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Fire Pit Ideas: 18 Styles We Can’t Get Enough Of

Fire Pit Ideas: 18 Styles We Can’t Get Enough Of

Looking for fire pit ideas? You’re in the right place. We’ve rounded up 18 unique layouts to inspire your next build.

We’ll outline what we love about each, a few things to consider before building a fire pit, and more.

Looking for Fire Pit Ideas?

Image for a piece on fire pit ideas featuring a giant paver patio with a walkway to a block retaining wall bench around a fire pit

Neil Podoll/Shutterstock

If you have a large outdoor space, you’re probably thinking about how you can make the most of it. Fire pits are one of the best ways to use up an outdoor space and create a central point in your backyard or back porch.

They not only provide a gorgeous ambiance, but they also help you and your loved ones make memories sitting around them.

The best part about it is that there’s always an option for every budget. You don’t have to break the bank to achieve a fire pit that looks like it came from Architectural Digest.

There are various types of fire pits, depending on what you like. You can go for a simple and temporary one or a semi-permanent one, depending on your yard needs.

If you’re looking for the best ways to spruce up your fire pit for that high-end feel, here are some fire pit ideas to keep you going.

18 Fire Pit Ideas You’ll Love

Use What You Have

Simple wood burning round retaining wall block firepit idea with a charred metal insert

CPCollins Photography/Shutterstock

Whenever people think about fire pits, they immediately imagine an expensive endeavor that’s not worth taking.

However, experts say you don’t need a fancy fire pit to enjoy its ambiance and benefits. You can use what you have to create the fire pit of your dreams.

For example, if your home is made of stone, you can adjoin the house to a gas fire pit. This way, you use less material and also save on space. Alternatively, you can use leftover stones and cement to create a cozy fire pit.

Various items, such as cinder blocks and stone pavers offer affordable, elegant, yet straightforward fire pit designs.

Define the Space

Gas fire pit idea with lava rock built out of flagstone block in the middle of a dark square paver patio

Neil Podoll/Shutterstock

Fire pits are usually connected to hardscapes. You need a hardscaped floor in case any fire sparks fall from the hole and onto the floor.

This helps you avoid creating any fire hazards that might threaten to leave you homeless.

Naturally, most people go with stonework as it provides a fire-resistant floor landing for sparks. Aside from that, stonework creates a defined space for your fire pit.

Modern stone bowl gas firepit with rock trim nit he middle of a stamped concrete patio


Experts say that the best thing to do when you’re designing the space is to imagine the area as a small room that requires a focal point.

Although a well-defined space isn’t necessary to the overall design of the fire pit, having a concrete version of a rug will help you define the area more.

Of course, the critical point is that you avoid using any flammable materials, such as fabrics or wood fire pits. That said, a stone or pebble floor creates an elegant design and also serves as a conversation starter.

Consider Portability

Simple metal fire pit idea with a giant flat saucer with a metal bowl in the middle to burn wood

Richard L. Bowman/Shutterstock

Not many people are into the idea of having a built-in fire pit. This might be due to budget constraints, personal choice, or uncertainty about whether you’ll want a built-in fire pit in the next five years or not.

If you’re not ready to commit to the idea of a built-in fire pit, then a modular or portable one is the perfect option for you. 

If you also don’t want to have the portable pit sit in one place for too long and are thinking of always moving it around, then it’s best to choose one with wheels so that it’s easier to move it from one place to another.

Add Some Magic

For a piece on fire pit ideas, a modern metal fire pit in the shape of a half-saucer sits in the middle of a beach


While a fire pit provides lighting on its own, adding low-voltage lighting around the space sure goes a long way. Just remember not to place the lights over the fire.

Adding string lights adds to the general ambiance of the place and makes the design feel more complete and not rushed.

It’s also an affordable way of elevating the space without needing to go all out. Another alternative is to add porch heaters.

Although fire pits are a good source of warmth, it’s almost impossible to control them. Many people usually think that fire pits provide comfortable heating.

This is false, as having a large outdoor fire can quickly get out of control and prove to be too hot. This is where porch heaters come in.

Adding infrared heat lamps is an excellent way of finding a balance between the heat source provided by the fire and heating your porch without having to move away from the fire pit constantly.

Consider Additional Seating

Image as part of a round up on fire pit ideas with blue stones and a base made of dark slate pavers

Neil Podoll/Shutterstock

Backyards are usually a great area for hosting parties and events. If you intend to use your fire pit as a gathering place for entertaining guests, having an outdoor dining area is an add-on you will thank yourself for getting.

Experts note that having several social areas that people can waltz to and from around the fire pit goes a long way in adding to your backyard’s overall appeal.

Diversify Your Seating

Fire pit idea made of stone with a round concrete topper next to wicker chairs in the middle of a multi-sized paver patio


Most people usually go with Adirondack chairs when setting up their seating area around the fire pit. Although they are an affordable option, they are a bit of a cliche.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, try to be creative with your seating area. Repurpose anything you have lying around.

It can be old thrift stools, tree stumps redesigned for comfortable seating, or even boulders. These are great conversation starters and give you more points for creativity whenever you have guests over.

If you are willing to dig deeper into your pocket, then don’t settle for classic chairs. Instead, get a lounger or a swinging seat.

These are always fun alternatives for anyone in any age group and can be used as a playtime or meditation zone at any time. Another fun and cozy alternative is getting an outdoor couch.

Be it a three-seater or a love seat, an outdoor sofa will give your fire pit the extra warmth needed and also encourage you to take out your throw blankets. A couch also encourages you to swap out pillows occasionally.

Add Throw Pillows and Cushions

For a roundup on fire pit ideas, a granite table with a metal fire pit in the middle surrounded by wicker cushioned chairs

N. Mitchell/Shutterstock

Once you’ve added your hardscape design of choice, it’s time to add some structure and contrast.

Adding vibrant colors to your fire pit through cushions and pillows helps add a cozy touch to the flat space.

Make your fire pit more comfortable by adding cushions and pillows with color to make the space more inviting.

Blankets are also a fun way of helping you relax by the fire and be more comfortable.

Stay Close

Piece on fire pit ideas with a giant stone fire bowl with lava rocks in the middle of a simple concrete patio


Fire pits are usually a tricky arena to navigate. If you place them too far from your house, they will go to waste as people won’t use them frequently.

At the same time, if they are too big, they won’t be cozy or inviting. This then warrants the need for an intimate fire pit as close to your home as possible.

This will give the fire pit more functionality and allow for better conversations around the fire.

Let It Mesh With Your Home

Fire pit idea with a sunken square concrete paver fire pit with wood decking supporting metal padded chairs


Although your fire pit is on the exterior of your home, it’s still a part of it. This is something most people usually forget.

If you are looking for a fire pit design, pick one that goes with the rest of your outdoor furniture and your home.

Tie all the colors and fabrics together so that everything matches to ensure continuity. Doing so will make your space feel like an extension of your home and won’t look neglected.

Go for Storage

A wooden fire pit idea with wood storage shelves below the metal firepit on which sits a poker and ash shovel

AVN Photo Lab/Shutterstock

You can never have too much storage. As you work on the seating area and fireplace designs, consider one with storage, as this will be a luxury you’ll not regret getting.

You can get creative firewood storage, or if you’re handsy, use outdoor trunks to double as a seating place and storage for a myriad of things, including blankets, pillows, and other things.

Incorporate Landscaping

Red brick fire pit on a simple red brick paver patio with Adirondack chairs in white color surrounding it

Dawn Damico/Shutterstock

You can also make your fire pit your escape area by simply incorporating landscaping into its overall design.

Consider using waist-high native grasses coupled with hydrangeas of your choice (preferably white) to cultivate an atmosphere of seclusion.

Blending plants and flowers around your fire pit gives you a secluded area right within your home that transports you into another world while allowing you to enjoy the warmth.

An expert tip is to ensure your pit is secured well and the plants are at a safe distance to avoid the embers wafting away into the bush. Using natural gas is also a great alternative, as it reduces the chances of sparks flying away.

Consider Your House’s Design

Fire pit idea featuring a paver patio with an above-ground propane fire pit

Kirk Fisher/Shutterstock

Most people usually build round or square fire pits with a central design in mind that allows everyone to feel like they’re part of the group. However, this mindset is challenged when there’s a view involved.

If your backyard offers a beautiful view, you might want to think about a different design for your fire pit. You can build a semi-circle fire pit with chairs around it that overlook the view below or ahead.

This way, your guests get to enjoy the warmth of the fire while watching the incredible sunset. You can also place it near trees or any form of shade so that your guests have some shade while lounging and passing the time.

Go Halfway

A wood burning fire pit with a big smoke stack in a kettle-style model next to a modern and expansive concrete and wood patio


Gone are the days when homeowners conformed to the idea of a traditional fireplace with stone walls.

Nowadays, homeowners are getting creative when it comes to their fire pits as they work on improving the décor and appeal of their home’s exterior and interior.

If you can’t decide whether you want a fire feature inside or outside, why not do something halfway?

The only downside to this is that, while it might offer the best of both worlds, sometimes you do want to cozy up to a warm fire from within the comfort of your home.

Other times, you may want the full campfire experience, and this option will give you neither. 

Take Advantage of Texture

Flames in a big gas firepit with simple glass rocks surrounding the flames

Seth Michael/Shutterstock

You don’t have to guess when it comes to your outdoor fire pit. When working on your fire pit, try working with colors and textures in the same color family but using different textures.

Say you use smooth concrete for your seating area. You can place an extra wicker woven chair of the same color family to create continuity without losing appeal.

Idea for a fire pit with a big metal wood burning pit above a wooden deck with wooden benches with foam cushions

The Law of Adventures/Shutterstock

You can also incorporate dark and light colors within the same family.

For example, light and dark brown wood provide a smooth contrast that adds to the overall appeal of wherever you’re adding them without taking away from the beauty of the fire pit.

Image for a post on firepit ideas featuring a red square brick firepit on a grass lawn with square pavers surrounding it


This concept especially works if you’re working in a small area. You can create the illusion of a large backyard (and essentially a huge fire pit) by layering textures and colors, thus tricking the mind.

Simple Shapes

Round metal fire pit with wood storage sits on a simple gravel lot with a metal bench around it

AVN Photo Lab/Shutterstock

Sometimes the simplest shapes are the most elegant. A round and functional fire pit helps you enjoy your outdoor experience while maintaining the elegant ambiance of your home.

Create a fire pit with a simple seating area featuring a curved bench. The bench can act as a table for playing fun games or eating while also doubling as a seating option.

You can also add an extension that can serve as a cooler for chilling your drinks. This way, you don’t need to always carry a cooler with you whenever you are outside.

What’s Your Favorite Fire Pit Idea?

So there you have it—our favorite fire pit ideas. A little creativity goes a long way in ensuring you get the fire pit of your dreams.

If you’re going for a more permanent type of fire pit, calling in a local builder will give you the kind of customization ability and permanence you seek.

However, most homeowners, usually renters, prefer to go with a flexible option or something more portable.

Regardless, always remember to define your space and add décor to elevate it. If you have a strict budget, try using what you have, and you’ll be surprised by what you can do.