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Grey Flooring Living Room Ideas: 30 Designs You’ll Love

Grey Flooring Living Room Ideas: 30 Designs You’ll Love

Have you been searching for amazing grey flooring living room ideas?

Below, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite grey flooring ideas for your home.

Be sure to look at each one and let us know which one is your favorite!

30 Grey Flooring Living Room Ideas You’ll Love

Grey flooring has become increasingly trendy and allows homeowners to express their style.

A grey floor can be used in almost any home and effectively matches your unique style and aesthetic.

Are you having trouble coming up with the perfect design for your home?

Here are our favorite unique grey flooring ideas for your living room.

Modern Grey Concrete Floors

Modern Grey Concrete Floors for a piece on grey flooring in living room ideas


This grey concrete tile floor matches the stylish contemporary look of this living room.

Marble and white walls improve the modern aesthetic of the room. We use yellow accents to complete the package.

Polished Grey Concrete Living Room

Polished Grey Concrete Living Room Idea


This reflective grey tile floor is a perfect addition to this room.

The open space features plenty of natural light from the bay window, while plants, accent blankets, and unique lighting fixtures give this room-with-a-view a lived-in appeal.

Grey Wood-Look Plank Tile

Grey Wood-Look Plank Tile

Kuprynenko Andrii/Shutterstock

Horizontal laminate plank flooring is used in this living room to make it seem longer.

The abstract, round shapes of the coffee table and chair provide modern chic, while the trees add a touch of nature to this living room.

Minimalistic Grey Laminate Flooring

Minimalistic Grey Laminate Flooring idea for a living room

Grey floors work great with color and allow you to express yourself. This room uses a light grey laminate to contrast the dark grey wall.

Combined with an assortment of colorful accents, this living room is lively and fun.

Elegant Grey Carpet

For a grey flooring living room idea, an elegant dark grey couch with a dark grey wall and black lamps and accents sits on a light grey living room carpet

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Do you like black?

Use a light grey floor to brighten up a dark décor, like in this image.

The lighter-colored floor will also make this small, dark-themed room seem larger.

Dark Grey Herringbone Wood Floors

Dark Grey Herringbone Wood Floors grey living room floor idea


Grey floors aren’t reserved for minimalist styling. Feel the ambiance and comfort in this room.

You won’t want to wait to get home and relax in this living room, from the zebra print rug to the exotic leather couch.

Grey Wood Plank Flooring

Grey Wood Plank living room flooring idea


Grey hardwood and laminate planks look amazing with exposed brick surfaces.

The unfinished wood shelves and desk add to the urban charm of this living room.

Grey Painted Shiplap Floors

Grey flooring in living room idea featuring painted shiplap running across the width of the room


This light grey plank flooring can give your home the beach styling of a Nantucket cottage.

White walls, plenty of natural lighting, and the exposed wood ceiling add to the flavor and aesthetic of this kitchen/living room.

Dark Grey Hardwood Floors With Light Grey Rug

Dark Grey Hardwood Floors With Light Grey Rug in a modern living room


Combine a dark grey floor with a light grey rug to create unique contrasts in your room.

Reflective surfaces and metal accent furniture are used throughout this room to increase its size and unique style.

Grey Slate Tile Flooring

Grey Slate Tile Flooring as an idea for grey flooring in living room


Using warmer colors can instantly transform your minimalist living room into a work of art.

This room uses a combination of brown rugs and walls to warm the room. Yellow seating and natural light from the doorways brighten this living room even more.

Space-Age Grey Concrete Floors

Space-Age Grey Concrete Floors in a modern living room

Ilija Erceg/Shutterstock

If you’re looking for space-age design and modern, minimalist aesthetics, grey floors are one of the best options.

The same color is used throughout the room, from ceiling to floor, to create a unique work of art.

Grey Laminate Planks

Grey Laminate Planks as a grey living room flooring idea


Of course, we also use grey floors to create a comfortable place to relax as well.

Gold accents warm this room up, and the throw blanket and extra pillows make this room look extremely comfortable.

Dark Grey Parquet Flooring

Dark Grey Parquet living room flooring idea for a mid-century home


Bright blues and whites highlight this quaint room. The darker grey tile floor tames the color and gives warmth to the cold blue walls.

This living room feels like the perfect place to read a book or have an in-depth conversation with a close friend.

Light and Bright Grey Hardwood

Light and Bright Grey Hardwood for a roundup piece on grey flooring living room ideas


We use light grey hardwood floors with a white rug in this oversized living room.

The dark wall, brown pillows, and natural lighting help warm up this living room.

Grey Herringbone Wood Flooring

Grey Herringbone Wood Flooring found in a modern boho living room


Small rooms will look bigger and more comfortable with a light grey floor.

This room uses a variety of earth tones to achieve its appearance. The cacti add to the southwestern aesthetic.

Dark Grey Herringbone Wood Floors

Dark Grey Herringbone Wood Floors for ideas for grey living room flooring


The dark aesthetic of this room can bring out your inner goth. The patterned laminate floor is a perfect contrast to the black exposed brick wall and fireplace.

The shadows created by the natural light also add to the ambiance of this living room.

Near-Black Grey Patterned Tile Floors

Near-Black Grey Patterned Tile Floors in a living room with light grey modular walls

Dariusz Jarzabek/Shutterstock

The glossy finish of this dark grey floor will help brighten up this small studio living space.

Blues create a cool and refreshing ambiance in this living room and provide a stark contrast to the dark floor and black accents.

Offset Greyish-Beige Hardwood Floors

Offset Greyish-Beige Hardwood Floors

Kuprynenko Andrii/Shutterstock

Light grey-beige wood floors add a rustic charm to your living room.

This room features a Victorian charm with modern conveniences.

Warm and Inviting Grey Concrete

Warm and Inviting Grey Concrete living room flooring idea

A solid concrete floor creates a flow between this charming living area and the exterior patio section.

Earth tones, books, and a distressed wood table give the room a lived-in ambiance.

Modern Grey Hardwood

Modern Grey Hardwood in a living room

United Photo Studio/Shutterstock

This adorable loft uses bright grey hardwood to open up the room.

The bright blue walls and unique windows add to the brightness and help make this living room feel like home.

Brown Hardwood With Grey Square Rug

Grey flooring living room idea featuring Brown Hardwood With Grey Square Rug

Dariusz Jarzabek/Shutterstock

This room combines hardwood floors, rugs, and concrete tile. This contrast adds to the room’s ambiance and dramatically improves the visual aesthetic of this living room.

The fireplace in living room adds to the warmth, while the blues cool the room in perfect contrast.

Dark Grey Wood-Look Ceramic Tile Planks

Dark Grey Wood-Look Ceramic Tile Planks


These extremely dark hardwood floors dramatically affect this living room.

The darkness contrasts with a bright white rug, furniture, and white door, giving the room a fantastic lived-in appeal.

Vintage Grey 12×12 Ceramic Tile

Vintage Grey 12x12 Ceramic Tile for a piece titled Grey Flooring Living Room Ideas

Lekstock 3D/Shutterstock

Here we have a large concrete tiled floor combined with dark blue walls.

The flat paint and plants give this room a warm and welcoming vibe.

Hardwood Flooring Painted Light Grey

Living room with Hardwood Flooring Painted Light Grey


Thin laminate planks are used in conjunction with whites to give this room a neutral aesthetic.

Plant-printed pillows and throw blankets add to the comfort of the room and make this living room perfect for your morning coffee.

Warm and Cozy Light Grey Laminate Flooring

Warm and Cozy Light Grey Living Room Flooring Idea


Grey floors do minimalism better than any other flooring. This room uses vertical planks to improve the length of the room.

Orange throw pillows and trees add a splash of color to this unique, minimalist-designed living area.

Light Grey Horizontal Tile Planks

Light Grey Horizontal Tile Plank living room flooring idea


Grey flooring lets you combine modern and classical aesthetics. This room could be straight out of the 1960s or today.

Plush carpeting and a wraparound sectional add to the comfort of the room.

Modern Blue-Gray Ceramic Tile Floors

Modern Blue-Gray Ceramic Tile Floors


One of the benefits of grey flooring is that it will easily match the color. This blue-grey floor pattern has a blue-gray tile wall.

The darkness of the room offsets plenty of natural lighting from the large bay windows.

Grey Marble-Style Flooring

Grey Marble-Style Flooring

Ume Illustration/Shutterstock

We love the aesthetic of this living room. The pinks and greens feel like a posh Miami hotspot.

The marble tile floor gives the room a touch of class and elegance as well.

Brown-Grey Ceramic Tile Planks

Brown-Grey Ceramic Tile Plank flooring in a beige living room


The proximity of the furniture and fireplace in this room makes it feel warm and comfortable.

The contrast between the dark grey floor and the light rug is the perfect mix. While small, the long planks give this room a much bigger feel.

Grey Checkerboard Tile Floors

For an article on grey flooring living room ideas, a checkerboard floor in grey and white

The wild design of this tile floor will instantly upgrade any room’s aesthetic.

This small room uses light colors to give it a larger and more comfortable appearance.

Dark Grey Offset Hardwood Floors

Dark Grey Offset Hardwood Floors in a living room


This room combines cool blues and greys with warm beige walls and natural lighting.

It’s a perfect example of two contrasting aesthetics coming together to create a wonderful living space.

Black Marble Flooring With Grey Wood Walls

Black Marble Flooring With Grey Wood Walls for a piece titled Grey Flooring Living Room Ideas


Dark yet comforting, this living space feels like the perfect space for relaxing with a good book and your favorite cigar.

The dark tones combined with the plush leather armchair make this space feel warm and inviting. 

Things to Consider

Did you choose your favorite grey flooring living room idea?

Here are some things you should consider before purchasing grey floors for your home. 

Grey Wood Floors

  • Wood floors are available as hardwood, engineered, or laminate.
  • Hardwood is timeless, can be refinished, and is expensive
  • Engineered wood is affordable, durable, and easy to install.
  • Laminates are the cheapest wood floors, but they still look amazing.
  • Wide plank wood floors will make a space look larger
  • Wood floors come in different finishes, from flat to glossy.
  • Darker-colored floors will make a space seem smaller.

Grey Tile Floors

  • Grey tiles also come in a variety of materials, including concrete, ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone.
  • Tiles can create exciting and unique patterns and designs on your floor.
  • Most tile floors are water- and stain-resistant.
  • Concrete floors are incredibly versatile, easy to clean, and inexpensive.
  • Concrete can be stained and sealed to create new colors and styles.
  • Ceramic and porcelain floors come in countless colors, styles, and designs, letting you be creative.
  • Ceramic and porcelain floors are water-resistant, durable, and easy to maintain.
  • Stone floors add natural beauty and a timeless aesthetic to any room.
  • Stone tiles are easy to maintain, durable, and look amazing for years.

Which Grey Flooring Living Room Idea Was Your Favorite?

We hope our list of grey flooring living room ideas can help give you inspiration for your home.

As you can see, grey floors are extremely versatile and can work with any home’s style and aesthetic.

Now go out and plan your living room renovation using grey floors.