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Standard Stove Sizes for Seamless Kitchen Design

Standard Stove Sizes for Seamless Kitchen Design

Purchasing a new home stove relies on finding the correct height, width, and depth to make sure it fits in the surrounding cabinet and countertop space.

In the United States, the standard stove dimensions are about:

  • Standard stove height: 36 inches tall
  • Standard stove width: 30 inches wide
  • Standard stove depth: 26 inches deep

Stove sizes differ to some extent based on the stove type, but for the most part, they fit within a standard size range. Stoves are designed and engineered to fit between most standard-width kitchen cabinets (30″).

They typically line up with the standard countertop height (34″–36″) and are the same depth as a standard kitchen cabinet (usually 24″).

When you picture a “standard” stove, you probably think of an electric range and oven combination with 4 coil burners. But there are a multitude of stove types beyond that.

These include smooth-top electric ranges with convection ovens and 6-burner gas ranges with built-in griddles.

As you can imagine, the size standards for these types can vary quite a bit. But don’t worry, we’ve made this complete guide to standard stove sizes by type. Read on to learn more.

Stove Dimensions by Type

Standard stove sizes graphic against blue background and showing sizes

While the most common type of kitchen stove (freestanding) fits the standard size dimensions, not all stoves or ranges are the same.

The dimensions are different for other stove and cooktop types (slide-in, apartment-sized, and drop-in stoves).

In this guide, we’ll list each stove type and its standard size and dimensions.

Slide-In Stoves

A slide-in stove size graphic showing a drawing of a slide-in stove

  • The standard slide-in stove size is 36″ tall, 30″ wide, and 26″ to 29″ deep.
  • Slide-in stoves have an average oven capacity of about 4 to 6 cubic feet.

Slide-in stoves actually slide in between two cabinet sections and appear to be built-in once installed.

Instead of small gaps or clearance on the sides of the stove, slide-in stoves are built to slightly overlap the countertop edges they meet and create a seamless look.

Instead of a raised rear control panel, slide-in models have their controls in front. Slide-in stoves can have induction ranges, gas ranges, electric ranges, or dual fuel ranges.

Color options are usually white, black, or stainless steel. Still, you can find other standard and custom colors from specialist retailers.

Because of the way they’re engineered, slide-in stoves are typically more expensive than freestanding stoves. They can be more tedious to select and install because they must fit flush with the cabinets on either side

If you’re remodeling or designing a custom kitchen, slide-in stoves are worth considering because they offer a higher-end look than freestanding ranges.

Apartment-Sized Stoves

An apartment-sized stove illustrated against a blue background

  • The standard apartment-sized stove size is 36″ tall, 20″ to 24″ wide, and 24″ to 26″ deep.
  • Oven capacity of apartment-sized stoves is limited because of their narrower width. These are usually around 2 to 3 cubic feet.

Small spaces like apartments and tiny houses require smaller kitchen appliances, sometimes called micro appliances or slim-fitting appliances.

Apartment sized stoves are generally about the same height and depth as full-size stoves. The main difference is in their width, which is about 10 inches narrower than a standard stove.

Apartment sized stoves can have induction, gas, or electric ranges. They’re usually found in white, black, or stainless steel.

Apartment sized stoves can be much taller than 36 inches (up to 44 inches) if the control panel is located on the back of the stove.

Unless you’re seriously limited on space in the kitchen, apartment stoves are not recommended because of their limited oven capacity.

Drop-In Stoves

A graphic of a standard stove size featuring a drop-in model

  • The standard drop-in cooktop stove size is 26″ to 28″ tall, 30″ wide, and 26″ deep.
  • Drop-in stoves have a smaller oven capacity than freestanding or slide-in stoves, usually around 3 to 4 cubic feet.

Drop-in stoves are less common than freestanding, slide-in, and apartment-sized stoves. They are small stoves installed on top of a base cabinet, which brings them up to the standard countertop height of 36 inches.

Instead of the standard warming drawer or storage drawer underneath the oven, these models simply rest on the base cabinet. Drop-in stoves can be gas, electric, or dual-fuel and feature a gas cooktop and electric oven.

Drop-in stoves are different from drop-in cooktops, which don’t have an oven under the cooktop range. Drop-in cooktops are typically found in kitchens with wall ovens.

Tip: When remodeling a kitchen with a drop-in stove, remove the base cabinet and install a slide-in or freestanding stove instead because of the limited oven capacity of drop-in models.

Freestanding Ranges

An image of a freestanding range with dimensions as an image for a piece on stove dimensions

  • The standard stove size for freestanding ranges is 36″ tall by 30″ wide by 26″ deep.
  • Freestanding stoves have an average oven capacity of about 4 to 6 cubic feet.

A freestanding stove is designed to fit between two cabinets with a small amount of clearance on each side and behind the range where it meets the wall.

This is the most common type of stove in the United States, and if you haven’t remodeled, this is likely what you have in your kitchen right now.

Handy Andy Says: Don’t buy a freestanding stove with a raised control board if you want to show off your backsplash. A slide-in not only complements your countertops by creating a seamless look, but it also gives the illusion of more space in the kitchen.

Freestanding ranges can have different heating elements and sources, with induction ranges, natural gas ranges, electric ranges, and dual fuel ranges available.

Dual fuel ranges use gas to power the cooktop and electricity to power the oven. Color options are usually white, black, or stainless steel.

Freestanding stoves with cooking controls on a raised section at the back of the stove top are taller. The control panel adds a few inches to the overall height, which can be up to 46″ tall, including the control panel.

Standard Stove Sizes Resume

Use these dimensions as a quick reference guide for the standard width, height, and depth of each type of stove.

  • Freestanding stove size: 36″ tall by 30″ wide by 26″ deep
  • Slide-in stove size: 36″ tall by 30″ wide by 26″-29″ deep
  • Apartment-sized stove size: 36″ tall by 20″–24″ wide by 24″–26″ deep
  • Drop-in stove size: 26″-28″ tall by 30″ wide by 26″ deep