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Boomtown Leads: Does They Live Up to the Hype?

Boomtown Leads: Does They Live Up to the Hype?

BoomTown is a real estate lead generation company that promises to generate, qualify, and pass along leads. But is the service effective? Read on to learn more.

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Why BoomTown Matters

Searching for useful software that provides value as a realtor or real estate agent can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Many of the real estate platforms that exist only handle a fraction of the tasks you need to run your real estate business efficiently.

This means most agents end up using multiple products for each part of their business – one for their website, another to cover lead generation, one for scheduling showings, and a separate CRM to manage those leads.

There are tools and software available that fill the gap by bringing all those needs together into one comprehensive tool. BoomTown is one of them. In this article, we’ll dive into BoomTown and what kind of value it offers for real estate professionals. Read on to learn more.

What Is BoomTown?

BoomTown is “all-in-one” real estate software. From lead generation and marketing automation to analytics and metrics, it covers nearly every aspect of a real estate agent’s (or broker’s) workload. But you’ll pay a premium price.

What Is BoomTown graphic against blue background with a picture of a sales funnel displayed on a silver macbook

BoomTown has a tiered pricing model with more features available at higher tiers. At the lowest pricing level (called Launch), it offers an IDX website, lead qualification, a mobile app, lead distribution, and custom email marketing drip plans.

At the top tier (called Advance), those features plus bulk text messages, comprehensive reporting, pipeline management, a full lead management suite, and more are included.

Before we cover how these features work, let’s look at BoomTown’s background, its mission, and how the company got started.

Company Background

BoomTown was founded by Cooper Bane and Grier Allen in 2006. The company’s headquarters are in Charleston, South Carolina. Co-founder Grier Allen is the company’s CEO.

The two started the company to create solutions for real estate agents and brokers when the game began changing due to consumer information availability through sites like Zillow and Trulia.

They knew agents needed to be able to compete in the changing market and believed that robust real estate marketing and lead generation software was the way to do it.

And the market took notice. It was lauded by Inc. as one of the top growing companies from 2011 through 2013. But that was a long time ago. Does it still relevant in a new decade? Read on to learn more.

BoomTown’s Best Features

BoomTown has a total of seven different products that make up the software. Each product can be treated as a feature because they are bundled together in monthly plans or packages.

Feature Overview

  • Consumer Website
  • Lead Generation
  • Predictive CRM
  • Success Management
  • Now Mobile App
  • Integration Partners
  • Coaching

IDX Websites

A consumer-facing lead generation website is high on the list of priorities for every real estate agent. BoomTown makes this feature available with every plan it offers.

A BoomTown IDX website displayed on a high-end mobile device

Image Source:

The website is IDX-enabled. This gives it a robust search capability. Users can visit the website to perform a general, broad search or a drilled-down, specific search for available properties near them.

When they find the property they like and want to see, your information is right there for them to send a quick message, ask a question, or schedule a showing. 

Even if they don’t settle on a property during the initial search, the website gives them the ability to quickly create an account to save their search criteria and get notified when similar properties come on the market. 

The websites don’t just attract buyer leads. They also boast a home valuation tool to attract seller leads. If the seller doesn’t go through with the entire sign-up process, an address-only lead is saved.

One thing we love about the IDX websites BoomTown offers is the ability to create multiple agent sub-domains through one website. Real estate teams and brokerages will see a lot of value from this alone. 

Lead Generation

Screenshot of the BoomTown lead generation dashboard

Image Source:

While a lot of an agent’s lead generation can be done through the home search website, more is needed to keep the pipeline full. This is where BoomTown’s lead generation through Google PPC and Facebook ads comes into play. 

BoomTown leverages their years of experience in real estate advertising to create cross-platform ads for agents who want to be seen by more buyers and sellers online. Their website says the ads they create for agents have an 80% higher click-through rate than the real estate industry average! 

Best of all? When the ad works, and you attract a new lead, you can automatically import them to your BoomTown CRM for nurturing. 

Real Estate CRM

Screenshot of the BoomTown predictive CRM

Image Source:

Up to this point, we’ve been talking about the BoomTown features that help attract and encourage leads to stick around. The real estate CRM is all about the next stage in the process – closing the deal.

Tracking lead activity on your website, determining search behavior and patterns, receiving daily MLS HotSheets, and something exciting called Best-Fit Leads (more on this in a moment) – it’s all possible with this CRM. 

You’ll be able to nurture leads over time with automated emails and messages, segment every lead into lists you create and integrate it all with Mojo Dialer, BombBomb, and more. This is a highly functional CRM. 

Best-Fit Leads

Screenshot of the BoomTownROI best fit leads feature displayed on a desktop computer screen

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could automatically match your leads to the properties they’re most likely to be interested in? BoomTown thought so, too. 

Using the MLS HotSheet list of new properties, you can generate a list of your leads who searched similar properties. Each lead will be ranked on the list according to how likely they are to be interested in this particular property.

That makes your job easier and provides a great deal of value to leads searching for properties. 

Success Management

BoomTown takes customer support to a whole new level with the Success Management feature. From the time you sign up, you’re assigned a Client Concierge who will assist you with using BoomTown every step of the way. 

You can complete training to get the most out of the software – and do it on your time – plus become a part of nationwide agent communities to share ideas, questions, and thoughts. 

Full support is available every weekday, so you can always get the answers you need. 

Mobile App

Screenshot of the BoomTown mobile app displayed on a high-end mobile device

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It’s hard to keep up with dozens of different conversations with leads. BoomTown’s NOW mobile app aims to make it easier to organize and track your lead communication from anywhere.

You can see which leads have been the most active on your website, so you know when to prioritize them. You’ll get notifications during the Critical 1st Hour when it’s essential to respond to a lead before they contact another agent.

Respond to leads with one touch via a phone call, text, or email message. The app tracks your communication with each lead, and when they’re waiting on a reply from you, they’re moved to a particular folder called Waiting On You.

The app also tracks your To-Do list with banner notifications that remind you when you need to complete a task. We love that every lead conversation, task, and insight is logged into the CRM so you can have all your essential lead information in one centralized place. 


BoomTown is heavy on the integrations. There are dozens of possibilities for integration available, so you can ensure that nearly any platform you’re using is already linked up with BoomTown. Here is a sample of the integrations available right now:


Screenshot of the Boomtown leads coaching packages

Image Source:

BoomTown offers a unique coaching opportunity for real estate professionals who want to grow. There are two ways to take advantage of coaching through BoomTown. 

Partner coaches are there for experienced agents who want an in-depth coaching experience for single agents or entire teams. Peer coaches are an excellent option for those who wish to engage in coaching short-term. 

  • Partner Coaches: Long-term coaching by some of the most experienced real estate professionals in the industry. 
  • Peer Coaches: Short-term coaching by agents that became BoomTown success stories. 

BoomTown Plans and Pricing

Let’s face it — Boomtown is extremely expensive. So expensive that they don’t even list the pricing. Because prices fluctuate, we’ve highlighted some of the advertised plans below.*

Screenshot of the Boomtown lead system packages

Image Source:

Launch plan — $1,000/month for 3 agents

  • IDX website and agent subdomains
  • Buyer and seller lead magnets
  • Lead qualification
  • NOW mobile app 
  • Lead Distribution via Round Robin
  • MLS HotSheet 
  • Smart-drip campaigns

Core plan — Contact Boomtown for Pricing

  • IDX website and agent subdomains
  • Buyer and seller lead magnets
  • Lead qualification
  • NOW mobile app 
  • Lead Distribution via Round Robin
  • MLS HotSheet with Best-Fit Leads 
  • Smart-drip plans
  • Bulk text 
  • Agent accountability reporting 
  • Pipeline management

Grow plan — $1,750/month for 10 agents

  • IDX website and agent subdomains
  • Buyer and seller lead magnets
  • Lead qualification
  • NOW mobile app 
  • Lead Distribution via Round Robin
  • MLS HotSheet with Best-Fit Leads 
  • Smart-drip plans
  • Bulk text 
  • Agent accountability reporting 
  • Pipeline management 
  • Integrations 
  • Seller lead suite

Advance plan — Contact Boomtown for Pricing

  • IDX website and agent subdomains
  • Buyer and seller lead magnets
  • Lead qualification
  • NOW mobile app 
  • Lead Distribution via Round Robin
  • MLS HotSheet with Best-Fit Leads 
  • Smart-drip plans
  • Bulk text 
  • Agent accountability reporting 
  • Pipeline management 
  • Integrations 
  • Seller lead suite
  • Networked websites
  • Network site-wide reporting

*Please note pricing is listed as of the date of publishing, and may have changed since.

BoomTown Pros and Cons

As with any objective review, it’s important to highlight both the pros and cons. Read on to learn what we love, but also what we think can use improvement.

Pros (what we like)

  • There isn’t much BoomTown can’t do. The list of features is expansive and comprehensive, covering nearly all the bases for any real estate professional. 
  • If it isn’t the most user-friendly platform in the world, there is comfort in the top-notch customer support. Agents can expect help every step of the way. 
  • Great use of automation where needed to make sure agents get notified of when to follow up with a lead, return a call, complete a task on the to-do list, etc.
  • Excellent use of data to predict lead behavior and show the leads who are most active on agent real estate websites, the ones who are likely to be interested in a specific property, etc.
  • Help with running PPC, and social media ads can bring agents a steady new stream of leads. 

Cons (what can be improved)

  • Affordability for solo agents and small teams can be an issue with BoomTown. The lowest-priced plan is $1,000 per month, which puts it out of many agents’ price ranges. 
  • Some of the best features are only available with higher-priced plans. Best-Fit leads, bulk texting, pipeline management, and agent reporting aren’t possible with the Launch plan.
  • Ease of use isn’t the greatest. Requires training and can be a bit complex, especially with higher-level features. For busy agents, this could pose a problem. 

BoomTown Reviews

BoomTown reviews are, overall, excellent. In our research, we found mostly 4 and 5-star reviews. For a company that has been around since 2006, this is an excellent indicator that it’s really as good as it claims to be.

Below is a sample of reviews we’ve discovered online for BoomTown.

5 Star Review by Roberta C., Realtor

  • Pros: I really like that we can see Social Media accounts for leads. Sometimes when they aren’t responding to me, it gives me an idea of what is going on if I check their social media. It also is a good way to get acquainted with a potential client when you are in the getting to know them phase.
  • Cons: I wish there was a way to separate the leads for a team without having separate accounts. 

5 Star Review by Erica Z., Office Manager

  • Overall: I’ve used Commissions Inc, Luxury Presence, etc. and Boomtown has the best features, most user-friendly CRM out there.
  • Pros: Features, functionality, you can “set it and forget it.” I’ve used many lead management systems, and this is the best out there.
  • Cons: I wish they had an “open house” app feature from the NOW app where people can sign in to your open house through the NOW app, and it will put them directly into your CRM.

3 Star Review by Alex T., real estate agent

  • The only thing that I can actually say that I would like to see better would be that lenders can have access to more of the features that we have on the agent side of things.

4 Star Review by Imelda C., real estate agent

  • Pros: From the front end to the back end, its tools are designed to manage all leads and opportunities without missing any sale. It is cheaper considering that its features and functionality are complete from website to CRM to email marketing.
  • Cons: Customer support is not that consistent when it comes to responding on time. Boomtown is used by most agents because it is cheaper; that is why technical support and customer support sometimes have delays.

Our Take

Offering full CRM software, agent and broker websites, lead generation, marketing automation, tons of integrations, and a mobile app for convenience, there is a lot to be said about BoomTown and its usefulness for real estate professionals.

Pricing is the area where we feel BoomTown misses the mark a bit. Smaller teams, brokerages, and solo agents may find it difficult to justify the high monthly cost ($1,000 for 3 agents) without getting the full suite of features.

Best for: Medium to large teams, brokerages, high-volume agents

BoomTown Alternatives

  • Real Geeks websites use the power of template websites and landing pages to boost your leads. Pricing is reasonable and plans are flexible.
  • BoldLeads is an all-inclusive product that provides pre-qualified leads for real estate agents. Leave the hard qualification work to them to increase your productivity.

Should You Use BoomTown?

For larger teams and agents that expect a great ROI, the cost of BoomTown may be well worth it. The ability to “set and forget” most daily tasks and organize and track everything else is second to none.

Every feature is capable of saving agents time and converting more leads. Overall, this platform is one of the best we’ve reviewed, and according to the 4- and 5-star reviews across the web, users agree.

But it comes at a price. If you have a healthy budget, this is worth considering. If not, services like BoldLeads also offers full-service lead generation for a smaller lead management fee, though less features are included.'s real estate software guide

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