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What Color Curtains go With Green Walls: 6 Ideas To Refresh Your Home

What Color Curtains go With Green Walls: 6 Ideas To Refresh Your Home

Green is one of the most pleasing and versatile colors in interior design.

Classic, oriental, eco-style, Provence, eclectic, and avant-garde—there is hardly any aesthetic format in which one or another shade of this palette would look disharmonious.

People often associate the green palette with nature and greenery. And you can also compare this color to summer and new life. It energizes, helps eliminate anxiety, and adjusts to the creative mood.

For such colors to be fully revealed and, at the same time, to look stylish, it is crucial in a room with green walls to choose the right accessories.

In particular, we’re talking about curtains. If you want to make your room look stylish and modern, the right curtains are the key to success with green walls!

With the right colors, patterns, and styles, you can open up many decor possibilities that will make you appreciate those earthy colors in a new way.

This article will tell you about six curtains for green walls. They will surely make you reimagine how much potential this color combination has.

With Minimalist Patterns

Stripe patterns

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You probably like the color green since you decided to paint the walls green.

But now you need to figure out what color curtains go with green walls. It can be daunting, but minimalist patterns offer an elegant solution.

With an understated pattern, minimalist curtains bring out the beauty of green. At the same time, they will not detract from the walls.

What will you choose: a muted floral pattern or classic stripes? Either of these curtains with green walls will look chic and sophisticated.

Do you want to create a softer, more organic atmosphere in your room?

Then add a light, textured fabric. That way, you’ll give the room extra depth while staying within the minimalist theme. 

Minimalist curtains are sure to add elegance and sophistication to the room. And against the sage green walls, your curtains will look even better.

Going Opaque White

White curtains are a great choice for green wall

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Adding curtains for green walls is a great way to freshen up the look of a room. If you want something airy, opaque white curtains are a great choice.

Opaque curtains are something between sheer and thick. Although there are many types of curtains, opaque curtains are the most versatile.

This classic color adds simplicity and sophistication. It allows natural light to enter the room and brighten the green walls.

Besides, opting for opaque white curtains provides versatility. You can beat them with coordinating accents. Or you can make them simple and cozy, depending on the season or style of your home.

Hang them in any other room where style meets function. White curtains will never go out of style, especially with green walls.

Minty Plains With Florals

Minty Plains With Florals


Do you like the sage green color?

Now you need to figure out what color curtains are for sage green walls.

Bring a fresh spring mood to the interior of your home with a combination of mint shades. The additional floral ornament on the curtains will perfectly complement the green walls.

This unique combination is sure to showcase luxury and elegance to your guests. Lush inflorescences of flowers joyfully project onto the elegant pastel tones of the light green curtains.

These curtains will bring bright colors and timeless beauty to the interior. Curtains will appeal to anyone with green walls.

Choose a smooth fabric to the touch that is durable enough to last for many seasons. Choose curtains in different sizes, such as floor length, to add extra luxury. Enjoy this eye-catching design that is sure to draw attention.

Burgundy Curtains

Sage Green Wall with Burgundy Curtains

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Just imagine the stunning combination of burgundy curtains for green walls. These colors can instantly make a living space more beautiful and warm.

The striking contrast of deep red shades with bright and attractive green tones creates an atmosphere of liveliness, attractiveness, and cheerfulness.

Are you looking for a way to liven up your living space? So choosing burgundy curtains for a green wall is a great choice!

With their heavy fabrics, these boho-chic curtains are sure to give you a cozy feeling at home.

But in doing so, you will keep a bit of a modern style. Get ready for these curtains to transform your room into something new and exciting!

Buttercup Yellow Curtains

Green Bathroom wall with buttercup yellow curtains

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Buttercup yellow curtains certainly add a splash of color to any room. They look especially significant if the interior has green walls.

Most people associate green with the natural world. Adding warm cream or buttercup curtains” can liven up a room. With these curtains, you can stress the bright shade of light green.

Draping this curtain option is perfect for adding lightness to a room. At the same time, they do not suppress anyone’s senses.

It also provides a welcoming atmosphere. You will feel it every time visitors enter the room.

Buttercup yellow curtains on green walls create an inviting image. It will satisfy all viewers.

Charcoal Curtains

Charcoal Curtains on green wall

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Still wondering what color curtains go with green walls? How about wide charcoal curtains?

Charcoal curtains go perfectly with green walls. They create a beautiful aesthetic in the home. These curtains offer a sophisticated and modern style. It instantly enhances any living space.

The dark hue of the curtains complements the sage-green walls without overwhelming them. On the contrary, they add depth and texture to the room’s atmosphere.

Besides, sage green curtains are easy to clean and maintain. It means that you will be able to enjoy their appearance for years to come without much effort.

Consider the different size options for the curtains as well. Pick what works best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can green curtains make a green wall look darker?

Yes, green curtains can make green walls appear darker. But it depends on the color and type of green used for the curtains and the walls.

Choose materials and colors that complement each other. This way, you will create an attractive interior design.

Are light curtains easy to clean?

Yes, light curtains are typically easy to clean and maintain. Choose a fabric that is durable enough to last for many seasons and can be easily washed with warm water.

This way, you will be able to enjoy their beauty for years to come! 

What type of green curtains should I use?

It depends on the look you are trying to achieve. If you want to make your green walls look brighter and more inviting, go for light curtains.

For a modern style with a bit of contrast, consider charcoal curtains. Choose the option that best suits your style and decor!


Green wall curtains are a great way to bring life and color to your home. With so many options, you can choose the one that best suits your style and decor.

Regardless of which curtains you choose, there is something for everyone when decorating with green walls.

Experiment with color and texture combinations. This way, you will create an attractive interior design that will impress all visitors!