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Paradym: Streamline Your Marketing Efforts

Paradym: Streamline Your Marketing Efforts

Paradym, a suite of real estate marketing tools, allows real estate agents to simplify their marketing process by automating tasks. But is it worth the price? Read on to find out what we think.

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What Is Paradym?

Formerly known as VisualTour (and PhotoShare before that), Paradym exists to make marketing real estate easier.

From automatically sending new listings to social media to making branded landing pages for you, there are a lot of time saving features in these tools. But are they worth the price?

We think the answer lies in their customer service. This sets them apart from the highly automated “big players.” While the company is small, they are also accessible, promising to put customers first. Here’s an excerpt from their website:

“…When a customer calls, we pick up the phone. Technology and software are what we build, but people are our purpose.”
–, Our Story

Paradym is a set (or suite) of marketing tools for real estate agents and brokers. It is headquartered in Knoxville, TN, a city known as the Gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains.

Company History

While the company has only been named Paradym since 2015, it’s been around in other forms since 1992. The company started as PhotoShare, software that allowed agents to create shareable digital photo albums of listings.

What is Paradym graphic with a photo of the platform's scheduler in action displayed on a silver macbook pro

After noticing the need for a deeper digital look into properties – a full tour – the company re-branded as VisualTour. This time, they offered agents the ability to create virtual tours online, share to social media, and view the results with analytics reports.

These marketing tools were useful, but the company realized that agents and brokers needed more. That’s when they re-branded as Paradym and began offering a full suite of real estate marketing tools.

Now, agents and brokers can sign up, choose a monthly plan option, and take advantage of the automatic marketing tools right away. This software automates most marketing tasks.

These include posting new listings to social media accounts, creating listing videos, and adding live chat to your website to quickly respond to questions. It offers easy to use templates for other tasks, like creating flyers.

Benefits of Paradym

Paradym offers several benefits that make marketing simple and leave you with more free time. In fact, they leverage automation for nearly every task in their ecosystem.

Paradym features and benefit list

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Keep reading to learn our favorite features and how they can help streamline your marketing efforts. After all, that’s what you want to learn how to do!

Increased Revenue

Consistent marketing like Paradym tools provide has been shown to increase revenue by an average of 23%. Why? Steady repetition breeds trust, and trust makes it easy for customers to buy.

When customers are regularly exposed to a brand or product, they’re more likely to trust and view it positively.

Ease of Use

Agents don’t need to be real estate and digital marketing experts to use Paradym. It’s easy to use and automates repetitive tasks. It takes you step-by-step through each process on things that can’t be automated.

Consistent Marketing

Paradym marketing compaign

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It’s easy for agents to fall into “feast or famine” marketing, but that doesn’t deliver results because it’s not consistent. By making sure a steady stream of posts, ads, emails, and more reach your audience, Paradym makes those posts, videos, and ads more effective.

More Leads

The more people a listing reaches, the more people will be interested in the listing and request information about it. It’s the shotgun approach in action.

With Paradym, agents can reach more people and end up with more leads. The live chat feature alone has been shown to increase leads by 36%!

Helpful for Brokers

Brokers, whether working alone or managing a team of agents, can make great use of the Paradym software. Offering access to the full suite of Paradym marketing tools is an incentive for agents looking to join a brokerage.

Support and Coaching

While it exists to make marketing easy for real estate agents through automation, Paradym also offers one-on-one coaching to help clients understand marketing better. That can improve your results with the software. One-on-one coaching is unlimited with all Paradym plans.

Better Reach

Paradym custom content delivery

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Some agents will struggle to get their listings in front of the right people. Some will have trouble reaching enough people. The result of either? Crickets.

By tapping into the marketplace and offering one-on-one coaching for agents, Paradym can help agents reach new heights by reaching more people.

Customize Your Plan

Paradym offers a few different plans. This allows you to choose the one that will bring you the most results or give you the most value. A new agent may not need the entire suite of tools just yet.

But they could use the auto-post to social media feature as well as website ads. Another agent may need all the social media marketing tools, but not email marketing. There are plans for every circumstance.

Saves Time

When you use Paradym, you take several tasks off your to-do list and leave yourself with more time to use however you want. You’ll no longer need to create from scratch property sites, social media posts, emails, ad campaigns, etc. That can save a lot of time!

Paradym’s Best Features

One reason Paradym has so many benefits is the number of marketing automation features they offer for real estate professionals. There are 15 available features.

We will break down each feature and how they can help you market real estate listings better than ever.

Custom Property Sites

Every Paradym customer gets a free, custom property site for each listing. These can be customized to include photos, videos, 3D home models, maps, descriptions, and virtual tours.

The easy-to-use interface means anyone can add information and media to these property sites – no web design experience required!

Automated Listing Campaigns

Paradym social media management tool

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With the click of a button, your listing can be published across the web, even on social media. All you need to do is enter the information about the listing and add your photos and videos.

Flyer Builder Toolkit

Easily create eye-catching flyers for a listing with the flyer builder toolkit. The Paradym team updates these templates and layouts regularly so your flyers will always look modern and professional.

Lead Hub & Notifications

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tidy place to gather all your leads and keep track of notifications? That’s exactly what Paradym offers its customers. Visit the lead hub to view your activity recap.

You can view your leads in real-time, choose to reach out or respond to messages, and get notifications when certain actions are taken (like visiting your listing page or clicking to see more photos).

Analytics Dashboard

The analytics dashboard is like home base for Paradym users. You can see how many people view, click on, and dig deeper into your listings.

Information about time spent on site, bounce rate, and link clicks are also available. These analytics help you determine what’s working and what isn’t.

Live Chat

Offer live chat on your website with this unique feature that allows you to capture more leads in real-time. Increased leads and higher conversion rates make live chat one of the best features Paradym has to offer.

Branded Landing Pages

Paradym landing page

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The design and copy on the landing page a client is taken to after clicking on your listing is important. A bad landing page can drive people away, but a good one hooks them from the start.

Chances are, your potential client has seen thousands of generic landing pages in their real estate search. Stand out with a custom landing page that promotes your brand and keeps potential buyers on your listing longer.

Unlimited One-on-One Coaching

Get access to unlimited coaching from a member of the Paradym team with any plan you choose. Use your coaching time to ask questions about features, best practices, current listings, and more. There’s also a wealth of information available in the company’s blog that you can access 24/7.

Video and 3D Model Integration

Technology helps listings sell in this day and age! By offering video and 3D model integration, Paradym allows you to show prospective buyers a home or property in full detail–virtually. Photos are essential, but videos and 3D models can take your listing over the top.

Automated Social Posts

The Paradym social media scheduling tool can completely automate your posting process. Just enter your listing information and social network info.

Then choose a time, and Paradym will send posts advertising your newest listings out right away. You can create posts in advance and queue them to post at a later time or date.

Plans and Pricing

Paradym offers a variety of monthly plans for single agents and brokers, small teams, and large teams. There are no contracts or obligations, so you can cancel at any time.

Paradym pricing

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1. Paradym Marketing

  • Cost: $39.95* per month
  • Includes: Website-based ads and automated social media posts

2. Paradym Reach Social

  • Cost: $39.95* per month
  • Includes: Full suite of social media marketing tools

3. Paradym Marketing + Reach Social Bundle

  • Cost: $64.95* per month
  • Includes: All social media tools from the Reach Social plan, plus website-based ads

4. Paradym Small Team

  • Cost: $54.95-$99.95* per month
  • Includes: Share Paradym marketing, social, or custom plan features with 2-5 team members

5. Brokerages and Teams

  • Cost: Contact Paradym*
  • Includes: Completely customize your plan features for large teams and brokerages

*Please note that plans require a one-time setup fee of $149.95. However, this is a relatively low cost, especially consider the extreme time savings you’ll have down the road.

Our Take

From robust social media marketing tools to helpful features like custom property sites and automatic listing posts, Paradym has developed a truly all-in-one tool for real estate agents, brokers, and teams.

Some of the most useful features are not included with the lower-cost monthly plans, but compared to the cost of hiring a marketing professional, even the higher-cost plans are a budget-friendly option.

If you’re ready to take your real estate business to the next level and have some extra room in your budget, Paradym’s suite of real estate marketing tools and solutions could be an excellent solution.

Should You Use Paradym?

Paradym offers tools to help you automate your marketing platform. Pricing is reasonable and the platform is robust. We think anyone serious about scaling their marketing efforts should give this product a try.'s real estate software guideYou Might Also Like: