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RealSatisfied: Customer Service Measurement Platform

RealSatisfied: Customer Service Measurement Platform

RealSatisfied is a customer satisfaction measurement platform for the real estate industry. Don’t make the mistake of skipping this important customer service tool. Read on to learn how this product can help.

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What Is RealSatisfied?

RealSatisfied is a customer satisfaction measurement tool designed to help real estate professionals maintain squeaky clean reputations with their clients.

In a nutshell, it uses customer surveys to gather data about a customer’s experience. Then, it compares the agent’s data to nationwide benchmarks to score their service.

According to Crunchbase, RealSatisfied was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2002. From the outset, it aimed specifically to serve real estate professionals with customer satisfaction measurement technology.

In 2016, the company and product line were purchased by Placester. Placester was founded in 2008 and is based in Boston. This company sells websites, email marketing, and CRM software for real estate professionals.

What Is RealSatisfied graphic with the company logo on a laptop screen and an explanation of the services on the right

It includes a RealSatisfied Agent PRO subscription in in its bundled offerings. The company provides support by email and online through e-books, a knowledge base, and tutorials.

Most real estate buyers and sellers still find agents through word-of-mouth and personal referrals. Many others consider online reviews and ratings before selecting a real estate professional to work with.

Given that, it’s important for agents and brokers to understand and improve the satisfaction of their customers. They also need to find ways to make the most of it when they do provide excellent service.

Realsatisfied dashboard with the words selecting your broker on it

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RealSatisified helps agents and brokers go beyond ratings and reviews. It uses detailed customer satisfaction surveys to gather information about performance.

The platform also helps analyze and use the data that is gathered. It automatically solicits testimonials from satisfied customers and encourages dissatisfied customers to contact the business for a resolution.

Why Use RealSatisfied

Here are some of the ways RealSatisfied can help brokers and agents:

  • Identify and resolve customer issues before they go viral
  • Identify opportunities for improving customer satisfaction
  • Encourage dissatisfied customers to contact the company rather than complain publicly
  • Monitor customer satisfaction trends
  • Solicit testimonials from satisfied customers
  • Easily share customer recommendations

RealSatisfied automatically combines customer survey results to produce star ratings and other indications of customer satisfaction.

Agents can arrange to have these appear on their profile and feeds, and manage what does appear.

RealSatisfied’s Best Features

There are a few stand-out features, but most of the utility revolves around the fact that you can easily send surveys. The rest of the features compliment this focal point. Read on to learn what we love about this product.

Automate Your Processes

RealSatisfied makes it easy to send surveys. Agents don’t have to remember to follow up with customers to ask them to fill out a survey. The platform automatically sends surveys to customers at the close of a transaction.

This helps ensure that the data is current and performance ratings are real-time. Survey delivery can be triggered by an integrated MLS feed or a transaction system. The agent who has the RealSatisfied account can also manually trigger survey delivery.

Surveys That Deliver

The RealSatisfied surveys are designed to solicit honest responses so agents have accurate information to use. They are also designed to encourage respondents to complete them.

RealSatisfied says an average of nearly 9 of 10 people who start a RealSatisfied survey answer all the questions. This is despite the fact that the surveys are detailed, requiring an average of five minutes to complete.

Screenshot of a report from RealSatisfied

Image Source: RealSatisfied Website

RealSatisfied notifies agents when a client completes a survey. Agents can automatically give respondents a gift card to say thanks for finishing the surveys.

There are seven different types of surveys:

  • Seller
  • Buyer
  • Lost Listing Presentation
  • Landlord Loyalty
  • Tenant Loyalty
  • Landlord Placement Survey
  • Tenant Placement
  • Peer Review

RealSatisfied users can send themselves a sample survey to find out what their customers are going to see.  

Reporting Satisfaction Data

RealSatisfied provides more than 80 different reports. These are available through the dashboard.

Reports cover the number of surveys repeated, summary findings how different offices fared, and what sorts of factors influenced satisfaction. Users can also see how their levels of customer satisfaction compare to industry benchmarks.

Screenshot of a report from RealSatisfied

Image Source: RealSatisfied Website

The platform integrates with a number of CRMs, transaction platforms, and websites. This helps make it easy to send surveys and receive results.

Social Tools

Social media is one of the most heavily used channels for spreading information about customer satisfaction ratings, reviews, and testimonials. Through the Broker Social Dashboard, RealSatisfied users can see how testimonials are being shared with friends and followers.

Social listening with the dashboard provides real time information on how people are sharing and engaging with your customer satisfaction information. Agents also get widgets to display testimonials and recommendations on their websites.

To publish their customer satisfaction success stories to social media, agents can connect their RealSatisfied Agent Profile page to their social profiles.

Testimonials are automatically converted into graphics for sharing. Agents, however, choose when and where to share the information.

Complaint Escalation Process

Not all customers are satisfied. The RealSatisfied survey software identifies when a customer taking the survey is expressing dissatisfaction. Then it suggests that customer contact the agent to resolve the issue.

This can help keep a privately unhappy customer from becoming a publicly unhappy customer. It can stop social sharing of unfavorable satisfaction information before it gets started.

Plans and Pricing

Screenshot of the RealSatisfied pricing structure

Image Source: RealSatisfied

RealSatisified has three different levels of pricing: Agent LITE, Agent PRO, and Broker PRO.

Agent LITE — Free (to some agents)

This version of RealSatisfied is provided without charge to agents who belong to associations or MLS services that offer the software as a benefit. Agent LITE lets account holders send unlimited survey invitations and collect unlimited responses.

They can also have an individual agent profile page, web site integration widgets, and can publish results to various platforms. But they can get only three testimonials.

Agent PRO — $99/year

Agent PRO is their standard offering. It costs $99 a year. Agent PRO account holders can do all the things Agent LITE allows, plus unlimited testimonials.

Broker PRO — $50/month

Broker PRO is quite a bit more expensive at $50 a month. You can get a 30-day free trial without providing a credit card, however. Broker PRO is for brokers who want to measure how multiple agents in an office are doing.

It allows for everything the other two offerings do, plus:

  • Unlimited Agent PRO accounts
  • Back office accounts
  • Client management escalation
  • API integration
  • Management roll-up reporting
  • Office and industry benchmarking

RealSatisfied Pros and Cons

As always, we can never write a fully objective review without mentioning a product’s pros and cons. Read on to learn what makes this product great, and also some downsides to using it.

Pros (what we like)

RealSatisfied is the leading real estate-specific third party customer satisfaction platform. You’re not going to be second-guessed by anyone if you choose this option. It’s easy to get surveys sent to customers, because the software does it for you.

Surveys are designed to encourage complete and accurate responses. RealSatisfied is integrated with So account holder testimonials appear on that popular platform for real estate buyers and sellers.

Cons (what we dislike)

While RealSatisfied is integrated with, it’s not with Zillow. Zillow is the most popular website for real estate buyers and sellers, so it’s a better place to have testimonials appear.

The free Agent LITE option is only available to agents who belong to associations or MLS services that offer it as a benefit. And it only allows for three testimonials.


RealSatisfied has plenty of competition for online survey platforms. However, it’s the only one that is tailored exclusively for real estate applications. Some competitors:


SurveyMonkey is the leading survey platform across all industries. It has a four-question survey template real estate agents can use to gather satisfaction information for themselves.

This service offers a free plan that will suit the needs of many individual agents. It allows users to send unlimited surveys of up to 10 questions and see 100 responses per survey.


SocialSurvey is another general-purpose survey platform. However, real estate is one of the industries it targets. It has a real estate offering that integrates with CRMs and feeds data to real estate websites.

SocialSurvey doesn’t offer any free subscriptions. However, there is a 30-day free trial with any paid subscription.

Our Take

RealSatisfied offers a unique value proposition for real estate professionals. If you’re a single agent, you likely have your finger on the pulse of your prospects, so this software is unnecessary.

However, team leaders can easily be detached from their agents’ dealings, and this system ensures that they are kept in the loop when a customer has a bad experience.

Either way, RealSatisfied is free for many agents, so there is no reason not to try it. After all, a single bad review can cost you thousands of dollars in revenue, so you can’t afford to get a bad reputation.

Should You Use RealSatisfied?

For real estate professionals who want to measure their customer satisfaction, there is no better tool than RealSatisfied. Its ease of use and sophisticated design make it second to none in helping facilitate customer reviews.'s real estate software guide

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