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12 Colors That Go With Maroon in 2024

12 Colors That Go With Maroon in 2024

Maroon is a gorgeous, deep, warm color that adds a lot of character to any room.

Because maroon is such a bold color, it might seem like you can’t pair it with anything.

However, that is not the case. To find the best colors that go with maroon, we used a combination of color psychology and the color wheel for inspiration. 

For example, the complementary colors of maroon and teal will combine both blue and green color psychology.

Red and brown mixed will create a deep, rich maroon.

We will use Isaac Newton’s invention, the color wheel, to help choose the best colors that go with maroon.

1. Teal

Maroon decoration pillows and teal wall


Blue brings feelings of calmness and tranquility, while green is a color that evokes feelings of balance and peace and represents nature. Teal is a color used for spaces to relax and regain balance. 

To add teal accents to a maroon-dominant room, you may add a teal sofa for a contemporary design. Because both teal and maroon are intense colors, it may help to add a neutral color using the 60-30-10 rule. 

On the other hand, adding maroon-colored accents to your living space can liven up the atmosphere.

You may add maroon candles, vases, or accent tables. To tie the room together, you can easily find curtains and rugs that combine both of the colors. These colors together work well for Bohemian-style rooms.

2. White

White curtains and white fireplace inside living room with maroon painted wall


White is most commonly used to add brightness and create a sense of space in a room. Maroon, on the other hand, is a warm but dark color. When using maroon in interior design, adding white can allow your space to feel more open and relaxing.

The colors pair well together and bring balance to a room. Add in maroon pieces such as pillows, blankets, and small amounts of furniture to liven up an all-white room.

You will want to add just enough of the maroon color without completely overwhelming your room. Your space will feel clean and open, but it will also have a touch of excitement.

3. Beige

Beige chairs and maroon colured wall


Beige is a trendy color in interior design. Beige brings a good balance of neutrality and comfort to your home. Maroon is an intense color that can add some life to your room.

Adding maroon pieces such as throw pillows, blankets, and smaller pieces of furniture complements beige-colored furniture, ideally in a room.

For a rich, warm room, you can paint your walls maroon and add medium shades of wood furniture.

4. Dusty Rose

Maroon dusty rose color combination


Dusty Rose is a shade that is associated with love and romance. A mixture of purple and pink, Dusty Rose’s color is elegant without being overly extravagant.

With maroon bringing excitement and passion, dusty rose makes the perfect pair for maroon. This color combination is popular at weddings because they create a sense of passionate romance when together. 

5. Gold

Maroon couch and gold decorations


Gold is known to be the color of success, luxury, and prestige. The psychology of gold implies extravagance and affluence.

A room that is primarily maroon with gold accents will evoke feelings of luxurious living. Because maroon evokes passion and confidence, it pairs exceptionally well with gold. 

6. Nude Colors

Image of colors that go with maroon with a maroon wall and couch

With the increasing recognition of diversity, the term nude has generally expanded to a broader range in beauty and fashion.

However, in design, the color remains configured to the same shade. This shade is elegant, practical, sophisticated, timeless, and modest.

Its warm undertones induce comfort and warmth. Nude makes a great option if you desire an elegant color without the flashiness of gold. Pairing maroon accents to a nude room can easily elevate the appearance of your space. 

7. Scarlet/Bright Reds

Maroon wall with red decorations living room


Scarlet is a bright and exciting color, sometimes including a hint of orange. This bright shade of red is most associated with courage, force, passion, heat, and joy.

Both maroon and scarlet are intense, and when combined, you’ll come up with a feminine style. Because they are both reds, you can use bright shades of red, such as scarlet, to add some contrast to the darkness of maroon.

Oriental rugs provide a great foundation for both traditional and more contemporary spaces. Select a rug that has both more vibrant reds and maroon to add color and depth to more neutral rooms.

8. Gray

Gray sofa and marooon coloured wall


In color psychology, grey represents neutrality and balance. Its color meaning likely comes from being the shade between white and black. However, when used by itself, gray is a dull color and can feel depressing.

When adding in maroon, you can significantly liven up your space. Maroon brings excitement and passion while gray keeps the balancing representation.

9. Emerald Green

Maroon wall and emerald green bedsheets


Maroon and green are complementary colors. They are often paired in more traditional interiors, but you can also use this duo more modern.

Use emerald green instead of light greens to match the intensity of the maroon. Add in a little brightness either with white or gold accents, contrasting nicely maroon and emerald.

10. Blue

Living room with maroon wall and blue chair


Maroon and light, cool shades of blue complement each other when used in interior design. When creating a room made up of maroon and blue, consider using a light blue wall color.

Then, add in maroon accents. For more vibrancy, add in a pop of teal to create some contrast to the muted shades of the maroon and light blue.

11. Black

Maroon details withblack wall and furniture living room


Maroon and black are both intense colors. To keep them from overwhelming space and making it feel too heavy, use the 60-30-10 rules.

Use a neutral color like white for the room’s foundation to be your dominant color. For your secondary color, black, add in black furniture. Lastly, add maroon accents to add in that pop of color. 

12. Purple

Maroon and purple color combination

Shutterstock/Ground Picture

Maroon and purple are daring colors to pair with one another. With maroon and purple, you get a unique, feminine space that will feel elegant yet edgy.

To keep a good flow in your room, we suggest using a dominant neutral color and adding maroon and purple furniture and accent pieces.

Choosing Colors That Go With Maroon

Complimentary Colors for Maroon

Colors on the opposite side of the color wheel are referred to as complementary colors.

When looking at the color wheel, complementary colors for maroon are green or yellow. Teal is considered to be the primary complementary color on the color wheel.

Analogous Colors for Maroon

There are three groups of colors next to one another when looking at the color wheel. Because maroon is a mixture of red and brown, it can be tricky to use the color wheel to pair with maroon.

However, you can look at the colors next to red to determine which analogous colors would pair nicely with maroon.

Similar Colors to Maroon

To find similar colors, you will look at different shades of maroon. You can use similar colors of maroon to keep a consistent color scheme with minimal contrast.

This is done by adding a bit of white or black to the original color. Examples of similar colors to maroon include rose or aubergine.

Maroon and Neutrals

Because maroon is such a vibrant color, it pairs well with most neutral colors. You can also use neutral colors with maroon and other colors on this list.

Use a neutral color for the dominant color, another bold color for the secondary color, and maroon accent pieces. You may also use maroon as the secondary color with a bold color for accent pieces. 

Maroon For Home Décor

Maroon couch and colors that go with it


Because maroon is a shade of red, it is associated with love, intensity, and passion. Maroon is more muted than pure red, so it has a less intense impression.

When looking at color psychology, maroon can conjure feelings of control, thoughtfulness, and responsibility. There is also a link between the color maroon and Buddhism. For some, this can evoke feelings of calm and spirituality.

Maroon Psychology in Home Décor

The colors that fill your room may have a psychological effect on your daily life.

Different colors are said to affect mood and energy levels.

Ways to use Maroon in home décor:

  • Maroon makes a great wall color choice for rooms you want to feel warm, creative, and powerful in. 
  • Restaurants and food brands often use red because it increases appetite. Paint your kitchen cabinets a maroon color for a pop of color.
  • It is common for maroon to be found in oriental rugs, which look great for homes that are more traditional and even modern styles
  • Maroon makes a gorgeous accent color. Use small pieces of décor, accent pillows, or rugs to add color and warmth to a neutral-colored space.

Things to Consider

Living room paired with lots of colors that go with maroon

  • When using rich colors with maroon, we recommend using the 60-30-10 rule. It’s a design rule that makes it easier to create a color palette for your space. It states that 60% is the dominant color, 30% is the secondary color, and 10% should be an accent. 
  • Gather inspiration from your favorite color(s) that you are typically drawn to narrow down your choices.
  • Because maroon is a color that is a warm color representing intense and passionate emotions, it works best in rooms that match its intensity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions regarding colors that go with maroon:

What is the Difference Between Maroon and Burgundy?

Maroon and burgundy are often mistaken for one another because they are very similar to the eye. However, burgundy is a mixture of red and purple and is slightly brighter than maroon. Maroon, on the other hand, is a mixture of brown and red.

What Color is Maroon?

When using the hex color chart, maroon is considered a shade of brown rather than a shade of red. The hex code for maroon is #800000. Maroon is often mistaken for other colors with similar hex codes such as firebrick, #8B0000, and other dark red colors.

What Does Maroon Symbolize?

Maroon is a reddish-brown color that combines feelings of both relaxation and creativity. Maroon can also be associated with intense emotions such as strength, love, boldness, and confidence.

What Color Goes With Maroon?

When adding the color maroon to your home, it will look best as a secondary color or an accent color. Colors that go best with maroon are neutrals, like white or gray, when used as the dominant shade.

What Color Goes With a Maroon Wall?

Choosing the color that goes with a maroon wall depends on your personal tastes. For an elegant room, add in gold accents. For a room with a lot of contrast, add in pops of teal. To keep your room clean and simple, opt for light, cool, neutral colors.

What Are the Colors That Go With Maroon?

Maroon is a rich, warm color that can easily make your room pop. Teal is the complementary color for a highly contrasted room.

Neutral colors can soften the intensity of maroon while more intense colors, like black or purple, will match its intensity.