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Curaytor: Digital Agent Marketing Made Easy

Curaytor: Digital Agent Marketing Made Easy

In the digital age, there are a mind-numbing amount of products available to help market your business. In the real estate business, it seems like a new platform pops up every day. Fortunately for you, Curaytor helps you cut through the BS and launch an effective digital marketing campaign.

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What are you doing this week to grow your business?

That’s how Chris Smith (co-founder) opens the 60 second introduction video for Curaytor, an all-in-one marketing solution for real estate agents and brokers who want to capture and convert more internet leads.

How many real estate agents are just getting by and failing to grow? Curaytor was named one of Inc.’s 500 fastest growing companies in August 2019.

It was founded in 2013 and run by co-founders Chris Smith, Jimmy Mackin, and Andrew Leafe. In a time where inbound leads were few and far between, the founder sought to change this.

The company has changed and grown a lot since the early days. Expanded features and new integrations make Curaytor a popular choice for real estate and small business marketing. 

What Is Curaytor?

Curaytor is a real estate agent’s one-stop shop for digital marketing. The platform offers agents proven, strategic templates to help you market your listings and services in every online channel.

What Is Curaytor_ graphic against blue background with a screenshot of the platform on a silver laptop screen

From social media and email to websites and blog posts, Curaytor has you covered.

  • What it is: Curaytor is a handy solution and platform for solo agents or agents without enough time or experience to strategize and execute all things digital marketing themselves. 
  • What it’s not: The basic Curaytor plan is not a method of outsourcing digital marketing tasks to an agency or freelancer. Curaytor supplies ideas and plans, but you’re the one who will click “Publish.”

With this in mind, what are the benefits of using a platform like Curaytor? Look no further. We’ll explore Curaytor’s features, benefits, and pricing to help you make a decision. 

Why Use Curaytor?

Curaytor offers a great deal of functionality for users. However, there are some standout features that you should know about. These include everything below, and more!

No More Chasing Clients

Putting great content and information online in the right places helps clients come to you, no chasing required. Curaytor offers a simple way to get your listings in front of people who want to see them with libraries of the most successful, highly targeted ads, emails, and landing pages.

Screenshot of the Curaytor marketing platform featuring a highly "curayted" email describing a deal on a home with granite

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More Referrals, Leads, and Seller Contacts

Putting listings are put directly in front of a carefully targeted audience generates more leads and seller contacts. Curaytor’s database of your past, present, and future clients can generate more referrals, too. 

Cover Every Marketing Channel

Curaytor marketing plan on various platforms

Image Source:

Curaytor helps you spread the word about your listings on nearly every digital marketing channel you can think of:

  • Website
  • Landing pages
  • Blog
  • Email
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • Social media ads (requires separate ad spend)

No Guesswork

A strategic, proven marketing plan is handed to you every week. No researching best practices or obsessing over email templates. Also, there’s no finding the time to research and write blog posts. Curaytor team members do the legwork and you get the results.

Track Your Progress

Screenshot of the Curaytor marketing progress report against their website

Image Source:

Website and landing page analytics will keep you informed about your progress and what needs improvement. Curaytor’s social media ad tracking is especially powerful.

It enables you to look at engagement, click-through rates, conversion rates, ad spend, cost per click, and more. This helps you maximize returns from your advertising dollars.

Market Exclusivity

Curaytor limits the number of agents they’ll work with in a specific area or region to make sure they’re not flooding your market. That can be a major perk for agents just getting started or those in a competitive region. 

Communicate Better With Leads

Screenshot of the Curaytor Blast dashboard

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Curaytor provides tried and true scripts to help real estate agents communicate with leads. This is really beneficial for new agents. It’s also beneficial for anyone who wants to make their lead follow-up calls and emails more effective.

Aesthetic Design

In a study titled Trust and mistrust of online health sites, 93% of the study participants said site design was the number one factor they base trust on. A well designed site means visitors trust it more, and a poorly designed website means they trust it less (or not at all).

Curaytor makes sure your website will look professional and you don’t need any design experience. These business-boosting benefits come from Curaytor’s extensive suite of features, which we’ll look at in detail below. 

Curaytor Base Features

There are 4 plan options (3 different plans plus 1 bundle plan) for Curaytor clients to choose from, and each offers a different set of features. The Curaytor’s base plan includes a surprising number of features to help you excel in your online marketing goals.

Curaytor has many features, but some stick out more than others. Keep reading to learn about our favorite ones.

Custom Website

Screenshot of a Curaytor landing page builder

Image Source:

You’ll get a modern website with full functionality when you sign up with Curaytor. You can easily customize the website by clicking, dragging, and dropping. Add photos, videos, content, maps, lead forms, and more.

Note: Curaytor owns the website you create, so if you decide to leave the platform after your 6 month contract, you may not be able to take your website with you.

Facebook Ad Library

Weekly posts for each social network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram) are just the beginning of Curaytor’s social media magic. Curaytor Brain, their Facebook ad management tool, will change the way you plan and create ads. 

From their website: “With Curaytor Brain, you can see the Facebook ads that the best agents and teams are running. Our library shows the results from over 150,000 [Facebook] ads, all able to be filtered by recency, budget, and results.”

Email Library

Screenshot of the Curaytor email library

Image Source:

Get your email marketing messages out of the Junk folder and into the hands of your most promising leads with Curaytor Blast. It allows you to send emails to different categories of leads based on a few categories.

These include pages they’ve visited, how long they spent on the site, the last email they opened from you, and more. Terrible at writing emails that convert? No problem.

Every Curaytor user’s emails are searchable in a huge database that allows you to check out what’s working for other top agents. You can even search through the database by keyword, open rate, and click-through rate. The result? A higher ROI.

Lead Management

The inbound marketing strategies you use will result in more leads that need to be organized and managed for easy follow-up. That’s precisely what Convert does.

You’ll be able to segment and sort leads to see where they came from, how long they’ve been in the database, and which email they last opened.

You can even see whether or not they need to sell their home before they buy. The Convert system took the place of Follow Up Boss, the Customer Relationship Management system that was formerly integrated. 

Custom Landing Pages

Screenshot of the Curaytor landing page

Image Source:

Create unique landing pages for users who clicked on a specific Facebook ad, a button or link in an email, signed up for a newsletter, or have a home to sell. You can view examples of successful landing pages in the Curaytor platform. There are many options, ranging from simple to modern.

Market Exclusivity

It’s rare for a marketing company to offer market exclusivity, but this one does! Think of it as a method of protection for Curaytor’s clients. The Curaytor team won’t on-board a new client if there are too many agents using the platform in that area or region. 

This ensures you won’t be getting the same marketing templates and ad recommendations as other real estate agents near you. Think about it like Subway — there’s one on every corner, and this cannibalizes sales between franchisees. 

Curaytor Marketing Tools

Curaytor Marketer is like hiring a marketer for your business without the hassle. It runs on more than just brainpower. It’s a combination of advanced machine learning and cloud-based infrastructure that puts together content, ads, and emails that convert. 

It includes all the features listed above, plus:

  • Automatically created blog content
  • Automatic advertising to your target audience
  • Personalized email blasts to your database 

Curaytor Agency Features

Curaytor Agency includes everything from the base features list, plus:

  • Storybranded website
  • Advanced marketing campaigns according to your goals
  • An in-house expert to help you with your campaigns

Curaytor is a Storybrand Certified Guide. They use Storybrand’s 7 part framework to tailor your new website to your real estate business and make it look good while doing it. Tell your liaison what your marketing goals are and they’ll put together an action plan to make it happen. 

Curaytor Plans and Pricing

Review the pricing for each Curaytor plan option, along with any contracts or requirements that go along with each.

Base Pricing — $1,275/month

  • $1,275/month
  • 6 month contract required

For $1,275 per month, you can improve and optimize your marketing (social, email, ads, blog, website, landing pages, CRM, etc.). Do this without the headache or added cost of hiring an employee or freelancer. Over the course of the 6-month contract, you will spend $7,650. 

Marketer Pricing — Price Varies

  • Price varies
  • 6 month contract required

Marketer pricing varies according to the number of blog posts, emails, and ads you want each month. You must contact Curaytor with information about your needs to get this pricing information.

Agency Pricing — $2,975/month

  • $2,975/month + base required ($1,275/month)
  • 6 month contract required

At a total $4,250/month, the Agency plan is not cheap and as the website states, it’s “not for everyone.” Over the course of the 6-month contract, it will cost $25,500. It does, however, pack a powerful punch with lots of robust features not offered with the base plan. 

Agency + Marketer Pricing — $4,975/month

  • $4,975/month + base required ($1275/month)
  • 6 month contract required

Totaling $6,250, the Agency + Marketer bundle is as premium as it gets. Over the required 6-month contract period, you’ll pay $37,500 for these advanced features and tools. With this plan, you get every single feature Curaytor offers in their base, Agency, and Marketer plans.

Our Take

You can optimize your digital marketing results across all channels – social media, email, website, landing pages, and blog – with any of Curaytor’s plan options. If the cost is affordable for you, it could be a game changer for your real estate business.

If you already have a good grasp on Facebook ads and get results from email marketing, it may be worth looking at other products. These are two of the most central features, there are less expensive options out there for you to choose from.

For example, CityBlast is a scaled-down version of Curaytor that includes many of the same features. This product may be a better option for agents with a smaller marketing budget or who are just getting started in real estate.

However, for teams or even agents with larger budgets, it’s worth looking into. The top producers are used to paying for high-quality leads, and Curaytor has made a name for providing agents just that.

Is Curaytor Right for You?

We hope our complete Curaytor review will help you determine whether or not it’s right for you. We think this product is best suited for high producers. After all, it costs tens of thousands of dollars.

But it’s a one-stop shop for all things marketing, and is perhaps the most comprehensive product on the market and will certainly benefit anyone with pockets deep enough to afford the service.'s real estate software guide

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