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Realtyzam: CRM and Accounting Software for Agents

Realtyzam: CRM and Accounting Software for Agents

In today’s digital landscape, it’s hard to keep track of the many real estate software options. However, Realtyzam makes this a thing of the past. Read on to learn how this software helps boost productivity.

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What Is Realtyzam?

Realtyzam is simple, easy-to-use CRM and accounting software specially designed for real estate agents. It has everything agents need to manage customer relationships and financial matters and nothing they don’t.

A screenshot of the Realtyzam platform on a computer and two mobile devices

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Realtyzam’s main claim to fame is that it’s simple and easy to learn. Many agents say it is the most straightforward and intuitive.

The other factor that makes Realtyzam unique is that it is specifically for real estate agents. This means there are no unneeded features like inventory management or credit card payment processing.

Removing unnecessary features keeps Realtyzam painless to use. Including the features agents need, like the ability to track sales activity and commissions, means it can handle all the relevant bookkeeping and CRM tasks.

Realtyzam is also affordable and offers a free trial. New agents can even use it free until they make their first big commission.

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Realtyzam Background

Realtyzam’s first product was the accounting module. The founder of Realtyzam, Steve Bjorkman, said a user of a product he’d created for notaries suggested real estate agents could use something similar.

After creating the real estate accounting module, Bjorkman said agents started asking about a CRM. So he created that one, using the same intuitive user interface and the same focus on what real estate agents needed to do their work.

In addition to the CRM and accounting software for agents, Realtyzam also has a product called RentalHero that is built for rental property accounting.

Realtyzam Support

All Realtyzam’s customer support is by email. It’s a small company, but users report that the customer service is good. Tech support is based in the U.S. The company says questions sent during business hours are normally answered within 2 hours.

Should you ever need to reach Realtyzam, you can do it via one of the below methods:

Realtyzam, LLC
11426 Davis Street #1100
Grand Blanc, MI 48480

Realtyzam’s Best Features

This platform is easy to use and is feature-rich, but only with features you need. This means you’re not paying more than necessary for things you won’t use.

Automatic Transaction Sorting

One of the most helpful features of this easy accounting software is the way it links to your bank and credit card accounts. If you do this, every night Realtyzam downloads and categorizes transactions.

Screenshot of an accounting portion of Realtyzam's platform

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Then you spend an hour or so once a week (or even once a month) looking over transactions and saving business-related ones. You can still manually enter business expenses paid with cash or transactions in accounts not linked to Realtyzam.

Cloud Based

Realtyzam accounting software is cloud-based. This means your financial data is safely stored in the cloud. Everything is backed up and protected against data loss, hackers, viruses, and malware.

Build Reports

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With all your data in the system, you can quickly and easily generate simple but useful reports. The reports help you track key metrics like average commissions, buyer and seller conversion rates, prospecting rates, and more.

Realtyzam is helpful all the time but at tax time it becomes indispensable. In a matter of seconds, the program generates the necessary year-end profit and loss reports. Email reports to your accountant and you’re done.

Scan Receipts

You can also capture receipts by scanning and uploading them to the software from any computer, table or smartphone using a free mobile app. Once you upload receipts, the images are linked to the business expense item and available for viewing with a click.

Realtyzam CRM

Realtyzam’s CRM module is, like the accounting program, set up just for Realtors and other real estate professionals. If you are using the accounting software, you can activate the CRM module and start using it immediately.

Screenshot of the Realtyzam CRM platform

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The CRM software lets agents easily store client information, record notes and save documents. Agents can have Realtyzam set reminders and send emails or texts to alert them to follow up.

Agents can easily save email templates and common key phrases. In future emails, they’ll auto-populate just like Gmail does. Talk about functionality! The CRM module isn’t just about marketing. It also helps with financial matters.

Agents can use it to track commissions, broker fees, and more. Reports show average commissions, prospecting rates, buyer and seller conversion rates, and even which lead sources generate the most sales.

Like the accounting module, Realtyzam runs on all versions of Windows as well as Macs. It works with all tablets as well. There’s even a free mobile app for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

Realtyzam Limits

Simplicity and a real estate focus make Realtyzam one of the best accounting software programs for agents. At the same time, they’re also the program’s biggest limitations.

There are some things you can’t do with Realtyzam that you might want to. For instance, the program is not set up for running large real estate teams. You can use Realtyzam for small teams of two or three agents.

But there are no tools for doing payroll, for instance, that you’d need with a larger team. Also Realtyzam doesn’t have some features that agents might find useful, such as automatic mileage tracking.

However, it does let you keep a log of mileage for expenses. Combine with with Everlance (read our full review) and you’re on your way to saving hours from your week on simple administrative work.

Plans and Pricing

Realtyzam’s pricing is very affordable. Unlike other products, they company keeps products simple, making them easily accessible to every agent. They offer two plans, which we’ve outlined below.

Accounting — $12/month

Screenshot of the Realtyzam accounting platform pricing

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Realtyzam’s pricing is simple and reasonable. The program costs $9.95 a month if you pay for it annually. It’s $12 a month paid monthly. There are no setup fees or cancellation fees.

And if you cancel, Realtyzam will email you a spreadsheet containing all your data for free. There’s a free 30-day trial as well. If you try it and decide not to continue, the subscription will lapse.

You don’t have to call or go online to cancel billing. You don’t even have to enter your credit card information to activate the free 30-day trial.

If you’re new to real estate, you can even use Realtyzam at no cost after the first 30 days are over. If you choose this option, there’s no charge until you’ve closed on three deals or logged $5,000 of income and expenses.

CRM — $15/month

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Realtyzam CRM pricing is sensible and affordable. It’s $15 a month if you pay monthly. Or you can pay annually and reduce the cost to $11.95 per month. There is a free 30-day trial with no requirement to enter credit card info.

There are no setup fees, cancellation fees, or even anything to cancel. If you don’t opt to start paying for after the trial period, your account goes inactive and that’s it.

Realtyzam Competitors

The competitors to Realtyzam are general small business accounting programs. These are more complicated and will take more learning and aren’t as easy to use.

  • Quickbooks is the most popular small business accounting software. It can handle nearly any sort of business including a real estate brokerage. It costs $25 a month and offers a free trial.
  • FreshBooks general small business accounting software is aimed at self-employed people such as agents. It costs as little as $15 a month and has a free trial.

Our Take

In all, we think Realtyzam offers compelling value for real estate professionals wanting to simplify their accounting tasks. Their product is easy to use, their branding is clean (at REthority, we LOVE clean branding), and pricing is reasonable.

The best feature is the ability to scrape your bank account to automatically categorize your expenses. We still suggest auditing your statements, as there’s bound to be an error every now and then.

For only a couple hundred dollars per year, you can save hours from your week by automating your bookkeeping efforts. And we think that in itself makes it worth trying this product.

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Realtyzam Roundup

Realtyzam is simple, affordable, and specially tailored for real estate agents. If you’re using Excel for accounting and keeping contacts in a Word document, Realtyzam can save you time immediately. It will improve your record keeping and give you reports that will make it easier to run your business.'s real estate software guide

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