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Easy Home Improvements: 25 Ideas To Transform Your Home

Easy Home Improvements: 25 Ideas To Transform Your Home

Searching for easy home improvements to increase curb appeal?

We’ve compiled 25 fast and easy ideas to improve the look and value of your home. Read on to learn more.

25 Easy Home Improvements to Do in 2024

The words “home improvement” may not conjure up images of a fun weekend, but tackling easy projects that make a big visual impact can reinvigorate and add value to your home.

But don’t worry; it’s easier than it looks. We’ve found 25 easy home improvements that don’t require carpentry skills, a massive budget, or months to complete.

Check out our list of home improvement projects to boost your home’s curb appeal, increase your home’s value, and make your house the envy of the neighborhood.

1. Update Your Entryway

Beautiful entryway to a modern, open concept home

Zach Wright/Shutterstock

Entering a home is like meeting someone new. Within about 7 seconds, you’ll have formed your first impression, and the first impression is hard to shake.

Make sure you and your guests get the right impression by updating your entryway.

You might add statement artwork to an entryway wall, a new entryway table where you can place decor or your belongings, or a small bench with hidden storage to make the entrance to your home more welcoming and appealing.

2. Opt for Open Shelving

As an idea for easy home improvements, Open cupboard with clean dishes in kitchen


Open shelving in place of cabinets really opens up a kitchen. Adding open shelving to your living room gives you accessible space to place decor and knick-knacks.

If you’re trying to stay within a smaller budget, you can make your own open shelving with shelf brackets, 2×12 lumber cut down to the length that you’d like, and a little stain or paint.

3. Find a New Dining Table

Interior design for dining room with velvet blue chairs, wooden table and vintage carpet on light gray background, Scandinavian style, 3D render, 3D illustration


If you’ve had the same dining table and chairs for years, it might be time for a change. Dining tables are large pieces of furniture that catch the eye when you walk into a dining room or kitchen.

So, changing them out for something that matches your style can make a significant visual impact. If you’re up for a challenge, browse thrift shops and yard sales for a sturdy dining table in a style you like to be sanded, stained, or repainted!

You can mix and match chairs if you like an eclectic, cozy look. Other places to find deals on furniture include Buy Sell Trade, Craiglist, Nextdoor, or Facebook Marketplace.

4. Prune Shrubs and Trees

Professional gardener pruning an hedge, man trimming tree outdoors

Attapol Yiemsiriwut/Shutterstock

Unless you’re going for a wild and windswept look in your landscaping, your shrubs and trees could use a little pruning to help them look their best and stay healthy.

Perfectly trimmed greenery outside your home adds curb appeal and shows visitors and potential buyers that your home is well-kept and maintained.

5. Paint Your Front Door

Entrance porch with taupe exterior paint, yellow front door and large windows as an image for a piece on easy home improvements

Javani LLC/Shutterstock

Painting your front door can make a big statement. This is a simple and affordable home improvement that adds interest to your home’s facade.

High-contrast front door colors give your home plenty of personality. But if you’re looking to sell your home, it’s best to use a classic or muted color to increase its appeal.

6. New Light Fixtures

Electrician fixes round ceiling light in room


After living in your home for a while, you may not notice the light fixtures much anymore. Changing them out for a different look can make a big difference, though!

Try adding new light fixtures and lamps inside and outside to let your home’s light shine. Home Depot and Lowes sell these for as little as $20.

7. Add a Patio or Walkway With Pavers

Paving stone worker is putting down pavers during a construction of a city street as an easy way to increase curb appeal


HGTV found that homeowners who add a deck or patio to their home end up recouping about 90% of the cost upon the sale of the home. You can keep your costs down and boost your home’s appeal by laying your patio using pavers.

Choose from travertine, stone, brick, or concrete pavers. Then grab some gravel and sand and map out the area you want to install your patio in. For an even bigger impact, check out home improvement number 8 below.

8. Create an Outdoor Living Space

Patio set underneath a Pergola

Blue Amber Design KC/Shutterstock

Create an inviting outdoor living space on your patio or deck by bringing in a patio table and umbrella, planters, bench seating, string lights, outdoor rugs, a pergola, and even a fireplace or pizza oven.

The possibilities are endless! You might add outdoor living space for your own enjoyment or to help buyers envision themselves spending warm nights on the cozy patio.

9. Replace Your Mailbox

fancy beige mailbox in the spring in New Jersey


The mailbox is one of the first things people see when they approach your house, so make the best of it! You can invest a little more time and effort to build your own brick or stone mailbox.

Or, you might opt for a standard mailbox in a classic color, repaint your existing mailbox, or update the mailbox post (no pun intended) for a quick, easy update.

10. Rearrange Your Furniture

Young man moving furniture at home


If you’re ready for a new look inside your home, try rearranging the furniture. Many times after moving into a home, we place the sofas, shelves, and tables in one position and don’t bother to switch them up.

You can make any room look and feel bigger by shifting the placement of your couches, moving bookshelves and consoles to a new area, or utilizing corner space.

11. Install a Programmable Thermostat

Hand turning a home thermostat knob to set temperature on energy saving mode. fahrenheit units. Composite image between a photography and a 3D background.

Olivier Le Moal/Shutterstock

Energy efficiency is something that tops many homebuyers’ lists, and choosing kitchen appliances and thermostats that make it easier to conserve energy can save you money over time.

If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, installing one can save you about $180 each year in energy costs and show potential buyers that they won’t be throwing money out the window on heating and cooling if they choose to buy.

12. Add, Replace, or Repaint Shutters

As an image for a piece on how to improve curb appeal,Red outdoor chairs on green grass lawn of house manicured front yard


Shutters around a window can be decorative or functional. If your home doesn’t have shutters, you can add curb appeal and interest by adding them. If you already have shutters that you like, try repainting them for a new look.

If your shutters are in poor condition or just don’t have the look you want, replace them; just make sure you choose shutters that are adequately sized for your windows.

13. Replace Window Treatments

simple well designed modern white kitchen interior

Serghei Starus/Shutterstock

New window treatments can update the look of your home inside and out. If you’re still using mini blinds, you can add a little panache with larger wood blinds that match the color scheme in your home.

New curtains or Roman shades can give any room a quick facelift. Many big box stores and online retailers offer cut-to-fix blinds at discounted prices.

14. Re-caulk Your Bathroom

plumber apply silicone sealant to the joint bathtubs and ceramic tile


If you can’t remember the last time you re-caulked your bathroom, it’s probably time to do it. Caulk lasts about ten years before it becomes susceptible to leaks and cracks.

Strip old caulk away and replace it around your shower, bathtub, and sink for a flawless finish that makes your bathroom look new.

15. Update Your Hardware

Colorful wooden textured drawers


The drawer, cabinet, and door pulls might have looked great when you bought them, but a little update goes a long way. For a seamless look throughout the house, buy complementary or matching hardware for different rooms.

New hardware on cabinets and drawers in your kitchen, bathroom, and interior and exterior doors will create a cohesive, updated look.

16. Paint Inside Shelves

Man's hand wearing white glove holding old grunge paintbrush and painting on wooden wall


When you think of painting shelves, you might think of giving the outside and shelves a new coat of paint. What about painting the inside of your shelves to give them an unexpected pop of color?

This idea works best if you have two matching shelves and items in contrasting colors to display on them. However, this only works on exposed shelves. If they are hidden, nobody will see your hard work.

17. Fix Cracks in Your Walkway

Perspective View of Cracked Tiles on Footpath.

Shuang Li/Shutterstock

If your walkway is made of concrete and has cracks in it, it won’t increase curb appeal or your home’s value. Walkways and patios in need of mending send the message that the interior of the home will be in a similar state.

For a quick fix, you can purchase concrete patching kits to fix the cracks in your walkway. For the best results, sealing the patch once you’ve finished ensures it lasts as long as possible.

18. Update House Numbers

A house number on the front yard with flowers in neighborhood/closeup


New house numbers won’t make a difference in the value of your home, but they’ll help make your home’s exterior stand out and give it an air of importance.

There are many more options than the typical hardware store numbers, so browse online to find house numbers that match your style and look great on your home.

19. Change Flooring and Rugs

Functional apartment with dining table, sofa and pattern rug

Replacing flooring may not be an easy home improvement, but it certainly goes a long way in giving your home a fresh appeal and a polished look.

There are flooring types for any budget, and to make the project easier, you can divide it up and do one room at a time.

Estimates say that beginners can install new flooring in about 16 hours, intermediate DIYers in about 12 hours, and experts in about 10 hours.

If installing new flooring isn’t at the top of your list, consider adding a large rug to a hard-flooring room. It makes the room seem cozier and enables you to bring a new color or pattern into it. 

20. Add a New Backsplash

Close up of a light hardwood table surface in a kitchen with green and white mosaic walls, wooden consoles and a cooker. 3d rendering copyspace as an image for a piece on easy home improvements


Whether you choose tin, tile, stone, wallpaper, or wood for your backsplash, it’s sure to breathe new life into your kitchen. If your kitchen is neutral, try a unique backsplash that really pops.

You can find unique LED, mirrored, and metallic backsplashes that are visually interesting enough to become a focal point. If you’re short on time, you can even purchase backsplash tile that’s ready to peel and stick.

21. Mulch Around Landscaping

Mulching garden beds with red cedar wood chip mulch


Nothing brings order and definition to your yard like fresh mulch. Choose a color that complements the plants in your landscape. Common mulch color choices include black, brown, and red.

Make sure you calculate how much area you’ll need to cover before purchasing mulch. And keep in mind that mulch should be spread about 3″-4″ deep to prevent weeds and insulate plant roots during colder months.

22. Bring in Potted Plants

Work in the garden, planting pots


Whether you’re after bright, cheery colors from flowers or stately potted topiaries, potted plants on your front porch can add tremendous curb appeal.

For the most impact, choose large, tall planters and a mix of plants of different heights and colors. Here’s a general rule for planting in containers: Have a thriller, a spiller, and a filler.

With these rules in mind and pretty planters that match your home’s decor, you can’t go wrong. After all, it offers the greatest variety in your home.

23. Switch Out Switch Plates

Dark grey light switch on blue interior wall. Dark grey light switch with copy space.


Basic white switch plates deserve an update, and it’s an easy home improvement to make. Just pick up the right style of switch plate to ensure they’ll fit your existing switches.

For example, you might have single or double toggle switches, paddle or rocker-style switches, or push-button switches, all of which require different switch plates.

Don’t be afraid to choose “statement” switch plates in a unique finish or switch plates designed to blend into the wall.

24. Install Outdoor Lighting

shutterstock 1427878652 1


Outdoor lighting can give your home a regal air at night, gently light your way around the house, and deter burglaries. You might choose to set up light fixtures pointing up at your house.

This lets you illuminate the exterior walls or place them in trees, out of sight, to diffuse soft light onto the ground.

Or, you may add solar lights along your walkways to ensure easy maneuvering around your home when it’s dark.

25. Pressure-Wash the Exterior and Walkways

High-pressure cleaner, terrace

Marina Lohrbach/Shutterstock

Over the years, dust, dirt, algae, and grime build up on exterior surfaces, making them look dingy or downright dirty. Rent a pressure washer for the day and blast away the grime to make your home look new and increase curb appeal.

For the best, long-lasting results, make pressure washing part of your regular home maintenance routine.

Be sure not to aim the pressure wand directly at your windows; the high pressure can damage caulking and allow water to seep in, causing more damage over time.

Which Easy Home Improvement Will You Choose?

These 25 easy home improvements will help you rejuvenate and revitalize your home in the span of a weekend. Of course, this is important because a home is often your most significant investment.

Taking time to maintain it and improve its appearance inside and out can add curb appeal, increase the overall value of the home, and make it more attractive to buyers when you decide to sell.

Which home improvements are you planning this weekend? Be sure to write us and let us know!