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The 10 Main Types of Bathroom Faucets For Any Needs

The 10 Main Types of Bathroom Faucets For Any Needs

If you’re building a home or completing a renovation project, knowing the ten main types of bathroom faucets can help you find one that suits your budget and needs.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you may require before making the best selection. 

Bathroom Faucets to Suit Every Style

Creating the perfect bathroom space in your home involves choosing attractive, functional, and affordable fixtures.

However, not all bathroom faucets are similar, so the finish should align with your current style and stand up to prolonged use.

Here are some popular finishes that many bathroom faucets offer:

  1. Brass
  2. Bronze
  3. Chrome
  4. Copper
  5. Nickel 
  6. Plastic 
  7. Stainless steel
  8. Zinc

10 Types of Bathroom Faucets for Your Home

Young couple choosing a chrome type of bathroom faucet in the hardware store


Choosing the type of bathroom faucet is just as important as its finish.

This guide will help you determine which of these ten styles best suits your home and which will not work with your space. 

1. Bridge Faucet

Bridge Faucet
WOWOW 8 inch Centerset Bridge Faucet
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The bridge types of bathroom faucets combine a traditional look with modern functionality. It connects the hot and cold controls to the spout through a bridge design, rather than having to make another hole in the bathroom counter.

These types of faucets are often combined with under-mount sinks for a sleek, sophisticated look. 

This model makes cleaning simpler for many homeowners since there is plenty of space to clean around the controls. Some bridge styles will have a pull-out spray faucet head as an additional feature for versatility and functionality. 

2. Center-Set Faucet

Center-Set Faucet
VALISY 2-Handle Brushed Nickel Bathroom Sink Faucet
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A center-set faucet is the typical bathroom setup in many homes. It requires three holes in the sink or countertop for proper installation.

Some center sets will have the hot and cold controls built into the faucet structure, while others allow them to be separate, up to four inches from the tap. 

This type of bathroom faucet is compact, making it an excellent choice for smaller spaces where the tap and water controls need to be close. Center sets are available in many finishes, are relatively affordable, and are simple to install. 

3. Deck Mount Faucet

Deck Mount Faucet
MR. FAUCET 2 Cross-Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet
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A deck-mounted bathroom faucet allows homeowners to install this type on the sink or tub countertop deck. This model helps keep a sink or bathtub cleaner as the faucet and taps are further away, making it easier to clean the area. 

You can find deck mount faucets, which are a standard fixture for large bathtubs with a surrounding counter support or a protruding rim where access to a wall mount is impossible.

These models are also common in bathrooms with large countertops and a drop-in sink with ample space for installation. 

4. Freestanding Faucet

Freestanding Faucet
Senlesen Single Handle Freestanding Faucet
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Freestanding types of bathroom faucets are pretty self-explanatory. These models stand separately and are installed on the bathroom floor rather than on a countertop, sink, or wall.

Homeowners with stand-alone bathtubs will typically require freestanding faucets to provide extended functionality. Many models of freestanding bathtub faucets will also include a portable hand-held shower head for more versatility.

However, this type requires access to a water line in the floor, so ensuring your home is set up to support a freestanding faucet is essential before you settle on this model. 

5. Roman Tub Faucet

Roman Tub Faucet
Moen Two-Handle Deck Mount Roman Tub Faucet
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The Roman tub bathroom faucet is an excellent choice for an alternative to large bathroom spaces. This type of bathroom faucet is similar to the deck-mount model but offers some slight advantages. 

Roman tub models will have a high-arch faucet that rises up and over into the sink or bathtub, providing extra clearance.

In addition, some options may include a pull-out hand faucet to provide versatility for bathtubs. However, the models with this additional feature will require an extra hole in the countertop to accommodate it. 

6. Single-Handle Faucet

Single-Handle Faucet
Delta Faucet Modern Single Hole Bathroom Faucet
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The single-handle bathroom faucet is one of the most straightforward designs to choose from. Many homeowners use this model because it only requires one hole in the sink or countertop to install and is one of the least expensive options. 

Consequently, some models can take up only a few inches of surface area. Therefore, this type of bathroom faucet is an excellent choice for small bathrooms or where there is limited space. 

The single level can control the water temperature and the pressure, making it a model that is easy to use with one hand or your wrist and arm if your hands are dirty.

However, this style makes it more challenging to get the perfect temperature when compared to other types. 

7. Spread-Fit Faucet

Spread-Fit Faucet
Delta Faucet Nicoli Widespread Faucet
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Homeowners with ample countertop space or larger bathrooms have the luxury of choosing a spread-fit bathroom faucet.

These models require three holes for installation, and the corresponding water controls can sit anywhere from 6 inches or more away from the water spout. 

The installation of spread-fit, also known as wide-spread faucets, allows for more customization. These models are ideal for areas where the water taps may interfere with the wall and need to be away from the spout or corner sinks. 

8. Sprinkle/Waterfall Faucet

Sprinkle/Waterfall Faucet
Sprinkle Waterfall Double Handle Bathroom Faucet
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For something completely different, homeowners can choose a sprinkler bathroom faucet. These models offer a flat, rectangle spout rather than the standard cylindrical types most faucets provide.

This design gives the bathroom a more modern look, and the water comes out rectangular, providing more surface coverage during use. Building on the sprinkler spout is the waterfall bathroom faucet model.

Waterfall Bathroom Faucet
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Similarly, the water comes from a unique tap to offer an alternative to traditional options. With this design, the top of the spout is open, allowing the water to flow down and over the edge to mimic a waterfall. 

Both sprinkle and waterfall faucets can use single-handles, center-set, wide-set, or even wall mounts, and they come in various finishes to match any bathroom decor. 

9. Vessel Faucet

Vessel Faucet
Delta Faucet Trinsic Vessel Sink Faucet, Single Hole Bathroom Faucet
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When homeowners choose a vessel sink, their fixture choices are limited to vessel types of bathroom faucets or wall-mounted ones.

Vessel models are naturally taller and extend further than standard types because they have to reach above and beyond a sink that is mounted on the countertop instead of being flush with the vanity. 

Vessel bathroom faucets range from four inches tall and higher, enabling them to clear the top of the vessel sink. Additionally, many models use a single-handle design due to countertop controls’ challenges when a sink is located on top. 

10. Wall-Mount Faucet

Wall Mount Faucet
Moen Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet
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For some homeowners, wall-mount types of bathroom faucets are ideal for their space. These models do not require any countertop installation since they come from the wall and can help make it easier to keep the sink and counter cleaner. 

One advantage of wall-mounted bathroom faucets is their versatility. You can change out sinks and update the look without worrying about changing faucets.

However, you will need to ensure that your wall mount model extends far enough to reach the new sink, or you risk having a mess each time you use the bathroom.

Things to Consider

Image of a store with several types of bathroom faucets being inspected by a woman in a green shirt


When deciding on a new type of bathroom faucet, homeowners need to consider several critical elements that will influence the model and style they choose.

Some of these essential items will include: 

  • Does the sink style limit the type of bathroom faucet to use? Some sinks only allow a single hole, while others have multiple holes for selecting other types. 
  • Do you know where the water lines are? Some bathrooms without water lines in the floor or wall may be a costly deterrent for free-standing or wall-mounted types. 
  • Are there any space restrictions that could pose problems with turning handles or reaching faucets for use? You don’t want a type of bathroom faucet that will turn and hit the backsplash or corner edges of the vanity. 
  • How important is having a clean faucet, sink, and countertop? Some models make cleaning around the taps challenging, while others are simpler. 
  • Do you know what finish you prefer for the bathroom? Not all types of bathroom faucets will offer all finishing types, so there could be limitations on the available models you want. 
  • Is budget or ease of installation a concern? If you want to install the bathroom faucet yourself or have a small budget, these elements can limit your choices. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Various types of bathroom faucets as seen while walking through a store

Dmitry Markov152/Shutterstock

If you have any questions about the types of bathroom faucets to choose from, take a look at these frequently asked questions for more details.

Do all types of bathroom faucets operate the same?

No, because of the various styles, bathroom faucets include different mechanisms for operation. Some standard methods use rotating balls, cartridges, compression movement, diaphragms, and discs. Each technique has its advantages, based on what type of faucet it requires.

Which finish is best for a bathroom faucet?

Brushed nickel and matte black are often the best finishes for a bathroom faucet. Neither of these styles will show smudges, spots, or fingerprints like reflective surfaces can, making them easier to keep looking clean. They are both attractive, trendy, and well-suited for a wide range of bathroom designs and motifs.

What type of bathroom faucet is easiest to keep clean?

Homeowners who want a bathroom faucet that is easy to keep clean should go with a single-handle model in brushed nickel or a matte black finish. This style does not have separate hot and cold water controls, making it simple to wipe down and minimize the amount of debris that collects around the sink.

Which is the most durable type of bathroom faucet?

The answer is solid brass for anyone wondering what the most durable bathroom faucet is for their home. Although brass materials are more expensive than other types of bathroom faucets, they will last for years, even in homes with hard water.

Can you replace a 3-hole bathroom faucet with a single-hole model?

Yes, depending on if your previous 3-hole model was a center-set or not. Several one-hole single-handle models offer a plate cover that extends to the sides and will cover the additional holes in the sink or countertop that you will not be using. However, if you had a spread-fit type of faucet in the bathroom, you would also have to replace the sink.

Are single-handle or two-handle types of bathroom faucets better? 

If you are trying to decide between a single-handle or two-handle type of bathroom faucet, the answer may not be as simple as one or the other. Your needs and preferences will determine which style is best for your area. 

Typically, single-handle models are best for small spaces, lower budgets, and easier cleaning. Two-handle models provide more water temperature control, a sophisticated look, and suit more grandiose bathroom spaces.

What’s Your Favorite Type of Bathroom Faucet?

After exploring the 10 main types of bathroom faucets, you can see how some models will suit a space while others don’t.

Knowing what choices work best for vessel sinks, stand-alone bathtubs, and other unique fixtures, homeowners can choose a bathroom faucet that is functional and attractive for their needs.