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Where to Get a Rug Cut and Bound in 2024

Where to Get a Rug Cut and Bound in 2024

Did you just get a new rug, but it isn’t quite the right size or texture? Do you want to give an old rug a new life? It’s time to consider getting your rug professionally cut and bound.

Several places provide this service, but it’s essential to understand the choices available.

Read on to learn what choices you have for taking care of your rug and what it actually means to cut and bind a rug.

What Is Rug Cutting and Binding?

Rug cutting and binding involve trimming the edges of a rug so that they are smooth. Then the edges are bound with fabric, and the material is stitched around the perimeter of the entire piece so that it will not fray or unravel, which helps prolong its life.

There are a few reasons to have your rug cut and bound. Some rugs may be too large for the space you’d like them in, so having it trimmed down will help correct this issue while still keeping the overall look intact.

Another reason is that an older rug or worn-out area might need to be re-bound to protect it from further damage. The fabric may be fraying, or the backing is coming apart. Having your rug cut and bound can help prevent it from wearing out even more quickly.

Where to Get a Rug Cut and Bound

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There are a few different options available for cutting and binding rugs. If you have an upholsterer in your area, they may do the job for you. Many hardware stores offer this service as well.

There are also specialty carpet and rug companies that offer cutting and binding services, or you can ship it to another location where professionals will cut and bind your rug for you.


Lowe’s offers rug-cutting and binding services at select locations. Contact your local store to find out if they offer this service, as sometimes they only provide it with the purchase of new carpeting.

The Home Depot

Some Home Depot stores offer carpet-cutting and binding services. Contact your local store to determine whether this service is available and how much it will cost.

While big-box stores may offer cutting and binding, it’s best to use their service when purchasing a new carpet or rug. You can consult with them in-store and order one custom cut and bound directly from the manufacturer.

Specialty Carpet Stores

Stores specializing in flooring or a specific type of rug, such as Persian or Oriental, also offer this service.

Whether you need your rug cut or bound, they often have more creative options available to design the perfect finished product for any room of your home.

Ship Your Rug to a Professional Rug Cutter and Binder

You may also choose to ship your rug out for professional cutting and binding services.

However, if this is your only option to have your rug cut and bound, purchasing a new one that is custom cut for your needs may be more cost-efficient.

Things to Consider

When you have your rugs cut and bound, there are a few things you want to consider. First, make sure it’s the right size for your space.

You don’t want the result to be too big or small. Also, make sure you are getting a quality binding, as cheap bindings can come apart quickly.

Finally, if you’re looking for something special, ask about custom designs. Rug and carpet specialty shops, in particular, will offer this service. You will also want to decide on the binding and which fabric to use, as there are many options.

Do you want the color of the binding to contrast or coordinate with your rug?

Do you prefer wide or narrow binding? More importantly, what options will look best in your space? An online rug visualizer tool can help you explore the possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you still have questions about cutting and binding your rug, check out some of the answers below.

How Much Does It Cost to Cut and Bind a Rug?

The carpet binding cost depends on the amount of material required, the type of binding used, and whether the project is sourced internally or through a third party. You’ll often find pricing between $1 and $4 per linear foot.

How Long Does Cutting and Binding Take?

Depending on the size of the rug, the time required to cut and bind it varies. Smaller pieces take less time than larger ones.

For example, if you need to cut and bind a 4′ x 8′, it should take around two hours. Expect three or more hours if you need to do the same with a 6′ x 12′.

Can I Cut and Bind a Rug on My Own?

While cutting a rug is relatively easy, binding it requires some expertise.

Professionals know which tools work best with different fabrics, resulting in a durable product with a smoother appearance. They also have access to equipment that is not available to novices.

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If you still want to cut and bind your rug, a product called Instabind is an alternative to traditional binding for rugs. Instabind uses glue as an adhesive, comes with easy-to-follow instructions, and is available in a variety of colors and styles to fit the look of your rug.

What is the Process for Binding a Rug?

Binding a rug typically involves cutting it down, reinforcing or repairing it, and securing it with binding. There are several methods for finishing edges, including:

Standard Edge Binding

Carpet shops use binding machines to affix binding tape, usually in cotton or polyester fabric, stitch it around a carpet’s edges, and secure it in place.

The benefits of binding are that it is the least expensive finishing method and leaves the rug easier to clean than serged or fringed edges.


A serged carpet finish consists of fiber continuously wrapped around the edge, giving it the appearance of thickness. Serged edges look more polished than those made with a binding machine.

Serging is a common method of finishing area rugs made in factories. Serging costs more than binding, and when done correctly, edges can appear hand-sewn.


Fringing is a method of sewing tassels onto the edge of a carpet and is typically more expensive than binding or serging. Fringing is another popular choice for factory-made rugs.

You’ll often see handmade carpets that have fringes meant to prevent unraveling around the edges, while machine-made rugs have fringes purely for aesthetic appeal. There are three types of carpet binding: standard edge binding, serging, and fringe.

So, Where Do You Get a Rug Cut and Bound?

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You have lots of options when it comes to getting a rug cut and bound.

Each method of cutting and binding a rug has its benefits and drawbacks that you’ll want to look at before deciding the type of binding you wish to purchase for your home or business.

Your budget is another essential factor to consider. Once you know your preferences, it will be easier to decide where to get a rug cut and bound.

Now that you’re aware of the available choices and how to find the right service, you should have the perfect carpet for your home in no time.