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37 Men’s Bedroom Ideas: Make Your Room Look Modern

37 Men’s Bedroom Ideas: Make Your Room Look Modern

Looking for men’s bedroom ideas?

You’re in the right place. We’ve dug through thousands of design ideas to bring you our favorite men’s bedroom ideas. Read on to see the styles and why we love each one.

Cool Rustic Men’s Bedroom Ideas

There are numerous ways to make a man’s bedroom stylish and comfortable. Here are a few men’s bedroom decor ideas to get started.

The rustic man is a loner yet self-sufficient. He is confident and quiet. He is often a gentle giant who enjoys the great outdoors. These rustic bedroom ideas are for those men.

1. Lots of Wood

Image for a piece on men's bedroom ideas featuring a lodge-style room with grey wood paneling on the floor, wall, and window trim


Wood is perfect for the rustic man’s bedroom.

The more wood, the better! However, you don’t need real wood to get the effect because peel-and-stick wallpaper will do the same thing.

2. Edison Bulbs

Mens bedroom idea featuring edison bulbs hanging from nails on an exposed brick wall above the headboard

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Hang a string of Edison Bulbs along the wall to give the bedroom a calm, rustic feel.

This will also take care of your lighting needs. You can make it better by ensuring the lights have an easy-to-reach switch or using a smart plug.

3. Add Plants

Another image of the brick men's bedroom idea featuring plants and hanging Edison string light bulbs above a short headboard

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Green plants are the perfect accent to the rustic man’s bedroom. They add a touch of nature and bring a sense of calmness to the room. They’re also great for breaking up a room that has too much wood. 

If you can’t take care of them, get some plastic plants instead of real ones. 

4. Vintage Side Tables

A classy mens bedroom idea featuring rustic-looking side lamps on a stained wooden end table

Duntrune Studios/Shutterstock

Place vintage wooden side tables beside the bed for a decidedly rustic feel. The key is to find wooden tables from before the 20th century.

Stained wood works best. Make sure the wood is a different color than the walls and floors, so they stand out.

5. Sliding Barn Door

Example of a mens bedroom idea with concrete walls and dark-colored exposed conduit running above a very wide natural wood barn door


It’s a safe bet that nobody else you know will have a real sliding barn door in their bedroom.

This is the ultimate bedroom flex and screams “rustic.” Just make sure you know how to install it properly.

6. Antlers

Idea for a mens bedroom featuring a glass-ceiling room in the middle of a forest with antlers hanging from the wall above the bed

Elisabeth Coelfen/Shutterstock

Add a set of antlers to go along with your wooden walls and barn door. Lots of animals have antlers: deer, moose, mountain goats, etc. 

Stay away from mounting entire animal skulls on your wall, as it detracts from the calm vibe of the rustic bedroom.

7. Hang Wooden Shelves

Image of an idea to decorate a men's bedroom to hang a floating barnwood shelf and put rustic books on it


Wooden wall shelves are a great addition to the rustic bedroom.

The more raw the wood, the better it looks. It’s best if the shelves match the wall color, but it’s no big deal if they don’t.

8. Storm Lantern

A storm lantern hangs on the vertical wooden support of a cabin wall in a photo as an idea for a mens bedroom

Lucie Lang/Shutterstock

Every rustic bedroom needs at least one genuine storm lantern.

A storm lantern brings an air of vintage ruggedness to a room, no matter if it hangs on the wall or you place it on your wooden wall shelf.

9. Floor Décor

Rustic men's bedroom idea featuring grey wood running horizontally and natural brown wood running vertically with a black bed sitting on a black rug


Add a few knick-knacks to the floor to help bring out the rustic vibe of your bedroom.

Things such as a guitar, plants, and old books do the job. Remember to keep everything along the walls so you’re not tripping over them in the dark.

10. Plaid Curtains

Image of a mens bedroom idea featuring red plaid curtains framing a square picture window

Maria Sbytova/Shutterstock

Every rustic bedroom needs a touch of plaid. Curtains are the perfect location to add it. They look even better if you can find real lumberjack flannel to fashion into curtains.

Just make sure they’re dark enough to block light.

11. Plaid Blanket

Husky dog curled up in a plaid blanket for a roundup on men's bedroom ideas

Yulia Furman/Shutterstock

The best rustic men’s bedroom ideas include plaid. You’ve already got the plaid curtains, so now add a touch of plaid to your bed.

A soft flannel blanket will keep you warm and look great. Make sure it’s not the same color as your plaid curtains, or your room will feel too cluttered. 

Modern Men’s Bedroom Ideas

The modern man is sophisticated yet minimalist.

He enjoys subdued styles and décor that gets straight to the point. Most of all, his bedroom is utilitarian yet peaceful.

1. Low Simple Bed Frame

Men's bedroom idea with a white bed frame with white accents next to a white built-in seat bench by the window


You should stick with simple rectangular bed frames if you’re a modern man.

These are low to the ground. You only need a comfortable mattress to go on top.

2. Keep It Dark

Dark and modern men's room idea with dark grey wallpapered walls with chrome square trim alongside a giant lamp on the left side of the bed


The modern man’s bedroom uses a lot of dark accents.

There’s no use for color or flash in this bedroom. Stick with dark paint or dark marble peel-and-stick wallpaper.

3. Interesting Lamps

Hanging pendant lights on either side of a modern grey bed above the end tables on which sit unique decorations

Creative Wonder/Shutterstock

One area where modern man can splurge is lighting. Find some interesting lamps for your side tables.

Remember that you don’t want anything that lights up the room too much. You just need a calm glow.

4. Under-the-Bed Lighting

Under the bed lighting in a photo as part of a mens bedroom idea that features a large and thick wood-framed bed

Santiago Cornejo/Shutterstock

Tape an RGB light strip or two to the underside of your bed frame and create a mellow modern glow in your room. 

Remember to check for the heat levels of the lights and opt for smart lights or a smart plug that you can control with your phone.

5. Mirrors

Large floor to ceiling mirrors in a men's bedroom for an idea to decorate it

Dariusz Jarzabek/Shutterstock

Cover one wall in mirrors and create the illusion that you own two bedrooms.

Not only will you be able to dress better, but the mirrors will also reflect your soft lighting. They also make small spaces look larger.

6. Telescope

Image of a men's bedroom idea in the mid-century style with herringbone wood floors and bronze round light fixtures hanging from the ceiling


The modern man is sophisticated and intelligent, and nothing shows that off more than putting a telescope in your bedroom.

It doesn’t just have to be for décor; you will get hours of relaxing entertainment by studying the stars at night from the comfort of your bedroom.

7. Smart Lights

Handsome young man standing in a bedroom controlling his smart light bulb with his phone


The most modern men’s bedroom decor ideas should involve technology.

Things like smart lights, smart plugs, and digital assistants are necessary. You can pick these up for cheap, and they’ll save you money in energy costs as well.

8. Minimalist Wall Art

Photo of three separate framed images for a piece on mens bedroom ideas under the section minimalist wall art

Tamara Luiza/Shutterstock

You don’t want your minimalist modern bedroom to become too boring. Spruce it up a touch with some tasteful minimalist wall art.

Find art with splashes of color to break up the monotony of your bedroom. Place them in white frames for a touch of positivity.

9. Add a Rug

Mens bedroom idea showing an otherwise dark grey room with white and blue square tiles stuck to the wall and a bed with a white blanket over a dark grey patterned rug

Artem Zatsepilin/Shutterstock

A modern man’s bedroom should have bare floors, whether that means hardwood or tile.

But you’ll need to break that up with a minimalist rug. Make sure the rug matches the overall color of your room, which is black.

10. Charging Stand

Idea for a mens bedroom showing a charging stand next to a small succulent below a modern bulb style lamp

New Africa/Shutterstock

If you’re a modern man, then chances are good that you keep your smartphone with you at all times. You can help it double as a bedside clock while juicing up for the day ahead with a charging stand.

These stands will keep your phone upright, so you can easily access the screen. That’s perfect for hitting snooze on the alarm.

11. Coordinated Bedding

Mens bedroom idea pictured with coordinated bedding alongside a natural light wood nightstand

Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock

Your bedding should be dark. You should also coordinate it so that the colors align with each other and the surrounding room.

Aim for multiple pillows with different-colored pillowcases. 

12. Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains

Floor to ceiling curtains in a dark grey room with a natural wood headboard stained dark grey as an idea for a mens bedroom


The modern man’s bedroom is a sanctuary. Floor-to-ceiling curtains will give it an impenetrable feel and will also help keep light out.

These curtains need to be dark and thick to be effective.

13. Wood Paneling

Men's bedroom idea with a mostly minimalistic room with light wooden panels laid at an angle and strip lights framing the wood


You can add some wood paneling to one of your walls to help break up the monotony of a minimalist bedroom.

Touch the paneling up with some RGB light strips to give it a soft glow.

Busy Men’s Bedroom Ideas

Most men lead incredibly busy lives. Guys put in long hours at work and enjoy multiple hobbies, and that’s on top of fitness and socializing.

This is why it’s a lot easier to go for a simple, low-maintenance bedroom. Here are some men’s bedroom ideas for busy guys.

1. Japanese Style Futon

Photo of a light wood bed frame and bed base sitting on a raised platform with a Japanese-style plant to the left and an oval light to the right


There’s nothing simpler than Japanese-style sleep systems. They consist of a substantial Japanese futon mattress on top of a thick tatami mat on a raised wooden platform.

The futon is comfortable and incredibly easy to set up and maintain. Perfect for the busy man.

2. Hanging Lights

Men's bedroom idea featuring hanging lights above a small phone stand on the side of the bed with fluffy bed linens on the bed


Hanging lights are easier to deal with than table lamps. That’s because you don’t have to worry about knocking them over or fretting about where to place them.

Hang a lamp or two from the ceiling and forget about them.

3. Blank Art

A blank framed canvas hangs on the wall above a brown bed to the left of a brick wall for an idea for a men's bedroom

Interior Design/Shutterstock

Busy guys don’t have time to paint. That’s why you should hang a blank canvas on your brick wall.

It stands out and makes the colors “pop” while adding a touch of sophistication to your room. Plus, you don’t have to fret about which painting to buy.

4. Four Pillows

Four pillows on a white bed with a tall mattress in front of a fabric-lined wall to which round reading lamps are attached

Lifestyle Travel Photo/Shutterstock

No man needs dozens of pillows of different shapes and sizes on their bed.

The busy man needs only four pillows: two for himself and two for any potential companion who might be joining him. Anything else is superfluous.

5. Brick Walls

Photo of a men's bedroom idea showing how easily a natural red brick wall can be spruced up with a few black framed posters, a some modern geometric nightstands, and a grey comforter

Brick adds a sense of solid dependability to a bedroom. It’s also low-maintenance and doesn’t require any art or accents.

Use peel-and-stick wallpaper if you can’t get a real brick wall.

6. Laundry Basket

Men's bedroom idea with inspiring dark brown weaved basket, light tan bedspread, and a dark grey wall above the bed


Get a big and stylish laundry basket and put it at the end of your bed. This placement is a guaranteed way to stop your clothes from ending up all over your room.

Just make sure to, you know, wash your laundry now and again.

7. Window Blinds

Black slatted window blinds on the left side of a bed for a piece on mens bedroom ideas

Dariusz Jarzabek/Shutterstock

Window blinds work better than curtains for busy men.

You can brighten or darken your bedroom with the pull of a single bar or cord. Plus, you don’t need to fret about colors or patterns.

8. Use Bed Throws

Image for a piece on mens bedroom ideas showing multiple colored blankets spread out on the bed


Bed throws are much easier to take care of than full comforter sets because they look great when they get tossed onto the bed.

They’re also lighter and easier to wash than comforters. Add a couple of throws to your bed so you can double up on chilly nights.

9. Add a Chair

Mens bedroom idea featuring a resort-style bedroom with grey wood end tables and chairs below a round and oval wooden weaved chandelier

JP 3D/Shutterstock

Believe it or not, you can be more productive by adding a chair to your bedroom. This will give you a place to sit and read or finish up last-minute work before hitting the hay.

Then you can get down to the business of sleep the moment you hop in bed instead of being distracted by your phone.

10. Open Wardrobe

Men's bedroom idea with an open wardrobe from which hang shirts and on which sit shoes


Don’t waste time choosing an outfit. Instead, grab something with a glance by using an open wardrobe.

Forget doors. You can make quick fashion decisions when you can see all your clothes in one place.

11. No-Nonsense Bedside Table

A no-nonsense bedside table with an open layout and white accent trim piece sits to the left of a white open-frame bed in a grey men's bedroom


Consider getting yourself a bedside table that is simple and easy to maintain. It’s better to have fewer shelves and drawers.

None is perfect. The only thing you need is a surface to hold your phone and wallet.

12. Ladder Shelf

Men's bedroom idea with a ladder shelf in natural wood color next to a red chair by which sit books

United Photo Studio/Shutterstock

Get a ladder shelf for easy and stylish storage.

These are shelves that look like ladders, and they’re great for storing books, plants, and knick-knacks. Best of all, they’re maintenance-free. 

13. Add a Smart Speaker

A smart speaker sits to the right of a lamp on a simple white nightstand table in a men's bedroom

Juan Ci/Shutterstock

You don’t have time to watch the weather report or check your calendar. Thanks to smart speakers, now you can get the weather, your itinerary, and your emails while you dress.

Add one to your bedroom for ultimate efficiency.

Things to Consider

You need to keep a few things in mind when you’re setting up your room, no matter what style you go with.

  • Decide on an overall style before setting out to decorate.
  • Make sure you’re allowed to alter the bedroom if you’re renting.
  • Save money by shopping for many of these items at second-hand stores.
  • Consider how much light your bedroom gets from outside and how much it needs.
  • Think about your storage needs and plan your bedroom accordingly.
  • Try to tie in your bedroom style with the rest of your home or apartment.
  • Never sleep in your bedroom the same day you paint it.

Which Men’s Bedroom Idea Suits You?

You’ve got a good idea of what to aim for now that you’ve seen some men’s bedroom ideas.

Now you just need to find the style that best suits you. Regardless of which men’s bedroom idea you run with, you’re going to love your new setup.