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7 Exterior Paint Colors for a House With a Red Roof

7 Exterior Paint Colors for a House With a Red Roof

A vibrant, red roof can make your house eye-catching and stand out in the neighborhood. If you have a place with a red roof or are planning to install one, you may be thinking about the best exterior paint colors for a house with a red roof.

Before making up your mind, it’s wise to research what colors will go best with your crimson housetop. But don’t get overwhelmed; we’ll show you our top picks below.

Colors That Go Well With a Red Roof

Red roof house with a unique yellow or beige exterior paint color


Several go well with red, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one you like.

Red is a warm color that can lend your house a rustic coziness.

It looks great with other warm hues but can also look striking against its cooler counterparts. Read on to find out why each color may be the right one for you.

1. Beige

Beige house with mediterranean exterior design and red roof


Beige is a warm, light-tan color that is popular among homeowners. This unassuming neutral is an excellent exterior paint color thanks to its flexibility and high resale value.

A red roof set against beige will pop and give your home a playful aesthetic. This combination is particularly popular with stucco homes. The warmth in both colors can give your house a uniform appearance without blending and creating a flat surface.

Consider adding white accents or foliage to create a crisp, clean edge to your home. This tweak will give the beige dimension without contrasting, darker tones. 

2. Brown

Wood cabin with red roof and brown exterior color


Like beige, brown is generally warm and earthy. It will look inviting, set beneath a dark red roof. If you have a brown brick house, a red top is the way to go. 

Brown houses blend seamlessly into woodsy landscapes, making them the ideal choice for anyone living among plenty of greenery, and a red roof will give them a magical, fairytale feel. 

If you think brown is the right color for your home, look for a warm brown, preferably with red in the base. Browns with green or blue undertones may clash with red.

3. Gray

Scandinavian type of house with red roof and gray exterior color


Gray pairs well with several colors, and red is no exception. Light or dark, this neutral won’t get in the way, so you’ll be able to make a statement with your bright red tiles. 

Gray is often a cool color, but there are also warm-toned grays. It isn’t uncommon to find homes dressed in “greige,” a perfect mixture of gray and beige. Both cool and warm grays look natural beneath a scarlet housetop. 

Accent a gray home with white trim to give it an expansive, open appearance. The red roof is the ideal addition to this homey combination.

4. White

Home with a red roof and white exterior paint overlooks a lush green lawn that's somewhat overgrown


White is a guaranteed safe choice for homeowners. It’s easy to customize, decorate, and sell, should that be on your mind. Topped with a red roof, a white home is classic and charming.

White houses look great set against an open blue sky. White is the perfect way to display a vibrant red roof if you have the luxury of an open landscape with low greenery.

Try accenting a white exterior with red shutters or trim. If that contrast seems too loud, dark gray accents can help subdue some of the vividness. Don’t be afraid to go all-in, however. Red and white houses can be an exciting combination.

5. Blue

Blue house with red door and red roof


Navy blue is one of the most popular housing colors on the market today. Pairing it with a warm red roof will give it a unique, intriguing atmosphere. Blue is a cool color and makes a great companion to red.

Whether you prefer gray-blue or dark navy, your crimson roof tiles will pop without clashing. If you’re looking for a classic American feel, consider adding white trim or shutters to the front of your home.

This charming color scheme will stand out among your neighbors. It comes together effortlessly to create a complete, professional façade. 

6. Yellow

Yellow painted home with a red tile roof for a piece on what color home goes with a red roof

Krzysztof Slusarczyk/Shutterstock

Yellow is bright and warm, just like red. So naturally, a red roof will be at home atop a sunny yellow exterior. You can even experiment with soft or vivid yellows.

Warm colors look excellent outside of a home because they tend to conform with the landscape and offer you a welcoming sight upon returning. Red and yellow are especially cheery. 

Trim your red and yellow house in white or add a red door to complete the look. This distinct combination will be the envy of the block.

7. Green

Green house with red roof


When you think of red and green, your mind immediately goes to Christmas decorations. However, that doesn’t have to be the case, depending on which green you choose.

Warm greens such as olive can help the exterior of your house blend in with the landscape without clashing with your roof. Or, try sage green, which is neutral and won’t create much contrast to the red. 

Green houses look great with dark or light trim, and a dark red roof can give your home an earthy feel. Don’t shy away from green for fear of looking like a holiday festival gone rogue. There are plenty of green shades that won’t overpower a red roof.

Things to Consider

Blue exterior paint color for a house with a red roof on a clear blue sky day


There are a few things you should consider before painting the exterior of your house.

  • Red comes in varying shades and tones. If you have a dark red roof, that will look very different on a yellow house than an orange-red roof. Keep this in mind when selecting a paint color for your exterior.
  • Red is very vibrant. Although it looks great on many houses, it may not blend well with all neighborhoods or landscapes. If you’re thinking of installing one, take stock of the landscape to ensure it will look good in your area. 
  • Experiment with different color combinations. Although most people tend to match warm tones with other warm tones, it can pay off to pair warm tones with cool tones. Try putting red next to blue or white for an exciting contrast.
  • Test swatches on different sections of the house. And be sure to observe them throughout the day. Most colors look different in various lighting conditions, so you may not appreciate certain hues depending on what light they’re in.
  • Keep it simple. If you want to pursue a monochromatic color scheme and paint your house red, do so with caution. Like all colors, red comes in different hues and tones. It might be more challenging than you think to choose two reds that won’t clash. If you try to match the roof and exterior exactly, your house may end up looking like a barn.
  • Ask a professional if you still feel uncertain. It can be easy to get lost in the many options available, but don’t make the mistake of deciding without feeling confident that you’ll like it. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Red can be an intimidating color to match. If you still have questions, read these inquiries from other red-roof owners to get some clarification.

What trim goes with a red roof?

Matching your trim to your roof is a great way to add contrast to the exterior of your home. If you’re considering painting your house’s trim, you can match the roof color exactly or choose something complementary.

Consider a complementary color if you want to give your home a designer edge. A blue house, for example, looks charming with white trim and a red roof. On the other hand, if you prefer earthy tones, consider a warm brown.

What are some types of roofs?

Roofs come in many different types, and almost all can be red, which is good news since you can adjust based on your home’s specific needs and budget. Besides the standard asphalt shingles found on many modern homes, you can select metal roofing, clay or concrete tiles, or even rubber.

You can invest in solar tiles if you are conscientious and have the padding in your budget to afford them. These tiles come in red and look just like a standard roof. They’re a great way to update the book and function of your home.

Why do Mediterranean houses have red roofs?

The red roofs found on houses in the Mediterranean area are more than just a stylistic choice. The clay tiles are curved, like half a cylinder.

This means that any water will quickly roll off them. They also help keep the houses cool by ventilating air between the tiles, preventing hot air from pressing directly on the structure.

What does a red roof symbolize?

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of arranging a space so that energy flows perfectly through it. Perfecting Feng Shui requires a trained eye and instinct for color and design.

Red is a powerful color in Feng Shui, and many believe it invites prosperity and luck. If you have a red roof and want to utilize Feng Shui, make the most of the experience. Research, and find out where to place red throughout your home.

How long do red tile roofs last?

How long your roof lasts depends on the type of material that you choose. But, for the most part, your roof should last at least 15 years. The famous red tiles you see in warm climates houses are generally very durable.
This is because they are usually made with concrete or clay. You can expect your roof tiles to last 50 years or more with proper care. You can take a few steps to extend the life of your roof.

First, inspect your roof often, and pay attention to any leaks you notice. Next, make sure to clean your roof as often as possible and clear it of debris. This scrutiny provides you with the opportunity to inspect the tiles closely.

What is the most durable type of roof?

If you don't live in a warm climate or don't have a home suited to red shingle roofs, you can still invest in a durable crimson housetop. The most durable type of roof on the market is steel. Not only are steel roofs more resistant to wind and weather.

But they also have the advantage of reflecting heat. If you want to adorn your roof in red, add some primer, acrylic, or oil paint . Just make sure the paint you choose is made for metal surfaces. Otherwise, it might not stick.

What is the cheapest type of roof?

The cheapest roof tiles continue to be asphalt, which is excellent news because asphalt tiles are prevalent and won’t look out of place in almost any neighborhood. Asphalt tiles are the perfect option if you live in a climate with fair weather or on a tight budget.

So, What Is the Best Exterior Paint Color for a Home With a Red Roof?

A red roof is an ideal focal point for your house, especially paired with a complementary-colored exterior.

Whether you already have one or you’re planning to get one installed in the future, painting your home to match should be a fun and exciting experience.