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What Color Rugs Go With Grey Floors?

What Color Rugs Go With Grey Floors?

If you have a beautiful grey floor, but the room feels lacking, a rug may be your solution! But what color rugs go with grey floors? Keep reading for some color ideas and inspiration on styling your grey floor.

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The real question is, what colors do not go with grey? And there is only one firm answer: do not pair grey floors with a brown rug. We recommend you steer clear of browns and similar colors like beige, tan, or khaki. Everything else is fair game.

17 Stylish Rugs Colors For Grey Floors

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Check out these seventeen stylish options to spruce up your grey floor!

1. Royal Purple

One of the best-colored rugs for a grey floor is a royal, rich purple. Purple is a stunning color that adds color to a space without being overpowering. Both purple and grey contain cool tones that will play off each other to create a luxurious and cozy space. 

Using a purple rug on a grey floor is a lovely combination of traditionally bold colors with a modern feel that makes the space versatile. Whether it’s a fancy dining room or a comfy living room, this color combination makes a beautiful statement. 

2. Deep Black

Depending on the shade of your grey floor, black can make a stark contrast in space and foster an alluring and cozy room. If you have a very modern and sleek home, a black rug on a grey floor feels very contemporary and luxurious. 

You can play around with the material of the black rug, whether thin and smooth or thick and fluffy. We recommend contrasting the rug with your furniture. Consider a white couch with a black rug and a grey floor for an interesting greyscale aesthetic. 

3. Steel Grey

Yes, believe it or not, you can throw a grey rug on top of your grey floor and make a trendy monochrome design that ties the entire room together. Try not to get the same shade of grey.

But if you do, this can also create a distinct look. Steel greys are lighter than slate or charcoal colors and don’t weigh down the aesthetic in the room the way black sometimes can. 

4. Vibrant Orange

For something super happy and upbeat, you can place a bright orange rug on your grey floor and spice up the entire space. This idea is perfect for a child’s room, a guest bathroom, or a convivial location where people gather like a sitting room. 

A tropical shade of orange fosters a feeling of positivity that sometimes grey detracts from. The combination of the two will balance well, so your design isn’t overpowering but is still bold. 

5. Firehouse Red

If you want a bold rug that makes a color statement in your space, a firehouse red rug could be the best option for you. Firehouse red is a powerful color that the eye is immediately drawn to when you walk into a room. 

In this case, the grey floor acts as more of a backdrop to the exciting rug color, but they complement each other beautifully. The grey subdues the power of the red while the red brings the grey to life, creating a contrast perfect for a dining room or grand entrance. 

6. Periwinkle

One of the most popular color choices on the grey floor is periwinkle. Periwinkle is a delicate crossover between light purple and a pastel blue. People love to use this color in nurseries, bathrooms, and other places where the aim is to create a calm and cozy environment.

We highly recommend using this idea if you want a soothing aesthetic not devoid of all color. Periwinkle also comes somewhat close to grey, so you can have a slightly monochrome look without using all grey in your space. 

7. Charcoal

If a deep black rug doesn’t sound like your style, but you like the idea of a dark rug to contrast the floor, you can use a charcoal grey rug. This color rug will create a nice monochrome look while offering something different from your grey floor. 

Charcoal is a very trendy color right now because it offers the sleek look of black while being more natural and interesting. We love a shaggy charcoal rug, and you probably will too!

8. Brick Red

If you love red, but the firehouse is simply too much for your space, you can opt for a more muted shade of red. Brick red has always been a sought-after color because it combines a stylish color with a natural feeling, so your home doesn’t have an artificial aesthetic. 

The color is reminiscent of natural clay from the earth, and many people appreciate that look. And combining this clay color with another natural color, the grey floor, fosters a cozy environment. 

9. Burnt Orange

A burnt orange rug can bring color into your space while keeping it modern and relatively cool-toned. The grey floor brings in a cool aesthetic, while the burnt orange adds some warmth without being too in-your-face and assaulting. 

If you love orange but are decorating a space meant for downtime, burnt orange is a good compromise. Something too bright will foster the wrong energy in say, your bedroom, which won’t feel right. 

10. Pure White

For a striking yet soft aesthetic, you can get a bright white rug that contrasts the dark floor while brightening up the place.

Pure white fosters a modern feel in a space and works well in rooms with plenty of sunlight. When you choose a bright white rug, you can also get more creative with what kind of texture you want, whether it is smooth and silky or super shaggy and fluffy.

A white rug is also a good choice if the furniture in the space is already very colorful and you want something that won’t clash or darken the space. 

11. Sunny Yellow

Another color rug perfect for sunny space, a happy yellow brings positive energy into a room and can significantly lift your mood without you even realizing it. 

Similar to orange, yellow can contrast the cool tones in the grey floor with warm, sunny tones. It creates a balance and contrast that can work very well in kitchens, living rooms, and more spaces. 

12. Cream/Eggshell

To create a soft and ethereal aesthetic, you can opt for an off-colored white rug. Shades of eggshell or cream colors are extremely popular. They bring lightness into a space without using an assaulting shade of white. 

Many people relate pure white with hospitals and other institutional facilities, avoiding it in their homes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize the beautiful simplicity of a white carpet on top of your grey floor. 

13. Pastel Pink

Grey and pink is a fabulous combination that many overlook. One of the best ways to utilize this style is in a nursery with unknown gender.

You can decorate the room using grey and then grab a pink blanket if a little girl comes. But aside from this idea, pastel pink and grey work very well in peaceful rooms like a reading nook or a tranquil bathroom.

Pink is a soothing color while still bringing a happy color to the room. If you want color without it being overpowering, pink melds with grey very well. 

14. Chartreuse

For a fun space, like a playroom or porch, bright chartreuse can be stunning. For both dark and lighter shades of grey floors, chartreuses will liven up the room and foster a positive and happy environment. 

Chartreuse is a cross between yellow and green, close to a tennis ball, but more subtle and less neon. We don’t recommend covering your house in chartreuses at is quite a striking color, but accents can be quite beautiful. 

15. Muted Multi-Colored

If you’re having trouble settling on just one color, you can find some incredible patterned, multi-color rugs that will complement your grey floor. 

If you don’t want something that may overpower and distract from the simplicity of the grey floor. You can opt for muted colors. Soft pastels or light earth tones can bring color into your space without being obnoxious or overwhelming. 

16. Bold Multi-Colored

If you have a generally muted color palette in the space, you may want to pump up the volume with a bright and colorful patterned rug. Just try to stick to our recommendations so that all the colors in the rug go well with the grey floor. 

For example, we suggest you steer clear of browns, tans, and beiges, as these can clash with grey very easily. Choose a pattern that you love and won’t compete with the grey floor pattern if it has one. 

17. Greyscale Pattern 

If you have an all-grey floor, you likely appreciate a muted, greyscale aesthetic. If you aren’t vibing with the colorful rug ideas but the solid rugs are too boring, consider a unique greyscale pattern. 

Greyscale means there will be no colors outside of black and white, and grey which is a mixture of the two.

You can find a striking checkerboard rug or something softer with flowing lines and a whimsical design. Another distinct option is a black to white ombre rug that gives you a light side as well as a dark side. 

Things to Consider

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Here are some factors to consider when choosing a color rug to go with your grey floor. 

  • The shade of grey on your floor makes a huge impact on the color you choose. The grey floor could be very light and close to white, or dark and much closer to black, so consider our advice for these shades and how light your floor is. 
  • Consider the rug material and style when shopping, as a shaggy rug creates a cozier but more cramped space than a thinner rug. 
  • Factor the type of room into your decision. Bedrooms, sitting rooms, and bathrooms should generally be calmer colors, while communal spaces can be brighter and bolder. 
  • If your space sees a lot of messes and foot traffic, maybe avoid light-colored and easily-stained colors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For more info and advice check out these frequently asked questions:

Do I need a rug on a grey floor?

No, not at all. Having a rug on a grey floor is by no means a requirement, as grey floors can be stunning on their own.

Can I put a rug on grey tile?

Absolutely! This article applies to all types of grey flooring, not just wood.

Do I need a rug pad?

Not necessarily, but we recommend you invest in one to protect your grey floor and prevent slipping.

Are grey floors just a trend?

No. Although grey flooring is popular right now, it is unlikely grey floors will ever fall out of style because of their versatility.

What size rug is best?

It depends on what size space you have. The average recommendation is 8×10 feet to 9×12 feet, which will work for most rooms.

Which Color Rug Do You Love?

Now you have an idea of all the fabulous options for rugs that will complement your grey floor beautifully. If your grey floor is stunning but feels a bit empty, consider getting one of these colors for a fabulous rug to transform your space. 

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