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Less Annoying CRM: A Better Solution?

Less Annoying CRM: A Better Solution?

Connections matter in the real estate industry. Tracking those connections – leads, contacts, clients, and colleagues – can get complicated, especially as your professional sphere grows. But don’t worry, Less Annoying CRM is here to help.

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  5. Pros and Cons
  6. Our Take

What Is Less Annoying CRM?

The general appeal of Less Annoying CRM (LACRM) centers on its ease of use and practical features. LACRM reviews are, for the most part, positive. Their customer support is highly regarded.

It secures a spot on many top CRM lists and rankings with others like Salesforce and Zoho, but how useful is this product for real estate agents? It’s not explicitly made for the real estate industry.

Still, this simple CRM attracts a lot of busy real estate professionals thanks to its optional real estate agent template.

Why Consider Less Annoying CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is the solution to organizing and managing those leads and contacts. Overwhelming, there are thousands of software options to choose from.

Some incorporate industry-specific features that are meant to make a real estate agent’s job easier. But the general complaint about CRM products is how overwhelming they can be.

Some have hundreds of features and a sophisticated interface that require the user to be trained on how to use the product. In a fast-paced industry like real estate, most agents don’t have time to learn the intricacies of using a product that is meant to make their job easier. 

That’s the driving mentality behind Less Annoying CRM. It’s a simple CRM built for people with no time to waste. Read on to learn more about this customer relationship management tool to review its features, functions, pricing, and pros and cons. 

Less Annoying CRM Features

This web-based CRM program offers straightforward features that are designed to be practical and easy to use. It includes several functionalities under each feature category.

Real Estate Agent Template

This isn’t a true feature. Still, it’s worth mentioning: Less Annoying CRM offers a free template for real estate agents using the product.

Every general feature the product offers can be useful for real estate professionals, but the industry-specific template comes with:

  • 2 pipelines (buyer and seller) to manage and monitor real estate transactions
  • Clear reports and monitoring features to give you a bird’s eye view of your leads
  • Contacts management to track non-leads: Your clients, past clients, colleagues, and other professionals

Contact Management

Lead management dashboard of the Less Annoying CRM platform

Source: Google App Store

This one is basic but essential. LACRM’s contact management feature is built to help you track, organize, and easily access the professional contacts in your Sphere of Influence.

The Contacts tab houses all your information about each connection, including:

  • Related files and notes
  • Upcoming tasks
  • Upcoming events
  • Pipeline/transaction info

As a real estate agent, you likely have tons of contacts. The search feature makes it easier to dig through the information and find the contact you’re looking for with all their associated information.

Calendar and Tasks

Screenshot of the Less Annoying CRM calendar


Another fundamental feature of this CRM program is a simple integrated calendar with the ability to add tasks. The calendar’s interface is clear and easy to check at a glance with large, color-coded bubbles surrounding each task and event. 

In the world of a real estate agent, dates and deadlines are crucial, and losing track of even one can be disastrous. This calendar can help you stay on top of your obligations.

It’s mostly a virtual To-Do list that allows you to set reminders and notifies you of upcoming deadlines, tasks, and important dates.

The Less Annoying CRM calendar syncs with Google Calendar to access your tasks and dates from a mobile device, so you always have that vital information at your fingertips.

You can also share your calendar with people you invite and assign tasks to other users, like your sales team or administrative assistant.

Leads and Pipelines

Less annoying crm lead report screen from the Google Store

Source: Google App Store

The lead management pipeline enables you to look at every lead in your system labeled with their status (prospect, qualified lead, etc.), estimated value, and current priority (low, medium, and high) so you know which to target first. 

Every lead shows the person’s contact information and your last point of contact. That can make it easier to nurture a lead over time. Paired with the calendar feature, you can easily set reminders to notify you when it’s time to reach out again in set intervals. 

Leads can be directly imported into the system from most lead sources. Each lead can be assigned to someone in your firm (if they have an additional user account) for follow up.

You can filter the list of leads with several options to group and view different sets:

  • Filter by status
  • By assigned user
  • Advanced filters
  • By group
  • By field

As mentioned above, under the Real Estate Agent Template heading, the Less Annoying CRM real estate template features two separate pipelines (one for buyers and one for sellers). These can be customized to keep track of deals and transactions each step of the way. 

Collaborate With Users

By adding other users you can collaborate with, you can improve your sales processes and make sure everyone in your agency or company has access to the same real-time information.

You can create permissions to allow specific users to access certain data or share all the information with every user on your team. There’s a monthly fee for each user you add, and you can add unlimited users.

It’s not ideal to pay a fee for each additional user, but if you only need to add a few, it can still be cost-effective.

Easy Customization

If the general templates don’t cover all the business processes you want to organize and track, you may be able to adjust your settings to add what you need. You can customize just about everything in the application under Settings, including your lead pipeline, contacts, and calendar. 

Some of your customization options include hiding the fields that don’t apply, adding custom fields to track different data, and creating new lead statuses to sort your leads.

Cloud-based and Mobile

This isn’t technically a feature (more of a benefit), but they list it as one on the Less Annoying CRM website. You can use LACRM on your smartphone, computer, or tablet to access your calendar, leads, and contacts from anywhere.

This tool is 100% web-based, and everything is securely stored in the cloud. 

Additional Features

Don’t think the list of features stops here. In addition to the above functionality, you also get:

  • Log Email ConversationsWhen you BCC a specially assigned email address, it sends the email to your CRM so you can log and store it there. Store entire conversations or important emails to have all your information in one organized place.
  • Web-Based UpgradesAs the company releases new updates and upgrades, your system will automatically be updated without requiring you to download anything. 
  • Import and ExportImport new leads and contacts from an Excel spreadsheet directly into your Contacts list. If you have trouble, LACRM support will import it for you!
  • Backed Up 2 WaysThe product is hosted by AWS. It keeps two backups stored in a secure, offsite facility in case of a problem so you can be sure your information won’t be lost.
  • Security — The company uses 256-bit encryption to secure and protect important personal and client data.
  • Daily Task EmailsYou’ll get an email each morning outlining your tasks, events, and deadlines for the day.

Plans and Pricing

Screenshot of the Less Annoying CRM pricing structure


The Less Annoying CRM pricing model is straightforward. There is one plan, one fee, and no long-term contracts.

Monthly Plan: $10/Month

  • Free 30 day trial
  • Add $10/month per additional user
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Real estate agent template (optional)
  • Contact management
  • Calendar
  • Lead pipeline
  • User collaboration
  • All features included

Free Trial

There’s a 30-day free trial offered for all new users with no credit card information required.

It’s an unlimited trial, meaning you can use the entire system without limits for the entire 30 days before you make your decision on whether to sign up for a monthly plan. 

Referral Program

If you sign up and like Less Annoying’s CRM software, you can refer to it to a friend or colleague to give them a double-free trial (60 days).

If they decide to sign up, you earn a $10 credit for your own account. You can earn unlimited credits with the referral program.

Pros and Cons

As with any good review, it’s necessary to balance both the pros and cons. Don’t worry — we’ve done just that below.

Pros (what we like)
  • A special template for real estate agents makes this CRM software more user-friendly
  • View your buyer and seller leads at a glance with priority, status, and last contact date prominently displayed
  • At $10/month, it’s one of the best-priced CRMs available
  • The referral program helps you earn extra income
  • Basic features mean less of a learning curve for busy professionals and small business owners

Cons (what we dislike)
  • Basic features mean less functionality for users that are experienced with CRM software
  • It’s not a mobile app but is accessible through the web browser on any mobile device 
  • You have to pay an additional $10/month for every additional user, but that price is still lower than most CRM monthly fees

Our Take

For real estate professionals or small business owners who want to spend less time figuring out a complicated program and more time with clients, this could be the best CRM to use. 

It’s not ideal for everyone, though. It probably wouldn’t be a good fit for someone who’s looking for a lot of robust functionalities and features. If you’re thinking about using Less Annoying CRM, there’s no reason not to give it a try.

With a free 30 day trial, a fair monthly price ($10/month), and no long-term contracts, you have the freedom to use it for a month and decide whether it is the solution you’re looking for. 

Should You Use Less Annoying CRM?

With more pros than cons, Less Annoying CRM certainly seems less annoying than some of the CRMs we’ve seen and reviewed in the past. Plus, a simple product means you get simple pricing. What’s not to like?'s real estate software guide

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