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LionDesk: A Robust CRM for Real Estate Professionals

LionDesk: A Robust CRM for Real Estate Professionals

LionDesk is one of the lowest-cost real estate CRMs available, and also happens to pack a mean punch in the feature department. Read on to learn about this product and why you should consider using it.

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What Is LionDesk?

LionDesk was founded in 2014 by David Anderson, who has founded, co-founded and led several technology startups. The company is based in California.

The company’s flagship product is an all-in-one customer relationship platform for real estate professionals. It helps organize contacts, market through multiple channels, and manage transactions.

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LionDesk’s combination of low cost and robust contact management features make it a favorite of agents, brokers, and teams. This CRM platform doesn’t necessarily replace transaction management and marketing tools such as IDX websites.

But it is simple to use and enough for many agents. Read on to learn more about this platform to determine if it’s right for you.

LionDesk’s Best Features

LionDesk’s CRM will help you organize client contact and other information. It can auto-respond to people who contact you. It can also automate drip campaigns, regular or video emails, and texts.

Email and Text Templates

A selection of pre-written customer email and text templates come with the program. And email tracking and reporting helps document marketing efforts.

A dialer dials numbers with a click from within the program. You can also call with a cluck using Caller ID. Outbound calls are automatically tracked.

Calendar and App Integration

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LionDesk integrates smoothly with Google Calendar and Gmail as well as many lead generation platforms, including Zillow, Trulia, and Leads can be distributed to team members. Brokers can get reports on team activity.


Users can also set the program to send specific responses depending on the source. For example, new leads from Facebook ads could be set to get one text or video text. Those that come from Zillow could get another.

The scheduler’s to-do reminders will help you stay on top of upcoming events and tasks. The calendar agenda is set up for daily, weekly, or monthly views.

Text 2 Sell

Text 2 Sell is a particularly popular feature based on users’ LionDesk reviews. It allows agents to automatically send a custom response and website link to shoppers who text them a code from a yard sign.

Agents can churn out bulk emails to specific groups within their contact database. One message could go to new listings, another to buyers, and a third to everyone on the list.

Built-in Video Recorder

Screenshot of the LionDesk video recorder feature

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LionDesk includes a video recorder, so you don’t have to use another program or third-party service to prepare video texts and emails. This can make it simple to send, for instance, video walk-throughs of newly listed properties.

Bulk Texting

Bulk texting also has fans among LionDesk users. This feature lets agents send text messages to 100 or more leads collected from a source such as Zillow with a single click.

Transaction Management

LionDesk isn’t a full-featured transaction management system. For instance, it doesn’t have digital signature capabilities. It can’t auto-fill forms using MLS information. Some more advanced back-office systems can do these.

Seamless Document Storage

Screenshot of the LionDesk document storage platform

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However, LionDesk’s scheduling and document storage features can streamline closings and avoid oversights. And the messaging tools can improve communications between parties to a transaction. 

Users can upload and store contracts and other documents and assign them to specific contacts. The documents can also be organized into different folders.

The software also monitors transactions in process and stores the history. With built-in closing plans, it can create workflow task lists to move transactions along toward completion. Agents can drag and drop transactions as they move between stages.

On the lower pricing plans, LionDesk enables managing a single transaction pipeline. The more costly plans allow for multiple pipeline transaction management.

Customer Support

Should you need to contact LionDesk, you can do so via one of the channels below:

1530 Faraday Ave., Suite 200
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Telephone: 760-501-8582

LionDesk provides support by chat, email, and over the telephone. The software is cloud-based, so it can run on any system from Windows to Android.

LionDesk can connect users with a trainer to help them with the initial setup. However, many users say the program is no problem to set up on their own.

LionDesk Plans and Pricing

Liondesk comes in a few variations of plans and pricing. They are all affordable and include robust features.

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For its features, LionDesk is one of the most affordable CRMs for Realtors. To begin with, the company offers a free 30-day trial. The trial doesn’t require a credit card number. When the trial is over, testers don’t have to do anything to avoid being charged.

30 Day Trail — Free

The 30-day free trial lets samplers try out limited communications. This includes 15 texts, five video texts, and 1250 emails. The sampler also includes advanced contact filtering and task management.

It tracks emails and creates leads from inbound contacts. It also enables custom contact fields. This is a lot of functionality for a complete free 30 day trial.

Starter Plan — $25/month

Starter, the next pricing level, up is $25 a month billed monthly or $21 a month billed annually. It includes 1,000 emails, including video emails, and 15 texts. Additional emails are $2 per 1,000.

Additional texts are $5 per 1,000. Additional video texts are $7 per 1,000. Other features include bulk texting, transaction management, pre-built marketing campaigns, and group training.

Pro+ Plan — $49/month

The Pro+ plan is $49 per month or $42 billed annually. It includes 5,000 emails, 1,000 texts and 100 video texts. It also adds the Text2Sell feature, bulk campaigns, and white label emails.

Pro+ subscribers get sub-account management, multiple transaction pipelines, and a custom LionDesk number for texting. The overage pricing is $1.50 for 1,000 more emails, $3 for 100 more texts, and $5 for another 100 video texts.

Elite Plan — $99/month

Elite plans are $99 per month or $83 billed annually. They come with 15,000 regular or video emails, 3,000 texts, 300 video texts, and priority support. For more emails it’s $1 per 1,000. Additional texts are $2 per 100, and video texts are $2 per 100.

LionDesk also offers special pricing for big business clients who will be signing up lots of agents. In addition to discounted pricing, the enterprise plans include larger numbers of messages.

The enterprise version also includes management tools to help brokers track office activities and assign tasks to specific agents.

LionDesk Pros and Cons

As with any platform, it’s important to weigh both the pros and the cons. Fortunately for you, we’ve done just that.

Pros (what we like)

LionDesk gets high marks for value. It’s one of the lower-priced all-in-one CRMs. Users like the way it puts everything they need in one place. It also shines at integrating with lead generation sources and is generally regarded as easy to learn and easy to use.

Cons (what can be improved)

The main rap on LionDesk is that there are CRMs out there with more sophisticated features. For instance, some CRMs have add-ons like landing page builders and IDX websites.

Others offer better informational articles and newsletters to use in drip campaigns. However, these more full-featured CRM software offerings are more expensive than LionDesk.

Our Take

Overall, we like the many featured of LionDesk and the low price point. It is, after all, one of the best values in the real estate CRM game. While this platform does not have landing pages or IDX integration, it does the job of connecting you with clients and prospects.

If you’re looking for a more feature-rich platform, check out one of the other platforms in the next paragraph. But if you’re simply looking for an affordable CRM without paying for unused features, LionDesk is worth considering.

LionDesk Competitors

The market for CRMs for real estate agents has plenty of choices. Here are a couple of competitors often mentioned as rivals for LionDesk’s user base.

  • WiseAgent is a CRM for real estate agents and has most of the same features as LionDesk. It’s priced similarly at $29 per month. It includes a tool for making branded landing pages, which LionDesk does not have. However, WiseAgent users have to buy credits to send text messages, at $5 per month for about 500 credits.
  • Followup Boss gives agents CRM capabilities as well as commission management features. However, this real estate CRM is more in the middle of the pricing pack, at $59 per month.

The LionDesk Lowdown

LionDesk is a sensible choice for any real estate agent looking for a CRM. It’s easy to use, inexpensive, has robust marketing tools, does some transaction management, and works well with lead sources.'s real estate software guide

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