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How to Pick Throw Pillows for Brown Couches

How to Pick Throw Pillows for Brown Couches

Throw pillows can make a couch look more inviting, besides introducing interesting colors, patterns, and textures to your living room.

The key is to choose pillows that will match your couch. Here’s how to pick throw pillows for a brown couch.

Picking Throw Pillows for Brown Couches: A Summary

Brown couches are a popular option because they go well with a wide range of styles.

A brown couch means it should be easy to mix and match throw pillows, but there are a few rules to keep in mind:

  1. Choose the right size and number of throw pillows based on how big your couch is.
  2. Think about whether you want decorative or practical pillows.
  3. Choose colors that will go well with your brown couch. You can opt for neutral pillows or add a splash of color.
  4. Don’t hesitate to play with different prints and patterns.
  5. Consider the texture and materials of the pillow.
  6. Vary the size and shape of the throw pillows to create an interesting effect.
  7. Coordinate the pillows with the color palette of the room.
  8. Learn to place the throw pillows in an aesthetic manner.

How to Pick Throw Pillows for a Brown Couch

Image titled how to pick throw pillows for brown couches featuring a light beige walled room with a dark brown couch with yellow and blue throw pillows on it

You’ll get better results if you look for throw pillows that reflect your personal sense of style.

You should also make sure the pillows will go well with the couch and the theme or color pattern you have picked for your living room.

Consider the Size of Your Couch

You don’t want to make a small couch look crowded by adding too many pillows.

It’s important to consider the size of your couch to determine how many throw pillows you need and how large the pillows should be.

If you have a large sectional couch, lumbar and bolster pillows can be a great way to make it look more inviting. However, you’ll want to limit your pillow selection to a few small throw pillows for a smaller loveseat.

As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t cover more than a third of your couch with throw pillows. You should also consider the firmness and level of comfort of your couch.

If it doesn’t have comfortable armrests or feels a little worn out, you can upgrade it with some comfortable bolster and lumbar pillows instead of opting for smaller throw pillows.

Do You Need Practical or Decorative Pillows?

If your couch gets a lot of use, you might want to avoid plush pillows and other materials that could be difficult to clean or that could catch a lot of pet hair.

A material like faux leather could be a good option since it’s easy to wipe.

It’s also important to consider the type of fill. Polyester is a more affordable option for decorative pillows, but it doesn’t feel very supportive.

If you want pillows that you will use for support when sitting on your couch, consider foam lumbar and bolster pillows that can help you adopt a better sitting posture. Don’t hesitate to vary the fill of your pillows.

You might want to have a firm pillow as a base and some softer pillows you can place on top.

Put Your Color Palette Together

There are many options available when learning how to pick throw pillows for a brown couch because brown is a neutral color that goes well with everything.

Adding throw pillows to your couch is an opportunity to create a unique color palette.

You can have this color palette reflect the other colors you have in your living room or create a spot with a unique color palette.

You can combine the brown of the couch with any neutral color you like. Options include beige, taupe, gray, cream, white, or tan.

Brown also goes well with warm colors like red, orange, terracotta, or saffron. You can also pair brown with earthy tones like hunter green. Consider the tone of your couch.

A lighter brown color in a warm shade will look great with hues like yellow or orange and can create a retro feel for your living room. A darker earthy brown will create a unique contrast with colors like cream, white, or light green.

Play With Prints and Patterns

You can create a sophisticated effect by mixing solid pillows and throw pillows with prints or patterns. 

A brown couch is ideal if you want to create a natural theme with floral or leaf patterns. You can get a few throw pillows in earthy tones with some prints that evoke nature.

Complete this look with some house plants and plenty of natural light. You can also have fun with geometric patterns. Brown is a neutral color that contrasts well with bold motifs. Chevron motifs are popular for throw pillows.

But you can be creative and explore other geometric patterns. Geometric patterns are a good option if you have furniture with modern lines. If you decide to mix and match patterns, make sure you combine patterns of different sizes.

A pillow with a large geometric motif will look great next to a smaller print. Avoid combining more than two prints since it could make your sofa look too busy.

Combined Different Textures and Materials

You can create an interesting contrast by choosing throw pillows with different materials and textures. It’s a great alternative to playing with different prints if you prefer solid pillows.

You can combine a leather couch with cotton pillows or explore other materials like velvet, plush, faux fur, linen, wool, or even macramé.

You can also have fun with details like stitching, tassels, pom-poms, buttons, embroidery, and more.

Vary Sizes and Shapes for Your Throw Pillows

Besides varying colors and patterns, you can also combine throw pillows with different sizes and shapes.

You can, for instance, place a square pillow next to a round pillow for a unique effect or have a large throw pillow with a bold print next to some smaller solid pillows.

Coordinate Your Throw Pillows With Other Décor Items

Your throw pillow can be part of a color palette for your living room.

Brown couches are a popular option because they often echo popular décor elements, including hardwood floors, wood furniture, and other wood accents.

In interior décor, it’s generally a good idea to use three colors for your palette. You should have a base color, a neutral, and an accent color. The brown of the couch can be a base color, and you can use beige or crème as a neutral color.

There are many options available for your accent color since brown goes well with everything. You can combine a solid beige pillow for your neutral color with a throw pillow that mixes brown with an accent color in its print.

Another idea is to add a splash of color with a bold geometric design on a large pillow that you complement with two smaller solid pillows in neutral tones.

You should also add other touches of color by adding a blanket to your couch or hanging wall art above it.

How to Place the Throw Pillows

It’s important to consider how you will place the pillows when you choose them.

It’s best to aim for a symmetrical effect if you have a small couch, since you can create a balanced look by having a couple of throw pillows on each side of the couch.

You can also keep all the throw pillows on one side of the couch, especially if you have another item that draws attention to the other side of the couch, such as an accent table or a bookshelf with some knick-knacks.

Things to Consider

White throw pillows on a brown couch in a transitional-style living room with grey marble-looking walls


There are a few practical things to consider when choosing throw pillows for your couch:

  • Are the pillows machine-washable? Can you remove the covers to wash them? If not, look for a material you can wipe easily.
  • How much space do the pillows take up on your couch? Do you have enough room left to sit comfortably?
  • Some homeowners find it easier to remove throw pillows when they want to sit on their couch. If you decide to go that route, do you have any convenient storage options near your couch for your throw pillows?
  • How do the throw pillows fit within the décor of the room? If the couch is a central point of focus, you’ll need pillows that make a statement and add some color to the room.
  • Don’t hesitate to add new pillows to your couch over time. Two is a minimum, but you should aim for at least three so you can have an interesting selection of shapes, colors, and patterns.
  • You can rotate your throw pillows. Many homeowners use throw pillows as seasonal décor for the holidays or like to switch color patterns to reflect the current season.

So, How Do You Pick Throw Pillows for a Brown Couch?

Light brown leather sofa with black, brown, and grey/white throw pillows sitting on the top


So there you have it—how to pick throw pillows for a brown couch.

The good news is that brown is a safe color that goes well with everything. Any throw pillow you like should look great on your couch.

But the trick is to get your throw pillows to match the color palette you have in the rest of the room. You should also look for throw pillows that will contrast with each other to create an interesting effect.