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Purple and White Room: 15 Unique Ideas in 2024

Purple and White Room: 15 Unique Ideas in 2024

Home décor can be challenging because there are a seemingly endless amount of options! Not only do you have to decide on a style, but you also have to decide on a color scheme that matches that style.

Purple is a great color to decorate with because it can be as intense or soft as you like. It is a great accent color for most neutral tones, including white or cream.

15 Purple and White Room Décor Ideas 

We have compiled a list of 15 purple and white room décor ideas incorporating the colors white and purple in various hues.

These rooms range from bedrooms to office spaces, kitchens, and children’s rooms. Whatever your next room renovation is, consider these photos a source of inspiration!

1. Magenta and White Kitchen 

Purple and white room idea picturing a Magenta and White Kitchen 


This kitchen has a modern style and uses the shade magenta to enhance the space.

These magenta acrylic cabinets and drawers perfectly complement the magenta paint on the walls. The magenta kitchen utensils on the wall add a special touch to the kitchen.

2. Dusty Purple and White Living Space 

Dusty Purple and White Room Living Space 


This design is an excellent option if you need inspiration for a living space, whether a standard room or a side seating area in a bedroom.

Using muted colors that are not necessarily dark is a great way to evoke a sense of serenity and calm. Using white as the accent color in this room helps keep it light, though the tones of purple are deeper. 

3. Purple and White Dining Area With a Pop of Color 

Purple and White Dining Area With a Pop of Color

Though purple is a great color to add vibrancy to a room, you can add another bright color as a pop of color in the space.

This example uses yellow, which is often paired with purple and white, to make a small space exciting. 

4. Mauve and White Kitchen With Brown Accents

Idea for a purple and white room with a Mauve and White Kitchen With Brown Accents pictured

Kuprynenko Andrii/Shutterstock

Compared to the other kitchens on this list, this one is much more muted and sultry.

The mauve tone is perfect for a mature home, while the white is kept to a minimum here. Brown accents like the fridge and other open cabinets make the kitchen a cozy and slightly rustic space.

5. Purple and White Den With Greenery 

Purple and White Den With Greenery 

Lekstock 3D/Shutterstock

Though purple and green are not thought to go together, it can work if you add a few dark green plants to your purple and white room! Plants always make a space feel lighter and airier.

These green ferns do the same thing in this example. The purple walls and white accent throws make this room a good seating area with some character. 

6. Light Purple and White Children’s Room 

Light Purple and White Children’s Room 


For a child’s room, light purple and white are perfect color choices. They are charming and childlike.

The seafoam green curtains add a pretty pastel touch to this inspiration room. This design is perfect for a young child or toddler.

7. Luxe Deep Plum and White Seating Area

Luxe Deep Plum and White Seating Area purple and white room idea

Ume Illustration/Shutterstock

If you want to create a luxurious space for guests to sit in and chat or have a drink, something like this deep plum and white color combo is a great choice.

Using a deep plum velvet fabric enhances the luxurious feel even more. Bringing white accents to the table décor and light fixtures brightens the dark plum. 

8. Lavender and White Living Area 

Lavender and White Living Area 


This living room is peaceful and earthy, with lavender and light brown tones.

Using a color like light lavender along with earth tones evokes a sense of calm in the space. This design is perfect for a living area or a seating area in a bedroom.

9. Purple and White Bedroom 

Purple and White Bedroom Idea

When using purple in a bedroom, it can be hard not to overwhelm the senses. However, using purple as an accent piece is the perfect way to do this.

In this example, the purple accent is the bench. Adding a purple accent wall that matches the bench is an excellent way to tie it together.

10. Purple and White Tiled Bathroom 

Purple and White Tiled Bathroom Idea


Using tile as a way to inject color into an otherwise plain bathroom is a great way to design your bathroom.

This modern bathroom has brightly colored tiles adorning the walls, with décor like the soap dispenser adding to the touch of color in the room.

If you like, bring in a gorgeous piece of art that goes with the shade of purple in the tile as well! 

11. Purple and White Bedroom With Dark Walls 

Purple and White Bedroom With Dark Walls 

Interior Design/Shutterstock

Bringing dark walls into a bedroom can make it feel small and secluded. If you add in light colors like white and a bright shade of purple, it will make the décor stand out.

These colors make the room feel bigger and more welcoming. Especially when the bed is the focal point of the room. 

12. Purple and White Tween Bedroom 

Purple and White Tween Bedroom Idea

Need something that is a bit more grown-up but not quite a teenager’s room yet? This idea is the perfect tween bedroom color scheme.

Fun purple polka dots on the white wall and the purple fuzzy pillow still give off a childlike sense. However, the modern white desk and bookshelf elevate the space past a toddler’s room. 

13. Purple and White Entryway 

Purple and White Room Idea featuring these colors in the Entryway 

Lekstock 3D/Shutterstock

Give your guests a feeling of excitement when they walk into your home!

Paint the entryway wall a deep shade of purple and use white as the furniture accent piece. Set the tone of your home with the entryway!

14. Dusty Purple, White and Tan Kitchen Dining Area 

Purple and white room idea featuring Dusty Purple, White and Tan Kitchen Dining Area 


Using light-colored wood to enhance the earthy feel of dusty purple is a good design choice.

Bringing the dusty purple in with the wall paint and letting the walls be the statement of the room is a great way not to make the room overwhelming.

Implementing color in a kitchen or dining area should be done gently. 

15. Modern Purple and White Striped Accent Wall 

Modern Purple and White Striped Accent Wall 

Interior Design/Shutterstock

Whether it is a living room or a bedroom, an accent wall is very helpful in bringing the room to life with minimal effort.

Add in furniture that matches the colors on the accent wall to tie it all together. Don’t be afraid to paint the walls or use fun wallpaper to bring color into the room!

Things to Consider 

Though purple and white are very popular colors in home design, there are a few things to consider when renovating your room:

  • Be sure the tones of purple and white match each other. Don’t use a dark purple with a stark white or a light purple with a brown. Be sure they have the same tone. 
  • Don’t overuse the accent color. If it is purple, be sure only to use a few purple items in a majority white room. If the accent color is white, be sure to inject white sparingly in the otherwise purple room. 
  • Use help from an interior decorator or designer. Even if it is just a few online inspiration photos, be sure to consult a professional in some way before embarking on a home improvement journey. 
  • Understand that not all shades of purple work in all rooms. Always make the space feel bigger, not smaller. Work with shades of purple and white that will achieve that. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about purple and white rooms. 

Is purple a bad color for a bedroom?

When designing a bedroom, you may want what is best for a restful night’s sleep. Purple may not always be the best choice, depending on the hue.

Some variations of purple can be very stimulating to the senses. However, lighter colors of purple or light blue colors on the wall with purple accents can contribute to a good night’s rest.

Does purple make a room look smaller?

No. Colors in the cool tone family make a room appear larger. These include: blue, green, purple.

Conversely, colors in the warm tone family make the room look smaller, including yellow, orange, and red. 

What color is the best combination with purple?

If you want to add more color to a purple room, you may want to stick to the three colors that color theory suggests going best with purple. These are yellow, green, and orange.

Yellow is the most accommodating since it is directly across from purple on the color wheel. Pink and blue are right next to purple on the wheel, so these are also acceptable color combinations.

How do you make a purple room look more grown-up?

The best way to do this is with the style of furniture. Pick items that are neutral colors and mature in style. Add more grown-up accessories and art. Bring in sophisticated-looking bedding and draperies.

What can you do with purple walls?

Accessorize with soft shades of purple like lavender or violet. Also, use white to bring down the intensity of purple walls. Let the walls be the focal point of the room.

What’s Your Favorite Purple and White Room Idea? 

Purple and white rooms can be an excellent interior design idea if they suit your style.

Go off of these inspiration pictures and the frequently asked questions to make the purple and white room of your dreams!