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Clayton Homes: Review, Pricing, and Buyer’s Guide

Clayton Homes: Review, Pricing, and Buyer’s Guide

Wondering if Clayton Homes is a trustworthy, affordable company?

How about the quality and appearance of the manufactured home models they sell?

We’ve done the research and have answers for you, including pricing information and customer reviews.

Keep reading to see our full review of this well-known modular home manufacturer with a growing list of offerings.

About Clayton Homes

The background of Clayton Homes is quite interesting. It started in 1956 in Maryville, Tennessee.

Jim Clayton, the company’s founder, got two college degrees before starting the company.

After running it for decades, in 2003, he sold the company to Warren Buffet’s multinational holding company, Berkshire Hathaway.

Since then, Clayton Homes has acquired several manufactured home companies.

It also includes three lender subsidiaries that serve to help customers get a loan for the manufactured homes they offer (as many banks won’t finance manufactured or mobile homes).

Ever-Expanding Offerings

Clayton homes product offerings listed on the company website

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Over the years, Clayton Homes has started building more than just double- and single-wide manufactured or modular homes.

Today, they’re involved in building tiny houses, traditional site-built homes, military barracks and apartments, and college dormitories. The company has received several awards and certifications since it began.

Those include MHI Retailer of the Year for 11 years straight, MHI home design awards, and the ISO 14001 Green Building Standards certification. Clayton Homes is big on philanthropy.

The company has been donating to veteran and war memorial foundations and the Next Step Network for many years. They’ve also given away several homes to individuals and families in need.

Basic Features in Clayton Homes

Now that you know a little more about the company, let’s look at the features included in the homes they design and build. 

Clayton Home uses the following branded windows, appliances, hardware, fixtures, and parts:

We’ve also listed the Better Business Bureau ratings for each of the brands.

  • Frigidaire® stoves and refrigerators (A+ BBB rating)
  • Shaw® carpeting in homes with carpet (A+ BBB rating)
  • Kwikset door hardware (D-BBB rating)
  • Carrier SmartComfort® furnaces in homes with a furnace (A-BBB rating)
  • Rheem® dual-element water heaters (A+ BBB rating)
  • ecobee smart thermostats (F BBB rating)
  • DuraCraft® cabinets (No BBB rating)
  • Lux windows® (A+ BBB rating)

Clayton Homes always includes, at the very least, these basic features:

  • Constructed to meet insulation and wind requirements in the customer’s location
  • DuraCraft cabinets
  • Shelves
  • Windows and doors
  • Standard flooring: carpet, vinyl squares, hardwood, or tile
  • Standard walls: vinyl on gypsum (VOG) or Paper On Gypsum (POG) wallboard
  • Light fixtures
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Washing machine and dryer hookups 
  • Standard water shut-off valve for the entire home
  • 3/12 roof pitch (standard) or higher

The mid- to high-priced Clayton models usually include:

  • Fireplaces
  • Drywall

Custom Upgrade Options

Clayton homes features in gallery form

Image Source: Clayton Homes

For customers who want to amp up the interior of their Clayton Built home, the following custom upgrade options are always available:

  • Additional kitchen cabinets
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Kitchen range hood
  • Bathroom options like a drop-in soaker tub, garden tub, or rainfall shower
  • Different kitchen and utility room layout options
  • Fireplace and additional custom options (raised hearth, etc.)
  • Low-E windows
  • Upgraded insulation
  • Paint colors
  • Built-ins (entertainment centers or breakfast nooks)
  • Additional master bedroom
  • Coffers
  • Bench seating
  • Patio doors with fixed sidelites
  • Dishwashers
  • Washer and dryer
  • Kitchen island
  • Farmhouse sinks
  • Designer vent hoods
  • Upgraded faucets 
  • Granite countertops
  • Double sinks 
  • Basement stairwells

There are plenty of custom upgrade options to choose from. A Clayton Homes dealer can provide you with pricing details, which are not available online.

Clayton Homes’ Most Popular Models

Clayton Homes creates a list of its most popular models each year. This year, the homes people gravitated to the most were modern, affordable, and spacious.

They don’t look anything like the basic, rectangular manufactured homes of the past. Keep in mind that the features we’ve listed with each of the models are just the base features.

Clayton Homes allows you to fully customize your home by adding additional features or upgrades (like stainless steel appliances or garden tubs).

The models you’re about to see incorporate current design trends (like farmhouse and modern) in subtle or statement-making ways.

The Lulamae

Clayton Homes Lulamae Model

Image Source: Clayton Homes

The Lulamae is Clayton’s most popular model right now. Zillow fittingly called it “a celebration of all things farmhouse style.”

Farmhouse style, it is cozy with rustic-chic touches like rustic wood ceiling beams, wood-look countertops and kitchen island, and plenty of natural light shining in through huge windows.

The Lulamae comes with these base features:

  • 1,832 sq. ft.
  • Three beds, two baths
  • Entertainment unit
  • Covered porch
  • Computer station
  • Utility room
  • Pantry
  • Double sinks in bath
  • Separate tub and shower
  • Dining room

The Super 68

Clayton Homes Super 68 model front image

Image Source: Clayton Homes

The Super 68 is sophisticated, modern, and one of Clayton’s larger models.

With more than 2,000 square feet and special features like a kitchen island and his-and-hers sinks, it’s no wonder this model is a customer favorite.

The Super 68 comes with these base features:

  • 2,040 sq. ft.
  • Three beds, two baths
  • Kitchen island
  • Split bedrooms
  • Utility room
  • Open floor plan
  • Double sinks in bath
  • Separate tub and shower

Freedom Farm House 32X60

Clayton homes freedom farm house model

Image Source: Clayton Homes

The Freedom Farm House is an easy favorite because it’s so affordable.

There’s plenty of space with 1,700 square feet, and the open floor plan makes it feel even bigger. Fitting for the name of this popular model, the home features rustic wood ceiling beams.

The Freedom Farm House model comes with these base features:

  • 1,788 sq. ft.
  • Three beds, two baths
  • Kitchen island
  • Utility room
  • Pantry
  • Open floor plan
  • Double sinks in bath
  • Separate tub and shower
  • Foyer

The Greystone

Clayton homes greystone

Image Source: Clayton Homes

The Greystone is a popular choice for those who prefer modern styles to the farmhouse look.

It’s a little larger than the Freedom Farm House. This model comes with a wraparound, covered porch, perfect for quiet morning coffee or entertaining friends.

The Greystone also includes these base features:

  • 1,740 sq. ft.
  • Three beds, two baths
  • Kitchen island
  • Covered porch
  • Utility room
  • Double sinks in bath
  • Separate tub and shower
  • Foyer
  • Dining room

The Teagan

Clayton Homes Teagan model kitchen

Image Source: Clayton Homes

Clayton Homes appeals to those who want larger homes with their model, The Teagan.

This one has more than 2,100 square feet and a surprising four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Luxury features make it look like a custom-built home, including a built-in entertainment center and double closets in the master bedroom.

The Teagan comes with these base features:

  • 2,118 sq. ft.
  • Four beds, three baths
  • Breakfast bar
  • Double master closets
  • Double sinks in bath
  • Entertainment unit
  • Family room
  • Foyer
  • Kitchen island
  • Open floor plan
  • Separate tub and shower

The Laney

Clayton Homes Laney model

Image Source: Clayton Homes

The Laney model is extremely popular for a few reasons. It delivers soft, natural light all through the home, thanks to the large, numerous windows.

It comes with a wraparound, covered porch that is as inviting as it is attractive. Last but not least, there’s a private bathroom for every bedroom in this home!

The Laney comes with these base features:

  • 1,825 sq. ft.
  • Three beds, three baths
  • Wraparound covered porch
  • Kitchen island
  • Open floor plan
  • Pantry
  • Foyer
  • Double sinks in bath
  • Utility room
  • Separate tub and shower

The McGarrity

Clayton Homes McGarrity Model sitting on a concrete pad

Image Source: Clayton Homes

The McGarrity is one of Clayton Homes’ most popular models because it’s contemporary, large enough for a big family, and packed with special features like a breakfast bar and built-in fireplace.

It seems like it’s the perfect home for hosting big gatherings and parties. The McGarrity brings elements both natural (like rustic wood ceiling beams) and modern (like sleek lines and an open floor plan) together.

Check out all the features this home comes with!

  • 2,465 sq. ft.
  • Four beds, two baths
  • Kitchen island
  • Breakfast bar
  • Entertainment unit
  • Fireplace
  • Covered porch
  • Utility room
  • Open floor plan
  • Double master closets
  • Double sinks in bath
  • Separate tub and shower
  • Foyer
  • Dining room

Clayton Homes Quality and Safety

Clayton homes leading the industry in quality

Image Source:

Before purchasing a home from Clayton Home, it’s important to know about the company’s policies regarding the quality of their homes and safety features.

We discovered that Clayton Homes has a few policies to ensure each home built is up to code and made to last.

Every home is inspected and certified by third-party inspectors (not employed by the company) before leaving the building facility.

  • Indoor air quality is tested and inspected
  • Structural strength and safety are inspected
  • All plumbing systems are tested and inspected
  • Fire safety is inspected 
  • Wind and insulation requirements are determined for the home’s new location
  • All inspections check for both federal and local code compliance

Clayton Homes also offers a one-year warranty on the home beginning the day it is installed. The warranty covers defects in manufacturing.

Not only that, it covers defects in materials or workmanship during installation, plumbing, and any appliances installed by Clayton Homes. 

Clayton Homes Pricing

Clayton Homes models and pricing

Image Source: Clayton Homes

Clayton Homes are difficult to accurately provide pricing information for because there are so many custom options available.

The prices listed on the website for each model are given in ranges that start at a base price (no upgrades). 

The most popular models we included above are priced as follows:

  • The Lulamae: Starts in the $140,000s
  • The Super 68: Starts in the $140,000s
  • Freedom Farmhouse: Starts in the $100,000s
  • The Greystone: Starts in the $140,000s
  • The Teagan: Starts in the $140,000s
  • Laney: Starts in the $140,000s
  • The McGarrity: Starts in the $160,000s

But these popular models don’t represent the average pricing at Clayton Homes. There are hundreds of lower-cost models that have less square footage and interior/exterior features.

The lowest-priced single-wide Clayton Homes start at about $25,000. The lowest-priced double-wide Clayton Homes start in the $40,000 range. Many of their models are priced below $75,000.

It’s important to note that purchasing a Clayton home (or any manufactured home) is not the full price you will pay. You have to purchase land to put the home on before you can have it delivered and installed.

Also, delivery and installation come with additional fees. That’s important to consider, because shipping a home across the United States can be expensive.

Clayton Homes Customer Reviews

Customer Experience Concept, Best Excellent Services Rating for Satisfaction present by Hand of Client pressing Five Star

Black Salmon/Shutterstock

Clayton Homes consistently gets good reviews from customers who have purchased and lived in their homes.

We found they have an average 4.1-star rating through Consumer Affairs.

In contrast, Skyline, a rival that belongs to Champion Homes, has an average 1.5-star rating. Here’s a sample of real reviews from Clayton Homes customers.

Elizabeth in Dresden, OH

“My daughter purchased the home. I took her there to purchase it. The process of buying the home took an hour. The quality of the home is excellent.”

Trent in Munday, TX

“Working with Clayton was a pretty smooth process from start to finish. Their salesman was pretty informative. Any questions that we had, even if he didn’t have them right then, he was quick to get the right answer. So we were pretty happy with him. Anything we wanted to know, he found out, so we got a lot of information on it. We love our house. It’s more than what we expected. It’s a great house. We really enjoy it.”

Belinda in McRory, AR

“Clayton Homes had good customer service. The process with their rep was good as well. He answered all the questions. The quality of the home is great too.”

Phillip in Shepherdsville, KY

“The home buying process for a mobile home is a little different than for a regular mortgage and Clayton’s rep explained things well. The home that I bought from Clayton was new and that also makes a difference. I didn’t have to go through an inspection like you would on a home and I didn’t have to drive all over town looking at houses. I was able to go to one spot and look at the home that I wanted. The virtual tours on their website are awesome because you can see it all and that makes it easier for a person to decide whether they want to look at the house or not. Plus, you’re getting a brand new home so any blemishes at all will be fixed and they’ve been great about that. Any issue I’ve had, there was no delay in getting it fixed. So that’s been great.”

James in Grand Lake, CO

“Clayton Homes is close to home. They’re easy to deal with from where I live. From start to finish, buying the home took a little more than a year. It was a little slow, but it was okay. I’ve had some issues, but any modular home, you would have issues with it until it gets all settled onto the foundation. Just normal things. Clayton addressed any problems I’ve had ASAP. I call them, tell them what my problem is, and they get on it.”

Kyle in Paradise, TX

“Everything’s gone great with Clayton Homes. They were good as far as communication goes. Everything was upfront. They gave full disclosure, kept me in the loop on everything that’s going on and updated me. As far as the home, there are a couple of things on the outside that’s kinda a future concern, but for a manufactured home, it’s pretty good. It’s sufficient.”

Clayton Homes Competitors

Clayton Homes isn’t the only modular and manufactured home builder, though it is the largest.

There are several in the United States, but none that serve as large a market as Clayton.

Two of Clayton’s competitors are Champion Homes and Nationwide Homes. While Clayton is bigger than these two, they are formidable competitors.

Champion Homes

  • Where: Throughout the U.S. and Western Canada
  • Pricing: $39,900 to $105,900 in some locations
  • Offers: Modular, manufactured, RV, and tiny homes

Nationwide Homes

  • Where: Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and West Virginia
  • Pricing: Unavailable without designing custom home and requesting pricing
  • Offers: Modern, custom-built modular homes, including 2-story homes

Is Clayton Homes a Good Company?

WV West Virginia city road street with entrance sign for Clayton mobile manufactured homes dealer

Andriy Blokhin/Shutterstock

Clayton Homes is the largest manufactured home builder in the United States.

They build more homes each year than any of their competitors. They’ve been around for decades. We’ve carefully reviewed:

  • Their basic and upgraded features
  • The most popular models they have on the market
  • Quality and safety inspection policies
  • Pricing
  • Customer reviews

We think it’s safe to say that Clayton Homes is a good company to choose if you’re in the market for an affordable home with lots of customization options.

With built-in financing, help finding land for your new home, and guidance through the entire process, working with Clayton Homes proves to be a simple process that gets you into your home faster. 

They’re certainly one of the top manufactured home builders in the country and may be suited for the number one spot.