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15 Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Walls

15 Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Walls

Looking for kitchen wall decor ideas? You’re in the right place.

We’ve rounded up several of our favorite design ideas to help you improve the aesthetic of your kitchen and what we love about each one. Let’s dive in!

Looking for Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas?

A bunch of kitchen wall decor on a table in a big-box decoration store


Your kitchen is more than a room where you throw meals together. It should be a sanctuary where your family and friends come together to share food and love. 

Many people focus solely on functionality in the kitchen, but there are ways to combine functionality with style, so your kitchen becomes one of your favorite rooms. 

By adding warm décor, your kitchen can become an inviting space for your family and guests. Take the time to consider what you want your kitchen to look and feel like, and use this list of ideas to inspire and guide you. 

From fresh and modern clocks to rustic vintage cook items these ideas offer something for even the pickiest decorators. 

15 Unique Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, it should be a room that brings you joy.

Whether your aesthetic is funky, modern, rustic, minimalist, vintage, colorful, or muted, there are ideas below to brighten up your kitchen walls. 

These décor ideas include small and large statement pieces that will become the focus of the room. 

Food Images and Art

Food Images and Art in a collage-style image for a piece on kitchen wall décor inspiration


Food is a central theme in any kitchen! So why not celebrate the food you cook and eat in the kitchen in your art? Explore some cool kinds of food art, like classy photography or beautiful paintings. 

Let art reflect your personality! If you are goofy, find some personified fruit cartoons making puns! If you love classic art, get some charcoal sketches of your favorite vegetables.

A great option is botanical posters with the scientific names of the foods you love. You can survey your family for their favorite foods and use those to decorate your kitchen, getting everyone’s stomachs rumbling the second they walk in. 

Pots and Pans

Pots and pans mounted on the wall from a pot rack as kitchen wall decor

Malisa Nicolau/Shutterstock

Functional and decorative, hanging your pots and pans on your walls adds a homey feel to your kitchen while allowing you to store pots and pans without taking up cabinet or counter space.

Julia Child’s iconic kitchen, which sits in the Smithsonian Museum, has walls covered with Julia’s sauté pans and sauce pots. Who doesn’t want a kitchen like Julia’s?

Another option for this décor style is to buy vintage pots and pans to hang and not use. You can find beautiful antique cake pans and molds with unique patterns you don’t see in modern cookware. These bring a rustic and vintage aesthetic to your kitchen. 

Unique Backsplash

12x12 ceramic tile backsplash in the farmhouse style mounted on the wall under floating wooden shelves between appliances and white rustic-looking wooden cabinets


For the person who doesn’t want their kitchen walls to feel cluttered, a beautiful backsplash is a great option for livening up the room.

While backsplashes are typically ceramic tile, you can also opt for natural stone or glass tile, depending on the aesthetic of your kitchen. 

Backsplashes can have an intricate pattern or be a simple, solid color. The possibilities are infinite, and you can even design your own backsplash to match your style perfectly. 

Backsplashes aren’t just decorative; they also help keep pests away, keep the kitchen clean, protect the walls, and prevent stains.

Family Photos

Family photos in frames in a kitchen used as wall décor


What better way to decorate your kitchen than with photos of the people you love?

Hanging photos of your family, friends, and even pets brings a homey, warm feeling to your kitchen and will bring you joy while you cook. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it should have all the things you love, from French fries to family.

You can take a minimalist approach and space out elegant photos, or you can go all out and create photo galleries of your family all around the kitchen.

Whatever you decide, choose the photos that make you the happiest rather than professional ones. A kitchen is a place for everyone to be themselves!

Plants and Herbs

Hanging plants in white planters hanging from steel conduit pipes


Possibly the cutest option on this list, a hanging herb garden is a practical and exquisite decoration for your kitchen.

It can be as simple as a basil plant on a shelf or an immense collection of herbs growing like the one pictured. 

If your thumb isn’t exactly green, don’t worry; no one will call you out if you hang a fake plant.

Maybe give a cactus or other desert plant a try; they are the least needy and still bring an earthy, natural look to your kitchen. 


Contemporary kitchen in a loft-style apartment with spices used as kitchen wall decor

Every kitchen has them, so why not put them on display? Spices are naturally colorful and enticing, making them a no-brainer for kitchen decorations.

An elegant spice shelf or spice rack mounted to your wall brings a pop of color to your kitchen while offering a functional feature.

Having your spices within reach as you cook is a blessing and will have you feeling like Emeril as you sprinkle salt and dash ginger. 


Books lined vertically on a bookshelf in a kitchen

Jeff Bukowski/Shutterstock

If you have a grand collection of cookbooks, don’t hide them away! Displaying your cookbooks adds a vibrant accent to your kitchen and keeps your favorite recipes close by.

If you have a sturdy shelf or space above your cabinets, these are great places to display your cookbooks. If you are thinking to yourself, “I literally own one cookbook,” then display it next to your awesome spice rack and herb garden!

Having your cookbooks displayed and easily accessible doesn’t just add a fun flair to your kitchen’s style; it can also inspire your cooking journey!

Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quotes frames in a canvas-style image as an idea for kitchen wall décor


Sometimes it is nice to have kind words around you, especially when your souffle sinks or your soup doesn’t taste quite right.

Just like family photos, positive thoughts will fill your kitchen with love and make it a homey place to create meals. 

These quotes can be displayed in any style that suits your taste. Either painted on wood, etched into the glass, painted on canvas, or about a million other styles. Whatever goes best with your kitchen and with your style!

Produce Baskets

Kitchen wall decor idea featuring fruit baskets hanging from the ceiling

Ray Bernoff/Shutterstock

Despite what many people think, fruits and vegetables actually keep better when left out of the fridge or pantry, such as bananas, onions, avocados, and more.

Find a stylish way to display your fresh produce, whether it’s in a hanging basket or on a shelf. Produce adds a natural pop of color to your kitchen and can inspire you just by having the food visible. 

Drink and Plateware

Kitchen wall decor in the form of blue and white plates attached to a simple white wall

Illya Kryzhanivskyy/Shutterstock

A classic kitchen decoration, hanging decorative plates on the wall, is a traditional and beautiful decoration that has never gone out of style. These plates can be sentimental, unique, or just simply beautiful.

If you already have a lovely, robust plate collection, choose your favorites and hang them tastefully, or create a lavish display and hang them all up! If you require plates, you can go antiquing for some vintage plateware or look online. 

Another super functional option is to mount a shelf or add hooks to your wall that you can hang mugs on or stack glassware. This puts your drinkware on display, making it a charming accessory to your walls and making your drinkware easily accessible. 

Statement Clocks

Natural wood statement piece clocks hang on the wall of a kitchen as décor

You have to keep track of time while cooking or baking, so get a distinct clock for your kitchen. There are many options out there, from a clock that adds a pop of color to intricately designed clocks.

These become the centerpieces of your kitchen. This can be a smaller clock over your stove or a large, grand clock that takes up most of a wall. 

Wood Décor

As an image for a piece on kitchen wall decor, a number of frames in natural wood sit above a butcher block countertop


Bringing wood into your kitchen gives it a cozy and rustic feel that makes guests feel welcome and warm.

You can go in a lot of different directions with wood wall décor, from simple carved pieces to words painted on wood or dramatic statement pieces. 

Wood art comes in a variety of styles that you can easily find online from different artists, or you can get creative and make some yourself! Find pieces that reflect your style and personality and will go well with your kitchen’s aesthetic. 


Idea for kitchen wall decor featuring knives mounted to the wall on metal hanging strips under a hood vent


Another functional decoration is a wall-mounted knife rack with slots or a magnetic strip. This may seem like a project, but it’s insanely simple to do.

A magnetic strip just needs a couple of screws to stay on your wall and make you look like a professional chef to your guests. And the fun doesn’t have to stop at knives.

You can use a magnetic strip to hold pizza cutters, graters, peelers, and bottle openers, to name a few. This décor makes your knives easily accessible, organized, and keeps them sharper for longer. 


Kitchen wall decor ideas featuring a square chalkboard that says coffee time on the wall

Dariusz Jarzabek/Shutterstock

A chalkboard is a playful and functional addition to your kitchen wall. You can utilize the chalkboard to write your weekly menus or make a grocery list that everyone in the household can easily add to.

The possibilities with a chalkboard are endless, from keeping a family calendar to drawing fun seasonal pictures to celebrate special occasions! You have some options when it comes to decorating with a chalkboard.

There is chalkboard paint, which is awesome because you can paint as large or as small a chalkboard as you want right onto your wall. This isn’t permanent per se, but it is more difficult to remove or change than an actual chalkboard. 

Cutting Boards

Cutting Boards hanging on a teal wall for a piece on kitchen wall décor ideas

United Photo Studio/Shutterstock

Using cutting boards as wall décor combines the rustic look of wood decorations with the endearing idea of using kitchen tools to line your walls. If wood isn’t your favorite or doesn’t go with your kitchen, consider marble cutting boards that are just as stylish.

Cutting boards come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, making them an adorable addition to your kitchen wall.

If you choose to use these cutting boards rather than just treat them as décor, hanging them on hooks makes for a convenient and charming accent in your kitchen.

Storing your cutting boards on the wall also saves you counter space, giving you more room to cook the dishes you love!

Things to Consider

Close-up photo of kitchen wall decor sitting in front of a window that's blurred by the sunlight


Not all of these decor ideas will work for every kitchen. There are some aspects to consider when picking from these wall decorations:

  • Cost: Items such as artisan cutting boards or knives can be expensive. Consider how much you are willing to invest in your kitchen décor, and consider thrifting or antiquing for your wall decorations!
  • Space: Sometimes kitchens don’t have as much space as desired. Using your walls as storage is a great hack to free up space in your cabinets and on your counter. If you are working with limited space, consider the more functional décor ideas on this list. 
  • Aesthetic: If your kitchen is sleek and modern, the wooden decorations may not suit your style. And if your kitchen is farm-y and rustic, a bold and colorful backsplash may not be what you are looking for. Think about these ideas concerning your style and your kitchen’s current aesthetic. 
  • Cooking Style: If you are more of an instant-ramen cooker than a coq au vin chef, some of these ideas might not be necessary for you. But if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, having all of your cookware accessible can make your life significantly easier. 

What’s Your Favorite Kitchen Wall Décor Idea?

So there you have it—our favorite kitchen wall décor ideas. Stop staring at those bare walls while your pasta water boils and start decorating!

Find the right aesthetic for you and decorate your kitchen in a way that reflects your style as well as your cooking habits.

Adding décor and functionality to your kitchen will improve your day-to-day life and satisfaction. People spend a lot of time in their kitchens and it should be a room that personifies the warmth of your household.