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Two Twin Beds Together – How To Turn Them Into One?

Two Twin Beds Together – How To Turn Them Into One?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a bedroom?

We immediately think of a big bed and sweet dreams. But what if you only have twin beds and want a huge space to spread out?

Having two separate beds can be a great way to give everyone in one room their own space. But sometimes you should bring them together.

Whether for your children, who are used to one large bed or as an intimate setting for you and your partner, combining two twin beds together is an easy and affordable way to improve your sleeping space.

This blog article will look at the different options for two twin beds together. Most importantly, you will get a comfortable, functional bed.

We will also share tips on choosing a mattress and making everything perfect. Keep reading if you are looking for an interesting new way to improve your sleeping space!

Do Two Twin Beds Make a King?

Two twin beds together

If you put two twin beds next to each other, you might be tempted to think that they automatically form one comfortable king-size bed. Unfortunately, this is not the case!

Two twin beds together create more of a gap than a comfortable night’s sleep. You need the knowledge to combine two twin beds into a double bed.

Well, to start with, you need to use special connectors. They connect the two mattresses together. You need this so you can sleep much more comfortably.

And, of course, this way, you will stay caught up at night between the mattresses. You can also buy a long sheet for two beds. Tuck it over the mattresses to give the bed a neater look. 

You can put them together, given how much space two twin beds take up. Two twin beds as a king bed still take up less space than a regular double bed.

So if you do not mind extra accessories and a slight clearance between two twin beds, then yes, do two twin beds make a king? The answer is yes!

Twin vs Twin XL

When looking for two twin beds to put together, you may come across two sizes. Twin and Twin XL are the two most popular mattress sizes.

So what is the difference between them?

  • A twin mattress is generally 39 inches wide. Its length is 75 inches. 
  • Twin XL, on the other hand, usually is 38 inches wide. But it is 5 inches longer (80 inches). 

Manufacturers calculate the proportions of each sofa during manufacture. They differ in length and width. So, one adult or two children will be comfortable with each.

The extra length of Twin XL mattresses makes them the ideal choice if you have taller family members.

They are the ones who need more sleeping space than usual, and they will be comfortable on XL mattresses. Despite the extra length, two mattresses can be joined with special connectors if necessary. 

How to Connect Two Twin XLs to Make a King

Joined two twins sized beds

We think you understand that a king bed is a type of bed. We can characterize it by its large size, which makes you feel like a king.

Putting two twin beds together to make a king-size is quite easy. All you need is an inexpensive kit and a few essential tools. 

Before you start, remember that different beds come in different sizes. Thus, the process may need small adjustments.

To join two twin XL beds together into a king size, you need the following:

  • Start by measuring and cutting out a piece of plywood. It will be between the two beds.
  • Use clips and screws to attach the plywood firmly to both sides. 
  • Then fasten the connecting straps with zips firmly around each mattress. Make sure that they are held together securely. 
  • Finally, use Velcro strips to ensure that the mattresses are aligned on the same plane at all points. 

The result should be a luxurious queen-sized mattress superior to any store-bought option!

What Mattress to Choose for Connected XLs

Putting two twin beds together

Is it about choosing the right mattress for Connected XLs? You need to consider several important factors before putting two twin beds together:

  • Weight and support are the most important. Mattresses that are too heavy can put stress on your joints during sleep. Beds with insufficient clearance can contribute to back pain. 
  • Longevity and comfort are also important. No one wants a mattress that sags in places after a few weeks of use. Also, only look at a bed that is so hard that you can sleep on the floor! 
  • Before buying a mattress for your Connected XLs, ensure that it provides the correct position for your spine. It should have sufficient cushioning to avoid pressure points. 
  • And, of course, if you are all about style, the mattress should match your taste. It should give your bed an attractive appearance. Fortunately, there are plenty of options!

Create Your Own Comfortable Sleep

Two twin beds together can make a tremendous king-sized bed. But you only get that result if you do it right. And for that, you need to do more than just put two mattresses side by side. 

The right accessories and mattresses help you create a comfortable bed. It will be stylish and practical.

With careful planning and consideration, two twin beds together really can be king – and a great one at that!

Use a Good Mattress Coupler

Mattress coupler inside gap

When two twin beds are side by side, the gap between them can be noticeable and cause discomfort. To avoid this problem, it is best to use a suitable mattress coupler. 

It will connect the two mattresses and ensure they stay together, even if two people are sleeping on them. Look for one made of durable material and has a two-year warranty. 

Add Embellishment and Comfort

To make two twin beds together look like a double, add some handy decorations. You could place some decorative cushions on the beds.

Or why not buy a beautiful rug? It will give your bed a bit of personality and glamor.

The twin bed set-up could be the ideal solution for those needing more sleeping space without compromising style and comfort.

You can easily make two twin beds into one luxurious king-size bed with the right accessories. It is perfect for a good night’s rest. 


Can I put two twin beds together?

Yes, you can put two single beds together. Then you have a king-size bed. All you need is the right kit, materials and tools. You will also need a basic knowledge of how to join them together. 

Can two single beds make a queen size bed?

Yes, you can make a queen size bed from two single beds! Use a mattress coupler to join two single beds together.

This way, you will create an even larger and more luxurious sleeping surface. It is ideal for couples who need more space. Or it is an excellent option for those who want extra space on their bed. 

What does it take to join two single beds together?

You will need a special kit with clips and screws to join two single beds together. You will also need special straps and two Velcro strips to hold the mattresses together. 

Can I use two mattresses of different sizes?

No, we do not recommend using two mattresses of different sizes. They must be the same size and thickness. This way, you can combine them properly together.

For example, you need two identical twin-size mattresses. Only then you can make two single beds into a king-size bed. 

Which mattress is best for twin beds?

Look for a mattress that has enough cushioning to avoid pressure points. It should also be firm and of the same size.

This way, the two single beds can fit together correctly. A guarantee is also a plus when choosing a mattress! Then you can enjoy your comfortable king-sized bed for years to come.  

Is there an alternative to twin beds for a double bed?

A split king mattress is an excellent alternative if two single beds are unavailable. Split king mattresses are two twin xl-sized beds connected by a flexible bridge.

This design gives you two independent beds, which you can move and shift in unison if required.

If I combine two twin beds, can I then pull them apart?

Yes, you can. But you must remove the connecting straps and unfasten the connecting plywood.


In conclusion, two twin beds together can definitely make a king. You only need a little bit of effort to make it happen.

With two separate mattresses, your twin beds will be as comfortable and luxurious as any store-bought king-sized bed! Just remember to pick the right mattress. 

In general, two twin beds can make a luxurious king-size bed. All it takes is the right materials, accessories and a little creativity.

By putting two twin beds together, you can bring comfort and style to your bedroom in no time!

Good luck transforming your two twin beds into the perfect king-size bed!