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Stair Trim Ideas: 30 Ideas to Highlight Your Stairs

Stair Trim Ideas: 30 Ideas to Highlight Your Stairs

If you look at your stairs and think they are boring, it might be time to consider some unique stair trim ideas to liven them up.

Stairs are not simply a path from down to up, but they can be the centerpiece of your home.

30 Distinctive Stair Trim Ideas 

To make some bland stairs more interesting, consider thinking outside the box and trying some new concepts.

Check out these ideas and consider creating a more noticeable staircase. 

1. Curved Stairs With Blue Metal Trim

Piece on stair railing ideas featuring blue carpet with a curved staircase next to a glass curved wall


Not something you see every day, curved staircases are eye-catching and dramatic, making them fun for any home.

They can be funky and colorful or classy and elegant.

2. Gold Railing With Wooden Stair Trim

Stair trim idea featuring painted cement and gold accents with dark bronze and black balusters

Lunyanski Pit/Shutterstock

This stair trim idea includes wood with a bit of shine to it that adds a sparkling touch to the stairs.

Adding hints of gold to your steps makes them look regal and expensive.

3. Hanging Stairs With No Trim

Stair trim ideas showing a floating staircase suspended by cables


These are some distinctive stairs, if you ever saw any.

The steps are hanging from the ceiling, creating a unique and dramatic staircase that is surprising and alluring. They almost look like you could swing on them. 

4. Footlights as Stair Trim

As an image for a piece on stair trim ideas, a brown staircase with plain white trim in which little footlights are found

Miha Travnik/Shutterstock

While not necessarily a stair trim idea, these lights are installed along your stairs and give a fun and light feel to the stairs with every step you take.

The lights give off a red-carpet vibe and keep you from missing your step, too.

5. Floating Steps With No Trim

Stair trim ideas in a modern mansion with floating stairs going to the top floor

If you want to simplify your stairs and take a minimalist approach, floating steps bring a casual and sleek atmosphere to your home.

There’s no stair trim, but there doesn’t have to be—it’s minimalist, after all.

6. Thin Railing With Full-Wall Trim

For a roundup on stair trim ideas, a plain metal railing with parquet wood paneling on the side


Choosing a thin, almost-not-there railing draws the eye toward the steps because they are more visible.

These railings bring a minimalist aesthetic to your staircase. The stair trim blends into the wall, so it creates a look that brings the natural wood from outside into the home.

7. Rustic Railing With Dark Trim

Stair trim idea featuring a dark staircase with dark wainscoting on on the wall


Best for older homes, this stair trim idea is bold. An old-fashioned wood railing has a distinctively homey feel for nearly everyone.

This classic type of handrail brings a warm essence to your stairs with a little bit of class. 

8. Classic Wood With Grey Wood Stair Trim

Classic wood painted medium-shade grey on a highly textured wall for a piece on stair trim ideas

Cody D/Shutterstock

An old idea but still a good one, classic wood stairs are trimmed with light grey wood with squared edges.

Natural wood, such as the stairs in this photo, brings warmth and an aura of nature to your space that feels welcoming. 

9. Two-tone Railing With White Baseboard Trim

Stair trim ideas with an untrimmed staircase with a two-tone railing painted white


This brings the classic feeling of a wood railing with a little twist. This idea really has a million ways to be executed, depending on the contrast of colors.

The idea is to use the trim from the baseboards on the stairs, too.

10. Paneled Walls as Trim

Stairway walls with simple vertical white shiplap for a piece on stair trim ideas


Here’s another stair trim idea that brings the wood all the way to the ceiling.

Lining your staircase with attractive walls gives them a breath of new life. Panels such as these create a new character for your staircase and bring a new look to your steps.

11. Wall Railing With No Trim

Walled-in stairs with carpeted steps


Rather than a railing, your stairs are walled in, giving them a life of their own.

With wall railings, you’re given more surface area for that paint color you are in love with or more space for photos of your favorite people.

12. Two-Tone Stairs With White Waterfall Trim

Photo of a simple white waterfall baseboard stair trim idea

Suti Stock Photo/Shutterstock

A simple baseboard pattern like this adds a little flair to your steps without overdoing it—no wonder it’s one of our favorite stair trim ideas.

For a project such as this, you can do it yourself for a fairly low cost to revamp those steps. 

13. Industrial Railing With Shelf-Rail Trim

Modern industrial staircase with a wire railing and shelf mold stair trim idea


Contrasting your wood steps with a metal or wire railing spices up your staircase. Choosing the industrial feel changes the staircase into a design statement.

Look at the stair trim—it’s a simple shelf mold that you hardly notice is there. That’s the idea.

14. Wainscoting Stair Trim

White wainscoting stair trim idea that makes a great contrast to the dark floors and dark handrail supported by white balusters

Jorge Salcedo/Shutterstock

Another of our favorite stair trim ideas is to use wainscoting that’s painted to contrast the top of the railing.

It gives a finished look to your steps and adds color contrast to the stairs.

15. Patterned Railing With Metal Trim

For a piece on stair trim ideas, a gorgeous metal patterned railing with metal stair trim runs up the side of a curved staircase

Igor Klyakhin/Shutterstock

A funky railing such as this one gives your steps a life of their own.

Choosing this sort of handrail can go along with a carpet in this area or perhaps the wallpaper, but be careful not to have too many patterns in the same space.

16. Granite Steps With Bullnose Trim

Beautiful granite bullnose stair trim idea on speckled nonslip steps

Murugesan Sundaram/Shutterstock

Unlike the other stair trim ideas on this list, this example uses granite.

Turning your stairs into the steps leading to the Parthenon brings a regal air to your home. Granite stairs are a statement in your home and look expensive.

17. Overhanging Railing With White Square Trim

Brown railing with a slight overhang and simple square stair trim idea

Suti Stock Photo/Shutterstock

Little details, such as an overhanging railing, give some character to your staircase.

These are the small changes that bring your stairs to a new level of design. The idea of this stair trim is to tie the trim into the look of the railing across the staircase.

18. Wavy Railing With Baseboard Trim

Simple white 3 inch stair trim idea with a white wavy railing across from it


This handrail is whimsical and clean, giving the stairs a fun but elegant look.

The design of these railings is unique and fresh and would liven up any staircase. See the trim? It’s hardly noticeable, but it still gives off a little pop of white against an otherwise drab wall.

19. Raw Wood With Dark, Low-Profile Trim

Raw wood stair trim idea with tan steps and dark painted wood trim alongside

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

This stair trim idea is to trim the stairs to liven up an otherwise boring staircase.

Raw wood looks clean and bright, giving your staircase a natural and happy vibe. And the trim really pops here.

20. Steps Without Backs With Natural Trim

Stair trim idea that uses natural wood to trim the steps into the structure

Vadim Axel/Shutterstock

Open steps like this make the room feel more spacious, and the stairs look less clunky.

Having this small detail makes your stairs significantly more attractive. 

21. Thick Railing With Thin Stair Trim

Stair trim idea with a thick railing with thin trim that's barely noticeable

Railings such as this one are the halfway point between wall railings and thin railings.

They close off the stairs more than most railings, but they also let the spaces of the stairs and the room flow into each other. 

22. Free-standing Stairs With Glass Trim

Free standing stairs with glass railing


These steps are individually fixed to the wall, creating a series of steps rather than a staircase.

This idea gives a minimalist look and a spacious feeling to the stairs and the room. 

23. Dramatic Landing With Wooden Trim

Stair trim ideas featuring a large expansive wooden staircase opening into a stately entrywal


One larger step at the bottom of the stairs draws the eye to the staircase and makes it seem grand and inviting.

This disproportion makes your stairs more interesting at first glance. 

24. Glass Stairs With Metal Trim

Stair trim idea with glass stairs, metal railings, and metal stair trim

Timothy S. Allen/Shutterstock

A very futuristic idea, glass or plastic stairs open up a whole new space, as you can see both sides of the steps.

This is definitely for certain homes, but if it works with your style, it results in a unique set of steps.

25. Tiled Steps With tile Trim

Tile stair trim idea featuring terra cotta tile stairs and a dog looking up at the camera


It might seem strange, but tiled steps are a beautiful option to brighten up your stairs.

They reflect light well, brightening your stairs in a range of colors and patterns that make the possibilities endless. 

26. Carpet Stairs With Carpet Trim

Carpeted steps with a cat scratching at the carpet stair trim

Kristi Blokhin/Shutterstock

Fitting your stairs with carpet creates a soft and cozy atmosphere.

Choosing a bright carpet that contrasts with the rest of the room adds some excitement to the staircase.

27. Partially Carpeted Stairs With Wood Trim

Partially Carpeted Stairs With Wood Trim

David Papazian/Shutterstock

Carpeting the center of your stairs is a chic look that can make your space feel bigger and bring a new color into the room.

This idea also leaves your wood stair visible, for the best of both worlds. 

28. Colorful Wall With Grey Tile Trim

Slate tile floor landing and stairs with dark grey tile stair trim

AY Amazefoto/Shutterstock

Painting the walls along your staircase a flashy and dramatic color changes your stairs completely.

A vibrant green like this one makes the staircase a statement piece rather than just the way to get upstairs. 

29. Mixed Materials With Tile Trim

Luxury staircase in a gorgeous home with tiled steps and tile bullnose stair trim


Mixing different materials, such as metal and wood, results in unique designs that make the staircase stand out.

Materials, including glass and wood, can also be paired together for a contrasting appearance. 

30. Concrete Stairs With Cable Trim

Asian businessman walking up a concrete staircase with metal cable trim for a piece on stair trim ideas

Odua Image/Shutterstock

Using concrete for your steps gives your home an industrial and futuristic essence that will be refreshing and different.

A variety of railings match this idea, so you can create new design aesthetics.

Things to Consider

The concepts for sprucing up a staircase are endless, but not all are feasible for everyone’s space, so be realistic with what options are possible.

Here are a few things to consider when it comes to sprucing up your staircase:

  • Cost: Refurbishing a staircase can be expensive, and not all of these options will be in your price range.
  • Space: Literally, you might just not have enough space to accomplish one of these ideas.
  • Layout: The layout of your home will affect the staircases you will be able to have.
  • Aesthetic: You might love concrete steps, but your entire house is wooden. Not all of these ideas will fit into every design aesthetic.

What’s Your Favorite Stair Trim Idea?

These stair trim ideas range from small additions to major remodels. You can liven up your staircase on almost any budget, whether it’s just adding a few lights, painting a wall, or installing a new railing.

Take these ideas and run with them! You can combine or simplify these ideas to fit whatever your space calls for and whatever you want your home’s staircase to be.