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Bay Window Curtain Ideas: 15 Examples You’ll Love

Bay Window Curtain Ideas: 15 Examples You’ll Love

Looking for bay window curtain ideas? You’re in the right place.

We’ll show you how to use them as room dividers, expansive drapes, and more.

That’s why we’ve compiled 15 unique ideas to inspire your next style.

Looking for Bay Window Curtain Ideas?

Bay window curtain idea featuring several panel-style curtains that pull up above the windows


Bay window curtains can be a focal point in any room. They provide an element of privacy and offer an opportunity to change the ambiance of any room with just a simple tug on the curtains. 

Bay window curtains come in many different styles, colors, patterns, and lengths.

So it’s easy to find something that fits your personal style without breaking the bank. You can also use this chance to add pillows in coordinating hues for an easy update that will change the look of your curtains instantly.

These are especially great if you have simple sheers, as they won’t overpower them. For example, try a solid pillow with matching piping or one that has the same print as your curtains.

15 Bay Window Curtain Ideas We Can’t Get Enough Of

Color Coordination

Bay window curtain idea on floor-to ceiling windows featuring sheer white curtains next to a stone façade wall


Coordinate your colors with the rest of your room and décor. This will make it easy to find curtains that look like they belong in the space.

If your room is mostly neutral, look for a bright color. If it’s already brightly colored, go with something more neutral and subtle.

Texture Coordination

bay window curtain ideas featuring sheer white curtains next to beige blackout curtains

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Pick curtains that have the same texture as other decor in the space or complement others if they are different.

For example, you might want to choose velvet-lined drapes when paired with a velvet couch or accent chair.

Size Coordination

Image of a bay window curtain idea in white sheer lace that's best for a vintage-style home


Match the size of your curtains to other décor in the room for a cohesive look, but don’t hesitate to be creative and mix different sizes as well.

If you have large windows with small drapes, try using two panels instead of one so they aren’t overwhelmed by their surroundings.

Match Your Window Size

Bay window curtain idea titled Match Your Window Size featuring grey window curtains on white floor to ceiling bay windows

Dariusz Jarzabek/Shutterstock

Measure your windows before shopping to make sure the drapes will fit properly and look balanced with each other, as well as any furniture in the room.

If you have a small window but want big curtains, consider using three panels instead of two for an impactful statement piece.

Match the Functionality

Match the Functionality of the bay window curtain idea featuring blue tropical style curtains on either side of a big bay picture window

Tatiana Popova/Shutterstock

Think about how you use your space and what purpose it serves.

For example, if you’re not planning to close them frequently, simple sheers may be enough for a functional look that won’t block very much light.

But if they’re room dividers or serve as part of an enclosure like a shower curtain, consider using heavy curtains lined with insulation to make them more functional.

Match Your Décor Style

Bay window curtain idea titled Match Your Décor Style


Think about what type of style you want to integrate into your home and how it will fit in with others.

For example, if you already have a lot of bright colors and patterned décor but are looking for something plain or monochromatic, look for curtains that aren’t too busy so they don’t overwhelm the space.

Deep colors like navy or maroon would be ideal here.

If your room is sparsely decorated with light colors and simple lines but has a lot of natural light coming in through large windows, consider using bright curtains that complement the style already established.

Match Your Curtains to Each Other

Match Your Curtains to Each Other


Each window should have its own set of bay window curtain panels so they don’t compete for attention when you look at them all together.

If you have more than one window, it may be necessary to go with the option that allows you to match up multiple panels for a cohesive look.

Match Your Bay Window Curtain Panels to Your Door or Doorway

Image of bay window curtain idea titled match your curtains to the carpet

Tatiana Popova/Shutterstock

Your front door is another opportunity to tie your bay window curtain ideas together with the rest of your home.

For example, if your front door is a bright color or has large glass panes that you want to highlight, use curtains with the same colors and pattern. 

On the other hand, if it’s neutral but sturdy-looking, try using heavy panels for contrast.

Match Your Bay Window Curtain Panels to Other Windows in the Room

This is also a good opportunity to tie all of your ideas together.

For example, if you have some windows that are more interesting than others or ones with multiple panes, try matching them up so they don’t look out of place next to each other. 

But if there’s one window, in particular, you want people to notice, make sure the drapes stand out from the others by using a different size or pattern.


Bay window curtain idea featuring a scenic landscape framed by white bay windows with brown blackout and white sheer curtains, both drawn

Elena Elisseeva/Shutterstock

Layer multiple fabrics on top of each other for a style all their own.

These can include linen, silk, lace, denim, or even suede. Layer them together in the same direction to add a rippling effect, or lay them out at different angles for an asymmetrical look.

If you’re looking for curtains that allow more privacy and insulation but don’t want to block all of your natural light, consider using multiple layers of draperies or sheers.

For example, use simple sheer curtains for the first layer and go with thicker options like velvet on top if you want more insulation without blocking out all of your natural light.

Pattern Play

Pattern play bay window curtain idea featuring stately brown and tan curtains drawn to the sides


Use patterned drapery to make a bold statement.

Whether you choose solid colors or prints, pattern play can be really fun. For example, you can use different colors of the same print to create a striped effect or just one color for contrast.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something busy but want it in more than one window treatment option, consider using the same pattern with varying scales so they don’t compete with each other visually.


Embellishments on a bay curtain for an idea on how to cover it

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Use embellishments to make your bay window curtains stand out. Add tassels, beading, or even fringe for a look that’s truly unique.

This is also great if you have simple sheers, as they won’t overpower them. For example, try a solid pillow with matching piping or one that has the same print as your curtains.

Add Roman Blinds

Idea for roman blinds to be used on bay window curtains in an Asian-style home


Use Roman blinds to add a sense of texture and depth, or let the light filter in through the slats. These blinds look great when they’re scrunched up and add a subtle movement to the window.

More than one Roman blind will create a layered effect, so if you want to use them, make sure they are staggered for interest. 

For example, try using sheer curtains behind the roman shades or go with something that has a texture like velvet or suede.

Hang Them Loosely

Bay window curtain idea titled Hang Them Nicely featuring gothic-style curtain valances on bay windows with tan sheet curtains below


Let your bay window curtains drape loosely around the windows for an airy feel that’s really open and inviting.

This is especially perfect if you have big, fluffy pillows on your sofa or chairs. Just make sure they aren’t blocking the window!

Fold Them Away

Bay window curtain idea featuring curtains folded away surrounding a tan chair occupying the nook the bay window makes


Try folding your curtains away for a more open, carefree look. This is great if you have very simple sheers to let the light through but want to give them some breathing room in case of extreme weather or just need that extra bit of floor space.

It’s also a good option if you have wide windowsills and want to highlight them instead of your curtains.

You can add some extra privacy by hanging sheer panels in front for when the sun is really bright or letting sheer fabric cascade down from under your curtains when they’re folded away.

Use Bay Window Curtain Rods to Add a Unique Twist

Use Bay window curtain Rods to Add a Unique Twist as a bay curtain window idea


Curtain rods look amazing when they have some extra detail, so try adding decorative finials or even just simple trim for an updated look without too much work. This is also a good opportunity to tie all of your ideas together.

For example, if you have some windows that are more formal and others that are more casual, you can use the same materials but different trim to make them blend seamlessly together.

For example, down, in particular, you want people to notice. Make sure the drapes stand out from the others by using a different size or pattern. Lay multiple fabrics on top of each other for a style all your own.

Use your bay window curtain ideas to help tie the space together by painting an accent wall behind it in a coordinating or contrasting color. Try adding matching pillows for extra cohesion, too

Things to Consider

When thinking about bay window curtain ideas, there are a few things to consider.

For instance, do you want something that is going to allow some light in or more privacy?

Curtain Material

It’s also worth considering what material would best suit your décor as well as how long it will take for the curtains to dry if they get wet from rain or snow.

Adjustable or Customizable?

If you are looking for bay window curtain ideas that can be adjusted to fit perfectly, then it is worth finding adjustable or customizable ones.

This way, the curtains won’t look out of place even if your bay windows aren’t perfect in shape and size.

Customizable Curtains

Another option to consider are custom-made bay window curtain ideas that can be made to fit your windows perfectly.

However, this will take a lot longer than just buying the curtains, so it might mean you have to wait for them before being able to use them in the window.

Number of Windows

If you have a lot of windows in one room or bay window, then it’s best to buy the same curtain for all the windows so that they will match.

For example, if there’s one window you want people to notice, make sure the drapes stand out from the others by using a different size or pattern.

Curtain Style and Décor

Bay window curtain Ideas can also fall into different styles, such as contemporary curtains or country-style ones, depending on your décor preference.

For instance, modern curtains might be a better choice if your home décor is more contemporary.

Curtain Function

Depending on how much privacy you want or what time of day it is, the curtains will need to fulfill different functions.

For instance, if you are not planning to be home during the day, then your main priority might be more light-blocking ones whereas nighttime would call for something that allows people to see in but doesn’t let as much light out.

Bay Window Curtain Rods

In terms of the rods, if you have a very modern home, then it is worth going with chrome-tone or stainless steel ones that will match your décor.

On the other hand, if you want something more classic and traditional for bay window curtain ideas, then wooden curtain rods could be a better choice.

The Curtain Design Style

You also need to think about the curtain design style such as whether you want something that has a formal or more casual look.

For instance, if your window is in an office then it’s best to choose one with a more corporate and professional feel whereas curtains for the bedroom might have some type of pattern on them so they can help add some color to the room.

What’s Your Favorite Bay Window Curtain Idea?

Bay window curtain idea with grey curtains and traverse rods in bronze finish hang above recessed bay windows

Nathapol Kongseang/Shutterstock

Bay Window Curtain Ideas should be something you feel comfortable with and that will go well with your décor as a whole.

By taking into consideration these few things, it is going to be much easier for you to find curtains that are going to match perfectly in terms of both color and function without worrying about them standing out or looking out of place.