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15 Dark Kitchen Flooring Ideas We Love in 2024

15 Dark Kitchen Flooring Ideas We Love in 2024

Dark kitchen flooring ideas come in all shapes, sizes, and price points.

We know picking one is hard, so we’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite styles and ideas to save you the headache. See our top picks below.

15 Dark Kitchen Flooring Ideas We Love

If you’re sick of the same white kitchen tiles that you see over and over again, switch up your style by utilizing dark kitchen flooring.

Dark kitchen floors aren’t nearly as common as light ones.

So step out of the box and turn your kitchen into something different. Check out these 15 ideas for dark kitchen flooring to collect inspiration and transform your kitchen.

1. Green Victorian Tile

Green Victorian tile dark kitchen flooring idea

Corri Seizinger/Shutterstock

Victorian tiles are super durable and well-crafted. The green tiles have a triangular pattern within the small squares for a beautiful and subtle design. Dark green is excellent for creating a dark kitchen floor while still utilizing rich color.

These are solid-colored tiles, but there are loads of Victorian tiles out there with varying patterns. Many come in dark colors and can make a lovely kitchen floor. 

2. Oak Wood

Oak wood dark kitchen flooring idea with flooring in a herringbone pattern

A dark wood floor is a classic look if you want a dark kitchen without getting anything too fancy.

Wood is beautiful for a kitchen because it creates a warm, inviting environment. Sometimes tile, marble, and other hard floor materials can foster a cold environment.

If you are looking for dark kitchen flooring that won’t detract attention from the rest of your décor, a dark oak floor is one of the best options for you.

For a more innovative look, you can lay wood planks like this so it creates a pattern like a herringbone. 

3. Deep Purple Tile

Purple is the color of royalty. So adorn your kitchen in the color of kings with a deep purple Victorian tile. This color comes close to black but instead of pure darkness, it offers colorful relief. 

Solid tiles, or even patterned ones, in a rich purple tone, will create a luxurious kitchen environment fit for a queen.

Don’t let a daring color like plum intimidate you when it has the power to transform your kitchen into something magical. 

4. Marled Gray

Marled Gray dark kitchen flooring idea in a dark grey room


A patterned floor like this one has a wispy effect that creates a cozy yet whimsical environment for your kitchen. The gray floor is a marled pattern that resembles herringbone but is less rigid.

It has no harsh lines in the pattern but utilizes a few different shades of gray. The marled gray floor is unique and eye-catching, so you can have a dramatic floor without vibrant colors. 

5. Black Wood

Dark black wood kitchen flooring idea


Black wood is one of the most common dark kitchen floors out there. If you love wood but want something extra chic, opt for a black mysterious aura-stained wood.

Cooking on a kitchen with black wooden floors can make you feel like a magical witch or a villain in your evil lair.

Whatever vibe you are trying to curate, black wood floors are a sleek style that can work with a variety of aesthetics. 

6. Blue Marble

Marble is an exquisite material for flooring, and a dark blue shade makes a kitchen serene and peaceful.

Blue marble will remind you of the ocean’s tide coming in and out, giving you a tranquil moment every time you walk into the room. 

Marble is a bold material to use because it envelopes the entire room in its extravagance. Indulge yourself in marvelous blue marble so you can feel like royalty every time it’s time to make dinner. 

7. Black Subway Tiles

Dark black kitchen flooring ideas with black subway tile

Erik Wollo/Shutterstock

Simple and modern, subway tiles are popular for bathrooms, but also work beautifully on a kitchen floor. If you don’t want something complicated, it doesn’t get simpler than these black square tiles.

Subway tiles have a shine that will bring some light into your kitchen while keeping it rather dim. These tiles are absurdly easy to clean and care for, so they will last your kitchen for years and years.

8. Navy Victorian Tile

Navy is a beautiful color that comes close to black but still offers an enchanting tint. If you want a dark kitchen with a hint of color, navy Victorian tiles can deliver a stunning kitchen floor. 

Like black, navy blue absorbs the sunlight most of the time, so you don’t need to worry about tiles fading. Victorian tiles are super tough, so they will withstand a lot of traffic and use. 

9. Gray Marble

Gray marble dark kitchen flooring ideas


Marble is a sophisticated, expensive-looking material that can turn your kitchen into a dark, beautiful sanctuary.

If a marble floor hadn’t occurred to you, hopefully, this will inspire you to explore marble options because they are truly dazzling.

Marble is also easy to take care of, and gray marble can come with white swirls or gold if you’re feeling fancy!

10. Greenish-Blue Terrazzo

Greenish-Blue Terrazzo dark kitchen flooring


This greenish-blue Terrazzo tile uses ​​natural stones, granite, marble, and quartz to give you a rich, natural-looking kitchen floor. Terrazzo tiles fit together seamlessly, so your floor looks like one piece rather than individual tiles.

The colors of this floor include blue, green, black, white, teal, and a tiny bit of gold. So you can have a dark kitchen floor while still utilizing a variety of colors. 

11. Red and Orange Terrazzo

Red and Orange Terrazzo dark kitchen flooring idea

Good Giver/Shutterstock

If you want a dark-colored kitchen floor but don’t want something boring, this Terrazzo tile has a black background to darken your kitchen, along with colorful red and orange speckles.

The colors range from burnt orange to vibrant red to a copper brown color.

So there is lots of variety in this flooring. Terrazzo has a natural look because it isn’t a defined pattern. Terrazzo flooring will give your kitchen floor beautiful imperfections that make it unique. 

12. Black and White Pattern

Black and White Pattern dark kitchen flooring idea


Checkered tiles are a retro look that has come back into style. If the tiles are evenly black and white, the floor will fall between light and dark.

But a pattern such as this one has the aesthetic of a checkered floor but includes more black, so the floor will be darker as a whole.

The small white tiles add some variety to the floor, so it isn’t so monotonous. This tile pairs well with colorful cabinets or vibrant countertops. You have a lot of flexibility in how to decorate the rest of the kitchen.

13. Black Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a style of floor that will last a long time and make your kitchen unique. This terrazzo is a dark black speckled with white and gray spots.

Black Terrazzo is one of the darkest options for a kitchen floor that will absorb sunlight and foster a dark and cozy kitchen space.

Terrazzo is great because it isn’t a distinct pattern, so it has a natural essence of randomness. 

14. Earthy Brown

Earthy Brown dark kitchen flooring idea


For something more natural-looking, this brown flooring has a subtle pattern of triangles. The earthy brown shade is dark enough to give you a dim kitchen but more interesting than black. 

This shade of brown pairs well with a light or dark kitchen, so you can decorate the rest of your kitchen however you want.

The soft shade of brown has a sense of sophistication and is reminiscent of an ancient ruin or something mystical. 

15. Green Marble

Green Marble dark kitchen flooring idea


Green marble flooring is luxurious and mesmerizing.

The rich green color is rare in marble, so your guests will be in awe of your unique taste. Marble makes any room look classy and expensive.

While white marble is the most common, many people don’t realize the variety of stunning colors marble is available in. This hunter green will transform your kitchen into a luscious, enchanting space. 

Things to Consider

There are different factors to consider when choosing a dark floor for your kitchen.

Make sure you take these things into account as you pick out a floor:

  • Countertop Material
  • Kitchen Colors
  • Size of Kitchen
  • Shape of Kitchen

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions about dark kitchen flooring:

Why Are Most Kitchen Floors Light?

Most kitchen floors are light-colored because it helps people see spills or dirt and makes it easier to clean up.

Kitchens are often the center of people’s morning routine, so many want a bright, happy kitchen to start their day off.

Are There Benefits to Dark Flooring?

While light-colored kitchen floors are great for many reasons, so are dark floors.

Unlike light floors, dark kitchen floors can help hide dirt if you’re too busy to sweep every day. They also absorb sunlight rather than deflect, so wood is less likely to fade over time.

What Is the Most Durable Material?

All of the options listed in this article are super durable and should last you years, even with heavy traffic.

But tiles are the most durable material mentioned here. If you worry about your floor wearing out fast, opt for tiles that will withstand the test of time.

Are Dark Kitchens Out of Style?

As long as you balance your dark kitchen with bright colors or lots of light from natural and artificial sources, it will never go out of style, due to its basic contrast.

What Colors Go Well With a Dark Kitchen?

Neutral colors like warm oranges and yellows or a soft brown look the best.

What’s Your Favorite Dark Kitchen Flooring Idea?

So which dark kitchen floor is for you? Do you love the luxury of marble or the natural feeling of terrazzo?

Choose a floor that will represent the aesthetic you want to curate in your home.

Whichever material and color you prefer, a dark floor creates an edgy and modern kitchen that you’ll love walking into every morning.