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11 Gothic Bedroom Ideas History Buffs Will Love

11 Gothic Bedroom Ideas History Buffs Will Love

 If you prefer dark colors and dramatic décor, you’ll swoon over these 15 gothic bedroom ideas.

After all, your bedroom is a reflection of who you are, and if you love the Gothic era, you’ll love the ideas we’ve rounded up below.

15 Gothic Bedroom Ideas You’ll Love

Being surrounded by white blank walls and drab furniture isn’t for everyone, but some “old souls” can’t get enough of this unique décor style.

Ignite your creativity and assert your unique style through your bedroom décor. 

This list includes a variety of Gothic styles. Some of these styles are reminiscent of the Victorian Era and some have a very modern vibe.

1. Rustic and Red

Rustic and Red gothic bedroom idea

Photo Spirit/Shutterstock

Red is a classic color and popular in gothic décor. The rustic look of this room with the red accents gives it a dark atmosphere. 

You can easily add a red candle chandelier and a red comforter to achieve a look similar to the image above.

Throw in a rug with red accents and a wooden chest to add some of that rustic feel.

2. Black and White Minimalist

Black and White Minimalist gothic bedroom idea

Veronika Surovtseva/Shutterstock

This black-and-white minimal style is dark yet modern. The marbled walls and tiled floor give off a very cold look.

The coldness of the marble is paired nicely with the contrastingly comfortable bed and headboard, which look rather warm and inviting.

Black walls, black furniture, and black comforters are the staple items to pull off this look. But be careful about using too much black, as it can flatten the room and make it too dreary.

Be sure to add in a dash of white to break things up and add dimension.

3. Touch of Luxury

Touch of luxury gothic bedroom idea

Pavel L Photo and Video/Shutterstock

Gothic styles don’t always have to be dark and brooding. These muted violet and purple tones give this bedroom a very luxurious feel in the authentic Victorian style.

Silver trim on the ornate mirror and headboard gives a modern feel to this luxurious Victorian style. 

4. Medieval Bookcase

For a piece on gothic bedroom ideas, a Medieval Bookcase between two drab pillars

Design Projects/Shutterstock

Darken up your room with a wall-to-wall, dark wooden bookcase. This medieval-looking bookcase is lined with old books.

A bookcase like this is a perfect place to deploy miniature statues and black candles. 

5. Vintage Bronze

Vintage Bronze gothic bedroom idea


A fireplace can make any room feel old and vintage. The bronze covering the mantel, the clock, and candle holders gives this room a vintage gothic look.

If you like the gothic steampunk aesthetic, consider painting old picture frames and candle holders with bronze lacquer. 

6. Filigree Wallpaper

Filigree Wallpaper gothic bedroom idea


Gray Victorian-style wallpaper and black tile floors give this room a gorgeous and not-too-dark look. The black accents on the wooden furniture add a gothic style without overpowering it.

If you want to go subtle-goth, this is the way to go about it. Despite the vintage design on the wall, this room still has a modern touch. The statue lamps are reminiscent of the classic gothic sculptures as well.

7. Dramatic Wallpaper

Gothic bedroom idea with Dramatic Wallpaper


Have a flair for the more dramatic side of gothic décor?

This high-contrast silver and black wallpaper is feminine and exotic. This wallpaper is not for the faint of heart.

Matching this dark and dramatic look with the bright, hot pink vintage-style picture frames gives this a beautiful punk twist.

Adding a pop of bright color to that classic Victorian design is a great way to add some personality to the goth style.

8. Colorfully Gothic

Colorfully Gothic bedroom idea with pink walls

Tatiana Dyuvbanova/Shutterstock

Gothic doesn’t always have to mean dipping your bedroom and soul into a can of black paint. If you love the gothic style but also love color, take inspiration from the image above.

The dark artwork contrasting the bright vintage wallpaper and chairs gives this room a subtle gothic feel from the Victorian era. The pink is adorable and feminine.

9. Full on Medieval

Full on Medieval gothic bedroom idea

Valentyna Chukhlyebova/Shutterstock

This gothic medieval bedroom is top-to-bottom one of a kind. The stone walls decorated with battle shields transport you into a whole other time and universe.

If you dig this vibe but don’t have stone walls, you can cover your walls in realistic 3D stone wallpaper. Add in some candles and skull decorations to enhance the medieval ambience.

10. Black Furniture

Gothic bedroom idea with black furniture


Black furniture is a classic staple of gothic style. Bonus points if that furniture is also vintage.

The black tufted cushions and silver ornate frame give this piece of furniture a beautiful modern twist to a classic Victorian style.

The chandelier adds a touch of elegance. The oval mirror with its intricately carved frame is a must-have in every gothic bedroom.

11. Canopy Bed

Canopy bed with black accents for a piece on gothic bedroom ideas


A canopy bed with gossamer curtains is straight out of the Victorian era. This adds a layer of gothic charm and will instantly transform your bedroom. 

If you don’t have a 4-post canopy bed, you can get this effect by hanging lightweight curtains from your ceiling. You can also buy canopy bed tents that are hung from the ceiling.

Things to Consider

When decorating your room in a gothic style, here are some things to take into consideration:

  • The colors you use for a gothic style don’t always have to be black and gray. Throw in some colors as accents to change up a monochromatic palette.
  • If you love the gothic style but you’re afraid a dark room might be depressing, consider taking inspiration from the gothic style and changing the color palette to a brighter one.
  • Remember, there are many facets to gothic styles. Although traditionally Victorian, you can decorate gothic in punk, grunge, vintage, or retro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions on Gothic bedroom ideas:

How can I make my home more gothic?

Replacing brighter furniture with darker furniture will give your home a more gothic atmosphere. But don’t feel obligated to go overboard with this.

What is Gothic-style décor?

Gothic style décor is traditionally a Victorian style. The gothic style is bold and dramatic and displays an array of ornate furniture.

What is modern gothic furniture?

Despite that it’s called “modern,” this term was coined in the 1860s and 1870s. Modern gothic, or Reformed Gothic, was a popular movement in Great Britain, as well as the U.S.

What is gothic style furniture?

Stemming back to the 13th century, gothic-style furniture still has that ancient feel. Typically, gothic furniture has ornate décor carved into the wood.

What does a gothic room look like?

Typically, a gothic room is made of a very dark color palette. In some instances, goth rooms have a lot of Victorian decors and antique furniture.

What’s Your Favorite Gothic Bedroom Idea?

Modern-day Gothic style provides many different avenues in terms of style to explore.

This style is incredibly unique and creative. What is your favorite Gothic bedroom idea?