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The 6 Best Shutter Colors for Brick Houses in 2024

The 6 Best Shutter Colors for Brick Houses in 2024

Brick homes are beautiful and continue to thrive as a popular housing option for people seeking an earthy, historic atmosphere.

Adorning one with shutters can create that classic storybook feel, but how do you know which color they should be?

Choosing a shutter color that will look good on a brick house might seem daunting, but there are plenty of tricks to help you out.

We’ll show you how to pick the right color for your home in our guide below.

Which Color Is Right for My Home?

Brown brick home with tan shutters for a piece titled the best shutter colors for a brick house

Darryl Brooks/Shutterstock

Before choosing what color to paint your shutters, try finding inspiration for each option and weighing the pros and cons.

The setting, lighting, and desired effect will influence this method. Take a look at what each of the following colors can do for your brick house.

1. White

Red brick house with white shutters

sumroeng chinnapan/shutterstock

Clean white trim and shutters are enchanting in a brick home. This is especially true if the brick in your house is deep red or brown. When you picture a brick cottage tucked away in the woods, it’s likely decorated with white accents.

White contrasts nicely with almost any color since it’s neutral and doesn’t clash with any other pigments on the color wheel. White won’t disrupt your plans if you have a lush green lawn or want to keep your wrought iron porch furniture

Remember that different whites, in particular, will vary in appearance whether or not they are in direct sunlight. Test a swatch in shady and sunny areas of your home to get a good idea of what your shutters will look like year-round.

2. Cream

Brick house with cream shutters


Cream, like white, is neutral, making it an excellent choice for your brick house. In many ways, it is better suited for brick than white because cream is slightly warmer. Orange, red, and brown bricks are all warm tones.

Cream can help give the exterior of your house a slightly worn and well-loved look. It will enchant passersby with a comforting and inviting atmosphere. 

Plant other warm-toned and light-colored flowers, such as roses, to help bring out the cream accents on a brick house. Surround it with luscious green foliage to give your house character. 

3. Blue

Blue shutters on a brick house


Sky blue shutters can add a touch of calm serenity to your brick house. It looks perfect next to the dark red and brown bricks. Painting a light accent color on the exterior of your home will help it feel limitless and expand into the landscape.

If you want to add blue shutters to orange brick, try a darker shade to give your sunny home some depth and intrigue. Try contrasting some of the warmth from the brick by planting cool-colored foliage.

Most shades of blue go well with orange and red, so don’t shy away from bolder choices such as royal blue or teal. Both can add a vibrant touch to a dated brick house.

4. Brown

Brick house with brown shutters


If you’re looking for a color that will add depth to the exterior of your home without creating contrast, you might want to consider brown shutters. Brown often has red undertones, making it easy to match with dark red or orange brick.

Brown is still a great choice if you have a light yellow or light orange brick house. It can help bring an earthy atmosphere to the raw materials or your home.

This will give it a softer, more inviting edge. There is also the added benefit of brown being easy to care for. And the right shade can easily disguise dirt and debris.

5. Gray

Gray shutters on a classic red brick house


Gray is another neutral that can easily pair with several different brick colors. In general, slate gray is one of the most common selections for shutters. Because it is dark without being completely black, it comes across as stately without losing dimension. 

Adding dark shutters and trim to your home can help it appear distinguished from the rest of the landscape, although it can make small houses seem even smaller. If this is the case, try painting your shutters and trimming a lighter shade of gray to help them expand.

Try a warm gray if you have a light orange or yellow brick exterior. Because it’s neutral, you shouldn’t have trouble finding one that will fit in with your landscape and aesthetic. 

6. Black

Black shutters on a red brick house


Black is a sophisticated hue that looks great with natural red brick. It can bring a modern edge to an otherwise rustic façade. If you want to give your home an update and make it look new, try touching it up with black. 

Unsurprisingly, black is one of the most popular shutter colors, thanks to the dramatic difference it can make to the exterior of your home. This is especially true if you have painted your bricks white or another contrasting pigment.

The addition of dark accents will immediately draw the eye to the change in appearance. Black can give your brick house a dramatic touch.

Add some black trim if you want to set your home apart from the landscape. Otherwise, let your brick house retain its seamless blend with nature by leaving other accent colors their original shade.

Things to Consider

Grey, one of the best shutter colors for brick houses, pictured on a nice suburban lawn

Susan Law Cain/Shutterstock

  • Bricks come in many different colors. Most people picture deep crimson when they imagine a brick building, but their bricks come in various hues and tones. Gray, brown, and orange bricks are popular options for your home’s exterior.
  • Test your choice before you buy. Try a few swatches on an area of your home that isn’t visible from the street, and observe it at different times of the day. It isn’t uncommon for colors to look drastically different depending on the lighting.
  • Talk to a professional if you aren’t sure where to start. Painting the exterior of your home can go awry, but a professional can help you avoid rookie mistakes.
  • Don’t be afraid to try something bold. It’s your home, after all, so if you love turquoise on yellow brick, go for it. Committing to a vibrant color scheme can pay off if you know how to pair it with other pigments.
  • Different colors create depth and dimension. This is why painting your shutters can be so appealing, especially if your house is flat or boxy.
  • Painting is still an option, even if you have a brick house. Painted brick can look fresh and charming while still holding onto the texture many people love about brick houses. If you want to paint your brick house, adding colorful shutters can make it look brand new.
  • Keeping your shutters clean is essential. Shutters that end up looking dated and worn are usually dirty and chipped. Making sure they’re free of cobwebs and keeping some of the original paint on hand will help them stay fresh and charming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Red and tan brick house with dark green shutters for an example of the best color shutters for brick houses

Susan Law Cain/Shutterstock

Determining the best color for your shutters can seem overwhelming, and you’re not the only one with inquiries. Here are a few other frequently asked questions:

What Is the Most Popular Shutter Color?

The most popular shutter color is most likely black, although this depends on where you live and what style of home is typical in the area. It's also worth mentioning that not all homes with shutters are brick, so that can also make a difference in which color is most popular.

Black is a clean, safe choice for shutters because it's easy to include in almost any color scheme. It's also typically accepted by most HOAs as an acceptable color for the exterior of your home.

Gray, brown, and white are also very popular. Earthy tones will almost always compliment a brick house, so stick with neutral hues if you want to update your home without adding a signature color.

Should Your Front Door Match Your Shutter Colors?

Whether or not your front door should match your shutters depends on a few factors, such as how many colors you have in your color scheme and the desired aesthetic.

Sometimes, adding too many colors to one area can make it feel heavy and out of balance with the rest of the structure. If you have black shutters just a few feet from a black door, your entryway might feel dark and imposing.

Try adding a white door with a black trim instead. Or, in the case of a brick house, a red door. If your shutters are farther from the entryway, you might consider matching them to help make the house appear more uniform.

Are Shutters Outdated?

Some experts feel that both brick houses and shutters are outdated, but that depends on who you ask. There will always be people that appreciate brick houses.

Shutters are the perfect homey touch, so it's unlikely that this style of home will disappear. Instead, like most things in art and design, it will come and go in popularity.

How Can I Make My Brick House More Attractive?

Besides adding some endearing shutters to your windows, there are plenty of steps you can take to make your brick home more attractive.

  • Paint the trim. New paint jobs usually look best when the entire home is considered, rather than focusing on one element, such as the shutters. Try painting the trim a matching or complementary color to give your home a designer look.
  • Try to keep it clean. Brick houses are the perfect texture for capturing all kinds of debris, making them look old and run-down. Sweep off cobwebs regularly to keep them looking fresh.
  • Plant some flowers and greenery, or add a succulent garden. Homes don't look inviting when surrounded by empty space. Try including some plants, whatever will thrive in your climate, to the outside of your home. 
  • Update your lighting and other fixtures. Brick houses are often old, but adding decorative lighting can give them new life. Don't forget to give your mailbox a fresh coat of paint and swap out unattractive house numbers for new ones.

Should Shutters Go On All Windows?

If you're trying to decide whether or not to add shutters to all windows, consider how many windows you have. If the front of your home is crowded with windows, then you probably don't need shutters for all of them.

Try adding them to just a few of the windows on each level. If you don't like it, you can always add more. If you have a small or ranch-style home with just a few visible windows from the front, it might be worth it to add them to all of the windows.

This will create dimension on the front of your house. Shutters on the back or side of the home are entirely optional. Although they may not be visible to the street, it's perfectly rational to want to enjoy your house from all angles.

So, What Are the Best Shutter Colors for Brick Houses? 

Picking out a color for the shutters on your brick house might be challenging, but it can be a fun and exciting experience.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you’re the one who has to live with it, so pick a color that appeals to you.