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RealtyMX: Review, Features, Pricing

RealtyMX: Review, Features, Pricing

RealtyMX is a digital marketing provider that claims to offer complete solutions for busy real estate agents. But how does their platform compare to the competition? Let’s find out.

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What Is RealtyMX?

Founded to help real estate professionals with digital marketing, the RealtyMX team calls their software “a complete management system for real estate brokers and agents.”

Screenshot of a RealtyMX website on multiple devices

Image Source: RealtyMX website

RealtyMX’s unique approach to the software market combines transaction management, marketing, lead capture, and IDX functionality into one easy-to-use platform, though these are each separate product offerings.

Right now, RealtyMX offers 4 different platforms for real estate agents and brokers in the United States: Listings Management, Listing Syndication, Realtor Websites, and Real Estate Office Workflow Tools. 

Each platform comes with different features and tools. We’ll outline each one of these below, along with pricing, freebies, and additional fees in our close-up look at 

Why Use RealtyMX?

To market your real estate business online and earn more leads, you need three essential things:

  1. Organization — To track and manage ads, clients, leads, and listings.
  2. Exposure — To get your listings and/or advertisements in front of your audience.
  3. Optimization — To review and optimize your efforts for next time.

These are the core principles of any marketing platform. However, because RealtyMX is designed for real estate agents and brokers, it goes above and beyond these principles.

Products Sold

Real estate marketing platforms need to handle the unique nature of the real estate business. This means the should integrate with MLS and IDX systems, seamlessly communicate with leads and clients, and easily manage listings.

RealtyMX’s user-friendly interface allows busy realtors to use the platform without hours of training. We reviewed the platform with these principles in mind to determine if it’s worth your time.

With thousands of real estate-focused online marketing platforms to choose from, what makes RealtyMX stand out? Is it priced fairly? Who could benefit from using it most? Let’s find out.

Listing Database

This is the foundation RealtyMX was built on — a powerhouse listings and buildings management database that gives agents and brokers a time-saving bird’s eye view of the listing process. 


Some of these features are only included with the Broker and/or Enterprise plans — not with the Agent plan. These features are marked in italics.

  • Ability to perform a search across a wide range of data sources
  • Make instant mass changes or individual edits
  • Internal listings and buildings information
  • Instant button listing creation
  • Upgraded agent platform interface
  • Ads management and distribution
  • Customizable with multiple reporting views
  • Security roles and privacy permissions management
  • Full MLS and IDX* support in NYC and around the United States
  • Rental database integration with landlord views

*IDX (Internet Data Exchange) is the data feed that allows real estate agents to show MLS listings on their website. IDX-integrated websites enable users to search through MLS listings with criteria like price, location, acreage, and more.

Listing Syndication

The marketing arm of RealtyMX, the listing syndication platform, aims to boost your advertising and marketing efforts by helping get your listings and ads in front of the right people.

It’s a natural pairing with the listing management platform. With 45+ syndication partners (including free and premium options) and a group of tracking and optimization tools, this system seems to have everything an agent needs to market online. 


  • Support data feeds in a wide range of formats (CSV, RSS, XML, etc.)
  • Natural listing and ad tracking, plus issue reporting
  • Customize automation rules or pick your best listings
  • Multiple users with quota and allocations for each
  • Maximize exposure and review performance with included tools
  • White Hat policy: Support only ethical marketing practices and reject all spam
  • Listing syndication to most major marketplaces (like Zillow)

Website Solutions

Realtymx website featuring Caliber NYC

Image Source:

Real estate marketing efforts without a website are wasted. RealtyMX offers websites and website management tools that are designed specifically for the real estate industry.

The features range from basic to advanced, so anyone from an agent with no web development experience to an established firm with a team of programmers can benefit from it. 


Some of these features are only included with the Broker and/or Enterprise plans. These features are marked in italics.

  • Content management tools for press releases, blog posts, client testimonials, and more
  • Basic and advanced SEO tools to optimize meta tags, URLs, Google Site maps, and more
  • Mobile responsive websites
  • 3 ready-to-use website templates to choose from (Basic, Premium, Semi-Custom)
  • iFrame option (no website) for those with an existing website
  • RealtyMX API (Application Programming Interface) for developers
  • Custom website development for an additional fee (not specified)

Office Workflow Tools

Screenshot of the RealtyMX CRM and Leads dashboard

Image Source: RealtyMX website

Bringing it all together with a group of tools that help you manage the day-to-day, RealtyMX enables you to keep track of what’s going on with every lead, client, contact, and deadline.

Office workflow tools include Customer/Client Relationship Management (CRM), document and contacts management, security and privacy processes, and custom alerts. You can organize and optimize your real estate business with time-saving tools that manage the heart of your services.


Some of these features are only included with the Broker and/or Enterprise plans. These features are marked in italics.

  • RealtyMX CRM for lead capture, automated follow-up, event calendar, and reminders
  • Ability to export information
  • System alerts for deadlines, events, logins, and more
  • Contacts management to track landlord, contractor, and agent files
  • Document management with secure storage; users access through roles and permissions
  • Set security and privacy roles and permissions to protect documents and data
  • Integration with most legacy systems

Pricing and Plans

RealtyMX has 3 main options for monthly plans: Agent, Broker, and Enterprise. The Agent plan is for single users. The Broker and Enterprise plans are for firms with more than one user. 

Realtymx pricing tables

Image Source:

Each plan has an additional one-time setup or website template fee (Starting at $99 for the Agent plan; unspecified fees for Broker and Enterprise). If no website template is chosen (if you already have or don’t need a website), the setup fee is $99.

Agent $99/month

  • One-time setup fee ($99-$199)
  • One user
  • Listing database
  • Listing syndication
  • RealtyMX CRM
  • Document management
  • Basic website template
  • Website tools (Content management, SEO)

Broker (Pricing on Request)

  • One-time setup fee (varies)
  • Multiple users
  • Listing database
  • Listing syndication
  • RealtyMX CRM
  • Document management
  • Premium website template
  • Website tools (Content management, SEO)
  • User roles and permissions

Enterprise (Pricing on Request)

  • One-time setup fee (varies)
  • Multiple users
  • Listing database
  • Listing syndication
  • RealtyMX CRM
  • Document management
  • Semi-custom website template
  • Website tools (Content management, SEO)
  • User roles and permissions
  • Custom website integration
  • Legacy database integration

Add-ons and Extras

If you decide to go with the limited $99/month Agent plan, you’ll miss out on a lot of the cool features we’ve reviewed here. Unfortunately, RealtyMX doesn’t include IDX integration, most website templates, or the Virtual Office Website option free with the Agent plan.

You can, however, pay more per month to get access to some of these features. Here are the available add-ons and their prices.

  • iFrame only (no website) +$99 (one time)
  • Basic website template +$199 (one time)
  • Premium website template – advanced design and layout +$499 (one time)
  • Semi-custom website template – modern design, more custom options +$999 (one time)
  • VOW Virtual Office Website +$50/month
  • IDX integration (Requires active MLS membership) +$50/month

For a full list of the many add-on options for RealtyMX, visit their website and click “Sign Up / Get a Quote.” Here, you can play around with options from the number of users and website template to IDX integration and Virtual Office Websites.

To get a quote from RealtyMX, you’ll need to input your information, including name, email, company contact information, and your role. 


RealtyMX charges fees for some of the most useful features, but also provides a few things to customers free of charge. Here’s what we could find:

  • Your first month is free (30-day free trial, and you can cancel any time)
  • Unlimited silent users (no system access or inventory, just agent profile on the website)
  • RLS Rebney Listing Service (requires an active Rebney membership)

RealtyMX Alternatives

While other companies offer these products individually, RealtyMX seeks to be the one-stop shop for agents and brokers. However, if you are seeking other options, look no further than these companies:

Even better? We’ve done a review on each. Make sure to check them out, as these companies are also worth reading about.

Our Take

For Agents

For an agent looking to improve their online marketing efforts, get more organized, and streamline the listing process, the RealtyMX Agent plan is a great, cost-effective choice.

We recommend that you add the optional IDX integration for an additional $50 per month to get the most out of your website. It will ensure your MLS listings are available for your website visitors to browse and search and enable you to showcase specific properties you want to move faster. 

While the website template that is included in the Agent plan is mobile responsive and able to be customized, it’s limited and certainly not design-focused. If website design is critical to you, consider paying the higher setup fee for the Premium ($499) or Semi-Custom ($999) website templates.

For Brokers and Large Teams

For brokers and enterprise teams, RealtyMX may be a sound decision because so many functions are bundled together in these plans. The ability to add unlimited users in these plans proves valuable for large teams, and RealtyMX is built to support agents and brokers that are scaling their business. 

However, without accurate pricing information for either the Broker or Enterprise plan options, it’s unclear if RealtyMX is cost-effective. These plans are sure to be a big expense upfront when setup fees and essential extras (like IDX integration and VOW) are factored in.

The one-time setup fee alone can be as high as $999, and each extra tacks on an additional $50/month. 

Should You Use RealtyMX?

Focusing on the essentials and basics of real estate marketing doesn’t limit RealtyMX to new agents or those with no web development experience.

Even seasoned agents with existing websites can take steps to grow their real estate business with this platform.

Every function has been designed to help you optimize, organize, and promote your business online. And with the no-obligation 30-day free trial, you can give it a test drive before making an investment in it.'s real estate software guide

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