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10 Dishwasher Brands To Avoid: Save Your Money And Time

10 Dishwasher Brands To Avoid: Save Your Money And Time

Are you in search of a new dishwasher?

We congratulate you! A dishwasher is an excellent investment in ensuring a simpler life.

When you buy a dishwasher, you want it to last for years. Plus, a dishwasher should leave your dishes spotlessly clean. Unfortunately, not all brands have the best reputation for performance or reliability.

We all know how annoying it is when our appliances start to fail, creating an unwanted addition to our work and expenses. But now, you do not need to worry anymore.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most well-known dishwasher brands that may not live up to your expectations about durability, quality, and customer support.

Knowing which dishwasher brands to avoid can save you time, money, and hassle in the future. So let’s figure it out!

What Makes a Dishwasher Brand Bad?

bad dishwasher brands


A bad dishwasher brand does not mean that the dishwasher itself is terrible. However, this fact may indicate hidden problems with the product.

There are several reasons why you should avoid certain dishwasher brands:

  • Poor-quality manufacturing and materials.
  • Inadequate customer service.
  • Lack of attention to detail.

These are the most common problems with unscrupulous brands. Brands consistently found to be unreliable or have inadequate performance compared to similar products can be rated as “bad.”

Ultimately, bad dishwasher brands stand out for one simple reason: Their products don’t meet consumer expectations. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons dishwasher brands avoid:


Choosing a bad brand of dishwasher can be a severe problem. Not only will it be less energy efficient, but there are other, more severe problems. For example, seals and water valves can fail prematurely.

With unreliable brands, buyers quickly get new features. And unfortunately, these are not pleasant features. You must shell out extra money for repairs or upgrades sooner than anticipated.

Worse, some budget brands may need more than the parts you have in stock. It means that if your dishwasher has a breakdown, you’ll have to spend more time waiting for repairs.

Avoiding a bad dishwasher brand should make your decision-making process more manageable. Invest in something that has been manufactured from quality components and tested.

That way, you can guarantee it will last for years!


Technician repairing dishwasher machine in the kitchen


Manufacturers design many dishwashers with the principle of repairability in mind. Although the appliance may be faulty, you can quickly and cheaply replace some parts.

But there are non-repairable dishwashers. That is, if something goes wrong, the dishwasher completely fails.

What was once an investment quickly turns into a wasted expense. Consumers should do their research before settling on a choice. You need to research reviews and any indications of obvious defects or warranties.

Sometimes even the most reputable brands are unsuccessful. And because dishwashers are made for the same purpose, avoiding bad dishwasher brands can help save money and heartache in the long run.

Poor Customer Support

Poor customer support is often a sign of an unreliable dishwasher brand. When customers ask for help or advice, they want a clear answer and help.

It can be frustrating if a company doesn’t provide informative and timely answers. It can also mean that service and repairs in the future may not be up to your standards.

And this is a huge problem when dealing with something as crucial as a dishwasher.

That’s why it’s vital to read customer service reviews. Only then can you opt for a particular brand.

How We Researched This List

Woman frustrated with broken dishwasher


Understanding problems and frustrations is an integral part of finding the best brands. You want to avoid the frustrations associated with faulty dishwashers.

To that end, we’ve done thorough research. We focused on examining data related to customer reviews.

We also studied:

  • Warranties.
  • Features.
  • Availability.
  • Popularity.

The results show a wide range of user experiences. Thus, it was vital for us to understand better which characteristics define a dishwasher as a bad one.

This way, we would provide an accurate representation in a list of dishwasher brands to avoid.

To do this, we tested the products, starting with the more popular brands. The results determined which features worked correctly or not. It helped us create a practical list of dishwasher brands to avoid.

A List of the Worst Dishwasher Brands to Avoid

Man poures a Rinse Aid into the dishwasher

Daniel Krason/Shutterstock

When shopping for a dishwasher, you must know which brands you should avoid. Many of the worst brands of dishwashers are unreliable. They are not equipped with all the features you need.

Many appliance manufacturers choose mass production over quality. The most infamous dishwashers we know for their low-grade components. They can wear and tear faster than a reliable model.

A low-quality dishwasher can cost more in the long run. Because of frequent repairs and replacement parts, you’ll have to shell out more.

Industry experts have identified several models of dishwashers. These are the dishwashers that have the highest level of dissatisfaction among consumers.

Prospective consumers should research the issue thoroughly. You shouldn’t invest in one of these infamous dishwasher brands.


Viking dishwasher

Image source:

Viking dishwashers are unreliable. Many consumers say this fact when they report serious malfunctions.

These malfunctions result in property damage and need more repairs than other brands. It leads to huge repair bills to keep the machine running smoothly.

Even when Viking dishwashers function correctly, they tend to run much louder. If you look at other brands on the market, Viking loses out. They consume significantly more energy.

Don’t waste your money on a short-term solution. It won’t last long, anyway. That’s why Viking is the brand of dishwasher you should avoid.

Better yet, consider investing in another well-known brand. Not only will it be reliable, but you will also spend less money on repairs in the long run.


Frigidaire (a dishwasher brand to avoid) appliances sit on the shelf in their boxes in a big box retailer


Those who want to buy a reliable dishwasher should avoid Frigidaire. Yes, this brand is widely available on the shelves of home appliance stores. But many note the high cost and low performance of its products.

Dishwashers from this brand are often short-lived. They require significant maintenance and care. It is what quickly increases their cost.

What’s more, service reviews are not always true. The limited availability of repairmen can leave buyers without recourse.

Our advice to you is to avoid the Frigidaire brand dishwasher. It’s more of a low-grade option.

You should explore market alternatives that offer more durability and longevity. That said, you can find an equal or lower price.


Opened Electrolux Dishwasher


Are you on the lookout for a good dishwasher? Then, we recommend that you avoid the Electrolux dishwasher brand.

In several consumer reviews, customers have noted a trend toward poor dishwasher performance. Besides, you’ll need characteristic repairs for this brand that aren’t the cheapest.

Not only that, customers feel cheated after various malfunctions. They have to call a specialist repeatedly, and repairs come with high prices. But more often than not, these repairs are not worth so much money.

Thus, choosing Electrolux is not a logical decision. So if you are looking for an efficient and reliable dishwasher, select something else.


Samsung dishwasher (a brand to avoid) in a cabinet with light wooden trim

Gzegorz Czapski/Shutterstock

Are we talking about dishwashers?

Samsung is a name you should definitely avoid! Recent reports have revealed exciting details. Almost 40% of all dishwasher repair calls are for Samsung models.

All complaints range from normal wear and tear and broken parts to leaks due to damaged gaskets.

In some appliance reviews, people mention design failures. Among these failures, customers highlight:

  • hard-to-reach adjustable top racks.
  • inconveniently positioned filter nets, making them uncomfortable to use.

Poor-quality nozzles, inefficient wash cycles, and plastic tubs that dent easily make Samsung brand dishwashers a potential nightmare, so we recommend you avoid them.


JennAir dishwasher

Image source:

When you’re looking at dishwasher brands, we recommend you avoid JennAir. Put it somewhere at the bottom of your list.

This brand gets negative customer reviews all the time. All because it has unreliable performance and customer service.

Customers often report that JennAir dishwashers stop working after a short period of time. The company does not provide adequate support when trying to fix the problem.

Also, we know JennAir appliances increase repair costs dramatically. It makes it a little expensive among dishwasher brands.


Insignia dishwasher

Image source:

Among the countless brands of dishwashers, there is one more that you should avoid. We’re talking about the Insignia brand.

Many users have reported problems with leaks. Also, people complain about poor performance and loud noises.

Experienced appliance repair experts recommend avoiding this brand altogether. They cite a lack of quality control and parts that can fail.

Also, they point out that Insignia is generally not repairable once it breaks down.

We recommend that you save yourself the hassle. Look for a more reliable brand initially.

Fisher & Paykel

Fisher&Paykel dishwasher

Image Source:

When buying a dishwasher, Fisher & Paykel should not come first. Yes, this brand has a vast number of different features. But testing has shown that the user experience is often insufficient.

In countless reviews, consumers report that the machines break down before their intended lifespan. They give unsatisfactory results even after proper maintenance.

Despite excellent customer service, the brand does not inspire enough confidence. You will still have concerns about durability. Thus, we recommend avoiding the Fisher & Paykel brand of dishwashers.


Bosch dishwasher opening with the company logo on the top

Grzegorz Czapski/Shutterstock

When on the lookout for a good dishwasher brand, you might want to avoid Bosch. This is a German company that we know for its superior engineering. But recent reviews say that’s not always the case with their dishwashers.

Customers report faulty parts within days of buying them. They also talk about poor customer service by Bosch technicians.

Some users also claim that, despite seemingly rugged construction and specifications, these appliances lack power and efficiency, along with questionable manufacturer-authorized repairs.

Ultimately, Bosch dishwashers are probably not the best choice. After all, you’re looking for a reliable dishwasher. A dishwasher that won’t need costly maintenance or frequent repairs.


MOOSOO dishwasher

Image source:

MOOSOO is a dishwasher brand that is often avoided. Yes, many people buy it because of its seemingly attractive price.

But the cost of MOOSOO dishwashers often turns out to be even more expensive.

Many buyers who have purchased one of these machines have experienced disappointing performance. They also note costly repairs soon after buying.

If you’re looking for a new dishwasher but want a reasonable price, it’s best to avoid MOOSOO. Investing in a more reliable brand will save you time and money.

And you’ll ensure your machine performs optimally for a long time. Look around; there are plenty of great options on the market. 


LG dishwasher

Image source:

Those looking for a new dishwasher should also avoid the LG brand. This brand gets censured for poor repair service and a high failure rate.

As a result, consumers get stuck with machines that barely last a year.

Many customers cite the long wait for replacement parts. And they talk about even longer wait times to repair LG brand dishwashers.

Yes, LG can offer attractive features at affordable prices. But constant consumer dissatisfaction makes them a less-than-ideal choice when investing in appliances.


What is the most reliable dishwasher brand?

The most reliable dishwasher brand is Whirlpool. It is known for its high performance and durability. And we know it for excellent customer service.

Does the dishwasher brand matter?

Yes, the dishwasher brand does matter. Different brands have different features, warranties, and repair services.

Choosing a reliable dishwasher that offers good value for money is important.

Can I choose a dishwasher based on price?

Yes, you can choose a dishwasher based on price. But, it is important to consider the features and warranty the brand offers. As well as customer reviews to ensure you get a good quality product. 

Where can I find information about dishwasher brands?

You can find information about various dishwasher brands online. Look for customer reviews and unbiased comparisons between brands. You can also contact the manufacturer directly for further details.

What to Look for When Choosing a Good Dishwasher Brand

What to look for when installing new dishwasher


When choosing a good brand of dishwasher, buyers should look at the following:

  • Characteristics.
  • Reliability.
  • Warranty.

The best dishwashers for installing are equipped with features such as:

  • Dirt sensors.
  • Adjustable shelves.
  • Sealed doors.
  • Disinfect cycles.

These features allow you to customize your cleaning routine. In addition, you need to find out what kind of warranty the manufacturer offers.

The quality guarantee is the key factor when making such a big purchase. You’ll get the most out of it. 

Look for brands that offer strong warranties. They should cover defects in materials and workmanship. Some even offer extended warranties on certain parts of the appliances.

Last but not least, be sure to read reviews from other people who have bought the same dishwasher brand.

It will give you an idea of its performance over time. You can make an informed decision on which dishwasher to buy.