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15 Front Door Colors for Blue Houses in 2022

15 Front Door Colors for Blue Houses in 2022

Whether you have a dark or light blue house or blue accented paint, you’ll want to find a front door color that complements your walls. Here are 15 excellent choices for the front door color of your blue house.

15 Unique Blue House Front Door Colors

When considering a front door color for your blue house, consider the following unique options. There is something for every style. 

1. Light Brown Front Door 

Light Brown Front Door on a blue house


Brown has always been a color that meshes well with blue. It’s primarily an excellent choice for a dark blue house, like the one in this photo. The light brown shade gives the place a completed and serious look and highlights the gorgeous blue color of the walls. It’s a safe choice but a definite winner. 

2. White Front Door 

Idea for a White Front Door on a blue house


White and blue are probably one of the most common pairings for houses. If you like an open-air or beachy vibe, this color combination will be perfect for your light blue home.

Like the photo, the white gives a gentle breezy feeling to the home’s entire exterior. Paint your shutters white, too, for an extra effect. 

3. Navy Blue Front Door 

Navy Blue Front Door Color for a blue house


Try a navy blue front door if you have a light or medium blue house. You might think that pairing blue with blue doesn’t work very well, but the house in this photo proves otherwise.

Navy blue is just dark enough to give a striking appearance to any home but still has the blue tones that compliment the lighter blue exterior walls. 

4. Canary Yellow Front Door 

Canary Yellow Front Door on a blue house

Brian Goodman/Shutterstock

Yellow and blue are the perfect combination, as you can see from this house. A canary yellow and a light baby blue can give the house a beautiful, uplifting appearance. Yellow is a cheerful color, so if you’re looking for a way to make your home look a little “happier,” try a yellow front door. 

5. Baby Blue Front Door 

Baby Blue Front Door Color on a blue house

Anna Oleksenko/Shutterstock

For a deeper blue or turquoise house like this one, you’ll want to pair it with a lighter blue color. Baby blue is perfect for this, as it’s gentle and easy on the eyes. It also pairs perfectly with dark blue. If you want a very cohesive house design, pairing your blue house with a blue door is a great idea. 

6. Black Front Door 

Black colored front door on a blue house with a picture window in front


Black is a safe color for most houses, just like white. If you’re looking for more professional and modern energy for your home, pairing black with your light or dark blue house is an excellent idea.

Black goes well with any shade of blue, so you can pair it with light blue like this photo or add it to a dark blue home. 

7. Brick Red Front Door 

Brick red front door color on a blue house

Christine Wilson Photos/Shutterstock

Brick red gives a very European feel to your home. If you’re looking for a door that makes a statement and complements neutral blue tones, this is the door for you.

You should use this brick red color on lighter blue-toned houses. If you use it with a dark or bright blue house, it may come off a little too strong. 

8. Dark Brown Front Door 

Dark Brown Front Door on a blue house

Cynthia Long/Shutterstock

A chocolate brown front door such as this one pairs well with light blue tones. Use it on a house with neutral blues and light blues on the exterior walls. Like in the photo, you can see that this color makes a home stand out. 

9. Light Orange Front Door 

Bright orange front door color for a blue house

Brett Taylor Photography/Shutterstock

You may not consider orange as a color for your front door, but with a lovely light blue or seafoam-colored home, you might find that it’s a unique and exciting addition to your house. 

The orange door in this photo gives the house an almost sherbert ice cream feel. If you’re looking for a unique color, this might be the one for you. 

10. Bright Green Front Door 

Bright Green Front Door on a blue house

Pipas Imagery/Shutterstock

It’s not for everyone, but a bright green front door can add a pop of color to an already colorful home. Green and blue go great together in general. If you’re looking for something less intense than the house in this photo, you can go for forest green or dark green door paint.

11. Glass Front Door 

Front door color for a blue house with a glass and brown front door


Glass goes well with everything because it doesn’t have a color. For those worried about having a see-through front door, keep in mind that most doors like the one in this photo have a frosted coating on them, so people can’t see into your house. Choose a glass door for a modern home. 

12. Dark Grey Front Door

Dark grey front door color for a blue house

Structured Vision/Shutterstock

Dark grey is an excellent pairing for a light blue house, like the one in this photo. Paired with cream accents around the framing and shutters of the house, it’s a deep, serious color that reigns in the gentleness of the blue. 

13. Light Green Front Door 

Light green front door on a blue house


This shade of green is a little more laid back than the bright green example from earlier. It’s an olive-toned shade that pairs nicely with the seafoam blue house exterior in this photo. 

If you have a lot of green foliage in your front yard, this door can bring the outside to the color of your home for a welcoming and earthy feel. 

14. Light Pink Front Door 

Light Pink Front Door for a blue house

joy Brown/Shutterstock

Pink is probably not the first color that comes to mind when you think of a front door for a blue house. However, a light bubblegum or baby pink color pairs wonderfully with a light blue house, like the one in this photo. If you love pastels, you’ll love this combination. 

15. Royal Purple Front Door

Royal Purple Front Door on a blue house

Tyler W. Stipp/Shutterstock

This deep purple front door pairs well with a dark stunning blue exterior. If you’re someone who loves making a statement with your home, these two colors are an attractive way to do so.

Deep purple was once associated with royalty, so use this color to feel like a King or Queen in your own home. 

Things to Consider

Now that you’ve taken a look at our fifteen front door color ideas, there are a few things you should consider before choosing and purchasing the paint or door of your dreams. 

  • Swatch first. You don’t want to paint your entire door only to find that you hate the color. Buy some paint swatches and compare them next to your house’s exterior. 
  • Choose complementing colors. Blue goes well with greens, blues, blacks, browns, yellows, and pastel colors. 
  • Decide on a theme. Even if your house doesn’t have a distinct style, finding some style inspiration online is a great idea. Look up blue beach houses, boho design, and minimalist styles. Which seems like the best fit for you?
  • Consider the accents. Will you want to change the color of your shutters? What about the mailbox, door handle, and porch accents? It’s up to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about painting your front door and the color you should pick. 

What color goes with a blue house?

Blue is a primary color, which means it works best as a complement to colors such as the following: 

  • White
  • Grey 
  • Pink 
  • Dark blue 
  • Light blue 
  • Yellow 

You can pair blue with red, green, or other blues if you’re looking for a striking and unique design. For light blue houses, pastel colors or deep colors pair well. Light-colored, pastel, and bright doors look great for dark blue homes. 

What does a blue house door mean?

Blue is the color of our sky and the ocean, so we often associate it with air or water. However, it can also mean intuition, understanding, emotion, and freedom.

When you have a blue house door on a blue house, your house will have calming and sensitive energy, depending on the shades of blue you select.  

Does front door color have to match the shutters? 

Your front door color doesn’t have to match the shutters. It can even be better if it doesn’t. Some great shutter colors that go well with blue houses include: 

  • White
  • Cream 
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Pastel yellow 

Before choosing a shutter color, make sure it also goes well with the color of your front door. 

How do you pick a front door color?

Picking a color for your front door can be challenging. There are so many colors to choose from. In general, you’ll want to pair light colors with a dark exterior and dark colors with a soft exterior. Always swatch your colors before painting, and give yourself options.

What works for someone else might not always work for you. 

You can also choose a color based on the energy or style you want your house to have. You can follow Feng Shui principles or exterior design tips. Either way, do some research before choosing your final color.  

What color door increases home value? 

Black doors make a home sell for a higher price. Luckily, black is an excellent color paired with blue. You can have a black door for a light, medium, or dark-toned blue house. 

Houses with a black door can sell up to $6,000 more than a house without a black door. So if you’re unsure whether to take the plunge with this dark and intense color, consider doing so at least when you sell the house. 

What’s Your Favorite Blue House Front Door Color?

Selecting a door color for your blue house doesn’t have to be complicated. You can transform a basic baby blue house with a brick red door or channel your inner royalty by painting it deep purple. If you’re looking for a gentle seaside beach house vibe, go with white or eggshell paint. 

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