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What Color Cabinets Go With Gray Floors in 2024?

What Color Cabinets Go With Gray Floors in 2024?

Gray floors have become a popular item among most home decorators. Perhaps their popularity is due to their calming effect and the availability of gray flooring materials in different hues.

Or, maybe, their traction is due to their ability to go with varying furniture hues to improve the interior design. To get the most from your interior design, you should ensure that the gray floor coordinates with the color of your cabinets.

You don’t have to worry if you have installed a gray floor in your home and aren’t sure what color cabinets with gray floors are. We have carefully selected the best color suggestions for you.

We have discussed each of the above colors in the section below. Keep reading to learn how to apply them and how they can impact your interior design.

1. Black

Black wooden kitchen cabinets with gray floors


Black looks great on almost all surfaces. Using it on the cabinets will allow you to create a visual contrast with the light gray flooring while giving your space a bolder look. The resulting contrast would make your floor airier and lighter while providing a bolder look to the furniture.

Another notable thing about black is that it can maintain elegance for a longer period of time. For instance, using black satin paint on your cabinet fronts can give them a shiny and stylish look to conceal dirt. 

Better still, the black cabinet surfaces would absorb excess light to give your space a cozy feel. However, you can only use black if you have tons of natural light penetrating your space. Otherwise, using it in darker rooms would make it more gloomy.

2. White

Image for a piece on what color cabinets with gray floors with a white cabinet with a chrome faucet with grey wood-look tile floors

Kuprynenko Andrii/Shutterstock

White is always a happy color. Painting your cabinets white would trigger a positive emotional response and maintain a long-lasting, clean look.

Also, the white cabinet surfaces would reflect the natural light from outside to brighten up your entire space and give it a more extensive look.

On the other hand, gray floors will alter the feeling of floating furniture and contrast with the white cabinets to produce a beautiful look.

When you get used to the same white color on the cabinets, you can revamp them with attractive decorative elements like stickers and beautiful artwork.

However, the white cabinets can easily display smudges and dirt on their surfaces. You should clean them regularly to maintain the same clean, classic, and crispy look.

3. Black and White

Image of black and white kitchen cabinets with gray floors in a modern style home

Kristof Gregoire/Shutterstock

If you think a solid black color on the cabinets would make your space too dark or plain white cabinet fronts would make your room extremely bright, then you can try a blend of the two.

After all, the gray color on your floor is a combination of black and white. You can paint the top of your cabinets white and the bottom of your cabinets black, or use whatever pattern appeals to you.

While this blend could add depth to your space, it also coordinates perfectly with your gray floors, leaving your kitchen beautiful.

4. Green

To help answer what color kitchen cabinets go with gray floors, a kitchen with granite swirly backsplash and gray floors has green painted cabinets


If you are looking for a cabinet color that will coordinate with your gray floor to initiate cooling and refreshing ambiance in your space, then look not beyond green.

The good thing about green is that it offers various color options, including mint, sage, pine needles, green tea, foliage, olive, khaki, and teal.

Your choice of any of the above options will depend on whether you love bright, calm, or deep and complex green hues.

It is also important to note that the green color coordinates harmoniously with light gray wood floors or porcelain counterparts with a wooden texture.

The color is not compatible with concrete materials like glossy gray tiles, as they can deplete the green shade or even clash.

5. Lighter Gray And Darker Gray Hues

Dark gray kitchen cabinets with light gray ceramic tile flooring for a piece on what color cabinets with grey flooring

Berkay Demirkan/Shutterstock

Interior designers usually disagree about kitchens with gray cabinets and gray floors. While some consider this combination dull, others believe the combination is warm and welcoming. We are advocates of the latter.

Light gray shades reflect light. So, painting them on your cabinets will brighten your room and make it more spacious.

Dark gray shades, on the other hand, capture light. Applying them to your cabinets would trigger a feeling of intimacy and add depth to your room. If the combination feels too gloomy, you can add colorful additions to your room or cabinets.

Things to Consider

Below are various considerations you need to make when choosing your cabinet color

The Size and Light in Your Space

If you have a smaller or poorly lit room, painting its cabinets with dark hues will make the room feel more cramped.

In that case, you should go for lighter colors to brighten the room and make it seem spacious. Dark hues are the best fit for large and well-lit rooms.

The Design of Your Space

The general design of your space can determine what colors to use in your cabinets. For instance, cabinets in a modern kitchen look great in bright and contrasting colors like white and gray, while cabinets in a rustic kitchen can utilize cool shades like cream and white.

The Natural Aesthetic

If you don’t want to give out the natural beauty of your wood cabinetry, you can use stains to accentuate the natural beauty of the wood and add glamour to your interior décor.

The Floor Material

The material used to create the gray floor plays a crucial role in determining the color of the cabinets. For example, green cabinet hues will marry better with wooden floors than shiny concrete floors.

Decorative Goals

How you want your space to look or feel can help you select a cabinet color that matches your interests. For instance, lighter cabinet hues can be the best option if you want to make your space look larger and more clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Woman painting white kitchen cabinets to update the kitchen and match the gray floors

Pedal to the Stock/Shutterstock

Below are the several questions that homeowners have asked about cabinet colors:

How Can You Choose the Right Color for Your Cabinets?

When choosing the color for your cabinets, you should always consider the light in your space. If the area is well lit, you might need a dark or moodier color to balance the light and give your space a restful feel.

If your room is poorly lit, you may need to paint the cabinets with light hues to brighten the room and make it feel larger.

What Color Is Most Common in the Kitchen Cabinets?

If you aren’t good at interior design, interior designers can focus on shades frequently used like white, yellow, gray, green, and other hues discussed in the article.

Whatever your color choice, you should ensure that it marries ell with the gray floor.

Does Cabinet Color Affect the Value of a Home?

Yes. You are likely to lose your buyer if your cabinets are in an odd color or bad shape.

Studies have shown that painting quality hues on your cabinets can add to the home value by $6,000.

What Color Cabinets Go With Gray Floors?

Painting your cabinets with the correct hues can significantly improve your interior décor and the value of your home.

Since you already know the colors that can pair well with your gray floor and their selection criteria, it’s the right time to give your home interior a new, elegant look.