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CityBlast: A Unique Way to Reach Prospects

CityBlast: A Unique Way to Reach Prospects

If you’re like most people, you have at least one social media account. Why not use it to market to your captive audience? CityBlast lets you easily do just this. Read on to learn about the platform, its features, pricing, and whether it’s a good fit for you.

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What Is CityBlast?

CityBlast is a social media marketing company that specializes in real estate. The Canadian company employs marketers based in the United States to do the work of posting to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.

CityBlast users specify the type and style of the posts. Then they turn the work over to the CityBlast social experts.

The social marketing team will curate and post local, industry-specific content to social media accounts. Posts are tailored to appeal to social followers and establish their clients as real estate experts.

Promoting your listing to other agent’s Facebook pages is a unique angle to work. As far as I know, CityBlast is the only company doing this.

Posts can be scheduled daily to keep the agent’s name in front of social media followers. The posts can appear seven days a week.

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While its emphasis is on social media management, the CityBlast team also offers other real estate-oriented digital marketing services. The entire lineup includes: 

  • Automated social media posting
  • Email newsletters
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns
  • Lead capture tools
  • Campaigns to attract social media followers

In addition to its human workers, CityBlast also deploys some technological tools to help agents. For instance, SmartLinks leads are automatically fed into an existing CRM platform where they will be nurtured.

Also, CityBlast connects its users’ listings to the company’s network of agents in that area. This significantly increases the exposure of an agent’s listings to potential buyers. Then when prospective buyers show interest, the CityBlast user is instantly notified.

Company Background

CityBlast was founded in 2011 to focus on social media marketing for the real estate market. It claims to have helped more than 15,000 agents and generated nearly 2 million leads while reaching more than 6 million potential buyers daily.

Below is contact information:

219 Dufferin St
Toronto, ON M6K 3J1

CityBlast advertises that all its support is provided by live human representatives.

CityBlast’s Best Features

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Using CityBlast for social media marketing starts by choosing from 15 types of real estate content. Its marketers then create content to fit these styles. Anyone who’s produced real estate content knows that it’s extremely frustrating to make great content.

Not only do you need to make it interesting, you also have to make it readable for a wide range of people. This is a stressful job, and it can make anyone tear their hair out! So it’s best to leave this to the professionals (i.e. CityBlast).

Intriguing Content

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The available topics include local news, home and garden, tips, and guides. The company says articles will be local, relevant, and unique for each client.

Articles may be drawn from a variety of sources. They include industry sites such the National Association of Realtors and as well as media sites like Forbes and The Mortgage Reports.

After selection, articles are posted to the agent’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn social media accounts. Clients can also create and schedule their own content and feature their own listings.  

When social media followers click on a post to read the article, they are presented with a short ad. The ad suggests they get a home valuation using the home valuation landing page CityBlast provides.

Home Value Reports

Cityblast home value report

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This feature is very useful, especially in a hot market. When prices are rising, owners like knowing how much their homes are worth. It’s refreshing to see a lead generation company focusing on the customers’ every need, not just the lead generation piece.

CityBlast helps capture leads from the post by providing a branded lead generator bar. It also notifies agents when leads have been received.

In addition to the social media management services, CityBlast provides each social media subscriber with a custom Facebook cover. It also offers a 30-minute social tune-up as part of the social media package.

In addition to regular social media posts, CityBlast experts can create, manage and optimize paid ad campaigns. These campaigns run on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Email Newsletters

CityBlast produces turnkey newsletters that can be emailed to clients and prospects. Newsletters are customized to each CityBlast client. The company guarantees timely, consistent delivery. And it says newsletters comply with CAN-SPAM, and other anti-spam regulations.

Newsletters contain SmartLinks that help capture leads when recipients click on links. The software generates lead reports identifying recipients who have opened the newsletter.

PPC Campaigns

Social PPC campaigns for real estate professionals using the Cityblast platform

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CityBlast PPC campaigns enable agents to connect with new prospects and acquire new listings. Its social media marketers help real estate professionals create, manage, and optimize ad campaigns.

CityBlast takes on the entire job of PPC advertising including selecting appropriate demographics, selecting images, writing copy, and rotating ads. Prospects attracted by the ads are qualified and delivered to the agents’ inbox.

Growth Campaigns

CityBlast offers to help agents increase the number of social media followers they have with growth campaigns. Campaigns use SEO and optimized and rotated ads to attract additional followers.


Cityblast smartlinks landing page with a home value report prompt

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The SmartLinks feature is CityBlast’s tool for real estate professionals who want to do their own social media management. It lets DIY social marketers generate leads when followers click on links shared through posts or email.

Agents can sign up for SmartLinks without using CityBlast’s social media marketing, email newsletter marketing or other services. It’s much less expensive than the other offerings, but also requires more work by the agent.

Agents are notified instantly when a lead has been captured via SmartLinks. Prospects are also automatically followed up on with the information that they’ll be contacted soon.

The SmartLinks service includes a prospect management tool that lets clients manage prospects within their CityBlast account.  The tool is optimized to capture leads from mobile users as well.

There is also a customizable Home Evaluation landing page. It automatically collects leads when people use it and sends the leads to the agent’s CRM.

Before sending leads, CityBlast verifies them to make sure they are live leads. The company does this by contacting each lead by email or phone.

The home valuation landing page automatically populates property information leads to help fill out lead information. If potential leads don’t complete the process by inputting all the information, CityBlast still saves the partial information.

CityBlast Pricing

The company offers to let agents try any of its services for free for seven days. After that, users have to begin paying. The services are billed separately monthly, semi-annually or annually. Its various pricing plans include:

  • Social media marketing pricing starts at $99.99 monthly. Billed annually it is discounted to $999.
  • Newsletter pricing is $69.99 per month. Annually, it’s $699.99.
  • SmartLinks is priced at $19.99 per month. For a year, it’s $191.90.
  • Social media ad campaign is $429.99 per month.

User growth campaigns have three price levels. The enhanced version is $199.99 per month with a $4 per day ad spend. A standard version is $99.99 per month with a $2 per day ad spend. A lite version is $49.99 monthly with a $1 per day ad spend.

PPC campaigns also have three price levels. Enhanced campaigns are $429 monthly with a $10 per day ad spend. Standard campaigns are $319.99 monthly with a $7.50 per day ad spend. Lite campaigns are $199.99 monthly with a $5 per day ad spend.

The company securely accepts payments online. Payments can be made with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

CityBlast Roundup

The unique platform from CityBlast targets real estate agents and brokers who market via social media. It uses social media, digital ad campaigns, and lead generation tools to increase agent profile, boost traffic, and provide leads.

The Toronto-based company has several years of experience and serves thousands of agents with its social management and digital marketing suite. While its fees are relatively high, agents can try the products for free for 7 days.

Outsourced social media marketing is typically more generic than doing it on our own. However, social media marketing is also time and labor-intensive. CityBlast offers a way to establish an active social presence while still leaving room for other real estate work.'s real estate software guide

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