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What Color Granite Goes With Honey Maple Cabinets?

What Color Granite Goes With Honey Maple Cabinets?

Wondering what color granite goes with honey maple cabinets?

The answer depends on the look you want; the answer varies.

But when you’re choosing a color of granite to go with honey maple cabinets, you have lots of options.

How Do You Pick Granite to Match Cabinets?

To match granite countertops to your cabinets, try looking for a color of granite that is a different color but similar to your cabinets.

That will give you enough color variation so that the room doesn’t feel bland, but you can match your cabinets closely enough that it won’t feel stark either. For the best results, you want to try sample pieces against your existing cabinets.

If you’re redoing the cabinets too, it helps to take the cabinet samples to a warehouse and hold them against granite slabs.

This will help you get a sense of the different shades and nuances in each granite piece and better inform your final decision.

Popular Granite Colors That Go With Honey Maple Cabinets?

Looking through samples and experimenting with them can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of a home renovation. 

Complicating your decision, when looking for a color of granite that goes with honey maple cabinets, your choices depend on the shade of honey maple you choose for your cabinets

Honey maple is a versatile wood with soft grain. Depending on the degree of staining, you can blend it with most colors of granite. But some granite colors look better than others. Here is what we recommend. 

Black Granite

For a piece on what color granite goes with honey maple cabinets, such cabinets with black granite on them and tan square tile backsplash


Black granite combines with honey maple for a classic look. One of the best things about it is that it works with all kinds of honey maple, including:

  • Lightly stained 
  • Darker stained 
  • Unstained 

It’s especially effective with steel appliances. Depending on the size of the room and the number of windows, it even works effectively with darker floors because, provided you select a lighter shade of honey maple, the cabinets break up the room and add a necessary contrast. 

However, some people may find the black creates too stark a contrast with white kitchen appliances. Equally, in smaller kitchens or bathrooms, the combination of black granite with dark tiles can make for a much darker room. 

Slate Grey Granite

Slate Grey Granite With HoneyMarble Kitchen

Image Source:

With that in mind, many people favor slate grey granite with honey maple cabinets.

There are a lot of variations in the greys you see in slate grey granite, so it’s always possible to find a slab dark enough to blend in with darker aspects of the room but light enough to keep the room bright. 

Slate grey is also an excellent choice if you want a more modern look for your kitchen or bathroom. Additionally, it doesn’t contrast white appliances as dramatically as black granite. 

Set against lighter shades of honey maple, it creates a stark and contemporary appearance that produces a more modern feel to the room you are designing. 

Medium Grey Granite

Image showing how well grey granite goes with honey maple cabinets in a room with black and white checkerboard tile flooring

Joe Hendrickson/Shutterstock

Because medium grey is neutral, this granite color combines with honey maple to create several different looks. Like slate grey and black granite, you can use it to contrast a lighter maple and design a more contemporary room. 

However, it’s also effective with a darker shade of honey maple for a more traditional look and feel. Because it’s lighter than any of the colors of granite we’ve mentioned so far, it also helps keep rooms light. 

Another advantage is that unlike darker shades of grey, medium grey doesn’t jar when set against brighter colors. Depending on the colors in the grain of the granite, it can even work effectively with colored appliances that are:

  • Blue 
  • Green 

White Granite

White Granite On Honey Maple Cabinets

Image Source:

Like black, white is a color of granite you can combine with multiple shades of honey maple cabinet. Used with light and unstained honey maple, it results in a light, bright and traditional-style room. 

This works well in small, confined spaces, where you want to emphasize as much natural light as possible. Since white reflects light around a room, the use helps add to its brightness. 

In a kitchen setting, it’s also an ideal choice if your appliances are white or brightly colored because it doesn’t clash with them as severely as darker-colored granite does. 

Used with darker honey maple, the look it creates is more contemporary. Whatever shade of maple you combine with white granite, keep in mind that it’s possible for a room to feel too big. In larger spaces, too much white can feel clinical, never something you want in a kitchen setting. 

Tan or Cream Granite

Kitchen with honey maple cabinets and tan granite is well lit and has medium-brown colored hardwood floors


With that in mind, both tan and cream granite work as an excellent compromise. They lack the clinical feel of white granite.

These colors also give enough contrast with your maple cabinets to stop the room from feeling monochrome.  Additionally, both tan and cream give your kitchen or bathroom a traditional feel.

And since they are both lighter shades of granite, they help brighten a room without making the space feel too expansive. That said, to discover what color of granite looks best with honey maple cabinets, these are colors that benefit from being seen in their entirety.

There are many subtle shades to tan and cream, and if you pick the wrong shade or don’t realize the slab you choose has a particular undertone, it may clash with your honey maple cabinets. 

Things to Consider 

Honey maple kitchen cabinets with tan travertine backsplash designed in an ornate way

Melanie DeFazio/Shutterstock

Choosing granite for your honey maple cabinets involves more than matching samples and finding a combination you like. 

Shades of Maple 

While there are many different colors of granite, there are as many variations of honey maple for your cabinets. How light or dark you stain the honey maple determines what shades of granite will look best with your cabinets. 

However, there are truly neutral shades of granite that combine effectively with several shades of honey maple. The most recognizable of these is New Caledonia. 

If you can’t face the hassle of matching and contrasting different samples against one another, a granite that incorporates equal amounts of white, black, and grey is your best bet. It will match stained honey maple, whatever the shade. 

Modern or Traditional Style

Not everyone wants an entirely neutral kitchen or bathroom. The other consideration when you’re looking for a color of granite to match honey maple cabinets is how you want the room to look when it’s finished. 

A traditionally designed kitchen or bathroom will likely incorporate different granite colors than a sleeker, more modern design.

Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to choose one or the other. It’s possible to combine these styles for a design that shows more personality. 

Irrespective of the design you settle on, you still need your granite countertop colors to blend with the honey maple cabinets if you want a unified look. 

Appliance Appearance

Match Granite Color and Appliances

Image Source: Pinterest

Your cabinet staining and color aren’t the only things you need to blend with the granite, either. If you’re putting granite countertops in a kitchen, it’s important that the granite color also ties in with the appliances.

Sleek, steel appliances won’t match the same type of granite as more whimsical, brightly colored appliances. 

Bathroom appliances offer similar variations, all of which matter when deciding what color of granite looks best with honey maple cabinets. 

Subtle Differences in Slabs of Granite

Finally, remember that granite and honey maple are natural materials, meaning that no two will look alike.

Consequently, trying to make your final decisions based on samples may not be effective.

That’s because there are all kinds of shades and shifts in color in whole granite slabs or maple honey panels that samples don’t showcase. So, when making your final choice, you must go into a warehouse and look at entire pieces.

Final Thoughts

Honey maple kitchen cabinets with medium grey-brown granite and stainless steel appliances


When it comes to deciding what color granite goes best with honey maple cabinets, it’s a matter of personal taste. 

As you consider your options, take note of the shade of the honey maple you chose and think about whether you want a traditional or modern look from your counters. 

All these things impact what color granite you choose. Likewise, remember to think about what else will be in the room besides honey maple cabinets.

Will there be modern appliances?

Lots of light? 

All these factors will help you find the combination of granite and honey maple that works best for you and create a room that appeals to your particular taste.