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8 Dresser Alternatives We Love in 2024

8 Dresser Alternatives We Love in 2024

When you’re looking for good dresser alternatives, there’s a lot of information you need to consider before you genuinely begin shopping.

Fortunately for you, we’ve rounded up our 8 favorite ideas for your home.

Dresser Alternatives: A Summary

The furniture world is full of great dresser alternatives. From armoires to cube shelves, you’ll definitely find something that fits your needs. Some great dresser alternatives include:

  1. Trunks
  2. Storage under the bed
  3. Hanging racks
  4. Corner shelves
  5. Built-in shelves
  6. Armoire
  7. Cube storage
  8. Headboard storage

Why You Need Dresser Alternatives

Young woman climbing on a dresser, leading parents to look for dresser alternatives


The dresser is an instrumental piece of furniture. But sometimes, it just doesn’t fit where you want it. Dressers can be big and bulky, taking up lots of space that you might want to use for other things. 

If you have little kids running around, dressers might present a tipping hazard. Dressers can also mess with the design of a room.

If you want something that looks open and modern, a dresser might be the wrong way to go in terms of storage.

Whatever issue you find yourself up against, there’s bound to be a great dresser alternative out there for you and your interior design needs. 

Great Dresser Alternatives

You don’t have to look far to find great dresser alternatives. You can pick them up at your local furniture store or order them online.

As long as you’re comfortable with a bit of assembly, you’ll have your dresser alternative up and usable in no time.

1. Trunks

Trunks are a great alternative to dressers. If wall space is your concern, a trunk can easily fit right at the foot of your bed. It may even slide in under the racks if you have a more oversized closet.

Making a trunk work in place of a dresser is a reasonably easy task. It might seem like a trunk would be just as bulky and inconvenient as a dresser, but that’s not the case.

Trunks can be far more helpful than a dresser in the right circumstances. They can even be more spacious sometimes. Not to mention, they make a great heirloom. 

2. Storage Under the Bed

One of the best ways to save space is to store things underneath your bed. Anything you might put in a dresser can easily be stowed away under your bed.

Whether in drawers, boxes, or garment bags, you can tuck your clothes away where they aren’t an inconvenience to anyone.

Storage under the bed is a space-saver and highly cost-effective. You can buy cheap totes or bags from most stores. Before you know it, you’ll be taking back the space in your room bit by bit. 

3. Hanging Racks

A hanging rack is a modern, practical solution to the dresser problem. Hanging racks usually come with a bar that can hold upwards of 70 pounds.

And they typically include shelves where you can keep shoes, clothes, or baskets with clothes in them. Hanging racks are also incredibly stylish and versatile.

It’ll fit in any room in the house. If you decide you don’t like how it looks like a dresser alternative, you can always move it to the coatroom or the laundry room for extra hanging space. 

4. Corner Shelves

Sometimes the solution to having small spaces is utilizing the spots that don’t look usable. The corners of your room are one excellent example.

Often, we don’t think about how much stuff we could cram in a corner if we just had the right equipment.

Corner shelves can replace a dresser in any room in the house. That’s what makes corner shelving a great dresser alternative.

It takes advantage of all the space available without needing bulky furniture pieces to work.

5. Built-In Shelves

Like corner shelves, built-in shelves present an excellent opportunity for craftsmanship and saving space. They take up less space, they’re fun to assemble, and they could be a great family bonding project. 

Building shelves into bedrooms, toy rooms, or even living rooms presents a unique alternative to dressers or standard free-standing shelves.

Built-in shelves add a great look to any room you put them in, although they can bow and bend sometimes

6. Armoire

You’ve probably heard of an armoire. If you’re lucky, you’ve seen one up close. And if you happen to be someone who has experienced an armoire in person, you likely know that they won’t solve any space problems your dresser might present.

Armoires are much bigger than dressers, so it won’t be a good dresser alternative if that’s your primary concern.

However, they tend to offer more features than a dresser. They can house more than a dresser with shelves, hanging rails, and plenty of compartments.

An armoire is essentially a miniature, portable closet. And it’s usually much prettier than ordinary dressers. So adding an armoire to your decorating scheme may add the right amount of elegance, even if it takes up more space. 

7. Cube Storage

The cube storage sensation is an efficient, creative solution to a real problem. Cube storage is cost-effective and trendy, making it the perfect addition to any room.

The shelves tend to be smaller and more versatile than dressers, making them an excellent dresser alternative. Not only is cube storage practical, but it’s also incredibly fashionable.

It works well in a kids’ or toy room, easily keeping things organized and tidy. If you have a dresser problem, cube storage might be the best way to solve it.  

8. Headboard Storage

One thing that makes headboard storage space practical is the two-in-one feature it provides. If you already have a headboard in your room, you might as well make it a headboard with storage space, right?

Sometimes making the most of the resources you have means combining furniture pieces and styles. This can save time, space, and money. Headboard storage pieces are a convenient dresser alternative.

Going with headboard storage opens up possibilities for incorporating other storage units. Since a headboard rarely takes up too much space, there should be plenty of room for more shelves or an armoire if that’s what you desire. 

Things to Consider

If you find yourself looking for quality dresser alternatives, you might want to keep a few things in mind:

  • Dresser alternatives are just about anywhere.
  • A cheap option like cube storage can be handy.
  • There is not one perfect dresser alternative.
  • The alternative you pick depends mainly on your goals and parameters.
  • It’s important to know what you’re looking for before you make a purchase.
  • Garment racks have less shelf space but are still practical.
  • Plastic bins that slide under the bed are excellent alternate options.
  • Some beds come with built-in drawers.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Under the bed storage depicted as a dresser alternative


In the search for dresser alternatives, it can feel like there are endless questions to answer before making a final choice.

Some of those questions are helpful to consider when looking for new furnishing options. 

What are some tips for organizing a small bedroom?

One of the best things you can do to organize a small bedroom is finding a dresser alternative, something that maximizes space and provides a dual-purpose solution to the problem you're facing.

Building a healthy routine of organizing will help maintain any strides you make. Using the space beneath your bed is a sure way to keep the room decluttered and well-organized. There's a wealth of storage space under your bed, so why not make the most of it? 

Hanging shelves will also go a long way toward keeping a small room organized, tidy, and living its best life. Not only do shelves work as a good dresser alternative, but they also provide a unique look to a bedroom that other furniture simply can't match. 

What would you keep in a trunk?

If you go with a chest or a trunk as your dresser alternative, you should fill it with the same things you usually put in the dresser. The trunk can function similarly and sometimes has more space than certain dressers. 

There are also a number of organizational tools that you can incorporate in the trunk. For instance, separators will keep shirts and pants apart and easy to grab at a moment's notice. You can also find shelves that fit in a chest, making them more versatile.  

What is feng shui anyway?

Feng shui is an old idea related to optimizing peace and balance in any environment. It's all about producing a space - usually a living environment - that is optimally comfortable and relaxing. 

If you're a fan of feng shui, you might be more inclined to look for dresser alternatives. Big pieces of furniture can be bulky and intrusive, neither of which is suitable for a space that you want to optimize. 

Sometimes feng shui itself is not the primary concern, but instead creating a comfortable and practical space. Whatever your organizational preferences, finding a storage space that's smaller than a dresser might be a helpful place to start.

What about no closet space?

Having a bedroom without a closet is similar to having a room without a dresser. A closet might seem like an essential piece of the bedroom, but there are plenty of creative organizational tools you can incorporate to create space.

Hanging racks are a fabulous solution to a room with no closet. They provide a practical answer to the problem, look nice, and are versatile. So if you ever find yourself moving to a room with closet space, you can always find a new use for the hanging rack.

An armoire or a wardrobe may also provide you with the needed space. Both pieces of furniture tend to offer plenty of hanging and shelving options. Everything you put in a closet can quickly transfer to an armoire or wardrobe.

Can I put my dresser in the living room?

The great thing about having your own space is putting pieces of furniture wherever you want to put them. While a dresser might seem like something designed explicitly for a bedroom, no rule says it can't fit in your living room, too. 

You can use a dresser for anything. It could store blankets, games, or music. Or it can act as your TV stand and hold movies. You could even go one step further and use it to house tablecloths and fine china in your dining room.

Whatever use you find for it, remember that a dresser can go wherever you want to put it. It's just a matter of finding the spot that makes you happy.

What’s Your Favorite Dresser Alternative?

Looking for a dresser alternative can be slightly daunting. Furniture can be expensive, and making sure your choices match the rest of the home décor might prevent you from deciding.

But there’s no need to panic. The furniture world is full of exciting storage units and unique pieces.

Dresser alternatives are more accessible than ever to come by, and incorporating them into your home shouldn’t be a stressful task. As long as your socks have a home at the end of the day, all will be well.