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15 of the Best Tan Door Ideas in 2024

15 of the Best Tan Door Ideas in 2024

Tan is often an overlooked color in the interior design world, written off as plain.

However, on the contrary, Tan has a lot to offer. It works well on doors, whether inside or outside.

This list exemplifies the many ways you can incorporate a tan door into your property for a chic and subtle aesthetic. We’ve rounded up the 15 best tan door ideas for you to use in your home.

15 Tan Door Ideas

If you’re considering adding a tan door to your home, use this list to get inspired and envision how a tan door could transform a room.

Check out these tan door ideas that range from subtle and soft to bold and abstract, so you can choose the right look for your home. 

1. Large Industrial Door

Tan sliding farmhouse door idea in a loft


This bold, farm-style door will become a focal point in your home. Sliding doors can do a lot to open up space because the door lays flat against the wall. Sliding doors work well in apartments with limited space. 

If you’re looking to foster a soft, earthy aesthetic, a rusty, wooden door like this one can bring a comforting and warm aura to your space. 

2. French Doors

French doors are classically lavish, making any room feel light and romantic. French doors are double doors that usually lead outside or to a back porch and are paneled with windows from top to bottom.

French doors are often white, but you can bring a sophisticated, minimalist aesthetic to them using a natural wood color like a soft tan. 

3. Bathroom Panel Doors

Tan door idea featuring Bathroom Panel Doors


Using a tan door that takes up an entire wall is a great way to open up a space using this light and soothing color. In this instance, the doors conceal a bathroom off of the bedroom. 

The size of these sliding panel doors means they can reveal the entire bathroom and make the two rooms feel like one. 

4. Monotone Exterior

Monotone exterior tan front door idea

Jason Finn/Shutterstock

Some people like a bold, inviting front door, but not everyone. If you have a tan house, you can match it with a tan front door for a monotone look.

This design has an air of sophistication and modernity because the monotone style is very in, especially in minimalist spaces.

The door and exterior of the house can be the same color, or for a subtle contrast, you can choose a slightly lighter or darker hue of tan to offset the house color.

5. Symmetrical Panels

Symmetrical paneled doors are like a play on French doors, but there are door panels instead of windows. This design allows you to have a traditional-looking door with added texture and layout, so it isn’t a dull, flat door. 

These panels can be whatever shape and size you want, but it can be challenging to create smaller wood panels.

You can opt for perfectly rectangular panels that line up together to fill the door or square panels that create an eye-catching effect on the rectangular door. 

6. Frosted Middle Panel

Tan door idea with a frosted middle panel


Some doors are solid, while others have window panes in them, making them see-through to a degree. If you love the window-pane look but not the lack of privacy, you can add a frosted window to your tan door for a futuristic effect. 

This idea allows for a lot of creativity about what type of frosted or satin glass you want.

You’ll also want to consider if you want a mix of frosted and standard and where you want to place the windows on the door. So have fun if you decide to go with this idea and experiment a bit before settling on a design. 

7. Minimalist Wood Door

You can choose a minimalist tan door that will bring light into the space without becoming a focal point for something understated and natural-looking. 

A simple door allows the décor and furniture in the rest of the room to be the star without being dulled by dark wood or plain paint. A minimalist tan door may be ideal if you have an eclectic style.

8. Soft Rustic Door

Soft rustic pine tan door idea

Vadym Andrushchenko/Shutterstock

You may see this door and think it belongs in a cabin in the woods or hunter’s house, but the natural wood look is a popular method for bringing the forest’s aura into city-living. 

The addition of a thick door frame in another natural wood tone accents the door and the wall for an endearing, earthy style. 

9. Line Design

Tan door idea with a line design


A door like this one becomes a minimalist piece of art in your home. This door is otherwise bland and plain, but the simple addition of two lines makes it stand out in your space and elevates the style of your home. 

You can take this idea in any direction you want, adding more lines or using curves instead of straight lines. Let your imagination run wild with this inspiration, and you’ll be surprised with the ideas you come up with. 

10. Double Doors

Another twist on French doors: solid double doors create a dramatic and outstanding effect. You’ll feel like a spoiled heir in a penthouse every time you swing both doors open simultaneously. 

Dark-colored double doors don’t grab people’s attention, as well as a light color like a tan. The light shade of brown makes the space feel lighter and more spacious, no matter where on the property. 

11. Monotone Interior Wall Door

Tan interior door idea with a Monotone Interior Wall Door


A door like this one is interesting because it gives the appearance that there is no door on this wall.

So if you have an office that you want to be secluded from, a reading room that is a bit of a secret from visitors, or a bland laundry room, this style of tan door is ideal.

Sliding doors save space in the room and create a modern, functional feeling in the home. Matching a sliding door to a paneled wall like this one almost creates an illusion that may surprise your guests when you reveal the room behind the door. 

12. Abstract Design

For something truly extraordinary, you can opt for an abstract design on your tan door to spice it up. The pattern on this medieval-style door is elegant and straightforward and gives the door a lavish flair.

The pattern itself is one abstract aspect, but the door’s shape is reminiscent of castles and knights and fosters an unusual aesthetic that will grab people’s attention.

This abstract door can work as an exterior door or inside, leading to a bathroom, kitchen, or hallway

13. Statement Front Door

Stately French-style front door idea

Foto Cat/Shutterstock

If you want to keep the front of your house subtle and muted but with some pizazz, a focal point front door like this one will wow anyone that walks up to your front door.

This door manages to mesh perfectly with the house’s exterior while being bold in its design.

The exaggerated metal handle adds to the wow factor of this tan door. The defined wood panels bring an industrial design accomplished with natural materials for an interesting juxtaposition. 

14. Textured Tan Door

A popular style right now is textured tan doors. It brings a soft aura to the space because of the color but avoids being plain or boring because it has a stunning, natural texture.

Horizontal shading on the door mimics the interior of a tree or how a bamboo forest appears, giving the room a subtle element of nature. A tan door can create a delicate backdrop for vibrant furniture. 

15. Wide Front Door

Wide tan door idea next to a staircase


Using tan wood means you can make the door massive without overpowering your guests with a bright, arresting color like yellow or orange.

Wide front doors, especially in apartments, create an inviting front door and also make moving much more accessible!

An extra-wide door works as a statement while remaining subtle, something that impacts your guests without them fully realizing the impression it made. 

Things to Consider

When choosing a tan door, it’s essential to consider several factors, including the other colors in the space and the room you have to work with. 

  • Use tan in a space with vibrant colors.
  • Pair this color with other earth tones and muted colors.
  • Match the space’s preexisting aesthetic.
  • Use tan for minimalist or eclectic aesthetics.
  • Place the door near cooler-toned furniture for contrast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes people second-guess themselves when it comes to tan, so these are frequently asked questions by those interested in a tan door that you may be asking yourself.

Will an exterior tan door get dirty fast?

Tan doors will not get dirty faster than other wood tones or painted white doors, so choose your materials wisely and keep up with routine maintenance.

Is tan a minimalist color?

It can be, but if you have a lot of other colors in your home, tan can be a great option to quiet down the noise and relax your aesthetic a bit. However, it is not exclusive to minimalist design.

Is a tan boring?

Tan gets a bad wrap for being bland, but the color creates an atmosphere of lightness and nature. Tan is only boring if the aesthetic itself is boring.

Can I paint a windowed door tan?

Absolutely! We discussed French and other windowed doors that work super well with tan paint or wood.

What color matches tan?

Tan isn’t a singular color. There are many shades and hues out there to choose from. In the end, there is a shade that will match practically every color out there. Like orange or yellow, warmer colors may be more challenging to match.

Which Tan Door Will You Walk Through? 

Hopefully, we’ve opened your eyes to the versatility and beauty of tan.

The tan door ideas on this list are just the beginning, so use this list to inspire you to create a distinct tan door in your own home that you’ll appreciate for years to come.