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Commissions Inc: Agent Review, Plans & Pricing

Commissions Inc: Agent Review, Plans & Pricing

Commissions Inc is one of the highest rated real estate lead generation platforms available. However, it’s not for everyone. Read on to learn about its best features, plans, pricing, and our take to determine whether or not it’s right for you.

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  2. Best Features
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  4. Pros and Cons
  5. Our Take

What Is Commissions Inc?

Founded in 2011, Commissions Inc (also known as CINC) is a real estate marketing and lead generation platform for brokers, agents, and realtors.

To help real estate professionals acquire and convert more leads, they offer the following:

  • IDX-enabled MLS website for homebuyers to search and save available properties
  • Full CRM (customer relationship manager) for client management and tracking
  • Lead management and team management via mobile apps accessible through smartphones

CINC is a platform made for “top-producing” real estate agents, teams, and brokers. The product must be licensed, so it works a little differently than other, similar platforms like BoomTown and Zurple.

Pricing is on the high end for CRMs and lead acquisition. Customer reviews vary from very positive to somewhat negative. The best way to discover if Commissions Inc is right for you is to learn about the included features, prices, and overall pros and cons.

We’ll also include helpful comments from people who have used the platform. Is Commissions Inc worth your investment? Let’s find out! 

Commissions Inc’s Best Features

The website indicates that the CINC platform organizes, boosts, and tracks every aspect of lead acquisition and management:

  • Generation
  • Engagement
  • Nurturing
  • Management
  • Conversion
  • Client retention

Read more about how CINC features help real estate agents, teams, and brokers approach each aspect of lead acquisition and management below. 

Lead Generation

Screenshot of the Commissions Inc platform and signup page displayed on multiple electronic devices

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CINC provides users with an IDX-enabled MLS website for real estate lead generation. This custom website allows home buyers to search for and save their favorite locally available properties.

Every search and save is tracked by the website and made available for the agent to view and analyze within the platform or through the mobile app. 

This gives agents a clear “big picture” view of what users are searching for, which properties are the most popular, and which properties drive the most interest. 

It also gives a close-up view of the individual search behaviors of leads (how many times they visit, number of views per property, number of homes saved, attempts to contact, etc.). 

Most importantly, it provides contact information for those who create an account to save their favorite properties and be notified of new properties that match their search criteria. 

Lead Engagement

Cinc Pro lead engagement platform displayed on a high-end mobile device

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There are 3 mobile options agents can use to engage with leads quickly and easily: text, email, and the native dialer.

Once a lead provides their contact information, agents and teams can reach out to them through any of these methods on a scheduled, triggered, or spontaneous basis. 

The in-platform native dialer is available for agents and real estate teams who aren’t utilizing another, more robust dialer to reach out to leads via telephone. Text messages and emails can be sent to engage with new and existing leads anytime. 

Lead Nurturing

CCinc pro lead nurturing feature

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Agents and brokers can stay in touch with leads (and stay top of mind) by implementing scheduled drip campaigns. This feature ensures no lead slips through the cracks or fails to receive a follow-up message. 

As new leads register through the MLS-enabled home search website, they are tracked in the platform. They can be added to a drip campaign with a single touch. 

Examples for drip marketing campaigns include holiday-themed, past client follow-ups, special messaging for first-time home buyers, and more. 

Pay per click (PPC) campaigns can also be set up and managed within the platform. The budget for these campaigns is not included in the base monthly cost, however. 

Team and Lead Management

Cincpro team management platform with graphs and lead management crm tools

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Get a top-level view of lead status, numbers, stats, and trends with the team and lead management feature in CINC. Pictorial graphs and charts make it easy to view these figures at a glance for one agent or an entire team.

Every lead is broken down by the agent they’ve communicated with and their progress through a transaction. View the following information within this feature, both agency-wide and by individual agent name:

  • Total leads
  • New leads
  • Appointments set
  • Showings
  • Under contract
  • Sold

Track where leads are coming from and overall number trends over time by viewing agency-wide or individual agent statistics by date, including:

  • Leads registered last month
  • Leads registered this month
  • Top 10 lead cities
  • Top 10 lead sources

This feature can also be accessed through the mobile app. 

Lead Conversion

Commissions Inc Lead Conversion dashboard with a sample listing at 123 Mansion Rd

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Make sure your leads are converting – or see where in the process they tend to drop off – with the lead conversion features CINC offers. Multiple pipelines can be viewed and managed, both agency-wide and by individual real estate agents. 

At-a-glance views show the GCI (gross commission income) potential for each agent based on specific property prices and the number of leads they have in each stage of the transaction, including:

  • New lead
  • Attempted contact
  • Contacted
  • Appointment set
  • Showing
  • Under contract
  • Sold 

Detailed information about each transaction step can be added by team members, including instructions for showing, important dates, property details, listing agent information, and more. 

Agents can manage buyer and seller pipelines through this area of the dashboard on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. 

Client Retention

Client retention module in Cinc Pro platform

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Agents and brokers can manage relationships with clients by tracking client behaviors and changes through the real estate CRM feature of CINC. Different behaviors can be set to trigger “behavioral messages” via text message or email. 

For example, when a lead views a property more than 3 times within 5 days, an automated, friendly message can be sent to their email or phone to offer to book a showing, give assistance, or provide additional information.

Messages are sent at a maximum of once per day to ensure leads don’t get overwhelmed with emails and texts from an agent. Only one type of message (email or text) will be sent every two weeks to cut down on text and email inbox clutter for potential clients. 

Besides, this CRM software allows every agent and broker to view the vendors associated with the agency or with specific properties. These vendors might include:

  • Home inspectors 
  • Lenders
  • Lawyers
  • Contractors and repairmen
  • Insurance agencies

Together, these features make up the Commissions Inc lead management platform. The next question to answer: Is it affordable?

Plans and Pricing

How much does Commissions Inc cost each month? The pricing information is not available on the website. Still, multiple customers have left reviews stating the amounts they reportedly paid for each month of platform licensing and use.

Monthly Cost Breakdown

Robert Newman, a former CINC client, reports their pricing to be around $1,800 to $3,500 per month. This includes:

  • Platform licensing: $900 to $1,500/month, depending on the number of team members
  • Lead generation: $500/month
  • Training and continued education: $20 to $500 per class (some offered free via social media and website)
  • Paid advertising: $800+/month

Of course, this is based on a single user’s review, so take it with a grain of salt. But it gives you an idea of what you can spend. As you can tell, it’s a product geared toward top-producing agents.

Commissions Inc Pros and Cons

As with any platform, it’s important to review the pros and cons before making a decision whether or not to use it. Fortunately for you, we’ve done just that.

Pros (what we like)

  • Platform training can make it easier for small and large agencies to make the most of the platform
  • Many features and functions all in one: Lead generation SEO-optimized website, lead management, real estate CRM, and team management
  • In-depth analytics that help agents and teams make better decisions about marketing
  • Multiple integrations allow users to connect the software they’re already using with CINC for a fluid experience
  • Mobile apps make it simple to use the platform in-office or on the go
  • Positive user reviews overall

Cons (what can be improved)

  • Included home search website for lead generation is not the agency’s or agent’s property – when the monthly subscription is canceled, these websites are lost
  • The high cost can be prohibitive for smaller agencies and brokers at more than $1,500/month
  • Adding a PPC budget to generate more leads can increase the price by 50% or more
  • Native dialer is not multi-line
  • Not as beneficial for solo real estate agents as it is for agencies and teams

Our Take

For an all-in-one real estate lead generation and marketing platform, Commissions Inc certainly delivers with features that are useful and even essential for agents, real estate teams, and real estate brokers. 

Agencies and teams with a large budget could definitely benefit from using this platform. Still, smaller agencies simply may not have the budget to support such a costly monthly obligation. 

Overall, CINC helps agents and brokers:

  • Attract and learn about new leads
  • Engage with leads via mobile devices
  • Enhance marketing efforts with drip and PPC campaigns
  • Stay connected to (and top of mind with) leads
  • Organize and track patterns and trends among agents and leads

Should You Use Commissions Inc?

An agency or real estate team looking for an all-in-one solution like this should consider Commissions Inc. Smaller agencies and solo agents may not need the full suite of features this platform offers and might consider a less-robust platform with a lower monthly cost. 

Not sure if CINC is the right platform for you? Check out our in-depth reviews of similar lead generation platforms: Real GeeksBoldLeads, and Carrot.'s real estate software guide

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