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Closet Door Ideas: 15 Examples We Can’t Get Enough Of

Closet Door Ideas: 15 Examples We Can’t Get Enough Of

Looking for closet door ideas? You’re in the right place.

We’re real estate and home improvement fanatics, and we’ve rounded up our 15 favorite examples to help inspire your next design.

Read on to see our top picks.

Looking for Closet Door Ideas?

Closet doors don’t have to be boring and purely functional—they’re a surprisingly versatile way to get creative with your home décor.

Especially if you are looking to update your home with a fresh look, consider changing your closets with some of these closet door ideas.

Even though people spend a lot of time obsessing over their house décor, it’s weirdly easy to forget how much closet doors contribute.

Your house probably has multiple closets, and you and your guests will spend way more time looking at the outside of the doors than at the inside of them.

So instead of defaulting to a more standard and boring choice for the closet doors in your house, you should consider viewing your closet doors as a chance to bring more style to your house’s energy.

15 Closet Door Ideas You’ll Love

There are way more options for creative closet door ideas than you probably realize, ranging from sliding doors to barn doors and even to curtains. 

So if you’re looking to change things up and get creative with your closets, consider some of the following excellent closet door ideas.

1. Glass Sliding Doors

Rendering of a modern sliding glass closet doo idea in a modern steel-looking grey bedroom


Glass sliding doors are something you would tend to think of as an idea for house doors, like those going to a patio or deck.

But this example shows that the look of glass sliding doors can also work inside. Especially with a walk-in closet that is going for a more modern look.

But since people can see inside, just be aware that you will have to keep the inside of the closet neat and clean.

2. Sliding Wood Doors

Sliding wood closet door idea with metal trim and accents in the middle in a room with pine hardwood floors in light brown color, white walls, and grey trim and furniture

Edvard Nalbantjan/Shutterstock

If the sliding glass doors for a closet didn’t quite fit your indoor décor, you could do a more classic wood sliding door.

In this example, the choice of wood color matches the other furniture and has a beautiful and sleek look to it. Sliding doors are also convenient because they give you more room even when the closet is opened.

3. Bi-Fold White Closet Doors

Bi-Fold White Closet Door ideas in a living room next to a built-in shelf on which a group of flowers in a vase sits


Besides sliding doors, bi-fold doors like those pictured here are another big decision when choosing a style for your closet doors. The color and wood type are flexible.

But this picture should give you an idea of whether or not you like the style of the folding doors.

You can also be creative with the hardware choice you go with on the doorknobs for these.

4. Blue Door With Brass Door Handles

Blue Door With Brass Door Handles pictured in an up-close image for a roundup on closet door ideas


While the shade of blue in this example might not fit your specific décor, this picture should at least give you the courage to get creative with your color choice.

Too often, closet doors are just boring and white. And this example has beautiful and stylish brass door handles, proving that a small change in the hardware on your doors can make all the difference.

5. Vintage Green Wooden Doors

Vintage Green Wooden Doors with exposed hinges as an example of unique closet door ideas


If a vintage look is something you desire, this example will probably give you a lot of inspiration. The vintage wood and the subtle door knobs give the décor of being in a cottage or a barn.

The light green works great in contrast to the floor or wall color, but don’t get stuck with green if you have another color in mind. The main idea here is the vintage wood style.

6. Part Mirror Triple Sliding Doors

Part Mirror Triple Sliding Doors as a piece on closet door ideas


Not every room can get away with using mirrors on the closet doors, but the softer lighting in this room works perfectly with the mirror.

These triple sliding doors mean that it will be easy to access the different locations of your closet without having to wrestle past your stuff.

Also, mirror doors work particularly great in a bedroom: you automatically add a huge mirror into your room.

7. Wooden Doors With Thin Louvers

Example of cool closet door ideas showing an up-close image of a style titled Wooden Doors With Thin Louvers

Fecundap Stock/Shutterstock

Louvers, the blind-like horizontal pattern in this example, are another classic option that people use on their closet doors. The louvers bring more character to your door.

And they’re a much more exciting option than just plain wood. And aside from décor, louvers also come with the added benefit of allowing air to flow through them. 

8. Full Mirror Sliding Doors

Closet door idea with Full Mirror Sliding Doors


Unlike the earlier doors that had only one panel as a mirror, this example showcases full-mirror sliding doors. The mirrors take up the entirety of both doors.

So they do a great job of making the room look spacious. It’s a sleek look that works great for big closets, and you definitely won’t need to worry about having any other mirrors in the room.

9. Multiple Bi-Folding Doors

Multiple Bi-Folding Doors pictured as part of a piece on closet door ideas


This setup consists of four sets of bi-folding doors. This closet is about the same size as the previous example of mirror sliding doors.

But the fact that there are four different doors makes the big closet blend more into the room.

If you have a big bedroom closet and the full mirror look is not for you, consider using multiple bi-folding doors instead.

10. Bi-Folding Wooden Doors With Louvers 

Bi-Folding Wooden Doors With Louvers pictured as an example of unique closet door ideas


All of the previous examples of bi-fold doors were solid wood, but you might also prefer the mix of bi-fold and louvers.

The louvers are stylish and look a bit more modern than the more standard bi-fold doors with solid wood panels.

The white color works with the room colors in this example, but if you like the louvers, you can paint this type of door whatever color best matches your specific room.

11. Rustic Barn Doors With Metal Headers

Rustic Barn Doors With Metal Headers featured for a piece on closet door ideas

Jonathan Park/Shutterstock

Not every house style will blend well with the barn door look, but this picture speaks for itself in terms of the style.

The barn doors are rustic and unique, and this example uses stylish metal door headers that allow the barn doors to slide open.

You can make the barn door look even more rustic by using metal plumbing pipes as a header.

12. Modern Barn Door

Modern barn door on a simple single-panel opening

Mlle Sonyah/Shutterstock

If the previous example was too rustic, but you still love the idea of a barn door style, this example shows a more modern version of the barn door.

In this case, the door header and door handle are pure black and have a sleek, modern look.

The rolling mechanism that allows the door to slide is also modern, and the pure white barn door itself contrasts nicely with the black hardware.  

13. Bookcase Doors

Image for a piece on closet door ideas featuring bookcase doors opening to a secret room

EWY Media/Shutterstock

The bookcase doors invoke the image of a hidden space within your house, but it doesn’t have to be the point.

Bookcase doors are a great way to make your doors function as two things at once, and your guests will love the creativity.

You can either have the entire bookcase open or you can install extra shelves above the door so that only part of the bookcase serves as the closet doors.

14. Modern Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Modern Sliding Wardrobe Door Ideas in Orange Color With Steel Trim


If both the louver style and the mirror style of sliding doors aren’t for you, consider the more modern look of these sliding wardrobe doors.

The color works great in this room, and the surface is slightly reflective, which helps to bring more light into the room.

These sliding doors also use four equally sized panels, which gives you the chance to have some color contrast between the panels and the framing.

15. Sliding Curtain Doors

As an example for a budget closet door idea, a closet laundry room with a curtain hanging in front of the washer and dryer and in-wall shelving


If you’re just sick of doors altogether, you might want to get as creative as this example.

Curtains are a cheap way to cover a closet space without having to install a door or having to worry about where the door will open.

Curtains are flexible in terms of placement, color, and style, and you will bring a stylish look to your décor without breaking the bank.

Things to Consider

Now that you have some visuals in mind of the various closet door ideas out there, you should hopefully find it easier to invent a more specific idea that fits your house and style.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up and blend any of these ideas into your style. Or you can take just a small concept from one of the examples above without committing to everything in the example.

Think about the décor of your house and what would fit.

Or make a plan for how you want your home décor to change and choose a closet door idea that enhances your new direction. Don’t be afraid to take some risks and go out of your comfort zone.

As you can see from some of those pictures, closet door ideas that sound crazy, like barn doors, bookshelves, or curtains, often visually look great.

Whatever direction you decide to go with your closet doors, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Larger closets, especially those in bedrooms, are a perfect opportunity to add a mirror to your room with sliding mirror doors.
  • Decide on a plan for your décor ahead of time so you aren’t overwhelmed with the choices.
  • The rustic look of barn doors is beautiful, but be careful when using them in a more modern décor because it usually doesn’t blend well with those.
  • If having airflow is important, for example, in a closet with an AC unit in it, make use of the louver blind pattern. It covers up the closet while also allowing air to flow.
  • Bi-fold doors can be annoying to open, but compared to sliding doors, they’re much cheaper, and you can potentially spend more money on customizing them to fit your décor.
  • If you have a small room that you want to look bigger in, putting mirrors on your closet doors will brighten the room and give the illusion of more space.

Update Existing Doors

It’s also worth noting that updating your closet doors doesn’t mean you have to go all out and purchase brand new doors.

Often, instead of doing a full-scale update, you can make subtle changes to your existing doors to implement one of these ideas. You can:

  • Paint your existing doors a brand new color, or just refresh the same color paint.
  • Consider putting a new finish on your door, like a reflective finish, that will make your room appear larger and more exciting.
  • Put new hardware on your doors. Even a small change to the doorknobs can make a surprisingly huge difference.
  • Temporarily take off a closet door and see if the curtain look works for you.
  • For a cheap and easy way to bring about some change, you can put a mirror on an existing closet door to bring in more light and create more space.

And if you are on a tighter budget, you can always update your closet doors as many times as you can afford to do so.

What’s Your Favorite Closet Door Idea?

Unique slotted closet door idea in a white and orange painted room

Closet doors don’t have to be boring, and they have a lot more flexibility in color, style, and functionality than you think.

Combining the right door type, color, and hardware can liven up your house and work wonders for your home décor.

Hopefully, these closet door ideas gave you plenty of options to think about.