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The Average Sherwin Williams Paint Cost in 2024

The Average Sherwin Williams Paint Cost in 2024

Sherwin Williams paint comes in various colors and kinds, offering customers an excellent opportunity to try different color schemes with each new project. 

With an average cost of about $70 per can, it might seem like Sherwin Williams is too expensive. But is that true? Let’s take a closer look.

Average Sherwin Williams Paint Cost

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Considering how much Sherwin Williams paint costs and how that relates to the quality of their paint requires that we look at how much other paint costs.

Before you decide what kind of paint you want for the project, let’s explore all the facts.

Types of Paint

There are five basic types of paint that people work with: flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss.

  • Flat paint has more pigment and is sometimes called concealer paint. Painters primarily use it to cover flawed walls or touch-ups on blemishes that might exist on projects. Flat paints are famous for absorbing light and are good at hiding wall bumps. Flat paint is also known as matte. It’s nonreflective and usually easier to apply than other paints. It also tends to be less expensive. 
  • Eggshell paint is a popular finish with a delicate sheen, slightly more reflective than flat paint. Eggshell is more durable, better for covering imperfect spots on walls and surfaces, and tends to be an excellent option for hallways or other poorly-lit rooms that don’t get lots of traffic. 
  • Satin paint is known for its sheen and durability. It holds up, even under intense scrubbing and cleaning. This characteristic makes it a great paint choice for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and other walls at risk of spills, stains, scratches, and the like. 
  • Semi-gloss paints rest somewhere between satin paint and high-gloss paint. Semi-gloss paints have much higher durability than flat paints and work great as a finisher for walls in kitchens or bathrooms. They help brighten up a space, and they are straightforward to clean.
  • High-gloss paint is shiny, reflective, mirror-like, and easier to clean than less glossy paint. Although it can make surface imperfections noticeable, it can also successfully coat surfaces that suffer from lots of dirt, grime, and fingerprints.

Paint on Average

Paint usually comes in gallons, and each gallon tends to cost an average of $15–$30. Of course, the cost depends entirely on how much paint you need and what kind of paint you end up purchasing. 

Like MetroPaint in Oregon, some paints produce paint from recycled latex paint and sell it for $15 a gallon. This paint is on the cheaper end of the spectrum, but it boasts high quality for the price. 

Whether interior or exterior paint, it’s safe to assume that better paint will have a higher price. Other high-end brands can cost more, like $30 or $40 per gallon. Still not as expensive as Sherwin Williams, this price tends to reflect the superb paint quality.

Hiring Painters

Apart from completing a painting project yourself, there is, of course, the option to hire a painter or painting team. 

While not ideal for those who love doing projects around the house themselves, it does present a viable option for people who would rather not deal with the hassle.

Professional painters can cost anywhere from $1200 to $6500. Many variables go into determining the price, but they usually charge per square foot of the project. Then they account for labor and materials. Labor usually makes up the majority of the cost.

Hiring professional painters is a pricier option than purchasing paint and completing your project. Some painters charge higher rates based on different variables. Some might charge per room or hour, though this practice isn’t as common. 

Paint Seems Expensive

You probably think that paint is expensive while you’re comparing different brand choices.

Even hiring professional painters appears to require a lot of cash. And if you want to get a good job done, you shouldn’t expect it to be cheap. 

The truth is, the price of the paint almost always reflects the quality. You can spend anywhere from $2 to $6 per square inch when painting a home, and that’s because good paint is pricey. 

Sherwin Williams Paint

Good paint is pricey. And Sherwin Williams paint is known as good, high-quality paint.

Should we then be surprised that it runs slightly on the expensive side? Should we doubt the Sherwin Williams name and reputation? Or does this all add up?

A gallon of interior latex paint from Sherwin Williams costs between $40 and $44. A gallon of surface enamel costs $75.99, while a gallon of urethane trim enamel costs between $98.99 and $100.00. 

As a big company, Sherwin Williams often puts certain products on sale. These deals allow customers to get a great can of paint for a much lower price than it typically runs.

For instance, a gallon of interior acrylic latex paint that generally runs between $77.49 and $82.49 may go on sale for nearly 30% off. Some Sherwin Williams paint comes with superior sanitizing technology.

A gallon of this paint costs about $70.49. Meanwhile, a gallon of chalkboard paint costs as little as $14.29. However, an interior water-based acrylic-alkyd can cost between $92.99 and $93.99 per gallon.

No matter what kind of paint you choose from Sherwin Williams, you’re going to find yourself paying a little bit more than you would for other brands. But other brands don’t come with the Sherwin Williams name, and that’s where the difference lies.

Sherwin Williams is a global leader in paint products and has been for over 150 years. The brand’s reputation in the painting world is unmatched by that of other paint producers. The company prides itself on quality products that get the job done and satisfy customers. 

Sherwin Williams paint costs more than the average can of paint since years of experience and time-tested recipes are behind the company. These factors contribute to a higher quality than the average can of paint, where customers trust the product.

Things to Consider

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Here are some essential things you’ll want to consider before making a paint purchase:

  • Interior and exterior paint are different
  • Different types of paint have different textures
  • Cheap paint is cheap for a reason
  • There are water-based paints available if needed
  • Luster paint is solvent-based and has a unique character when rolled
  • Paint can be waterproof
  • Satin or eggshell paints are best for bedrooms and living rooms
  • High-gloss paint does highlight surface imperfections
  • Good paint will seal and protect wood surfaces from water
  • Good paint is often more expensive
  • Sherwin Williams paint comes with over 150 years in business experience.
  • Sherwin Williams is a global leader in paint and paint products

Sherwin Williams Paint Cost FAQ

Before you move forward with your paint purchase, you might want to consider some of the popular questions others on the same journey have asked.

What is the best kind of Sherwin Williams paint?

Many options on the Sherwin Williams paint shelf are high quality and value. However, the cashmere interior acrylic latex paint is widely considered the best overall option. It has a smooth, almost butter-like application, and it’s easy to level each layer evenly.

While this is frequently rated the best Sherwin Williams paint out there, there are, of course, many other options to consider. And there are highly effective paints that aren’t as expensive.

Does Home Depot have Sherwin Williams paint?

No, you can’t find Sherwin Williams paint or paint products. While Home Depot does carry a large variety of perfectly agreeable paints for home projects, Sherwin Williams sells at Lowe’s only. 

What does Sherwin Williams paint cost on average?

We’ve seen that the cost of Sherwin Williams paint can vary widely depending on what type of paint you purchase.

It’s easy to understand why an average price for Sherwin Williams might be challenging to nail down since their products range from $14 to over $100. However, it’s usually an average of about $70. 

Do professional painters use Sherwin Williams paint?

Yes, Sherwin Williams is one of the more popular brands for professional painters. Professionals will turn to other well-known paint brands; however, Sherwin Williams is a go-to option for painters who want to provide quality service. 

Is Sherwin Williams overpriced?

This question gets asked a lot. No one wants to overpay on paint. Looking at Sherwin Williams’ prices might make you think they overcharge for their products. Sherwin Williams can charge more for their paint because they have a high-quality product. 

They also have a reputation that makes them one of the most trusted paint providers in the business. Even though their products are expensive, you find that you’re paying for the quality, not just the name.

What are the benefits of Sherwin Williams paint?

Apart from what we’ve already discussed, you’ll find that working with Sherwin Williams is incredibly easy. They keep extensive records, so they always know what kind of paint you purchased in the past. And they offer sales and deals to returning customers. 

Not only do they sell quality paint, but Sherwin Williams also focuses on customer satisfaction. Their paint tends to go farther and work better than others on the market. It makes their product that much more valuable.

How many square feet can a gallon cover?

Sherwin Williams paint will cover about 300 or 400 square feet of interior walls. This estimate can vary depending on the thickness of the coat that you apply. One gallon of paint should cover one coat.

How many gallons do you need to paint an entire house?

It depends entirely upon the size of the house. If a gallon of paint covers about 300 or 400 square feet, you need to determine how many square feet you have in the house. Generally, 15 gallons will cover approximately 1500 square feet.

Do painters add water to paint?

Sometimes, painters add water to paint to dilute it and give it a lighter color. Since water-based paints tend to evaporate over time, additional coats are needed to maintain your desired quality.

Does Sherwin Williams have frequent sales?

Yes, Sherwin Williams will routinely knock prices down 30%, sometimes even 40%. These sales take place every few months and provide excellent opportunities for paint lovers to find their favorite varieties. 

Is Sherwin Williams’ Paint Worth the Cost?

Does Sherwin Williams charge too much for their paint? No. The quality of paint they provide makes their product well worth the price tag. Period.

If you’re considering investing in some painting projects, you might want to check out Sherwin Williams’ paint products. Your house and your guests will thank you.