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Appliance Repair Near Me: Find the Best Local Vendors

Appliance Repair Near Me: Find the Best Local Vendors

Searching for “appliance repair near me?” If so, you aren’t alone.

Fortunately for you, our complete guide gives you things to consider, pricing, and connects you with local appliance repair experts.

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Searching for “Appliance Repair Near Me?”

Finding appliance repair near me can be pretty tough, as my city doesn’t have many options. There are fewer independent appliance repair companies and technicians around than in the past.

Searching Google will always return a few nearby results, but it’s hard to tell which companies are reliable, skilled, and affordable.

If I’m inviting a repair tech company into my home, I need to know that they’re trustworthy. Once you find a good local appliance repair company, you stick with them.

It’s Challenging

Young woman with long hair over isolated yellow wall frustrated by a bad situation because she came up with no results when searching for appliance repair near me

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But finding appliance repair options that are local to you can be more challenging than you think. To make it easier, I built a list of helpful resources to point you toward the best appliance repair in your area.

I’d know—when I was managing 500 single-family homes, I needed to find appliance repair near me on a daily basis. I’ve been through the process, and I’ve learned a thing or two about sourcing experts.

Keep reading if any of the following apply to you:

  • You’re looking for “appliance repair near me” that you can trust
  • There are some appliance repair options, but you’re not sure which one to choose
  • I need to know what to look for in an appliance repair company
  • I need to know what red flags to watch out for

I’ve got a few ways to help you find better results than you’d uncover by searching Google for “appliance repair near me.” These solutions are going to help, no matter where you are in the United States.

What You’ll Learn

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I’ll show you the telltale signs of a trustworthy, reliable appliance repair company. I’ll help you narrow down any existing options you might have. I’ll also cover average appliance repair company red flags to watch out for.

You’ll see a special form in this guide that you can use to connect with a local appliance repair company. We connect with real, highly-rated appliance repair companies and technicians all over the nation.

They will review your appliance repair form submission and send you a free quote. It’s as easy as that!

Before we get into that, have you wondered why it seems to be more of a challenge to find appliance repair companies nearby? Here’s the reason why.

Why It’s Hard to Find Appliance Repair Near You

Woman wearing white shirt sitting at landry room by the washing machine and calling for appliance repair service

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If you’ve noticed it’s getting harder to find appliance repair companies in your area, you’re not alone. We’re beginning to see a slight decline in the number of people working in this skilled trade.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that without a wave of new technicians joining the field, the industry will shrink by 2% by 2028.

Shrinking Number of Appliance Repair Vendors

The reasons for these declines have a lot to do with recent trends in our society, like:

  • Smart appliances require additional training and electronics backgrounds
  • Homeowners attempt DIY repairs with YouTube videos and online guides
  • Students take fewer vocational credits in high school
  • Homeowners replace large appliances without calling repair technicians.
  • Small appliances are less durable and are often replaced instead of repaired

Overall, these factors mean there are fewer appliance repair companies and technicians around today than just five years ago. As a result, it’s not as easy to find appliance repair companies as it was in years past.

The Good News

Young Male Technician Checking Fridge With Digital Multimeter


The good news is that there isn’t a serious shortage. They’re still out there! It just means you may need resources like this guide to locate a good repair technician near you.

The good news about the declining number of technicians in the repair industry is that those who are still in business have likely been around for a while.

They’re more experienced, they continue learning new skills as more complex appliances enter the market, and they often have great customer service.

Many of them are apprenticing younger, less experienced techs. So we could see a resurgence in repair technician numbers in the coming years.

What Appliance Repair Companies Do

Wondering if your problem is something a local appliance repair company can fix? Here are the tasks and repairs you can expect an appliance repair company to handle:

  • Installing appliances
  • Inspecting appliances and systems
  • Troubleshooting appliance problems
  • Repairing large appliances
    • Dishwashers
    • Washers and dryers
    • Ranges
    • Refrigerators
    • Freezers
    • Grills
    • HVAC systems*
  • Repairing small appliances
    • Vacuum cleaners
    • Microwaves
  • On-site and in-shop repairs

* Not all appliance repair companies offer HVAC repair services. Call the company or check their website to find out if they offer HVAC services.

Appliance repair companies will also be able to offer recommendations for the maintenance of your appliances. They can share the best brands and models if you need a replacement.

They should also be able to advise when a repair would be more expensive than a full replacement, even if it means they’ll miss out on a profitable sale.

What to Look For in an Appliance Repair Company

Choosing an appliance repair company you can trust is important. When you hire a professional for appliance repair, you allow technicians you’ve probably never met into your home.

You depend on them to accurately and honestly price their services. And you trust that the work they do will be done properly. 

When you’re considering hiring an appliance repair company, look for these positive indicators to know you’re dealing with a good company. 

Proper Credentials

Blank ID card tag on wooden background when vetting an appliance repair near you contractor


Depending on where you live, appliance repair technicians and companies may need to be licensed or hold certifications. A good appliance repair company or technician is proud to show you their credentials.

These include:

These certifications show that the appliance repair vendors want you to know they’re abiding by the law, know what they’re doing, and run a legitimate business.

And I’ve found that most smaller appliance repair experts love their job and want to share their knowledge with you.

Availability and Business Hours

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Broken appliances are never convenient, but a good repair company should strive to make the repair visit as convenient as possible. If you work during the day and need them to come in the evening, they can accommodate it.

If you have an appliance emergency, they should have emergency services that offer late-night or weekend service. While you shouldn’t make their lives difficult, good appliance repair vendors work around your schedule.

Quality Customer Service

When searching for appliance repair near me, consider customer service. To symbolize this, portrait of a customer service agent sitting at office


Whether you’re dealing with an appliance repair company or an airline, quality customer service is essential. You’ll be able to get an idea of how good a company’s customer service is right away.

Before hiring an appliance repair company near you, ask yourself:

  • Do they answer the phone quickly or call you back right away?
  • Does the tech sound friendly and warm on the phone?
  • Have they answered your questions?
  • Did they give you a short window of time for your arrival?

These are all indicators of good customer service, but you’ll know it when you see it.

Good Reputation

Businesswoman pressing face emoticon on the keyboard laptop / Customer service evaluation concept.


Look for an appliance repair company (and technician) with a good local reputation. Word travels quickly, whether you live in a metropolitan area or a small town.

Companies with good customer service, fair pricing, qualified technicians, and timely service will have great reputations.

Companies with poor customer service or who are known for overcharging, making shoddy repairs, or arriving on time will have a bad reputation in the area.

To find out, ask around or check online for unbiased reviews. Sites like Angie’s List or even Google Reviews can aid you in your search.

Upfront About Pricing

honesty word written on wood block. honesty text on table, concept.


Quotes and estimates are part of the appliance repair business for a reason. During repairs, sometimes additional issues will become apparent.

Sometimes different parts will be needed. Occasionally, it’s revealed that the repair will be much simpler than previously thought. 

For these reasons, repair companies should give you an itemized estimate or quote that shows how much they think the job will cost.

Appliance Repair Company Red Flags

Most appliance repair companies meet these criteria and more, but some are less than scrupulous. Here are red flags that indicate you may be dealing with a dishonest or sub-par appliance repair company. 

You Had to Call More Than Once

Young woman standing outside of a building annoyed that she has to call an appliance repair company near her more than once

Martin Novak/Shutterstock

A good appliance repair company wants your business, so when you call, they’ll either pick up the phone or call you back ASAP.

If you’ve reached out more than once and haven’t received a call back, you’ll know it’s not the right company.

Imagine what would happen if you hired the company and had to call them back. Do you think that type of vendor would come back immediately? I don’t think so.

No Window of Time for Arrival

Any trustworthy company respects its customers’ time. That means giving you a window of time for their technician’s arrival and sticking to it.

If you can’t get the company to narrow the arrival time down to a two-hour window or so, it’s not a good sign.

They Want You to Pay First

Sad man looking at his wallet with money dollar banknotes flying out away


We expect to prepay for some things in life, but appliance repair isn’t one of them. A company that asks you to pay upfront isn’t operating normally.

The technician needs to complete the work before billing you to know exactly how much additional parts and labor cost.

They’re Impatient With Questions

It’s your appliance; it’s perfectly normal to have questions about what went wrong, what needs to be repaired, etc.

If you get the sense that the repair company is annoyed or impatient with your questions, it’s a sign you should look elsewhere. 

How to Find Local Appliance Repair

Smiling Woman With Repair Bill

Speed Kingz/Shutterstock

Now that you know how to find appliance repair experts near you, it’s time to test your newfound knowledge. Fortunately for you, we make it easy to connect with a pro.

Simply click the button below, enter some information into the form, explain the nature of your call, and you’ll be connected with at least one local vendor to give you a free estimate.

Remember, be as specific as possible. If the broken appliance is making noise or doing anything noteworthy, be sure to mention it. This way you’ll have the best shot at getting it fixed on the first try.

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Find Local Appliance Repair

We partnered with Networx to help you find local appliance repair techs. Click to below to get a FREE quote.

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We may earn a commission when you click this link, at no extra cost to you.

Finding Quality Appliance Repair Near Me

A plumber repairing washing machine

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Household appliances may not be in the spotlight much, but we realize how essential they are as soon as one breaks down.

I don’t know about you, but my household doesn’t run smoothly unless the refrigerator’s running (better go catch it!), the washer and dryer are working, and the air conditioner is pumping out cold air.

I know it’s going to be a tough week if my dishwasher or stove is out of order. Appliances make our fast-paced lifestyles possible. When something stops working properly, it can throw us off.

When to Call the Pros

At the first sign of an appliance breaking or wearing out, it’s time to call a quality appliance repair company. Look for the indicators of a trustworthy, reliable company, and be on the lookout for any red flags.

Make sure you choose a company or technician that will give you a free estimate or quote! You can use the form above to get a free quote from a trustworthy appliance repair company in your area right now.