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7 Ranch House Color Ideas We’re Loving in 2024

7 Ranch House Color Ideas We’re Loving in 2024

If you live in a ranch house or have recently invested in one, you know them to be the single-story, wide-layout houses generally found in rural neighborhoods and suburbs.

These modest dwellings were popular between the 40s and 70s and have regained approval in recent years.

If you recently bought one or are contemplating changing your look, you’re likely searching for a few ranch house color ideas. Read on for the best colors, hues, and tones for ranch houses.

Because ranch houses are generally low to the ground and spread out wide, it’s easier to play around with bold color choices. A buttery yellow will look much more charming on a ranch house than on a towering, two-story colonial home.

Ranch House Color Ideas: Which One Is Right for You?

Ranch house color idea with a red roof and plain white paint on the outside


When deciding which ranch house color ideas might be suitable for your home, you’ll want to dig deeper and find out the pros and cons of each option.

Things like accent colors, backdrop, and roof color will all play a role in how good your house looks after it’s painted.

1. Yellow

Suburban Ranch style home sunny cloudless blue sky palm tree front yard USA


Often, yellow can look overly bright and garish on houses. A yellow house can be an eyesore on larger, two-story homes in neighborhoods that lack vibrant colors.

There are ways to avoid this, though, and it’s easiest to do with a ranch-style house. Soft pastels with white trim and doors can look adorable on a ranch house. This is especially true when set against an open sky.

A warm, yellow home looks like a sunny paradise if you have the luxury of having a few trees and buildings in the background.

If you can change your roof color, a white roof looks great on a yellow house, but brown and slate gray are also suitable. 

2. Blue

Sky blue color siding on a ranch style house

Ursula Page/Shutterstock

People often overlook blue when considering a color for their house because dark tones can make a space feel small and drab, but Navy blue seems to break this rule when paired with white trim.

You should also add Sky Blue and Robin’s Egg to your list of contenders. Because ranch houses are lower to the ground, they can blend in with the horizon.

If you have a ranch-style home, painting your house to match the sky can help make it feel like a natural part of the scenery. Accent colors like white and red can give your home an authentic American feel.

Blue also matches most roof colors. Whether you have brown, gray, or red, you’ll be able to find a blue that will look good beneath it. Just take a few swatches home to compare.

3. Red

What is a ranch-style house featured image

Ursula Page/Shutterstock

Red is another color that can seem too loud for a house. Not many homes look good in head-to-toe scarlet, but the ranch house is a rare exception. Who doesn’t enjoy admiring a quaint red ranch house out in the country?

Again, ranch houses can thank their low profile for being perfect canvases to try bold colors on. They’re charming with a porch swing or bench.

Surround it with a well-groomed lawn, shrubs, and white trim, and you’ll be looking at a house straight from a storybook. Red is also a great choice if you already have a white or gray roof. Roof tiles in brown or burgundy look good as well. 

4. Green

Green suburban ranch style home with porch at residential neighborhood


Green is another great option for helping your house blend into the land and sky. Whether you prefer seafoam or mossy green, this color is ideal for a ranch house where you want to immerse yourself in nature.

The biggest challenge behind painting a house green is finding colors that complement rather than clash.

The white trim and door are striking on a green house. If you prefer your exterior to blend in with your yard, consider adding trim in a slightly darker shade of green.

Green is a great paint option if you already have a brown or gray roof. If your roof is red or another contrasting color, it’s probably best to steer clear of green. 

5. Gray

Sunset photo of a luxury gray coloured ranch style home

Aspects and Angles/Shutterstock

Although gray sounds like a depressing choice of color for a home, it’s easy to create a clean, unassuming style with gray.

It looks terrific on ranch houses since it’s easy to play around with the shade. Both dark and light gray look great on ranch-style homes.

Adding a white or light trim to a dark gray house creates a sharp contrast that is pleasing to the eye. Plus, the dark walls are a great background for colorful foliage. Consider adding a dark trim to create depth if you prefer a lighter gray.

Gray also comes in different tones. Charcoal and slate gray are cool in tone, while greige is a warm gray. Remember to pick one that matches your roof to remain uniform.

6. White

Beautiful white urban ranch style house with a large green lawn, trees and roses


A simple white home is classic and always a great option for any neighborhood. Ranch houses look especially good in white, making it easy to try different trim and roof colors.

A white house is an excellent choice if you live in an area with a tight HOA. The possibilities are endless when it comes to styling a ranch house.

Adding a dark trim can help break it up and create dimension. Plus, they look great year-round, no matter what holiday you decorate for.

Don’t forget to add additional color by planting flower beds or picking out some vibrant porch furniture

If you don’t have the option to change your roof, no problem. White goes with anything. Try matching your roof to your trim.

7. Brown

Brown Suburban Ranch home with two car garage blacktop driveway


Brown is a warm, neutral tone that looks great in almost any house style. Whether you opt for greige or rich hazel, brown will give your dwelling an established, inviting atmosphere. 

If your house has exposed brick, stone, or wood, brown is an excellent neutral color for bringing it to the forefront.

Otherwise, complementing brown with other shades, such as mocha or taupe, can help give your house a uniform appearance. 

Brown houses also have the advantage of being easy to keep looking tidy. The dark, neutral tone helps disguise dirt and other debris.

Things to Consider

There will be a few crucial points to remember when painting your house, other than what color it should be. Before you run out and invest in paint, consider these factors.

  • Roof color matters. If the color of your roof is a warm brown or gray, it probably won’t look great with a cool-toned paint job. If changing it isn’t an option, try to choose a color that will look good with your roof.
  • Different colors will take different amounts of effort to keep up. A white house is beautiful, but if you don’t have much time to keep it clean or touch up the paint, it might be wiser to pick a color that disguises defects.
  • Talk to your neighbors and HOA. Not every neighborhood allows residents to paint their homes just any color. You might need to stick to a particular scheme. This means you can’t use all the colors.
  • If you’re renting, always speak with the owner first. If you paint a home you don’t own without express permission from the owner, you could be dealing with a major headache. 
  • Hire a professional if you’re not confident in your skills. Painting a house may sound easy, but it takes a steady hand and practiced eye.
  • Test a small area. For many reasons, paint often looks different in the store than it will on your house. Ask a clerk for some samples. Then, test them at a spot on your home that’s out of view from the street.
  • Paint isn’t the only option. If your home consists of exposed brick or stone, that’s a great place to start when selecting a new paint. Experiment with colors that go well with the raw materials. Or, go all out and cover the exterior in your favorite textures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Suburban green ranch home as an idea for ranch house colors


Finding inspiration for your home isn’t difficult. Here are a few other inquiries people had about ranch house color ideas.

Ranch House Color Combinations

When painting your house, you will want to pick more than one color. Otherwise, your house will appear flat. Adding a complementary accent color can give your home character. Consider one of these:

  • White and Black
  • Red and White
  • Dark and Light Blue
  • Yellow and White

How Can I Improve the Outside of My House?

Other than a new paint job, there are many things you can do to make the outside of your home more appealing. Keeping the yard neat and entryways free of cobwebs, leaves, and other debris automatically improve the look of your home.

After that, try planting some shrubs or other foliage around your yard. These are simple steps you can take that will have a significant impact.

What Exterior Color House Sells the Fastest?

You may want to paint your home to increase the sale value. If this is your goal, you have limited options. In general, people prefer houses with possibilities of their preferences.

Signature colors like bright yellow and red tend to draw a smaller crowd. Buyers tend to gravitate toward neutral tones. Gray and brown have more potential for customization. Gray-blue is also a popular choice.

How Do You Modernize the Exterior of a Ranch House?

Many people appreciate the ranch house for its nostalgic charm. Looking at one can make you recall the old days, bicycles in the street, and life's simple pleasures. But maybe you want to bring things up to speed a little.

Modernizing a ranch home isn't difficult. A few tweaks can help it look and feel like new. Here are a few additions you can implement to your ranch house:

  • Update your pathways. Try adding curves or switching from stone slabs to brick.
  • Paint the front door. 
  • Update the lighting. Add lights to pathways and switch out ugly fixtures.
  • Replace broken fences and railing. 

What Can I Plant in Front of a Ranch House?

Shrubs and foliage look great in front of a ranch house and can improve curb appeal. But not all plants will look good next to a ranch house. Some of them may even pose safety issues.

Ranch houses tend to be close to the ground, so it’s easy to lose them behind large bushes and very tall trees. Low-growing shrubs and small almond or cherry trees won’t obscure your ranch house and add color and character.

You can even choose foliage that will complement the color of your house. Red roses look great against a white exterior, and blossoming cherry trees are magical next to a house dressed in Navy blue.

So, What Is the Best Ranch House Color Idea?

Ultimately, the best color you can pick for your ranch house is one that you will enjoy looking at.

If you need more ranch house color ideas, try taking a stroll through your neighborhood. What you like might surprise you!