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Home Value Leads: Powerful Landing Pages

Home Value Leads: Powerful Landing Pages

One of the most powerful ways to connect with leads is to show them the value of their home. Home Value Leads makes a product to help you do just this. Read on to learn how it’ll help your business.

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What Is Home Value Leads?

Real estate lead generation presents an endless challenge for agents, brokers, and realtors: How can I encourage potential clients to reach out or share their contact information with me?

One tried and true method is adding value by offering something useful in exchange for contact information.

Many companies provide lead generation tools for this purpose, but today we’re looking at Home Value Leads and how their product helps you attract and follow-up with users who are considering selling their home. 

What It Does

As the name hints, Home Value Leads (HVL) attracts real estate seller leads by offering lead capture pages in the form of free, accurate data on the current value of their home.

The goal is to stay in front of prospects in a way that creates value rather than annoyance. -LeadSimple

To access the data, sellers will enter their contact information. This information is saved and organized on the agent’s dashboard to be followed-up automatically at set intervals. 

  • What the seller sees: An attractive website for a specific real estate agent that tells them the current value of their home for free with no sales pressure.
  • What the agent sees: A landing page that is super-charged with lead generation capabilities thanks to the lead magnet: Free home value data for sellers.

Home Value Leads Features

Overall, we think Home Value Leads offers an interesting take on real estate lead generation. Their unique reports help you stand out in an otherwise crowded market. Let’s dive in and see what makes them special.

Made for Mobile

HVL landing pages are optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, so your prospects see your site exactly as they should no matter where or how they view it. 

Since about 95% of your traffic is likely coming from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), mobile optimization is an essential feature for a realtor’s lead generation website.

Free Home Value Reports

Home value leads home value report displayed on the dashboard

Image Source: Home Value Leads Youtube channel

HVL fills the gap by automatically aggregating the most accurate information on a home’s current value and giving it to the seller in exchange for an email address and name. You can also adjust the values if needed.

Value Beyond the Zestimate

Give potential sellers accurate home value information that goes beyond the general Zillow Zestimate (which they’ve likely already viewed).

HVL partners with SmartZip Analytics to access accurate, up-to-date information on the value of a home. If you discover that the estimates aren’t quite right, you can adjust them right from your admin panel. 

Fully Branded Landing Pages

Lead magnets don’t need to be heavily branded – in fact, if you “lay it on thick too early,” you risk scaring your lead away or making them more guarded, expecting to be sold to instead of supported.

Home value leads landing page with a what's my home in Dalls worth graphic

Image Source: Home Value Leads

Lead magnets don’t need to be heavily branded – in fact, if you “lay it on thick too early,” you risk scaring your lead away or making them more guarded, expecting to be sold to instead of supported.

In fact, home Value Leads says themselves that, “After extensive testing, we have found that the minimally branded sites will generate more leads.”

And once a seller enters your funnel, they’ll be sent to a confirmation page that is fully branded with your name, logo or photo, and contact information. 

Lead Follow-Up

Stay top of mind with your new leads using the lead follow-up feature, which allows you to customize drip campaigns for every step of the process. You can send automated text messages or emails with this feature.

You have the option to select a generic message (there are several provided by HVL), delete any messages you don’t want going out, or add your own messages to follow-up with new leads automatically.

Instant Lead Notification

Home Value Leads dashboard displayed on a macbook

Image Source:

Online leads have a short shelf life because it’s so easy for prospects to go to another agent’s website or lead magnet in a short period of time. You only have about 5 minutes after getting a lead to respond before it goes cold.

With Instant Lead Notification (text and email alerts), you can make sure you never miss a chance to quickly follow-up with a lead, and that can mean more conversions.

Facebook Advertising Help

Get expert advice and step-by-step instructions to set up lead-generating Facebook ads with this helpful feature.

You can create and set up your ad campaigns using the HVL advertising tab, and their team will review your ad(s) for free. You’ll be guided through the entire process:

  • Authorize HVL to access your Facebook ad account from the admin panel
  • Start creating an ad by choosing your city and a daily budget amount
  • Create an ad set with 8 different ad variations (all auto-generated)
  • Add the Facebook pixel to your landing page
  • Allot more of your budget toward the best-converting ads

If you’re just not comfortable creating and managing your own ads, HVL does offer a Facebook Ads Management option for a fee (read more under the ‘Add-on options’ heading below).

Integrate with Your Website

If you already have a website, you can still use HVL landing pages. We don’t recommend signing up until you have a domain of your own. 

There are 2 ways to link your Home Value Leads landing page with your current domain. Option 1 is geared toward more technologically savvy users, while option 2 is faster and the most user-friendly.

  1. Set up a sub-domain for the landing page (Example:
  2. Add the HVL widget directly to any page of your website (Example: Homepage, landing pages, specialized Home Values page)

Export Leads to Your CRM

You won’t need to manually add your new leads to your CRM because HVL can do it with a simple automated setting. You CRM just needs to accept new leads through email.

This way, you can set your Home Value Leads to automatically export to your CRM as soon as they enter your funnel.

To take advantage of this feature, you’ll need to enter the unique email address provided by your CRM for this purpose in your HVL admin panel settings. 

Comprehensive Support

Home Value Leads makes sure you’re supported with help available anytime you need it. They offer step-by-step guides and ad creation tools.

There’s also a private Facebook group for customer support, and email support. They do not provide phone support. Their FAQ states, “There is someone online almost 24 hours a day to help you.” 

  • Support times: Weekdays, 9:00 AM through 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time
  • Average response time: 52 minutes

Plans and Pricing

These useful features undoubtedly offer a lot of support and value to real estate agents, but are they priced reasonably? Home Value Leads offers a single plan at a set monthly rate.

Home Value Leads pricing box

Image Source: Home Value Leads

While you can’t pick and choose features to get a higher- or lower-priced monthly plan that best fits your budget and needs, we really like the simplicity of Home Value Leads’ pricing. 

Monthly Plan — $59.99/month

  • Includes the complete system (all features)
  • Access to step-by-step guides and eBooks for lead gen, Facebook ads, and conversion optimization 
  • Month-to-month; no contracts or obligations

Add-On Options

  • Lead Enhancement. Available for an additional unspecified fee. Sometimes, leads enter bogus or incomplete information to get the lead magnet.
  • Facebook Advertising Management. Available for an additional unspecified fee.
  • Discount Additional Sites. HVL offers a “substantial discount” if you need additional sites for other agents, regions, etc. Contact customer support to determine what kind of discount you can get.

Hidden and Additional Fees

  • Returning customers. Previous customers with past failed payments incur a one-time additional fee of $49.99 (on top of the $59.99 monthly fee) to sign up for a new account, are not eligible for the 14 day free trial.
  • Domain and web hosting. It’s not technically an HVL fee, but it’s something you’ll have to foot the bill for.
    • You’ll need to purchase a domain and monthly web hosting to use in conjunction with your landing pages.
    • HVL will supply you with a domain to use if you don’t have one set up, but they warn against using this option. You are only allowed to use their domain for as long as you are a customer.
    • If you decide to stop using their tools, you lose access to the domain, landing pages, and all information contained on the website. You do not own any domain that HVL allows you to use.

Extras and Discounts

  • 2 Week Free Trial — Try Home Value Leads absolutely free for 14 days before deciding if you want to sign up. You will enter your credit card information, but you won’t be charged until you decide to continue after the trial has ended.
  • Long-term Discount — HVL may offer a special discounted rate to customers who agree to sign a contract for an extended-term (i.e., 6 months instead of month-to-month).

Our Take

For an agent who already has, or is planning to get a website domain, Home Value Leads is a terrific tool to fine-tune the website to be a lead generation machine. 

However, for agents who do not have and do not plan to purchase a website domain, it’s will only be helpful for as long as they’re paying the $59.99 monthly fee.

They will offer a domain to agents without one, so anyone can use their landing pages, but the agent won’t own the domain or the content on it. The company will.

Domain ownership aside, Home Value Leads offers realtors and agents a cost-effective way to give something of value to prospects help and support for other avenues of lead generation.

There’s enough integration and automation to move the tool into the “Worth It” column for busy real estate professionals. If you’ve used this service, let us know about your experience in the comments section below!

Should You Use Home Value Leads?

Home Value Leads is not a “jack of all trades, master of none” – it’s a master of one trade, and that’s real estate lead generation.

They provide real estate agents with landing pages that are designed to generate home seller leads by offering property value data beyond what they can get from other websites.'s real estate software guide

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