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15 Unique White Granite Countertops in 2024

15 Unique White Granite Countertops in 2024

The clean and sophisticated look of a white granite countertop goes with nearly every style of decoration.

You’ve probably heard that white granite countertops bring universal enjoyment because of their durability and strength.

White granite countertops provide a look that is timeless yet modern. Improvements that are timeless and modern match every home. 

15 White Granite Countertop Ideas We Obsess Over

If you want the expensive look of marble without the hefty price tag, you can use white granite countertops in your space.

Here are some unique ways to incorporate white granite countertops into your home.

And just to make sure you’re seeing every option, we’ve included a few off-white and light grey options we think you’ll love.

1. Modern Family Kitchen

Island with white granite countertops in kitchen


Add white granite countertops to complement your modern kitchen. White granite pairs well with stainless steel appliances and dark gray cabinets. 

2. Lap of Luxury Kitchen

Lap of Luxury Kitchen With White Granite Countertops

Fotoluminate LLC/Shutterstock

White granite tops look stunning in a luxurious kitchen. The golden light accents and intricate tiles pair beautifully with white granite countertops.

A subtle counter doesn’t overshine expensive accents but allows features to be the star of the show.

3. Warm Minimalist Kitchen

Warm Minimalist Kitchen with white granite countertops


White granite countertops are king as a backdrop to a clean and minimalist kitchen.

The kitchen maintains a minimalist feel, with a parquet floor and a simple appliance set-up.

4. Modern City Kitchen

White granite countertops in a Modern City Kitchen

Adrin Shamsudin/Shutterstock

Modern kitchens aren’t just for family homes! This white granite countertop looks elegant in a sophisticated city kitchen.

The white granite countertop gives the illusion of spaciousness in tight city quarters. 

5. Mountain Luxury Kitchen

Mountain Luxury Kitchen with white granite countertops


White granite countertops bring luxury to the rustic mountain. Finished wood panels look amazing with white granite.

An air of sophistication is apparent when wood and granite are together.

6. Tropical Terrace Kitchen

Tropical Terrace Kitchen with white granite countertops

Thomas Barrat/Shutterstock

White granite countertops aren’t indoors only. A tropical terrace is a perfect place for a white granite countertop.

Enjoy barbecued food and palm trees, accompanied by a white granite countertop.

7. Suburb Sophistication Kitchen

Suburb Sophistication Kitchen With White Granite Countertops


Sophistication isn’t only for city slickers. A small suburban kitchen shows refinement with the addition of white granite countertops.

Deep brown cabinets and chairs, paired with turquoise accents, allow sophistication and quirkiness to meld.

8. Industrial Family Kitchen

White kitchen countertops in a Industrial Family Kitchen

Hendrickson Photography/Shutterstock

An industrial family kitchen features black drawers, a tile backdrop, and chrome faucets.

Industrial becomes elegant with the addition of white granite countertops to round out the look.

9. Quaint and Contemporary Kitchen

Quaint and Contemporary Kitchen with White Kitchen Countertops and a counter waterfall

Kuprynenko Andrii/Shutterstock

A contemporary kitchen is complete with white granite countertops.

Dark blue tables and unfinished walls give this contemporary kitchen a quaint feel.

10. Simple and Understated Kitchen

Simple and Understated Kitchen With White Granite Countertops


A simple white granite countertop allows wooden cabinets and minimal appliances to shine.

White granite countertops aren’t elements in homes of excess; understated homes feature the same look. 

11. Proper Provencal Kitchen

Proper Provencal Kitchen with off-white granite countertops

Serghei Starus/Shutterstock

A proper Provence kitchen features beige wood, long designs, and a white granite countertop.

The sleek and understated nature of the Provencal kitchen allows the food to shine. 

12. Touch of Retro and Touch of Elegance Kitchen

White granite countertops in a kitchen titled Touch of Retro and Touch of Elegance Kitchen


Retro meets elegance most fantastically. A white granite countertop pairs beautifully with an elegant chandelier, wine refrigerator, and glass cabinets.

The kitchen is equal parts retro and equal parts elegant.

13. Mediterranean Magnificence Kitchen

Mediterranean Magnificence Kitchen with white granite countertops


There is an amplified magnificence of the Mediterranean in this kitchen.

White granite countertops serve as the perfect backdrop for colorful fruits and the bright sea in the window.

14. Southwestern Style Kitchen

Southwestern Style Kitchen with White Granite Kitchen Countertops

The southwestern-style kitchen is funky and fashionable. The addition of white granite countertops softens the loudness of the bright purple colors.

White granite countertops are the perfect match for southwestern style and colors.

15. Classy Family Kitchen

White granite kitchen countertops in a Classy Family Kitchen


A family kitchen deserves the best style and functionality. This spacious family kitchen is classy and clean.

The new and modern appliances look stunning against the white granite countertop.

Things to Consider With White Granite Counters

Consider these things before you order as much white granite countertop as your home can fit (your wallet will thank us):

  • Can your current kitchen support the weight of a heavy slab of white granite?
  • Do you have the patience and time to manage the upkeep of granite?
  • Will granite be a DIY project, or will you hire an interior designer?
  • No granite looks the same—are you flexible with the pattern on white granite?
  • Is the granite pre-sealed, and will you seal the granite each year?

Granite requires relatively little upkeep and maintenance and will be a fine addition to most homes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does white granite countertop withstand heat?

White granite countertop can withstand heat without morphing. The regular use of hot pans on a white granite countertop can cause discoloration. For this reason, many people consider placing down a potholder, so that their white granite counter maintains its color.

Is white granite more expensive?

White granite occurs naturally in nature without dying or other human interventions. For this reason, white granite is more expensive. White granite isn’t an unlimited resource, and someone needs to find it.

Does white granite stain easily?

White granite is popular because it is naturally stain-resistant. Although granite is a porous surface, it resists stains better than wood, or other popular materials. White granite doesn’t stain easily, especially when it features proper sealing measures.

Can you cut on granite countertops?

Although the granite won’t be hurt by the cutting of fruits and vegetables or any other food, your knives can get dull with time. Causing them to lose efficiency and increasing the risk of cutting yourself thanks to a slip. To protect both the countertop and your knives, it’s better to use a cutting board at all times.

Does white granite scratch easily?

No, white granite doesn’t scratch easily. One of the selling points of granite countertops is that granite is one of the strongest materials on the planet. Granite is naturally scratch and stain-resistant, which makes it a no-brainer addition to your kitchen. In a place where liquids and sharp objects are everywhere, white granite countertops allow your kitchen to thrive.

How do you keep white granite from staining?

There are a few measures you can put in place to stop white granite stains.

First, you should seal and reseal your white granite countertop each year. Although white granite is naturally stain-resistant, it is a porous surface and can take on liquids. Secondly, when you spill something on your white granite countertop, wipe the mess as soon as possible.

Preventative measures will promote the long-lasting and durable nature of a granite countertop.

Are white granite countertops hard to keep clean?

A common concern of white furniture and white things, in general, is the likelihood of staining.

Luckily, white granite is mostly stain-resistant and easy to clean. Because white granite is stain-resistant and easy to clean, it makes the perfect addition to your kitchen. As long as you clean up spills relatively quickly, your white granite countertop will maintain its luster and shine.

Do you really need to seal granite?

Granite has a reputation for being durable and strong. Do you need to seal this long-lasting material? If you want your granite to last, you must seal it! You should seal your granite because it is a porous material that can store germs and bacteria. You will cook and prepare food on your granite, so it will naturally come in contact with bacteria and germs.

How can you tell if granite needs sealing?

There is an easy test to tell if your granite counter needs sealing. Place a few drops of water on the granite counter and leave it for 30 minutes. If the drop of water maintains its shape, your granite counter is good, but if the drop of water disappears, it is time to reseal your granite counter.

How do you seal granite?

To seal granite, you must first clean the material with a household cleaner, or water and soap. Next, add a specially formulated sealer to the counter and allow it to dry. Some sealers will require removal, and others will stay on the counter. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to seal the granite counter.

How much does white granite cost?

White granite costs an average of $3,300. Specialists frequently measure the cost of white granite by the square foot, ranging from $40-$100 per square foot without the cost of labor.

When you factor in a labor cost of $40-$100, your white granite countertop will cost $80-$200 hourly for installation.

Which White Granite Countertop Style Suits Your Home?

Do you live in a spacious suburb or a sophisticated studio? Is your home warm and rustic or cool and industrial? You don’t need to look on Pinterest to find the kitchen that best matches yours. 

Make your kitchen unique and trust in the universal nature of white granite countertops. 

The beauty of white granite is that it blends between a rural farm home and a city skyscraper. No matter what type of home you reside in, you can find a place for a white granite countertop.

The addition of a white granite countertop will elevate your home to Architect Digest levels of cool.