theme and easily fill in an empty space. This is a technique often used in industrial lofts that feature tall ceilings.

Accent With Feminine Touches

Bedroom in a loft with Accent With Feminine Touches and industrial styling

Industrial styling naturally comes across as very masculine and rough. Add softness strategically to industrial spaces with more feminine accessories.

Drape your bed with a rose-colored throw or lean a beautiful art piece against a wall. Notice that the chair with soft curves still utilizes industrial materials. Pinks and purples throughout the space are still in more earthy tones.

Stick With a Light Color Palette

Big open floorplan loft home with industrial styling and a simple grey color palate


Here we have an example of how industrial styling doesn’t always have to be dark and moody. Keep things light with whitewashed wood, painted brick and pipework, and reflective metals.

Use daylight bulbs in pendant lights. Place large mirror installations close to naked windows to let in even more light.

Think About Using Color

Home in the industrial style making good use of red furniture, white walls, and brown hardwood floors


Be careful not to overdo it when adding pops of color to industrial styling.

Keep true to the style by consciously adding other elements of industrial interior design, like recycled items, concrete, raw wood, and unfinished metal.

If you want to add color, keep the color palette tight. Use no more than one or two colors in the same range.

Create a Pallet Bed

Bedroom with industrial styling and a pallet bed with concrete walls, a big open floor to ceiling window, and a hanging pendant light fixture with a white cover


Found items are a key element of the industrial interior design style. They resonate with the style’s roots in reusing abandoned warehouses and factories with leftover supplies inside.

Create a palette bed for a statement piece in the bedroom that speaks to industrial styling without needing much else. This works especially well if your styling leans more minimalist.

Make Windows a Focal Point

Parisian-style townhome featuring a big living room with huge windows and brick walls that make the window a centerpiece for a piece on industrial styling


Other interior design styles rely on furniture, fabrics, and accessories to define a room. Industrial styling is all about playing up the architectural elements that define the look.

Make grid-framed windows a feature of your industrial theme by leaving windows naked. Place large house plants near a window to draw the eye. If you prefer using curtains, keep them simple and sheer.

Add Edginess to Other Styles

Home with industrial styling that adds edginess to a farmhouse with light wooden chairs, hanging industrial-style lamps, and off-white walls with a canvas photo of two ducks on the wall

This cottage-style dining room receives a little balance from industrial styling. The pendant light and metal floor lamp add a little masculinity to this very colorful and feminine space.

However, industrial design elements have made their way into many other styles, proving how impactful industrial styling is.

Keep It Simple

Bedroom with industrial styling has a brick wall, hanging Edison bulb light fixture, a desk lamp with a black wire frame, and a small window that overlooks a city

Dariusz Jarzabek/Shutterstock

All types of people love industrial styling, from collectors of antiques to the minimalist crowd. If you prefer to keep your space clutter-free, focus on architectural details.

Here, we see recessed lighting used to highlight the beautiful brick wall behind the headboard. The border of the wall almost acts as a frame for the brick. You don’t need anything else in the room.

Mix Chic and Distressed

Loft with industrial styling that mixed chic and distressed furniture and accent pieces


Make a statement with a few luxurious industrial styling pieces. Our inspiration here is distressed leather and mixed metals against a concrete backdrop.

This tufted Chesterfield sofa and reflective mirrored trunk look chic while working with the distressed industrial theme. Note the wooden floors and spotlight lamp to the side.

Display Industrial Antiques

Loft with industrial styling titled Display Industrial Antiques featuring a simple modern loft with white floors, white walls, and that uses pulleys and wheels and gears as accents throughout the shelves and walls

2M Media/Shutterstock

Collectors of factory antiques and steampunk lean naturally towards industrial styling. This example is a very modern take on an industrial-style loft.

The look works because of the wood-burning stove and collection of metal gears displayed on a partition wall. The color palette is kept very tight, and additional accessories are kept monochromatic.

Go Industrial in the Bathroom

Industrial styling featured in a washroom or bathroom with natural brick ceilings, metal shelves, and dark blue vanities and shower curtains

This example of industrial styling in the washroom leans super masculine. You can see sharp lines, deep colors, and simple industrial influences.

Keep it simple, and let the textures and colors take center stage. Notice the harsh fluorescent lighting that works well in this space.

Reclaimed Industrial Styling

Reclaimed industrial styling in a home office with a reclaimed wood desk and brick walls from which hang simple floating cabinet shelves


Go old-school industrial styling with reclaimed open cabinetry and shelving. This kitchen features a vintage refrigerator and an open, reclaimed island.

This is the kind of industrial space you’ve probably seen, even if you haven’t heard of the interior design style.

Showcase Your Ceilings

Loft with industrial styling that showcases the exposed wooden rafter ceiling

Dariusz Jarzabek/Shutterstock

Switching gears, this open-concept kitchen has very few industrial elements but is an example of the style. That’s because of the exposed beam ceilings and weight-bearing pillars.

If you have them, feature them! Besides this, the look is mainly modern with a neutral color palette. Just a few key industrial styling elements can make the look without trying too hard.

Mix Industrial and Scandinavian

Loft that mixes Industrial and Scandinavian interior design styling

Jin Odin/Shutterstock

A trendy match made in heaven is Scandinavian and industrial styles. These two styles have a lot of similarities. Both feature functionality and minimalism.

The warmth and clean lines of Scandinavian style work beautifully in this kitchen with industrial materials and colors.

Add a Spotlight Floor Lamp

Industrial styling idea titled Add a Spotlight Floor Lamp

Another current trend in industrial styling is the use of cinematic tripod floor lamps. These statement pieces work in open industrial spaces because of their size and dramatic effect.

In addition, the mixed materials and reclaimed nature of the lamp work with the industrial style. It can also be incorporated into different styles of interior design. Find a vintage one or buy a new replica.

Things to Consider

For a piece on industrial styling, a loft-style living room with big windows surrounding an open floorplan with a big green couch


Let’s go over a few things you should remember while planning your industrial space.

  • It’s a masculine style. If you are looking for a manly style, this is it. It has leather, geometric shapes, concrete, and wood. You use blacks, greys, and browns and can go with chunky metal fixtures and no-frills.
  • Big spaces or small displays: industrial styling works best in large loft-style spaces, which is what it was made for. If you have a small home but love the style, try incorporating elements into another design style. Try using metal piping and reclaimed wood to create an industrial-style bookshelf.
  • It’s all about featuring what is usually covered up: Embrace exposed beams, pipes, or bricks in your home with industrial interior design. If you want to uncover wood floors in your restoration project, highlight them with industrial styling.
  • Go light or dark, but keep it neutral. Make sure you don’t go too modern or contemporary with the use of color. Industrial interior design has an earthy feel with either dark or light neutrals and a limited color palette.
  • Keep things the same in every room. When you’re going with an open-concept loft-style home, it is important to create a flow. Keep the styling and color story consistent throughout the entire space.
  • Use statement pieces. The industrial style calls for open spaces and minimal décor. Therefore, it is good to incorporate statement pieces like sectional sofas, pendant lamps, and oversized ceramic vases to showcase the style best.
  • Embrace negative space. Converted factory lofts have a lot of empty spaces. To evoke the feel of a factory floor, create negative space by clumping pieces together and allowing emptiness to exist.
  • Keep it minimal. Use the rule of 80/20: professionals agree that if you stick with one style for 80% of your décor, you can add 20% décor from another style and have continuity.
  • Shipping containers are the new warehouse loft. The industrial interior design style grew out of a need that’s changed over time. These days, the style is incorporated into shipping container homes, and we think it’s a perfect fit!

Add Industrial Styling to Your Home

So there you have it—our favorite industrial styling ideas. Industrial interior design was created to fill large, empty spaces in old urban factory buildings.

Over time, it’s become an interior design favorite for many. The style works beautifully in big city lofts, but we think you can recreate an industrial-inspired look anywhere!