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Breakfast Bar Ideas: 15 Ways to Elevate Your Kitchen

Breakfast Bar Ideas: 15 Ways to Elevate Your Kitchen

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

But if you struggle to conceptualize how to use your kitchen space, use these breakfast bar ideas to get inspired.

We’ll show you our favorite ideas and more.

15 Breakfast Bar Ideas We Love

Breakfast bars allow everyone to gather in the kitchen along with the chef to enjoy one another’s company and feast on French toast and bacon.

There are loads of unique breakfast bar ideas to help you choose a style and layout that will work for you.

Check out these 15 breakfast bar ideas to see how many different styles there are.

1. Minimalist Breakfast Bar

Minimalist Breakfast Bar idea


A minimalist breakfast bar makes it easy to hide your breakfast bar and then pull out the chairs and lay out a spread when company comes.

The simple counters, low chairs, and space underneath the counter allow you to slip the chairs underneath when not in use.

The hidden chairs make it look like a standard kitchen island, but they are always ready for a social breakfast situation. 

2. Statement Color Chairs

Different colors of breakfast bar chairs

A great idea to make your breakfast bar stand out is to choose a statement color for your chairs or stools. The idea is especially striking if you have a neutral-colored kitchen.

Then, the bar can be the highlight of the space. A rich, arresting red or a sweet, happy yellow can bring your breakfast bar to life and foster an inviting aura. 

3. Rounded End Counter

Rounded End Counter breakfast bar idea

Vadim Ovchinnikov/Shutterstock

A breakfast bar at the end of a rounded kitchen counter allows you to fit a few chairs without taking up too much space.

The curved edge makes it easy for everyone to face each other and chat as they eat. 

The rounded counter is sophisticated and futuristic, giving the kitchen a soft, flowing feel rather than a rigid vibe. 

4. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel details


For a modern, clean-looking breakfast bar, you can opt for a completely stainless steel look. Stainless steel is easy to clean and offers a modern, industrial look that is new and different. 

Pairing stainless steel stools with a matching countertop creates a crispy aesthetic. Utilizing wood in other areas, like the base of the counter, can soften the steel for a balanced, innovative look that will never go out of style. 

5. Rustic Bar and Table

Rustic Bar and Table breakfast bar ideas


Having both a low table and a breakfast bar allows you to comfortably welcome more people into your kitchen.

The wood and soft leather depicted here create a warm, cozy environment ideal for enjoying a hot breakfast with friends and family. 

Using warm earth tones fosters a rustic and charming space that people can relax and hang out in. 

6. Floating Bar

Floating bar


Floating breakfast bars bring a whimsical look to your kitchen. These bars are constructed from sturdy materials like granite or marble.

They come straight out of the wall and don’t have any legs, leaving a lot of room for underneath storage. 

A floating breakfast bar is stylish while being a space-saver and adding a unique flair to your breakfast bar. A floating bar also offers more legroom for you and your guests!

7. Cozy Breakfast Bar

Cozy Breakfast Bar idea


A breakfast bar with cushioned chairs creates a space your friends and family will want to sit in for hours.

Sometimes bar stools are hard and uncomfortable, but with comfy, cushioned seats, the breakfast bar will be the new favorite spot to hang out. 

Rather than little wooden stools, opt for a larger chair that someone can relax in while enjoying a sleepy breakfast.

A comfortable breakfast bar is ideal for a cook who wants to lure household members into keeping them company as they make food.

8. L-Shaped Island

L-Shaped Island breakfast bar idea

Kuprynenko Andrii/Shutterstock

An L-shaped island counter with a breakfast bar on the outside is a great way to create a social environment in your kitchen.

People can keep the cook company in the kitchen, so everyone feels included. If your kitchen is a hub of activity, this layout is both functional and convivial. 

9. Eclectic Furniture

Breakfast bar idea using Eclectic Furniture

An eclectic breakfast bar can mean a lot of different things. Whether you want to pair wicker chairs with plastic ones or use a surfboard as a bar top, the possibilities are endless.

You can combine an array of statement colors that will make your kitchen a vibrant, happy place.

You can mix and match different textures, like leather or cotton, to create an interesting and unique feeling in the room.

10. Elevated Breakfast Bar 

Elevated Breakfast Bar idea

Jonathan Park/Shutterstock

A separate table can distance visitors from people in the kitchen. But with the elevated breakfast bar, they can feel like everyone is together without having to stand around or lean on a countertop. 

It is a subtle yet clever way of separating the breakfast bar from the countertops used for prep and cooking. 

11. Long Gallery Seating

Long Gallery Seating breakfast bar idea

Ambient Ideas/Shutterstock

A long breakfast bar is perfect for a big family and someone who entertains frequently.

If you have a large family or lots of friends, a long gallery-style breakfast bar is the ideal way to fit a bunch of people. 

Gallery breakfast bars create a wonderful space for parties, so everyone can mingle comfortably and keep the cook company. 

12. Window-Facing Bar

Breakfast bar in front of the window


Set up your bar in front of a sunny window for a rise-and-shine-style breakfast bar.

Placing your breakfast bar in front of a window automatically makes it a bright space that is perfect for a morning meal. 

If you have a wonderful view, this idea is even better, so you can watch the world wake up as you enjoy a bagel and coffee. Or you can sip a hot cup of tea and watch the rainfall. 

13. Compact Breakfast Bar

Compact Breakfast Bar idea

Switlana Sonyashna/Shutterstock

Scandinavian design elements inspire this idea. It only uses one chair, so someone can keep the chef company or enjoy a fresh breakfast. 

This setup will likely prove inconvenient if you entertain a lot or have a house with several members.

But for a household with one or two people, this quaint breakfast bar setup is comfortable and compact.

14. Attached Table

Breakfast bar idea with an attached wooden table


With this design layout, you get the best of both worlds! You get to have a breakfast table and a breakfast bar all in one.

This is wonderful if sometimes you have more people to feed and want everyone to sit together.

You and your guests can face one another and engage, which can be difficult at a one-sided bar. It has a refined look that ties any space together cleanly. 

15. Backsplash Counter

Backsplash Counter breakfast bar idea


Usually, when people talk about kitchen backsplashes, they refer to the tiles on the wall above the counters.

But for this breakfast bar idea, the patterned tiles will go underneath the counter, where the chairs can slide under. 

The chairs will be silhouetted in a striking pattern. A houndstooth or floral pattern creates a whimsical design without overpowering the room.

There are so many incredible tiles and designs to choose from, so you can make it your own.

Things to Consider

When choosing the best breakfast bar layout for your kitchen, there are some factors to consider because not every setup will work in every kitchen. Consider the following factors:

  • Household members
  • Space
  • Placement
  • Color scheme
  • Lighting

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a breakfast bar, kitchen island, and peninsula?

An island is free-standing in the kitchen, while a peninsula is fixed against at least one wall. Breakfast bars can be built into islands or peninsulas.

What is better: island or peninsula?

For a more convivial atmosphere, islands are better because they bring everyone to the center of the kitchen. If the bar is more for personal use, a peninsula will be more out of the way and cozy.

How many chairs should I have?

There is no right answer to this question. You can have one chair or 12; it all depends on your space and needs.

Do I need counter space for a breakfast bar?

Most breakfast bars are on countertops, but it isn’t necessary. Buying a tall, thin table and putting it against a wall or window can have the same effect.

Does lighting matter in a kitchen?

Lighting absolutely matters. People prefer to eat in well-lit areas, so decent lighting will make the breakfast bar a more attractive place to come together and enjoy a meal.

What’s Your Favorite Breakfast Bar Idea?

Hopefully, this list of breakfast bar ideas has inspired you to make your own.

Whether you want a quiet, comfortable place to sit in the morning or need space to host parties in your kitchen, a breakfast bar is an excellent asset to any kitchen.