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We LOVE Real Estate Express

Let’s face it — the real estate exam is hard. The writers use trick questions to purposely confuse you. There’s a reason only 50% of agents pass on the first try.

That’s why we recommend taking an exam prep course. With a pass guarantee, you’re sure to pass on the first try. Use code RETH335 to get 35% off!

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How It Works

The Exam Prep master program is broken down into bite-sized pieces to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed when studying. Simply take a series of practice exams until you get an 80% on each.

Then, take the exam within 30 days of completing the Exam Prep Mast er program. If you don’t pass, you’ll get your money back. I went through this program myself, and thought it was extremely similar to the real exam, trick questions and all.

Unlike other programs that make you pay $500+ for a pass guarantee, this is a low-cost way to set yourself up for success. I highly suggest anyone taking the real estate exam take this prep course.

One Simple Price

That’s right — Exam Prep Master has one simple pricing structure. No more hidden fees or unexpected charges. Even better? With promo code RETH335, you’ll get 35% off!


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When you click these links, we may receive an affiliate commission, at no extra cost to you.

Frequently asked questions

Real Estate Express is an online real estate school owned by the Colibri Group.

The Exam Prep Master program is meant to be low-cost alternative to the traditional cram courses offered by real estate schools.

You can take a crash course offered by a local real estate school. I’ve done that myself, and found that they offer a single paper practice exam. I find that most readers benefit from taking many practice exams, not just a single one.

In our opinion, Exam Prep Master offers compelling value for the money. It’s really just a way to hedge your downside. If it doesn’t help you, they’ll give your money back. If it does, then you don’t have to worry about it.

User Reviews

"I passed the test on my first try! I was worried because it had been over 12 years from the last time I had taken and passed the California exam. I'm in my 50s and my retention has diminished, so I used the practice exams over and over until I felt ready. I almost cried when I got my results because I was so happy!"
Jerri Jo A.
"Exam Prep Master [is] easy to navigate. There was a lot of material included. The pre-licensing course and Exam Prep Master provided me everything I needed to pass my Florida Real Estate Sales Associate examination on the first try!"
Tommy B.
"I passed the Michigan Salesperson Exam on my first try -- I felt very well prepared to take and pass the test -- no anxiety as I had used the review materials and completed the reading and quizzes."
Peggy G.
"The Exam Prep Master was an excellent choice as it helped me pass the state exam on the first attempt. I went through the 4-hour state exam within one hour and 45 minutes. The prep was very close in the type of questions that were in the licensing exam. I would recommend the Prep Master again."
Stephen C.

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