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Free Cabinet Design Software: 8 Best Apps to Use

Free Cabinet Design Software: 8 Best Apps to Use

Free cabinet design software helps you try a design before buying.

Don’t worry about your expensive cabinetry not looking as good as you’d hoped.

We’ll help you pick the best free software to maximize your investment.

What Can Cabinet Design Software Do for You?

Choosing expensive cabinets is a daunting task, particularly if you have a tight budget.

The last thing you want is to pick cabinets that clash with some part of the kitchen or that you don’t love. 

The best design software is easy to use and lets you explore your options before you’ve spent a penny on cabinets. 

8 Best Free Cabinet Design Softwares

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You can find premium home, kitchen, and cabinet design software. The graphics are usually of higher quality in paid programs, with more options available. Some of these free cabinet design apps have limited functionality.

But they offer enough choices to help you choose cabinets without using some of your reno budget on a paid app. 

Kitchen design software offers an easier way to choose cabinet designs than writing blueprints and drawing layouts by hand. 

1. Backsplash Designer

This simple online app from lets you try out different backsplash, counter, and cabinet combinations. You can’t design a cabinet layout to fit in your available space, but you can choose patterns and colors. 

This free cabinet design software works best when you already know the arrangement of your cabinets and need to choose the general look.

You can try different styles and colors with a sink or accessories in the foreground. You can also judge the look with an empty countertop. Your choices are summarized at the bottom to make ordering easy. 

2. Ikea Kitchen Planner

Ikea’s free cabinet design software is one small part of its online kitchen planning app. If you have a slow connection, the app can be frustrating to use, but it’s a great way to make a floor plan and try cabinet layouts. 

You can plug in the cabinets Ikea sells in a room with your kitchen’s dimensions and move them until you’re satisfied. You have to accept Ikea‘s license agreement and install the 3D viewer to get the most out of the app, but it’s a quick process. 

If you plan to buy your cabinets and accessories at Ikea, this software is a great place to start. If you need help with planning, Ikea offers an in-person kitchen design service for only $199. 

The designer will measure your kitchen and do the technical work for you at a fraction of the cost of hiring an interior designer. 

3. Homestyler

For more advanced planning, an app like Homestyler can help. The company offers a paid version for a monthly fee, but you may find their free cabinet design software meets your needs. 

This program does more than help you choose cabinets. You can create your entire home floor plan and design choices inside it. The software doesn’t lock you into a single brand or product. 

Homestyler lets you view floor plans in 2D for a macro look and in 3D for a more realistic view. The options include furniture and accessories you can add to each layout. You can explore every design that interests you for free. 

The free version is cloud-based with watermarks on the rendered designs but lets you add your kitchen’s dimensions to plan your cabinets with precision. If you decide you want to upload 3D models or get other perks, you can pay for one month at a time. 

4. Lowe’s Kitchen Designer

Like Ikea, Lowe’s offers free kitchen and cabinet design software available online. You can choose existing floor plans and 3D models or enter your kitchen’s dimensions to start the design from scratch. 

The software has pre-made layouts you can plug your appliance and cabinet choices into if you prefer. You also have the option to use the program on your own or hire one of Lowe’s designers for a consultation and recommendations. 

One handy feature in Lowe’s app is the running tab in the bottom left-hand corner of the cost of the cabinets and other features you’ve chosen. This tally can help when budgeting for the kitchen look you want. 

5. Roomstyler

If you love planning the look of a room down to the last detail, Roomstyler might be for you. The app is one of the few free cabinet design software programs that lets you add things like plates, utensils, cups, and pots to your kitchen plan. 

Choose your own dimensions or Roomstyler’s pre-made models. The number of options and styles available in this program is impressive, so plan to spend some time and have fun planning. 

This software isn’t limited to kitchens but can help you design every room in your home. You can also take inspiration from the website’s main page and galleries. Users share their designs to show their creativity and offer a starting point for other users. 

You might even find a look you love so much that you’ll want to duplicate it with your cabinets. 

6. Planner 5D

Planner 5D isn’t kitchen-specific, but it has a kitchen module with layout and design features. The software boasts that almost 75 million people have used the program to design all or part of their homes’ layouts. 

This 2D and 3D editor has over 5,000 items to add to your rooms. After designing the floor plan, you can check it from every angle in a 3D render. After adding furniture and other items, you can take a snapshot of your design, with details like shadows added for realism. 

The software was built for design amateurs. The interface is easier to use than some paid programs meant for designers. Planner 5D considered every user and made the process easy, regardless of experience.

This free cabinet design software syncs between your computer, tablet, and phone. You can also use their kitchen-specific online design software

7. Home Stratosphere

Another free cabinet design software app comes from Home Stratosphere. The app appears to be the same house design program that Planner 5D uses, but it is only available online. The software is for people new to the process, so it has an easy-to-use interface. 

8. Planning Wiz

This free cabinet design software lets you lay out your kitchen in 2D and visualize it in 3D, like the other good programs.

The specialty is the floor plan. The limitations of the program make it perfect for creating one plan and passing it on to a contractor or architect.

The free version does limit you to one plan, but it’s a good program to start with if you’re new to designing software.

You might finish your design in this app, but if you change your mind, you might need another app that lets you create multiple layouts.

Things to Consider

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You have a lot to think about when planning your kitchen. We have some tips to make the process easier:

  • Choose free cabinet design software that you find intuitive to use and easy to understand. A complex program that you don’t understand will be less valuable to you than a bare-bones app you’re comfortable using.
  • You’re saving money by using free software instead of expensive programs or cloud subscriptions. Don’t hesitate to invest time and get familiar with the software.
  • One benefit of free cabinet design software is that you can try several at no charge. Spend time experimenting with different programs so you can choose the one you like best to design your cabinets.
  • If you design your cabinets with free software and discover that the paid version has features you want, buy the paid version or invest in a one- or two-month subscription. The money you’re saving by doing the interior design yourself makes the small charge well worth it. 
  • Some free cabinet design software is in the cloud, while other programs can be downloaded or used through a mobile app. Most apps work best online or on your computer. A small-screen phone isn’t ideal for looking at design layouts.
  • Read each program’s introductory information carefully when you download. Some free versions limit the 3D renders you get per month, while other programs might allow only one layout or limited furniture and cabinet choices.
  • Don’t limit yourself to free software if you have the budget to pay $25 to $100 to use a paid version. Instead, consider the free version a trial to ensure you can use the software, then upgrade if you think it will help you design better cabinets.
  • If no free cabinet design software works for you, don’t beat yourself up about it. Pay a designer or buy a paid kitchen planner. The most important thing is designing kitchen cabinets you love and can enjoy for years.

Free Cabinet Design Software FAQ

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Sometimes cabinet software isn’t easy to figure out, or you discover you might need more help. 

How much do paid cabinet design software apps cost? 

The price of premium cabinet design software can range from around $25 per month for a subscription to close to $200 for full-featured, high-end software. Some programs cost more for professional designers. 

How much do cabinet designers cost?

If you hire a professional cabinet designer, the cost will depend on the person’s title and area of expertise.

Architects and interior designers often cost more than general contractors. The price can range from $50 to $200 per hour, or about 10% of the total cost of renovating the cabinets. 

Who’s best to hire for cabinet design?

An interior designer who’s a National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer (CKBD) is an ideal choice.

A CKBD must have the required education and four years of experience designing kitchens and baths. They must also pass an assessment test. General interior designers, architects, and contractors usually cost less. 

How much will custom kitchen cabinets cost?

Custom cabinets average between $750 and $1200 per linear foot. A large kitchen can cost $12,000 to $15,000 to fit with custom cabinetry. 

What if the free cabinet design software is too complicated?

Try another! Since there’s no cost, you can try several until you find one that feels right and that you can learn to use. If you follow any tutorials or tips in the program’s community of users, you’ll get more out of the experience and avoid frustration. 

The Best Free Cabinet Design Software for a Great Kitchen

You don’t have to spend money on software to help you design your kitchen cabinet layout. Free cabinet design software comes in several formats and levels of complexity.

You have many opportunities to find a program you can use to narrow down the choices and find a cabinet layout you’ll love. We hope you find an app on this list that brings your kitchen together and makes the process easy.