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What Colors Go With a Black Sofa? 6 Perfect Combinations

What Colors Go With a Black Sofa? 6 Perfect Combinations

If you are embarking on an interior decorating journey, you probably have many questions regarding color palettes and furniture choices.

For instance, what colors go with a black sofa? Pairing decor with black sofas can be a challenging task.

A black sofa is versatile, so there are plenty of colors that pair well with it, depending on the vibe of your room. 

What Colors Go Best With a Black Sofa?

Black is a color that is known as a “sad color” in many cultures. According to color psychology, people consider black a sad color because it is closely linked to authority and power. It evokes a sense that something is unapproachable or intimidating. 

However, bringing a black sofa into your home is not a recipe for disaster. Instead, make the room more inviting by adding accent colors and creating a design style that makes the room feel comfortable.

Here, we will break down a few color schemes and fabric choices that complement black sofas. To create your perfect room, mix and match various options from each color palette and fabric type.

1. Earth Tones and Whites

Earth tone colors that go well with black sofas

Liliia Lytvyn/Shutterstock

As mentioned, earth tones like beige, cream, white, and off-white are an excellent pairing for a black sofa.

These colors go with almost any design style, and you can implement these colors quite easily. Earth tones and white tones allow the couch to be the center of attention in the room. 

2. Pastel Colors

Image showing which colors go with black sofa with a red pillow and brown wall covering


Pastel colors will soften the room. The best pastels for a black sofa are light peach, light yellow, light green, and light blue.

Paint the walls and add small bits of accent décor in one of these pastel colors. Pair that with a black couch, and you have a comfortable and welcoming room!

3. Grey or Monochromatic Color Schemes

Monochromatic color schemes for an idea for what colors go with black sofas

Dariuz Jarzabek/Shutterstock

If you want to take a bold stance, implement a monochromatic design style in your room. With the black sofa, stay away from adding even more black. However, you should add in plenty of shades of grey. 

Bringing in many shades of the same color, specifically a neutral color, makes a room monochromatic. Monochromatic rooms are typically more mature and serious-feeling. 

4. Velvet Furniture

Velvet furniture with monochromatic colors that go well with a black sofa

Liliia Lytvyn/Shutterstock

For an elegant room, incorporate velvet with a black sofa. Use gem tones like sapphire, emerald green, and ruby to bring an elegant feel to the room. You can use those tones on velvet chairs, velvet throw pillows, and even velvet side tables. 

If you do not like the idea of a fully velvet room, maybe dip your toe in with just velvet throw pillows. The next thing you know, you might be buying a velvet couch! 

5. Linen Fabrics

Bright red and yellow colored pillows to brighten up a black sofa


Linen makes a room feel lighter. Beige or white linen, in particular, is generally easy to clean as well. Adding linen pillows to a black couch lightens up the sofa and adds softness to the room. It makes it feel a little more casual. 

Linen fabrics are also pretty in pastel colors. You can install linen curtains or linen blankets to decorate the room. The bohemian style is perfect for adding linens. 

6. Plush Rugs, Blankets, and Throw Pillows

Answer to the question what colors go with black sofa with simple gray and fluffy black rugs and throws

Interior Design/Shutterstock

In nearly any style, adding a rug to the room pulls the whole thing together. Light grey rugs are best paired with a black sofa.

For blankets, choose a color that complements your space. If you want to make it more feminine, add a pink rug.

Place a white faux fur blanket on the couch if you want it to be more modern and luxurious. If you are into the industrial look, add metal-toned pillows to the black sofa.

Throw pillows are also a great way to tie a room together, especially with a statement couch like a black couch. For many design styles, this is a recommended tool to bring the vibe of the design through even further. 

Things to Consider

As with any design project, there are a few things to consider, so the final product should be something you enjoy. 

  • Determine if the accent color you chose is the right color for the room’s vibe.
  • Be sure to measure the space before buying an accent rug, so you don’t overwhelm the room or end up with a tiny rug. 
  • Decide on your design style before you begin buying pieces. 
  • Try out a few color swatches to determine which color palette you like best to pair with the black sofa. 
  • Ask yourself if the sofa’s fabric goes with the other fabrics in the room. 
  • Be sure to get faux flowers if you are buying them to liven up the room. No one wants to end up with dead flowers on display!

Frequently Asked Questions

What color furniture goes with black sofas?

Brown wooden table that goes well with grey pillows and a black sofa

Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock

Pairing a black sofa with light-colored walls like beige, white, light grey, or cream is a great way to lighten up the room. When you add furniture, keep it in the same light color family. Let the black sofa be the center of attention! 

You may choose to add delicate line art that is black on a light background. Something simple like this brings the room together. Another good rule of thumb is to use furniture that matches the style of the room. 

If you have an elegant or industrial-style room, bring in heavier items that are dark in color. If the room is more feminine, modern, or soft, add light-colored furniture that is light in weight or design. 

How do you style a living room with a black couch?

There are many ways to style a living room with a black couch. The most important thing you determine while planning your décor is the style you want to adhere to. This will affect the fabrics and colors that you should use. 

See the bulleted list for a more in-depth view of the best colors and fabrics to style a black couch with.

  • Modern-style: Use metal accent pieces, bold-colored throw pillows on the couch, and brightly colored wall art. 
  • Industrial-style: Use white throw pillows with line art, monochromatic furniture like other dark grey or black pieces, and dark green leafy plants. 
  • Feminine-style: Add a faux crystal chandelier, white faux fur, bright pink accents, and fresh flowers. 
  • Neutral-style: Infuse the space with light-colored linen throws and pillows, a cream-toned furry rug, and upholstered furniture in leather or linen. 
  • Elegant-style: Install a large chandelier, velvet throw pillows, faux fur rugs, and heavy wooden side tables or coffee tables. 
  • Airy-style: Bring the light into the room with open windows. Add light blue and light green accents and soothing scents to create a soft-feeling room. 
  • Bohemian-style: Bring in unconventional artwork that adheres to earthy tones, use a variety of textures throughout the room, and add boldly patterned throw pillows. 

Of course, there are many other styles that you can implement with a black couch. You can even take elements you like from each style to mix and match!

How do you make a black leather couch look feminine?

Making a black sofa look feminine with pink pillows


One foolproof way to make a black leather couch look more feminine is to inject tons of pink into the space. Add a pink throw blanket, pink side pillows, pink décor items like books and trinkets, and even pink fresh flowers. 

You can also use soft green, soft blue, or a rust-colored orange in the room. These colors will ensure that your space feels softer and more welcoming, even though it has a leather couch. Add in other touches, like cheeky wall art or neon signs that are more feminine.

What color carpet goes with a black sofa?

Black sofas look best in rooms with hardwood or faux hardwood floors. However, adding an accent rug is an excellent choice in almost any room with a sofa. The best color for a carpet in a room with a black sofa is light grey, white, or cream. 

Grey is one of the more popular colors for a room with a black sofa because it offers a monochromatic look and doesn’t make too much of a statement. 

Dark-colored carpets and rugs are not the best choices for carpets with a black sofa. They darken the room too much, and a dark room is not aesthetically pleasing to the eye or the person sitting in it. 

What color curtains go with a black sofa?

This is another design choice that depends on the type of style you are going with. If you want a light and airy room, go without curtains and prioritize natural light in the room. If you are going for a more elegant, bohemian, or industrial look, you may want to add curtains. 

If you add curtains, go with soft colors that won’t make the room feel small. Choosing a lighter color also brings the focus back to the sofa. The eye goes to that part of the room instead of what is on your walls. 

Is black furniture bad?

No specific color of furniture is “bad.” However, some colors may be more challenging to decorate with. Dark-colored furniture can make a room feel enclosed. It can also make it feel smaller and cluttered. 

This can work to your advantage if you have a big room where you would like to feel more intimate.

If you have a small space that you are hoping to open up, using black furniture will make opening it up more challenging. Overall, there is no bad or good furniture. Some pieces and colors work best with a room’s shape, size, and style. 

What Wall Paint Goes Good with Black Furniture?

For wall paint, keep to the idea that lighter and neutral colors are best. Think white, cream, and taupe.

Another color that is a good choice for black furniture may surprise you: khaki. This dark tan color adds a pleasant warmth to the background of the black furniture. 

You could also consider an army green accent wall for the same effect. This technique would work best in a bedroom instead of a living area because bedrooms are often cozier than sitting areas. 

So, What Colors Go With a Black Sofa?

For the most part, choosing a bright color is the best option for decorating a room with a black sofa. 

Pairing a particular fabric, like velvet or faux fur, will elevate the room even further if done in the right color scheme. You can also mix and match light colors and light fabric types.

This creates a unique environment that still feels open and welcoming. Remember, you don’t want to make the room too dark and dull. Use accent colors and accent pieces to brighten up the space!