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30 Trendy Grey House Ideas We Love in 2024

30 Trendy Grey House Ideas We Love in 2024

Grey is a surprisingly great color for a house. Grey has a simple yet charming quality to it.

And with the right grey house ideas, you can find amazing accent colors that will make your home even more appealing.

30 Grey House Ideas We Love

Even though grey is one of the most neutral exterior house colors, it is by no means a boring color.

Grey, in its various shades, blends well with so many other accent colors and landscaping decisions.

So if you’re looking for some ideas for your grey house, keep reading to find an idea that just might inspire you!

1. Dark and Light

For a piece on grey house ideas, a dark grey house with white trimmed windows and a metal roof sits alone on a cold winder day


This house has a light gray roof against dark grey (or almost black) siding.

Even though the siding is an intense shade, the white window frames do a great job of balancing out the intensity of the color.

2. Light Grey With Teal Door

Light grey house idea on a big two story home with white trim

Ursula Page/Shutterstock

The lightness of the teal door blends beautifully with the light gray color of the siding.

In addition, the dark gray color of the roof serves as a nice contrast. Add to this the white columns and the white window frames, and you have a house whose colors pop!

3. Grey, Blue, and Stone

Grey house idea with white trim on a home with gorgeous landscaping in the front featuring boxwoods in a wooden mulch bed


The darker grey and the lighter blue color of the siding are a unique blend.

And when you add to those colors the energy of the natural stone porch, the house balances into a modern yet rustic feel. The white garage also helps the other colors naturally stand out.

4. Brown, Grey, and White

Brown white and grey house idea with grey paint on a three bedroom ranch home


Even though brown, grey, and white don’t immediately sound like they would blend well together, this house proves that theory wrong.

The brown fence and the sparse landscaping, where the soil color stands out, blend well with the light grey exterior. The white pebble pathway leading into the fence also helps balance the colors.

5. Grey Garage With Brown Gable

Grey house idea with a grey painted garage and nice mulch in front of an asphalt driveway


It’s more common to see a white garage against a grey siding.

But in this example, we see that it can blend perfectly well, too, especially with the brown gable to balance it out.

6. Grey Wood Siding With Stone Columns

For a piece on grey house ideas, a wood sided home with tan accents sits in a neighborhood in the Northwest


This darker shade of grey on the wood siding looks beautiful.

And combined with the stone columns and light brown garage doors, the whole look just works perfectly together.

7. Grey Brick and Open Porch

Grey Brick House with an Open Porch and natural wood door towers over a well-manicured grass lawn

Susan Law Cain/Shutterstock

Grey brick has particularly beautiful craftsmanship to it.

With an open porch, a brown roof, and a beautiful wood door, this house simply looks amazing.

8. Rustic Grey Wood

Rustic grey painted house idea featuring a cabin-style exterior with two large garage doors that are closed


This house has a rustic grey wood look, partially stone columns, and double garage doors that are also grey.

The color contrast between the different shades of grey, combined with the wood, gives this house rustic energy.

9. Modern Grey With Red Patio Furniture

Modern Grey House With Red Patio Furniture

Joe Hendrickson/Shutterstock

The modern grey color of this home is complemented by stone around the back porch and beautiful mahogany wood on the floor.

And the open porch comes together with the grey patio furniture and the red pillows that add a perfect accent color to the grey tones.

10. Dark Grey With Black Door

Dark Grey House With Black Door

Susan Law Cain/Shutterstock

The consistent middle shade of grey around this house gives it a simplistic feel.

And this simplicity is maintained by the plain black window panels.

11. Grey Shingles and Siding

Grey House With Grey Shingles and Grey Siding


This house mixes a darker grey shade on the top with shingles and a lighter for the siding on the lower half of the house.

It combines these colors with white siding and a matching gray on both garage doors.

12. Modern and Luxurious

Modern and luxurious two-story home that's super boxy and painted grey


This home is modern and luxurious. The different shades of grey are subtle but work perfectly together.

Combined with the neatly landscaped front of house lawn and the brown fence, this house has great inviting energy.

13. New England Style Grey and Black

New England Style Grey House With Black Trim


The beauty of this New England-style house is its simplicity.

It has three color tones—grey, black, and white—that just make sense together.

14. Grey Wood With Red Brick

Tri-level grey house with a white garage door and red brick trim

Sheila Fitzgerald/Shutterstock

The dark grey wood siding of this house is the perfect shade to match with red brick.

The red brick particularly blends well with the lighter grey color of the garage door. And the bright red door becomes the focal point for this house.

15. Grey Board Siding

Grey house idea featuring a modern high-ceiling ranch home with white window trim and black shutters


This one-story home has greyboard siding, black window shutters and doors, and white trimming.

The plane color look of the board siding gives this house a modern yet subtle appearance.

16. Colorful Cottage Grey

Colorful Cottage-style Grey house

Ursula Page/Shutterstock

The mix of different styles of grey sidings gives this house both a modern and cottage-style appearance.

The teal door as an accent color is a beautiful contrast to the grey and brings the energy of the house to life.

17. Grey Stone

Grey stone house idea with a three car garage with gables above each door

Susan Law Cain/Shutterstock

The fact that this house is located in the woods makes the grey stone a perfect choice.

The house has three garages with a slightly lighter shade of grey and a wood door to bring the whole look together.

18. Modern Dark Grey

Modern dark grey house idea with a white stucco peak

Dariusz Jarzabek/Shutterstock

This house is going for a modern look with its dark grey colors around the big garage.

But balanced with the off-white colors in the other half, the house finds a balance. It is a dark and modern look that might not be for everyone!

19. Grey Shutter and Red Door

For a piece on grey houses, a stately and spread-out grey house with a red door and white shutters


The stand-out feature in this house was the blend of the dark grey shutters and the bright red door.

Combined with a white porch, white siding, and a double white garage, the colors both pop and blend at the same time.

20. Modern Concrete Grey

Modern concrete grey house in a big square box style with a front metal gate


This house is not for people who shy away from a modern look.

With a grey and white concrete exterior and a concrete yard, this house simply screams modern!

21. Modern Light Grey With Black Fence

Modern Light Grey House With Black Fence


This modern house proves that black and grey work well together, even if they are a bit plain.

This blend of colors is definitely for people who love a modern look. But the light grey driveway, darker grey exterior, and black fence all complement each other perfectly.

22. Blue Grey

For a piece on grey house ideas, the entryway to a modern stucco home with a metal door with a thin window running down the middle

Patryk Kosmider/Shutterstock

This blue-grey house shows just how flexible shades of grey are. The blue shade of grey works perfectly with the lighter grey on the wall and the darker grey of the door/window.

And as you would expect with a neutral blue-grey, it is livened up by the bright green color of the plant.

23. Grey Rocks and Wood

Grey house with a big wooden deck and tan rocks on either side of the deck


This house shows that stone columns are complimented well with a grey rocky garden setup in the front of the house.

And the beautifully bright wood deck serves as a perfect contrast to the neutral colors of the house and the rocks.

24. Modern Grey Garage

Architectural modern grey house with a dark grey painted garage door and a stamped stone driveway pictured at an angle against a dark blue sky


This house proves just how perfectly grey blends with modern architecture. It uses darker grey for the garage door, the columns, and the gate.

And it uses a lighter grey everywhere else to create a clean and modern look.

25. Grey Stone and Brick

Light grey stone and brick house with cream garage doors with windows in them overlooks a well-manicured lawn

Mark Byer/Shutterstock

This house beautifully blends grey stone and brick. Instead of complimenting with white, it uses grey shingles and grey trim as a compliment to the stone color.

The garage doors are a beige shade of stone color, and the front door has a dark brown color. The plain colors of the house contrast nicely with the bright colors of the garden.

26. Blue Grey With Red Door

Blue grey two story house with a red door overlooks a small green lawn with a wraparound porch


This house, yet again, shows that blue-grey is a beautiful shade of grey for people who don’t want the more modern look of plain grey.

The shingles and the shutters have a darker shade of grey, and they are complemented by the white framing on the porch.

And finally, the dark red door and the green bushes liven up the house with some brighter color.

27. Light Grey With Bright Red Door

Light Grey House With Bright Red Door

Susan Law Cain/Shutterstock

The bright red door is a classic way to contrast the other shades of grey dominating the front of this house.

The house has a dark grey roof and a green lawn. And there is red brick on the front steps as well as the chimney, which is a nice accent color to the grey colors.

28. Grey Stone and White Trim

Grey House Made of Stone and White Trim

Mark Byer/Shutterstock

The grey stone and the white trim of this house are balanced by the darker grey of the shingles.

The dark grey of the double garage doors also makes the stone color pop out. And the bright color of the garden or lawn contrasts well with the grey of the house or driveway.

29. Grey Brick Cottage

Grey Brick Cottage-Style House with a grey garage door and tan brick trim on the garage

Pavel L Photo and Video/Shutterstock

This cottage-style house uses some really interesting shades of grey, especially on the garage door.

And the beige color of the stone driveway is a nice contrast. And as usual, the brighter colors of the lawn and the flower pot add some great brightness to the darker shades.

30. Grey and Brown

Brown and grey house idea with a big overhang with a patio made of grey square pavers

Dmitrii Pridannikov/Shutterstock

This porch shows how well dark grey and brown blend together. The roof and the door are dark greys, while the stone floor of the porch is a lighter grey.

And the bright colors of the grass and the flower pot also liven up the energy.

Things to Consider

Now that you’ve seen some examples of grey house ideas in the wild, let’s talk theory and go over some of the things you should consider for your own house:

  • Don’t be shy—grey is flexible, and you can experiment with wild color combinations
  • Light grey/silver is often a better contrast color than pure white
  • Stone blends beautifully with grey while also adding complementary colors like brown and beige.
  • Bright red blends particularly well with light grey
  • Solid grey will give a house a very modern look
  • You can blend the exterior grey with an interior decor of grey
  • If you have a large deck in the back of your house, consider using that as an opportunity to blend two colors

Which Grey House Is Your Favorite?

Grey is a popular color for a house because of its flexibility—it can blend with almost any other accent color.

Grey also has an amazing ability to modernize older houses to look fresh and new.

Hopefully, these examples gave you some ideas on how to take your grey house to the next level!