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14 Colors That Go With Burgundy in 2024

14 Colors That Go With Burgundy in 2024

Throughout time, the color burgundy has been a popular choice for lipsticks, interior design, weddings, and fashion.

It is a warm and inviting shade that looks wonderful on everything, from living room walls to stylish shoes.

Many colors go with burgundy, as it is a delightfully versatile shade. It looks good with neutrals and cool colors. It also looks good when included in bright patterns. 

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect coordinating accessory or are curious what color combinations you can use in your home, there are plenty of pairings to choose from that go with burgundy. 

What is Burgundy?

Burgundy is a dark reddish-brown color with undertones of cool purple. It is often confused with maroon, a slightly brighter, brick-colored red that lacks the purple undertones. 

Burgundy got its name because it resembled the richly colored red wines being exported from Burgundy, France. In France, the wine and the color are referred to as “Bordeaux.”

Similar wine-like colors like Merlot or Berry resemble burgundy and are also commonly mixed up with one another. The color signifies sophistication, power, and ambition.

It is also considered a sign of wealth. Although it is a shade of red, burgundy typically doesn’t have the negative connotations associated with traditional red. It is a more comforting and energetic color than an aggressive one. 

What Colors Go With Burgundy?

Color wheel to show what colors go with burgundy


This shade of red pairs well with a variety of colors. Burgundy can look sleek and modern, wildly bold, eclectic, or just plain cozy, depending on the chosen color pairing.

Whether you’re trying to decorate your home or put together chic outfits for your bridal party using burgundy as a base, it is wise to keep several tried-and-true color schemes in mind. 

Analogous schemes are a combination of any three adjacent colors on the color wheel. An example of this would be burgundy, purple, and lilac. 

Complementary color schemes are made up of colors that sit opposite each other on the color wheel, such as burgundy and teal.

Triadic schemes combine three colors on the color wheel that are separated by three spaces. An example of this scheme would be burgundy, navy blue, and mustard yellow

Utilizing these color schemes can help you put together visually pleasing arrangements with the color burgundy. Now that you’re caught up on color theory, let’s take a look at some examples. 

1. Navy

Burgundy and navy living room idea


Burgundy and navy are a classic color combination that exudes class and sophistication.

Both colors are warm and rich, with plenty of contrast for visual interest in an outfit or a room painted in a light, neutral color. It is also a combo commonly used for fall weddings.

Shades of blue are typically viewed as calm, relaxing colors. However, navy, which is a darker shade, is an authoritative color that signifies power and importance. It is also a highly professional color that is frequently used in uniforms and corporate offices.

When combined with the power and ambition burgundy signifies, you get a strong color- combination with plenty of visual interest and contrast. Burgundy and navy can be a bold pairing when both colors are used in large quantities.

Avoid overwhelming the eye by balancing the colors with a lighter neutral, like cream or white. Alternatively, you could use navy as a base color and accent with the brighter shade of burgundy.  

2. Brown

Burgundy brown combination


For a more masculine take on burgundy, try pairing it with shades of dark brown. This combination is rich and earthy and brings to mind warm fall afternoons. There are many ways to execute this color-combo.

For example, you could combine velvety burgundy drapes with rich chestnut leather furniture to create a warm and cozy study.

Accenting dark brown furniture with burgundy pillows or accent chairs will also help the neutrals pop. From a fashion standpoint, these colors are best for a fall look.

Try pairing a suede chocolate brown pant or skirt with a burgundy sweater or bow tie for an effortlessly chic and academic-looking outfit. Using burgundy-colored accessories can help liven up a mostly brown or neutral outfit as well. 

3. Black

Burgundy and black living room


Burgundy and black are a strong color combination that packs a whole lot of drama. It is a fairly classic combo that has been used in fashion, art, and interior design for decades thanks to its aesthetically pleasing contrast. 

Black is a rich color that signifies elegance and sophistication. There are hundreds of shades of black as well. Some shades are more saturated than others, but they all pair nicely with burgundy. 

Bringing these colors into your space or personal style is easy. This color scheme translates well to patterns as well. Don’t be afraid to have fun mixing pops of burgundy with patterned fabrics like black and white stripes or polka dots. 

4. Charcoal Gray

Silver and Burgundy Color Living Room


Charcoal gray is currently a trendy color for home decor. It is a universal dark shade of gray that, depending on its undertones, can look either warm or cool. 

Combining this neutral shade with a rich, deep burgundy can warm up a cool gray and give any room a moody ambiance. This color scheme can be either masculine or feminine as well. 

5. Green

burgundy and green living room ideas


Although traditional red and green are typically seen as Christmas colors, putting this color scheme into action in your home or outfit won’t automatically scream “Happy Holidays.”

The purplish tones of the burgundy deepen and soften the reddish tones.

This color scheme looks particularly lovely in luxurious fabrics, like velvet or satin. Using them together in conjunction with lighter colors offers bold contrast, while pairing them with darker shades like mustard and navy creates an exotic look.

6. Mint

mint and burgundy living room


If you aren’t a fan of traditional green or are simply looking for something a little bit softer, why not try pairing burgundy with mint?

Burgundy and mint is a softer, slightly more feminine variation on the traditional burgundy and forest green

Together, the two colors create a startling elegance. Burgundy, with its strong, serious hues, grounds the lightness of this pastel shade, while mint’s playfulness keeps the burgundy from being too overwhelming. 

7. Purple

Burgundy and purple ideas for living room


Purple is another color that goes well with burgundy. Purple combines the calming elements of blue with the energy of red to create a richly hued color.

It is a color commonly associated with royalty and can be either feminine or masculine, depending on its application. When paired with burgundy, the overall look is both luxurious and eclectic.

The boldness and brightness are commonly found in oriental rugs and bohemian interiors. Try experimenting with different shades of purple, such as lavender or mauve, to find a burgundy combo that works best for you. 

8. Teal

teal and burgundy bedroom ideas


If you’re hoping for a fun and creative color scheme, try pairing a blue-green teal with burgundy. The two are complementary and will both enhance each other’s intensity and help one another pop.

Teal, a deep variation of blue and green, complements the warm reds present in burgundy. While both are strong and bold, the pairing is a more feminine palette overall. 

9. Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow and burgundy living room ideas


Burgundy and mustard yellow are another classic fall color combo. Although the pair might seem unlikely to work together, they are a warm, vibrant duo that complements each other well.

Both are earthy colors that add a touch of elegance and richness to any room or outfit.

A helpful tip for making these two shades work together is to make sure they are the same shade. If that sounds confusing, aim for getting both colors at the same level of brightness or darkness. 

10. Blush

burgundy bedroom details and blush wall


For a color scheme that is moody, elegant, feminine, and romantic, you can’t go wrong with combining burgundy and blush.

The softness of this shade of pink pops against the dark purplish-red hues present in the burgundy. 

11. Cream

Burgundy with cream combination


Because of how rich burgundy is, you may want to pair it with a neutral color like cream to help offset some of its boldness. Cream is a relaxing color that is closer to yellow than it is to white.

As a result, it has a warmth that pairs well with the warmth of burgundy. Overall, this color scheme is classic without straying too far into the more traditional but uninspired burgundy and white color pairing. 

12. Peach

Living room with burgundy furniture and peach wall


Peach is a hue somewhere in between cream and blush-pink that has undertones of orange in it as well. This pair may seem unusual.

But the warmth and cheerfulness of the peach pop against the depth of the burgundy. This color scheme would look lovely for a fall wedding. 

13. Gold

Burgundy and Gold bedroom idea


Burgundy doesn’t just pair well with other standard colors. It also looks lovely with metallics like gold. Pairing gold with burgundy results in a lush, expensive-looking combo that is altogether timeless. 

The warmth these two colors exude can potentially overwhelm one another if you’re not careful. Be sure to balance out a burgundy and gold color scheme with dark woods and light, airy colors like white or ivory for contrast. 

14. Bronze

Bronze and Burgundy Bedroom Details


Bronze is another metallic that goes great with the color burgundy. Bronze has a warm, coppery color with undertones of red.

These reddish hues complement the dark reds in burgundy well and can be used in light fixtures, home decor, or accessories. 

Things to Consider

Image for a piece on colors that go with burgundy

When pairing burgundy with other colors, keep in mind the following:  

  • Work with complementary, analogous, or triadic color schemes for best results
  • Burgundy can be both a base color and an accent color, depending on your preference 
  • Burgundy shades will look different in varying lights

Frequently Asked Questions 

Let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions about colors that go with burgundy:

Is burgundy a good interior design color?

Absolutely! Burgundy looks wonderful on walls, on pieces of furniture, or as accents in home decor.

What colors accent burgundy?

Dozens of beautiful colors work with burgundy, including shades of blue, purple, yellow, and green.

Does burgundy go with gold?

Burgundy looks wonderful with gold-colored fabrics or metals found in light fixtures or accessories.

What is a complementary color for burgundy?

Since burgundy is a shade of red, a complementary color would be a shade of green. This could include blue-greens, like teal, or more traditional greens, like forest green.

Is maroon the same as burgundy?

No. Although both exist in the red family, maroon has brown undertones that give it a brick-red color, whereas burgundy is a combination of red, blue, and purple that gives it a more berry-colored tone.

So, What Colors Go With Burgundy?

Burgundy is a beautiful, rich shade of red that is surprisingly versatile.

No matter if your style is bold or reserved, classic or bohemian, you’ll be able to utilize this color in many different shades.